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Priest of the @dioceseoftulsa and pastor of @sfx_stillwater. Houston native. Graduate of @bostoncollege, @aceatnd, and @saintmeinrad

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protestants are like, “you should come to my church, we have cool music and a really positive and uplifting message…
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Priests: Do you announce the Mass intention at daily and Sunday Mass? We do but if it's mispronounced or left out b… @HarrisonGarlic1 He does bring it around at the endA non story framed in sensationalism and propped up with hyperbole. Catholic parishes and dioceses employ a LOT of…
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienWhat’s frustrating about headlines like this is that it lumps every parish and diocese together as if it is one big…
Retweeted by Father Brian O'Brien"Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves" (Matthew 10:16). Jesus is the worst pep talk giver ever.One of the best pieces of priestly advice I ever received was, "You were ordained to be interrupted."
@FrAndrewHart It will be interesting to see how this plays out.Helpful hints to avoid calumny online: 1. Avoid adjectives/nouns to describe a person; argue against ideas 2. Don’t…
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How about this for a grave stone? Champion Bull Rider Lane Frost’s grave in Hugo, OK. Victory for the Little Sisters of the Poor! #SCOTUS ruled 7-2 that the Little Sisters are exempt from th…
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienIn our generally uncivil world, some advice from the Holy Father. “Jesus summoned his Twelve disciples”/“Jesus sent out these Twelve after instructing them...” (Matthew 10:1… young women discerning religious life?
@HarrisonGarlic1 I'm careful with whom I use it but it is an effective image. @HarrisonGarlic1 26:11- a little gross but also true.In 2018, The @usccb released their statement, "Open Wide Our Hearts: A Pastoral Letter Against Racism". Fr. O'Brie…
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In order to properly meet someone in the Midwest you must somehow know a neighbor, relative, distant relative or so…
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienBeware of any brand of Christianity that rejects the paradoxical suffering and glory of the Cross. When we reject the Cross we reject Jesus.
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienA guy grows corn, likes baseball, and has a complicated relationship with his father.
"We Cannot Save Ourselves"- @frobrien's Homily for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time. Preaching on Matthew 11, he m…
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienFor whomever needs to hear it today: Jesus says, “Come to me all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11)Mass in Spanish. Misa en Espanol. Mass from St. Francis Xavier in Stillwater, OK. The readings for the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time… What’s so special about “little ones” (Matthew 11)? Little ones are dependent. Self reliance is a modern da… reading... priests of my parish are walking you through the @USCCB "Open Wide Your Hearts", a 2018 document on racism in t…
Just finished the audio book “Hillbilly Elegy” by @JDVance1. It was a fascinating reflection on his personal life b… is what religious persecution looks like.
Retweeted by Father Brian O'Brien @kevin_ahern For sure. See the whole thread. @Joeinblack I agree. Priests + other evangelists would have this Rome assignment temporarily. I think the experienc… blessed 4th of July to all! @KevinRCotter See you at the AP conference in October. We can discuss! @NiccoloGiovanni I’m a parish priest in Oklahoma. Throwing the idea out to see if it’s well received and then get t…, Have Mercy @FredSim69351984 @caelifinn There’s a difference between proselytizing and evangelizing. Here’s how Cardinal Arinze…
@frjohnhollowell I’ll bet there some statistics out there about visitors. I think of the number of fallen away Cath… @pgepps I’d like to institualize it on a grand scale. Multiple languages, 16 hours a day. @FrAndrewHart I love it Andrew. You're a thinking man. Keep it coming. @FrAndrewHart We would adjust. Just like in the parish, we would read the situation. What is this person looking fo… @FrAndrewHart I think most people walk into the Vatican, look around, have a guidebook, and leave. They leave with… @FrAndrewHart For sure. It would be a combo. We'd have a bunch of languages and it would be clear from our BIG name… @FrAndrewHart We could work that out. The priests could be given that faculty or have the priests direct people int… think the fruits would be immediate + long term and be felt in Rome and around the world as visitors go back to t… and others would also get to experience Rome (most don't go to seminary there and most have never even visi… going Catholics would get what they are looking for in multiple languages. The many Buddhist, Muslim, agnost… and Confession schedules would be available as well as when the Holy Father is having an audience and how to g… the square and around St. Peter's Basilica there would be priests, seminarians, evangelists with name tags that… post Covid idea: The Vatican gets millions of visitors every year. Most come to St. Peter's Square, wait in line,… expand on this: Whoever records them could put out one a month. I think we'd see a renewed interest in important… @GeorgeStoia @ArkansasOnline Good for you George. Congratulations! @minihan8 @CatholicManShow I remember a few you’ve made available. Which ones?Idea: Someone (The Vatican, @USCCB, @WordOnFire, @Augustine_Inst, guy with awesome reading voice and a mic) record… week I’ve been away from my parish for some rest and time to pray. Every year, I go somewhere with priest frie… went further. He said: 'God'. The first of the disciples who makes the confession of the divinity of Christ afte…“He was stubborn. But the Lord wanted exactly that, a stubborn person to make us understand something greater. Thom… monitor your own words and even thoughts about hot-button issues. Do you find yourself having recourse to ter…
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@frobrien Thank you so much Father! I am very glad you liked it
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienThis is an excellent book. It will make me a better priest and a better follower of Jesus Christ. Thank you… your party affiliation come before your faith? If so, something is off.’s finished and on it’s way! Due to the generosity of a parish family our new statue of Blessed Stanley Rother, O…
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienTo bring Jesus to people
“Always forward, never back.” -St. Junipero Serra David Konderla of the @DioceseofTulsa, Chair of the Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage,…
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienThis will be good for the poor, for rural areas, and for Oklahoma.
Great news for Catholic schools and religious freedom heart. The pro-life movement is far more than its political and legal arm. Forty years of stagnation in Washin…
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Father O’Brien offers a blessing for the elderly confined to their homes whether for Covid-19 or some other illness…
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienPrayer>Complaining“Every kind of material or spiritual poverty, every form of discrimination against our brothers and sisters, comes… your resentment. When you see rioters or racists (both of whom are destroyers) you see people who need to be…
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@loriwieder Only on the outside. Any Almond Joy knows it’s inferior to other candy and therefore is constantly crying inside.🔥 @SteveBrusatte @JDVance1 @PLawlorAudio I listen to a lot of audiobooks and he’s one of the best readers I’ve heard.… @apgarlick @SteveBrusatte @JDVance1 I’ve been wanting to read it for sometime now and a long road trip allows the o… books! Just finished an amazing book on dinosaurs by @SteveBrusatte. Here’s what next in the car. @JDVance1“Jesus Christ is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, Lord of the new universe, the great hidden key… Mass of a new priest. #special
Congratulations to little Audrey Davis baptized today at our parish.
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienThis is awesome best vocation is the one you're called to.New priests for the @DioceseofTulsa! Fathers Robert Healey and Jon Fincher are a blessing to us.
Texans Put 'Welcome To Texas' Signs Around Oklahoma So Californians Will Move There Instead
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienSeminary really glossed over the pandemic-raceriots-electionyear-economicdepression part of parish life...
Retweeted by Father Brian O'BrienFor real @Sarantal I’d be open to some middle ground that brings voting representation to the 700,000 people who live there.I want to do this except for my brother priests of the @DioceseofTulsa. Probably won't be $200. residents of Washington, DC do not have voting representation in Congress. That's not right. #DCStatehood @hogs94 We're no longer friends. Mounds are just as bad.New Catholics are awesome. Welcome home Hayley! @FrHamilton @Tonypetro405 I should be more grateful generally but Almond Joy is ridiculously badThanks for the ordination card @frobrien! I’ll add it to my collection to help me #PrayForPriests
Retweeted by Father Brian O'Brien @Tonypetro405 Almond Joy is the cantaloupe of candyI love my parish staff. Amazing, hard working people. Someone put a bowl of Almond Joys in the workroom and I’m los…
@mgearthman The first oneTonight I baptized a baby named “Ralph”. #OldSchool
Same Jesus. Mary. John the Baptist. That's good company. We celebrate the birth of St. John the Baptist because…
We need Jesus. @fbkTulsa @FrJoshMiller That’s no good