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@UnMech love it @UnMech they’re called BOOOORED games for a reason 😤
@d20plusmodifier @LederGames @colewehrle holy heck i’m stoked#OathBoardGame is in the wooooorks. Man I'm excited to start sharing more. #illustration #ink #boardgames
Retweeted by Being Friendsthis is too true. but man talking about them is so fun. game culture: █    █  █  █…
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ant-man mitski 🤝 being big and small and big and small and big and small again
Retweeted by Being FriendsNobody: Nobody: Nobody: Nobody: Nobody: Nobody: Nobody: Nobody: Mitski: I've been big and small and b
Retweeted by Being Friends @UnMech @actualol yeah it’s one of my favorites for sure. it’s so freaking fresh every time.
@PhilJamesson i watched this when you posted this and i love it. it’s too real. but then i wanted to share it with… a board game
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@UnMech @LizzyMcGrevy gotta keep your eye out for the hidden traitor 🤨 @BoardGamePrices Ive only played the spellweaver and only like 3 sessions but i’m loyal so ive gotta go with the spell weaver @moregamespls I didn’t know Slay The Spire was on switch!! ill have to get it. anyhow my favorite game with deckbu… @moregamespls rest is good @LouiseMassol that’s so special. love it!
A euro gamer in a sea of amerithrashers
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@WeirdGiraffes really depends on the game 😂 i’m leaning towards otters personally but. could be convinced. @OneCritWonder I’ve only played milestone, and personally i’ve never felt it takes away from my agency as a player.… @claydogh I havent tried solo, but we’ve played Coop a couple times! I feel like the AI was interesting and fun to… @Boardgame_girl1 I was just in GR last month!! I loved it there.
@friends_being So fun! Haha I love the editing and it all feels natural and spontaneous which isn't always an easy…
Retweeted by Being Friends @LouiseMassol thanks so much:) @moregamespls @aireconuk And on solo games, I almost always prefer playing games with people, but every once in a w… @moregamespls surround yourself with people you love/people that love you and do things you love together! @FloodgateGames @chits_and_shots Oh haha! Hey guys! I actually first saw Bosk on @teamcovenant’s video! so it’s fun… @LouiseMassol in the spirit of sharing things we made; we just put out our first video a few days ago! feel free to… @LouiseMassol I loved it! @Reapess_Ag3ntK @RomanTSanders we just released a video about jenga! definitely a nostalgic one. the link to our ch… @LouiseMassol this is awesome! so cute. i’m excited to see the stop motion once it’s done! @BettaGamesHQ this is real @chits_and_shots @FloodgateGames Gorgeous! Is Bosk as fun as it looks?? @CaucasianJames 😂😂😂 gf broke up with me after i lost a game of giant jenga at a bar
Retweeted by Being Friends @beardedrogue Mage Knight 🤭 @LederGames @PatiHyun I love seeing prototypes of peoples designs! Everyone’s style and preference with their proto…
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@LederGames @takeyourchits holy heck that’s beautifulWatch the full video here: friends