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Fr. Harrison Ayre @FrHarrison Port Alberni, British Columbia

Pastor of holy family/Notre dame in Port Alberni, BC. Doctoral Candidate @MaryvaleInst in Theological Anthropology. Amazon WL for Doctoral Studies in the link.

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@NixAshes WoooooMass starts in 25 minutes, followed by adoration. @ChurchLifeND No. It’s longer. Let me take another look to see if there’s a smaller bit @ChurchLifeND @CMccafe any suggestions? @ChurchLifeND The introduction is pretty boss. @ulrichlehner Yeah it’s great. We skype together every week and painfully muddle our way through 15 or so pages @ulrichlehner Im determined to finish this book. Helps that I have a friend I’m reading this with and talking it over with @ulrichlehner I’ve wondered if reading it in german makes it any easier @CMccafe @cahurebejel @LayEvangelist 🤣🤣🤣Yeah. Not ok. AT ALL. (FYI: the person posting this isn’t promoting it. Is more just making us aware. So please wat… @FrScrap I had a chat on the phone with my bishop yesterday. And we both talked about how we are seeing what is rea… @cahurebejel @LayEvangelist Ah blessed are you :). I’m reading it with @CMccafe once a week who read it with Schind… @CerimoniereMigz @thedarkbile @canonlaw @fatherz @FatherZuhlsdorf @LMSChairman @LawrenceOP @UncannyDinky @juventutemDC Not ok. @cahurebejel @LayEvangelist Wooooo!! How far in are you? And how many times have you pulled out your hair? @RachealSarah3 🙏🙏🙏So somehow I got a full page spread in Time Magazine. Pretty crazy.
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison Ayre @KevinSJoyce ok, this is good to know. Because I'm coughing more and more as the evening wears on, but no fever yet. @NightOfMajin not yet, but it feels like it's gonna hit...coughing increasing every hour.usually one is all "ah whatever, I'm getting sick" but in these days there's an extra level of worry attached. @AlmsLord5000 already on it. @NightOfMajin it's a bit late...but the guy I visited was breathing very heavily and I realize I didn't have eye protection :-/ah crud. Think I'm coming down with something. Outside of visiting the dying man yesterday, haven't been near anyon… @MrJTaj @MrJTaj @shannon_last @shannon_last 😭😭😭Cardinal Pell will recieve the answer to his final appeal next week.
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison Ayre @KL_Pham 🙏Monophorism is badthe Trappists who hand crafted and shipped us a free casket when Luke died are now offering free caskets to those w…
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@TimeoutWithTL March 1/April 1
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison AyreMarch 1 April 1 1 April 1
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison Ayre @diezba check out CNA's article. JD's feed should have it :)So what about when the Pope celebrates Ad Orientem at the Sistine Chapel? I am asking this question TOTALLY RANDOML… 1st vs March 31st
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison Ayre @HelmickeyMouse Nice try officer @FatherLococo
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison AyreJust a PSA: If you're beginning to hate social distancing and this quarantine, you will loathe the fires of hell,…
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison AyreWait for it.... The glove does fit @JerryDunleavy And hey, based on this video, in the one brief moment he waves his hand in front of the camera... The glove does fitIn conformity with Canon 854? Yea or Nay? @jdflynn @canonlawyered @FrJamesBradley @DrKurtMartens
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison Ayre @CMccafe *explaining ulrich* @mabowes402 HAPPY BIRTHDAYWhat are ways families can observe Holy Week at home during this bizarre April? I've got some ideas:
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison AyreMake sure you limit your screen time each day. Possible things to do: Pray Read bible Read theology or life of a s… @SrTeresam Oh all is good. Just some admin stuff that needs doing today.Gonna have to cancel the talk this evening at 4pm. Some local stuff has arisen that needs my attention today. I’ll… @troutsky_ Say more!Mass in 5 minutes! Let's video chat! Me: What are we talking?
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison Ayre @StCthrinDeRicci @tweetmobb Eucharist machine go brrrrrrrI foresee a lot of Girardian scapegoating in the future, both societally and politically. @tweetmobb @StCthrinDeRicci Which part are you referring to? @tweetmobb @StCthrinDeRicci I just feel we went to the other extreme of expecting the Eucharist all the time. Eucha… @tweetmobb @StCthrinDeRicci I don’t disagree there...I think it’s more my above point that there are many who just.… @maryrezacfarrow And Canada @RevDBH Exactly @tweetmobb @StCthrinDeRicci So. My hesitation is that many people want the Eucharist without any care for being at… @tweetmobb @StCthrinDeRicci Well, the sick are the exception to the rule. But yes. And that it was an extension of… news: the texts for Mass in a time of Plague are available at the CDW website. Checks CDW website: nothin… @StCthrinDeRicci I keep screaming THE EUCHARIST CANT BE SEPARATED FROM THE MASSA votive Mass “in time of pandemic” and a new prayer for Good Friday
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison Ayre @frspenna @FatherHogman His response has nothing to do with weather :).
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison Ayre @peternguyenn FOR CHRISTA great way to learn that I've come to appreciate: when studying a dense book with friends, sit down with a few den… gonna do quick fire topics. Answer below with topics you’d like 5-10 minute briefs on. I’ll do as many as I can.… block is good @rowland_sheri Goodbye @Illustr_Prayer @StCthrinDeRicci yepppppp And then I go and anoint someone with it and let’s say I got it. Every p…’m not talking about lamenting the loss of Mass. that’s different. That’s real. I’m talking about people who are a… @MilesProCruce @CatholicForLife April fool’s. A bad joke for sure @MilesProCruce @CatholicForLife Look at the date.... @theghissilent YA BOI @JonathanRHeaps Sorry :-/ @JonathanRHeaps Oh no!Blame @FrHarrison #MyTwitterAnniversary
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@joe_pescespada your hair is poofier @Sharon_Kuruvila @catholickungfu ^^^I don’t know why people are talking about integralism, but let me just remind everybody it makes Christianity a monstrosity.
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison AyreJust tired of people typing behind their bow ties.Tomorrow night's talk will NOT be on integralism and nature and grace. Not that I don't want to do it, but 24 hours… @TwoApostlesName for no particular reason of nothing, many turn-of-the-20th-century Catholic proponents of Integralism in France found themselves sup…
Retweeted by Fr. Harrison Ayre @StCthrinDeRicciIf you want to complain about the no public Masses, new rules you must follow: -Read at least 10 articles on the c… @fredlbarr plan is for a second holy hour tonight. @StCthrinDeRicci this is why they must pass my litmus test to be taken seriously. @StCthrinDeRicci also this shows their utter a-historicism. Look at history. When pandemics hit, EVERYTHING closes, and closes fast. @StCthrinDeRicci new rule. You're welcome to complain about Mass closures. But first you must go bring the Eucharis… @StCthrinDeRicci It’s all so dumb. They are going to face a lot at the judgment seat for their lack of charity. @StCthrinDeRicci Lol didn’t the SSPX suspend too? @go_oat A parishioner gave me a box of gloves and a package of face mask so I could go to the hospitals. So thankfu… mean. The man couldn’t have family in his room. He was actively dying. Unconscious. I was the last person to be w… @frathermatt This broke me. This is why we get ordained folks.Update. The man passed away and one of the family members called in tears of gratitude that I could be there in his… @mementomoridat Because it doesn’t :)