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Conventual Franciscan student friar trying to do the Lord's will.

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A very good reminder that Catholicism transcends culture. @HoneyTongueMuse Well played. Hope it will be successful. @thefilthypapist Congratulations. So happy for y'all.Very true. Don't let the man bring you down. @BroStephenMary @emmarosepatrick @FrNickOFMConv True dat @ZacMabry great saint indeed. I also have to appreciate the color of his habit. St John of Capistrano, ora pro nobis.πŸ™ @viczangari Happy birthday. May it be filled with abundant blessings. @BroStephenMary @emmarosepatrick @FrNickOFMConv I'm confident you will get pierogi. One way Or Another. @reillycosgrove All depends whether it is an unbendable condition. @catholicjose @BroStephenMary @emmarosepatrick @FrNickOFMConv Next time @McCrobieLV @JP2Shrine Great place to be😺✏ β€” I don't count place I would rather be than in the presence of the Lord celebrating #JPII. @JP2Shrine #CatholicTwitter
@adamcboyle While I attend to agree, we should aim to be ourselves striving for holiness. We are not called to be t… @TCecilJr Excellent news. Prayers are with him. @JohnDeGuzzy @TCCUA @notyetsaintnick Sent the follow @AlberioneProj @notyetsaintnick Done @notyetsaintnick All the timeHey @CatholicUniv students. What you doing next Tuesday night? Join the friars, Campus Ministry and others for Taiz… @RachLeMelle @AlberioneProj I wasn't subtweeting at the time.Agreed @FrNickOFMConv @BroStephenMary @TCecilJr He understood the longing for relationship and community which present generations crave. He was down to… @Artferg Prayers are with you dude @BroStephenMary πŸ™ @BroStephenMary I'll need to check whether we have pierogi available but definitely the rest. Thank goodness we'll be at JPII Shrine later. @BroStephenMary Definitely agree there. I can easily see myself rereading. Imo, must read for the spiritual life.There is so much that one can say about #JPII but I'll say this. Each person is created in the image and likeness…πŸ™ @brentasheltonπŸ™ agree @McCrobieLV Much appreciated. Definitely need the prayers.😺✏ β€” Jesus is sad on so many levels. @TheresaZoe Congratulations. So happy for you.Yikes true timely reminder where our priorities should beπŸ™ you haven't read #insinujesu it is a must. Absolutely transformational. @AdCrucemChristi Most definitely doThank you to everyone who participated. Whether I saw your message before Adoration tonight, know that your intentions were remembered.
@jennadrum Doesn't mean you can't visit again. Just schedule a time and commit. @kap3692 Certainly will @JudyMcAferty Certainly @gabisillermiche Certainly will. Hope life is treating you well. @AlberioneProj We'll be waiting with eager anticipation. @TheHappyPriest beautiful @itsokpray Certainly will @AdCrucemChristi Certainly will @OliviaVollmar Certainly will @CatholicForLife Definitely @theTrentBritten Most definitely @KL_Pham @CatholicPraying Certainly will @amormeusjesus Certainly will. Have a blessed hiatus. @JeannetteJackso Much appreciated. Definitely need them. @FelixBonadio Certainly will @lyssa_frances Certainly will @MarkGCuellar Certainly will. May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. @csikotas Most definitely @JeannetteJackso Certainly will @LQuinn77 @kat12080 Certainly to both @AprilMaroshick Certainly will. Congratulations as well. @andrew_lepapist Certainly will @MissAnscombe Certainly will @Jmccampbell Vocations to the Conventual Franciscans @BichonMia Certainly will @knoweeknows Certainly will @RebelBlackDot Certainly will @mitkw Certainly will @JamesOfTheCross Certainly willIf I stand for anything, it is Jesus Christ came to save us from sin & death & to offer us abundant life which he a…
Retweeted by Br. Chris Garcia, OFM ConvPowerful words friars are having Adoration tonight. How can we pray for y'all? Comment or DM. #CatholicTwitterVery trueπŸ™😺✏ β€” I rather not. @BroStephenMary @BroStephenMary @BroStephenMary good article on what to expect from the Archbishop of Washington. Well worth a read. @BroStephenMary It's called a jacket and shoes. Less wet habit. Sandals last longer depending on use. @MissAnscombe @JuiceCatholic Certainly will @BroStephenMary We'll be prepared. I'm just hoping not as much or as long. @BroStephenMary There will be more. This week. @catholicjose
@wesleyhill Congratulations. Prayers are with you and your ministry.Always is @leanabeanaa @Servum_suum A great blessing indeed @FrHarrison One reason I was glad when I had my last philosophy class. Kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt.Truly an honor to attend the 150th anniversary of @SaintAnnDC this morning. Beautiful parish and liturgy. Worth a v…πŸ™πŸ™ @OliviaVollmar A good way to honor the Sabbath. Still waiting for my Mass. Should be a relatively mellow day. @ThottonMather You definitely should. It helps in so many different ways.