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@davenewworld_2 That manager deserves a MEDAL.
I’m not going to dissect what we did wrong. The Browns made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs and proved against… Bezos made $4,475,885 per hour in 2018 and they have us at each other’s throats for $15 an hour
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Retweeted by Drew Tucker @DynastyCLE Let’s go #Browns @jenhunt_ Let’s go Browns! #BrownsFor anyone who has attended evangelical and/or charismatic Christian worship services, the response in the room to…
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New: @JoeBiden plans to begin his first term with a flurry of executive orders, including rejoining Paris climate a…
Retweeted by Drew Tucker“It’s not white vs. black. It’s EVERYONE against racism. It’s time to raise up!” -@JoeDavisPoetry
Retweeted by Drew TuckerOhio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio 2021
Retweeted by Drew Tucker"Pie in the sky does not feed hungry bellies, nor does prayer without work make the changes necessary for our mutua…"Pie in the sky does not feed hungry bellies, nor does prayer without work make the changes necessary for our mutua… @GJackamn 1) they’re kind of sweet/tart (almost like a citrus) 2) my grandmother used to collect them for salads and greens, so eat away
@ericworringer recommend: Pulled pork tacos with sauerkraut and sharp cheddar 👩‍🍳 😚Find me on Clubhouse (@joinClubhouse): (at)friartuck @TimRyan @AndrewYang I’ll be the loser if I can get $500 a month, amiright @christos_ioa?Y’all, this is why I don’t often recommend Financial Peace University. Dave Ramsey’s advice is sometimes helpful, b… heard $2,000 checks. They didn’t hear 1400 + 600 = 2000. They heard $2,000 checks are coming. If Dems gi…
Retweeted by Drew Tucker @DocRimbo @emmykegler It’s a very helpful pedagogy. @DocRimbo @emmykegler “STAND!”Usually I follow @emmykegler for the churchy stuff. But let me tell you what, gems like this share are just a JOY. @RaggedyAndieC SAME. So helpful. But when I’m not in control of the Zoom room, I’m just like 🤯Zoom Tip: even though you have headphones in your ears, your microphone still picks up the people in the room with… age is waking up happy that you'll pay off your car this year. Admittedly, not for another 10 months. But still. @sheetz @mliztuck Oh 10,000%. Gotta get the spicy chicken Big Mozz back in my life!New #Jets HC Robert Saleh is now the first Muslim-American head coach in NFL history.
Retweeted by Drew Tucker @emilyjoypoetry Done! Excited to read it! @mikegolicjr SAME. So. Frequently. Underrated.I just preordered “United States of Grace” and you should too! you have GOT to be kidding me. We have our own Flavortown-named COVID strain.’m not even saying this isn’t something we’re called to or that it’s not a divine promise. But saying it’s a thi… we just name that “we are all one in Jesus” doesn’t sound like good news when white supremacists call on the na…
Good conversation going on over on Facebook (which is apparently still possible on Facebook), so let’s see what you… @maryclarekunkel Can’t wait to teach this class live next week.Retweet if you believe @bakermayfield and the #Browns can beat the Chiefs. I know I do! (this worked last week so had to do it again)
Retweeted by Drew TuckerWhy can’t the people who protect your life use one of your half a dozen toilets?! is a very presidential pooch! @SethAbramson Warp speed is slower than I was led to believe.
Retweeted by Drew TuckerI've been following this story just so I could see what happened to this guy. I have a very personal story to tel…
Retweeted by Drew TuckerWho is this just published today on the @ELCA @elcagathering blog? Oh, it's @eroberts3299 of @Capital_U and… @CedricGegel, I worked out after working ~12 hours and just not feeling like it. And afterward, wouldn’t you know it, I f… @Hannah_Tonn love Anthony Gonzalez the football player. I’ve not been a fan of his politics, but this gives me some hope. @Hannah_Tonn nyet
In case you doubted this was an attempt at a coup, an unmitigated insurrection, check out the governmental response. @christos_ioa @RevSarahLocke I haven’t thought about that song for a minute. Thanks for ruining that streak 🤣As I'm juggling 10,000 things this week, two things are abundantly clear: 1) There's no way I can do this alone.…
@eroberts3299 I just may quote your dad in an upcoming sermon!No lies detected. @maryclarekunkel Pretty sure my hips broke in 1/2 just reading this.This is very funny. This is also not a joke. It is a real thing that is happening right now.I'm so Midwestern, I'm dipping pickle spears in ranch dressing.Fill in the blank! I'm so Midwestern, I'm ____________.#FBIWFO is seeking the public's assistance in identifying this individual who made unlawful entry into US Capitol o…
Retweeted by Drew Tucker @CedricGegel @CedricGegel @christos_ioa (seriously I needed it) @christos_ioa Thank you for explaining the internet to this senior citizen. @christos_ioa @KelseyKitchel @AaronLayne Keep speaking truth. I know the feedback from some arenas is hard to hear, but that doesn’t make the truth less true. @bamajewels @sav_sull To be fair, I would root for Alabama if they played the Patriots. @sav_sull Hey when you beat us last year I rooted for you against Alabama!
This. anyone has any doubt left that what we experienced was much, MUCH more than “just a few bad apples,” check this… out this incredible event! @THEMrMurray @boricuababyyyy The existence of these GIFs is a boon to my soul. @THEMrMurray Would’ve loved every minute of it. @SumpterJosh I would play that game. @dday7991 My likely reaction had I been there. @SumpterJosh Thanks! Going to do my best Fedler/Mancha mashup. @KaraNSlade GARBAGE @THEMrMurray That would have been SO fun.Day 1 as an Ethics professor (adjunct, of course) with the #capfam 😎 If only there was some content to consider in… I hyperventilating now? Yes. Am I ashamed? No way. I’m used to this feeling of dread. #Browns I screaming in my living room? Yes. Am I ashamed? No way. I was here when our only Pro Bowler was a kicker. #browns @unlvkelly I was here when our only Pro Bowler was Phil Dawson. @mliztuck It’s ok dear. We all know you just look at me and think LOVE.
What if it wasn’t a 7 day free trial? What if 2021 is following the Nectar Mattress approach of a 365 day free tria… @Curveknitter We’ve had a lot of practice and typically posses very little self awareness. @eric_clapp It’s one of the only parts of 2021 I’m here for. @lennyaduncan @fraticellista Vivid 🐆That truth is this: unchecked while privilege empowers white supremacy to endanger our republic and threaten the lives of all others.Am I surprised I’m losing followers? No. Am I sad I’m losing followers? Not really. I’m surprised and sad that, a…
No evidence of Antifa in the attack on the Capitol?👏👏👏 1st Amendment, 1984, and The Bible gotta be top 3 most cited material by people who didn’t read them
Retweeted by Drew TuckerThe tweet where Ted Cruz essentially says, “it doesn’t matter if they identified themselves as Nazis and displayed… when do the “Lock Him Up” chants start from the Law and Order crowd? yet, so many people just aren’t seeing it. Or more accurately, they’re not willing to call it what it is. We… was on full display as it almost allowed a coup to occur in the Capitol.I can’t get out of my mind that, during the #BLM protests in Columbus, we had militarized police & snipers locked o… the National Council of Churches, an "Open Letter to Vice President Pence, Members of Congress, and the Cabine…
Congress should have higher ethical standards than Twitter.
Retweeted by Drew TuckerThis is the tweet of the day. @thesoulstepford Tweet of the day.Let's be clear: the new evidence that Trump spent the insurrection seeking a further delay of Biden's certification…
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