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Priest of the Catholic Diocese of Covington, KY; Instructor at @thomasmoreky; Dies Irae Season; 1 Thes. 5:16-18 (personal views only)

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Watching Hollywood slowly corrupt the Stranger Things kids is horrifying and fascinating. Like a time lapse video o…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @NostromoSerg But imagine the sheer Schadenfreude you can share if they lose the Super Bowl @mementomoridat Absolutely don’t miss all that nonsense. Keep calm and carry on! @TheHolyTee And we’re here just @IncolaEgoSum Taking “all things to all men” into the 21st centuryOrdinary Catholics: we just want to fit in WCT: @TheHolyTee Roman, both Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms.10. Exultet by far, along with Ad Cenam Agni Providi/The Lamb’s High Banquet, then the Compline chants.9. 4 days since. I usually go once a week.It is the responsibility of the priest to ensure that his people are familiar enough with the First Eucharistic Pra…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany8. Ranking of top five 1. Gregory the Great 2. Benedict XVI 3. Gregory VII 4. Urban II (Deus vult!) 5. Leo the Great7. Besides LOTH and Rosary, it’d be the Prayer to the Holy Spirit and the Sub Tuum Praesidium, along with the daily… Loved The Cardinal while in seminary due to the liturgical pomp. Persistent favorite would have to be Beckett.Addendum: St. Maria Gorreti, because she’s the closest to my birthday.5. Revert. Family stopped going regularly when I was in 3rd grade, returned in college, then discerned into the priesthood.4. Besides the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Bernadette, mostly because of the movie.3. St. Philip Neri. His cheerfulness and even playfulness while working among the people of God are a great inspiration.2. I was being confirmed right before entering seminary (more later) so I just chose to “keep my name”, so you coul… I prefer the TLM, but I do offer the Ordinary Form as well.I couldn't give a rats ass about my human capital development honestly
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @CMccafe @EfficacyOfGrace 🥚🙏Are you a Catholic man who longs for traditional liturgy, reverence and orthodox theology and spirituality in the c…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyHave at it hoi polloi is why I don't see voting for Bernie as tenable for Catholics, even if there is much to admire.
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyLiturgical furniture lesson for Catholics responsible for such things in the United States: Please remember, unle…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyFor those who have struggled with a porn habit, what helped you to quit? #TipsToQuit
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @aelfred_D @MorlockP Bavaria: I just want to drink beer and worship God in the Catholic Church Prussia: NEIN! YOU VILL UNITE!"Steal from the poor to give to the rich" is the motto of many today through predatory lending, price gouging, unju…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyWalked into my office and thought someone must have broken in because it looks trashed... and then I saw this littl…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyWishing a very happy #DoctorWho birthday to the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker! 🎉
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @peternguyenn Also B E G O M E P R I E S T @peternguyenn Very good @FrHilderbrand I’ve never really liked that term (PSG). Sounds too clinical or bureaucratic. You need friends, not a group. @gregorykhillis Most dads: One time I got to meet a sports player Theology prof dads: I sniffed some holy hair that smelled like Heaven @am_parra Calm down there Socrates @seminariancag Permanent diaconate it is then. @Vermeullarmine Why do Catholics see any good in the Democratic Party? They continue to tread all over the dignity… Sanders’ vision of human flourishing and protecting the vulnerable
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyIgnorance is truly at times bliss @EfficacyOfGrace All unmerited by us and given freely to us Something more to cry about @mementomoridat And, pray tell, how well is this happening in your particular seminary? Or do you plead the 5th?🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyIf I must take up the mantle left by padrebrendan, then so be it, I shall become the anime priest. @joe_pescespada @CNAeditorsdesk Nuncio? Shoot higher! I’m waiting for their top ten papabile @VaticanGoogles Wall Street Journal papabile endorsement when @tweetmobb Had some cash from some Christmas cards, took $10 to NYE family poker game, came back with $20 @BishopUmbers What baby doesn’t like gifts? @awesomecaboose SEKIHA TENKYOKEN @awesomecaboose, where’s the Catholic Anime DM? I want in now or I will go full G Gundam on y’all! @awesomecaboose Just sitting here like watched Your Name. Far and away my favorite over Weathering with You. So many emotions! @GameGardiner Might just go ahead and watch Your Name tonight. Still haven’t seen it. @FrHilderbrand Bavaria wins in either scenario, so roll the dice. @Ab__Elba Bavaria larger than Prussia and Austria AS IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.Bayou Lenten preparations: @GameGardiner Quite jealous. Could only find it once around my parts.
@Goodtweet_man Artillery. Artillery everywhere.Shout out to @daytondailynews for running this prominent, full page about the anniversary of Roe v Wade and the tra…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyToday I learn that Pope Gregory IX declared cats diabolical and I'm sorry everyone but what is infallibility for if not this
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @Goodtweet_man Bad news: no Ohio teams playing NFL today. @Chaseg00dman @BackwardsFeet @HoneyTongueMuse Only one: right to have a Christian burial.I got some bad news. An acquaintance of my family apostatized to Protestantism and is on her way to becoming a Pro…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyIt's a thing of providential beauty that liberalism has picked as its enemy in this matter a group of nuns who mini…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @mlynnjohnson72 Fezzes are cool though. @AndrewPetiprin Further up and further in!A short story of betrayal
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @VaticanGoogles Video quid illic facis.Pray for the unknown priests and clergy who have brought us the Gospel and the sacraments. in: 🇺🇸 Born in:🇺🇸 Parents:🇺🇸🇺🇸 Grandparents:🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I’ve been to: 🇻🇦🇮🇪🇮🇹🇫🇷🇯🇲 Visiting in March: 🇬🇧(🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿) N…
@am_parra I love that both Indiana and Tennessee hate Kentucky. They hate us cause they ain’t us! @peternguyenn Bow ties are the best! If I wasn’t a priest I’d wear them everywhere. @mementomoridat @FrHilderbrand Have I? At times yes. Should I? Perhaps not. At the moment though, can’t remember the official answer.Farewell, Bernard.
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyThe death of 2 Syrian archbishops isn't important enough for any media coverage. I'm not surprised at all. RIP. ❤
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyHere’s why everyone online should read St Augustine’s Confessions together this year. Who’s in?
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @joe_pescespada Dignum et justum est @CantareAmantis Caesar can have all the salad he wants; I’ll have the baconPRAY FOR MY UNCLE, BROTHERMANIACS. HE’S A RETIRED PRIEST UNDERGOING EMERGENCY SURGERY, DUDE
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post EpiphanyIn your prayers, please remember my dear friend and former colleague Jamie Long who passed away, his wife, 2 childr…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @muffnbear Me every Friday night @KevinSJoyce If only it were that easy. @Goodtweet_man
Fruits Basket season 2! @ItsNotSeen @Chaseg00dman @hadrianussept The reward at the end of seminary: getting out of it (ordination optional) @Chaseg00dman @hadrianussept Abandon hope (of change) all ye who enter here (into seminary)Please in your charity pray for a lady who has just died
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @FrHilderbrand If it’s V3, it’s a votive for me @padrebrendon I was never in to Digimon, but that hit me as well that it’s still going strong for 20 years. @Chaseg00dman @JakeOfOnline 🎶TO YOOOOUUUU, O LORD🎶An update: Fr. Valentine went to his eternal reward this morning. Euge, serve bone et fidelis. Requiescat in pace.One year ago Shannon was taken from us. She was an amazing mother, wife, daughter, friend & my soulmate. I’d give a…
Retweeted by Fr Jacob Straub post Epiphany @Chaseg00dman @JakeOfOnline They’re all the same after a while @padrebrendon Get thee behind me Satan! @peternguyenn No it’s not is a Father @BobNLestrange appreciation tweet
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