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Melwyn @FringeMel Nazistan

हर इक जिस्म घायल, हर इक रूह प्यासी, निगाहों में उलझन, दिलों में उदासी, ये दुनिया है या आलम-ए-बदहवासी, ये दुनिया अगर मिल भी जाए तो क्या है...

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Hope the Sanghi scums don't take this hashtag seriously. Don't breed you filthy animals! #ForgetCondoms @vinodkapri Rajiv Tyagi ji ki yaad taaza kar di... @ndtv ED is the closest ally of NDA. @RijoMJohn The num have been stage managed from the start. u'll see the new cases have been more or less equal to t… @ANN_Newsable Amit Shah must stop his overacting first. We all know who was behind the viscous campaign. 100 chuhe…
Dalit Woman Gang Raped At Gunpoint In UP
Retweeted by MelwynThis is how legends answer in grand viva 🤟
Retweeted by MelwynNo FIR 2 Weeks After Minor's Death at Employer's House, Family 'Beaten' by Cops for Protesting @ismataraa reports…
Retweeted by Melwyn @thewire_in More like corpohates. @thewire_in No Amul? @deepsealioness Love this combo. 😍Watch: Vehicles washed away, homes flooded as heavy rain hits Hyderabad again #HyderabadRains #Hyderabad
Retweeted by MelwynWhen the economy crashes but you save the stock market. 😂😂 (Sent to be by @thota_ravi)
Retweeted by MelwynThey didn't *choose* this job, FFS. This is the height of denseness. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by MelwynIt’s very simple. The crimes against humanity that you ignore in Kashmir/Assam/anywhere will reach you sooner or la…
Retweeted by MelwynThis is the whats app dp of my housing society guard. This is where we are
Retweeted by Melwyn @DearthOfSid Ambrose!"Suspicious deaths should be investigated." Lol...says the guy allegedly behind Sohrabuddin, Prajapati and Judge Lo… @CNNnews18 @AmitShah @Network18Group @18RahulJoshi "Suspicious deaths should be investigated." Lol...says the guy a… Vinod Chopra was the producer of ‘PK’;Raju Hirani, the director. Screenplay by them and Abhijat Joshi. But Aa…
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The Hydro-seismic activity being observed in #Hyderabad is because of sudden changes in the underground water topol…
Retweeted by Melwyn @PrinceArihan @republic Not sure about the Dawood story, but pretty sure u're high on some quality stuff. Conspirac… @Navin64290355 olele...aukaad ke saath saath aukaad ki spelling bhi bhool gaya, dungu. 🤣 @Navin64290355 Aulaad Parle G ki aur boycott karne chale Tanishq. 😂 @Navin64290355 what difference it makes if it's kaju or almonds to u dungheads. Khana to cowdung hi hai tum logo ko. @Navin64290355 abbe sade hue moongfali, tere mooh se kaju ki baat achi nahi lag rahi...chal nikal le. 😂 @Navin64290355 Wish someone had offered you a ricebag on time before starvation damaged your small brain. 😂 @ShyBuzz Not as bad as few days back, but it's getting on the nerves now. Not missing Mumbai rains anymore.Someone please switch off the rains already here in Hyderabad. It's October, FFS! Turn on the winter quick. @Navin64290355 Man, come up with something new at least. Ricebag slurs are so 90s. Use ur small brains to come up w… @GirishNaught @nuts2406 @jeremy_hume @bazingabaj @MonkofMaude @urban_lens Cloth masks may NOT be 100% protection, b… @Navin64290355 Dude, am not even a Muslim. Thus proved Sanghis are dimwits. Also, Sanghis are considered dimwits a… @Navin64290355 Yes, can see how Islamic radicals and Sanghis make no sense. @Navin64290355 Come back when you can make slightly more sense.How it started how it ended
Retweeted by MelwynSanghis are classic vultures. Seen to be always feeding on the dead. Be it Kamlesh Tiwari or Sushant Rajput, they'r… @atti_cus I'm sure she had blocked those 40 voters on twitter.
The way Indian Muslims are being held responsible for all the Islamic atrocities of the past and present, in any pa… what's happened in #Paris. I'm sure every single Indian Muslim condemns it. But that isn't going to stop t… @nsitharaman while addressing the World Bank is quoted as saying: "The hard fought gains in reducing the…
Retweeted by Melwyn"NEET Jihad"? Topper Shoyeb Aftab scored a perfect (720/720), a first time it seems! Now what, NEET Jihad?
Retweeted by Melwyn @rupasubramanya @65thakursahab "Be positive" is the only mantra the whole regime is living by these days.Finally Justice for Sushant Singh Rajput is happening.
Retweeted by MelwynModi ji or Amit Shah ji or both must immediately rush to Nagaland and teach them a lesson! How can such anti-India…
Retweeted by Melwyn @ddbinani Whoever is hanging on my altar is NOT into politics and playing with people's lives. #HathrasThe naughty boy in the school asked to stand in the corner facing the wall. @Arun2981 The naughty boy in the school asked to stand in the corner facing the wall.All the mango eating interviews notwithstanding, the snakes you helped grow are now biting, aren’t they, Mr Kumar
Retweeted by Melwyn+100
Retweeted by MelwynThe Maharashtra Governor reads the Constitution!
Retweeted by Melwyn @mkvenu1 UP? For what? Building statues and gaushalas at govt expense? The santras there should understand the impo… @partha2019LS @INCIndia What's your early read on this election? @rohini_sgh I hope they don't boycott Central Bank of India in protest. @DrVW30 Ishq hai toh risk hai #1992scam
Five episodes into #Scam1992, and I can safely say it's one of the best Indian series I've seen. Not only is it ver… New Born Sushant Singh Rajput fans believed such person. Don’t blame him. Atleast he is smart, knew how stupid…
Retweeted by Melwyn @inquestioner 😔Happy 'musalman ho to inke jaisa' day.
Retweeted by Melwyn#WhereIsNajeeb @DelhiPolice? loved #VivekOberoi in #PMNarendraModi, the movie. I think he definitely deserves all the awards........for the be…'t #VivekOberoi the same guy who potrayed the main villain in a movie called #NarendraModi ?
Retweeted by MelwynRecord rainfall and poor urban planning: What caused Hyderabad to flood, @NitinBGoode writes
Retweeted by Melwyn @RanaAyyub They will vote for liberals wherever they are, but back home they will fund and support the fascists.So all that song and dance in India, the bromance with Modi goes down the drain
Retweeted by MelwynLove jihad. Land jihad. Economic jihad. History jihad. Media jihad. Soft jihad. Hard jihad. It doesn't matter what…
Retweeted by Melwyn @ajay43 Hope they don't boycott Central Bank of India. 😁 @ajay43 #BoycottCBIBreaking News! CBI completes its probe in #SushantSinghRajputCase . According to reports, no conspiracy or foul pla…
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I'm surprised they haven't found a Muslim angle to the Mahabharata war or Sita's abduction by Ravana.It's a Santracracy. New kind of governance (governance?) where "collective conscience" of a bigoted majority trumps… @Anuragkukreti7 It's a Santracracy. New kind of governance (governance?) where "collective conscience" of a bigoted… @Memento10469004 @vivekpatil274 @the_hindu 🙏🤘Kya se kya ho gaye dekhte dekhte **See Full Image**
Retweeted by MelwynMeri godbharai.. socha share kar dun.. and before crying out love jihad, lets learn about special marriage act..
Retweeted by MelwynAnd the bhakts think MNCs are falling ovr each other to invest in India. The very first criteria for investments fo… @ndtv And the bhakts think MNCs are falling ovr each other to invest in India. The very first criteria for investme… updates? @TsspdclCorporat how much longer for the power to be restored at Himayathnagar? URN 101304836.
कुछ दिन पहले सपा से गिरे थे, अब बसपा से गिर गए, लगता है ये अपना कांग्रेस तुड़वा कर ही मानेंगे।
Retweeted by MelwynRatan Tata and the case of the missing spine
Retweeted by MelwynAbe lodu. This isn't your shakha. What do you mean you're ready? Civilized people have a concept of consent. Zubai…
Retweeted by MelwynNot missing Mumbai rains anymore. #HyderabadRains @RShivshankar @TimesNow @aamir_khan @iamsrk @PMOIndia day when a brand as respected as @TataCompanies gives into trolls over the issue of mixed multi-faith marriages…
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Arbaaz Khan Productions Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra Pictures Red Chillies Entertainment…
Retweeted by MelwynThe producers who moved the high court include: Dharma Productions The Aamir Khan Productions Ad-Labs Films Aja…
Retweeted by MelwynParle Products has decided not to advertise on news channels that broadcast toxic aggressive content. These channe…
Retweeted by MelwynCanadian Kumar 'donated' Rs 25 crores to shady PM Cares Fund to butter up Bhakts and silence those questioning his…
Retweeted by MelwynDissent is not Sedition !
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@mehtahansal Congrats on the success, sir. @gauravpramanik God bless him. @bsindia Economists... @bsindia Naach na jaane, angan teda.
Eventually, Modi didn't rehouse them, Muslim charities resettled about 17K people in 80 colonies across Gujarat. Mo…
Retweeted by MelwynSpace se yaad aaya. 2 lakh Muslims were displaced in 2002 genocide. Many lucky ones returned home, 1000s took shelt…
Retweeted by MelwynOh please please bring these ladies back. Please please.
Retweeted by MelwynHats off. Genuinely the best way to ensure nobody returns to movie theatres. 👏
Retweeted by MelwynAn elected woman local council leader who chairs the meeting is sitting on the floor while others sit on chairs. Th…
Retweeted by MelwynJust went for a walk in a cemetery and a guy has a QR code on his grave stone that links to a list of his publications and citation metrics
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