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@FlippyTengwall heck yea grats!what if space is just extra dimensions of time @studioanisa sharing a blanket is one of those conceptually cute and good things that in practice is a nightmare ;-… @lunasorcery that's incredibly anthropocentric of you and I'm a little upset @lunasorcery oh :( @lunasorcery okay what the heck people, most creatures have way more legs than humans do we totally have below average numbers of legs
@Yago_Py for the most part yeah! @tom_forsyth by his shoulders on his back, about 5cm in radius lots of his formerly black hairs are now white, lik… this happened) also here's ol' boy thor <3 what a good boy! how old is he? me: oh, uh, he's 11 years old! vet: an old guy huh~ *pets thor* me: heh, ye… @lobrien @RL0ad1 not in C# unfortunately :(🌐 UV Sphere (196 tris) 🔺 Icosphere (192 tris)"I did it" as in I managed to translate this stack overflow math into slightly more readable functional code~… yeah I did it, spherical triangle barycentric interpolation~ god something went wrong help @partheseas exactly, it's terrible @FuzzyIndie @failed_star ah yeah, seems like it works! I guess I had the extra cross product because I wanted vectors that were… @khyperia where do we upvote the original? gotta signalboost @jchmoe @JackAidley ah yeah! I forgot the part where these are all unit vectors, that makes the dot breakout really nice, thanks! @Abdulitokun nnOOLagrange got it right in 1772, John Herschel should be put in math jail for this garbage notation >:I @Guil_ksse @DynMads @Guil_ksse also makes more sense after I corrected it~ actually I got my notation wrong, corrected version, I guess (these are some long hats) A B C are all 3D vector… @Guil_ksse A B C are all vectors × = cross product • = dot productI feel like there should be a way of simplifying this but wolfram alpha didn't really give me anything, even when s… @400Ghoulz oh, yeah that's why I'm doing this in the first place! I'm working out spherical barycentric coordinates @BenvanRees no idea! might have, but if so it's by mistakespherical geometry is wild @zafcode they strive to be equilateral, but they are very slightly off @SirKastic23 I love the golden spiral distribution! but the question then is how to define its triangulation. I gue… @Alex_ADEdge @bysameng yeah! I don't know if it has a name, I call it thinness fading~ basically, instead of making… @Lucodivo yep! @decor24658540 Unity, using my own vector graphics plugin Shapes and my frame recorder @bysameng also! here's a live WebGL demo of the lines in Shapes :) @bysameng for those curious about the lines, here's a little visualization, best viewed at native res (might be har… @bysameng I'm so glad you like it!! 💖highly recommend shapes plugin by @FreyaHolmer, the lines are so beautifully thin even at sub-HD resolutions
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@bgolus yeah, my current one has arbitrary tessellation, so I want to stick to that! @bgolus there's also the proper spherical barycentric interpolation that I've yet to implement, I think that's about as close as we can get! @TheRealBnut would likely make shading behave inconsistently across triangles, more strongly than with the other te… @JaysGames here you go generating spherical meshes, the classic polar/"UV sphere" (🌐) has very uneven density, wasting triangles at t… icosphere triangle area differences point distribution is so pretty~ 🌸 @iandanforth @Atrix256 yeah, the initial icosahedron has a vertex radius of 1, and all the tessellated points are n… @DevSpacePrez yep, each face of the icosahedron is subdivided/tessellated, and then all those vertex coordinates are normalizednormalized tessellated icosahedron vertices @_IllegalBeagle_
I have done so much adulting today you have no idea how much gmail archaeology I had to through to bookkeep 2020 so… @jazzmickle well do you @_Teejay5 I outsource this to my cat @AlanZucconi thanks for sharing it with the students alan! here's a link if any of you want to give it a read @RomanLionz very much so yeah! @gabsmontemor @ironfairy_ @leoperantoni "companies should only hire by technical skills so that even I can get hired" @karolk that's, not the point of my thread and not at all what I'm saying"skilled" here referring to the specific skills required for the tasks you would work with on your own to clarify,… decided I wanna switch from freelancing to a more steady job. If you want a rad gameplay/​graphics programmer on…
Retweeted by Freya Holmérin reality, it's about a good fit (whatever the company defines it as) taking all factors into account, not just ho…"the most skilled person for the job" is such a red herring it reminds me of people who think that natural selecti…
@RYStorm it's a deconstructed dashed linedeconstructed dashed line you really eating a dashed line if you don't eat the gaps too? @the_kiwicoder I'm already using them, but I still want static methods in a Mathfs class on top of that @KylaPrograms thank you! I'm still pretty bad at practicing, and I really need to work on anatomy and, well, anythi…'s still very hard for me to feel relaxed when drawing anything that's not abstract, especially characters as ana… sketching today
these days he just
Retweeted by Freya Holmérlike, this is a built in config in windows, how the heck is there no way to open this without a third party thing?… how the way you open webcam settings in windows is to run ffmpeg -f dshow -show_video_device_dialog true -i vi… @tha_rami ahah, I can well imagine this is one of those cases where beginners find way simpler solutions than exper… @Creta5164 if we ever meet then yes, let's high five~ @tha_rami yes, except that part in pong where you need to handle the edge case of a moving paddle encroaching on th… is my vector graphics library for Unity! It's available on the asset store Stencil support is coming in the… 💙 Stencil @almost_somebody found! I don't know who the author is @UrrePolo it's partially that, but I think it's also because it's generally awfully documented and has incredibly b… think about shanpes every day @jazzmickle my headcanon is that you intentionally cracked those speakers open to then put hazard stripe on it
@Gravitoid @lexaloffle that means they aren't the same though, both the math and the user facing API is different f… are no exceptions if you wear a mask and you think you don't make this list then grats! you're queer~ (you j… who wear masks in Sweden: • the *very* old • middle-aged asians • cute queer people that's it this is a complete list @RomanLionz indoor firetub @TurboHermit that's what I do for all functions that are of a specific category, but, I also want to match Unity's… @BreoganHackett wow rude of them to use my name~ @domen_koneski @AlexAndDraw yes, and, too many dots! @0x1ade I use this internally across the library! but I feel like as a user facing thing it would be annoying and a little esoteric~ @jazzmickle I want to work toward living in that societyI don't really like having a namespace name that's very similar to the main Mathfs class, I feel like people would… @jazzmickle hm, might get into copyright troubles once I start my perfume brandif I do more open source stuff then maybe I should use the same namespace for all of them FreyaCinematicUniverse or somethingI wanted to namespace Mathfs, my math library but if I call both the namespace and the main math class Mathfs, you… @whisperity I hope they areI just have no strong incentive to buy music directly from the artists now, like, at all, except to personally try… to the problem - existing solutions for playing copyright free music are all absolutely saturated with EDM,… years ago, when I was a smaller streamer and copyright striking wasn't as common, I listened to a lot of copyri…