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Hey all! Just a suggestion - you may want to follow @EdumatchBooks. They give out sooooo many free books when autho…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichInteresting info and infographic about behaviors - find more info here #sel read 👇
In celebration of the launch of her new book Unconventional: Ways to Thrive in EDU by @Rdene915, win the chance at…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichJoin me, @froehlichm, @sarahdateechur, @Rdene915, and of course the amazing @daveschmittou as he moderates and toni…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @AggieSalterITS @EdCampMadWI @Joel_Evenson @sarahdateechur @posickj @SchwingleJ @thomascmurray @Joe_Sanfelippo"The risk of digital leadership" by @jcasatodd
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichTwelve Creative Alternatives to Showing Movies Before the Break - via @spencerideas
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich[LISTEN] When You Are Exhausted, Find the Things That Feed Your Soul with @jonHarper70bd @froehlichm
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichHey all! Just a suggestion - you may want to follow @EdumatchBooks. They give out sooooo many free books when autho… what finally arrived!! Can’t wait to send out copies of #ALLinEDU to my amazing #PLN. Who is ready to take a…
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@000Dave @MarilynEDU @gcouros @GustafsonBrad @sarahdateechur @JCasaTodd @pernilleripp @MrTomRad Next time, my frien… @000Dave @MarilynEDU @gcouros @GustafsonBrad @sarahdateechur @JCasaTodd @pernilleripp @MrTomRad Thank you so much D…“We need to teach people the things we are asking them to do.“ YES! I’ve listened to this twice. Lots to consider.…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @mospillman @daveschmittou TWICE! OMGosh, thank you! It's a long one so I'm honored! ♥️♥️♥️ @TAYLOR_does_IT @TeacherFit19 @mr_Alsheimer @MrWeimann @MatthewXJoseph @runandrant @Actionjackson @schnekser
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichMy latest for @Getting_Smart Ideas to share our talent #education #ntchat #suptchat #k12
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichFantastic read - @mr_hayes #divergentedu @mr_hayes @MittAubin @meagan_e_kelly @LaurenPorosoff @kpsvaldes @MonteSyrie Um, three years I believe :) give or ta… @mr_hayes @MittAubin @meagan_e_kelly @LaurenPorosoff @kpsvaldes @MonteSyrie Holy cow! Is the world ending??? Lol C… @mrswoodacre @foss_j12 @Rdene915 @AggieSalterITS @mrmatera @JaimeDonally @tishrich @jonathanspike @mr_isaacs Not at…“This book provides more than professional learning, it provides true perspective on what change looks like. Read…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @foss_j12 @Rdene915 @AggieSalterITS @mrmatera @JaimeDonally @tishrich @jonathanspike @mr_isaacs No problem! @MrEdPsych @RickJetter @RebeccaCoda @pushboundEDU @Rdene915 You ask the impossible. Lol @LMGirolamo @m_drez @foss_j12 @Rdene915 @AggieSalterITS @mrmatera @JaimeDonally @tishrich @jonathanspike @mr_isaacs #MLmagical podcast episode! ❤️ this chat with my dear & brilliant friend, @froehlichm! We dive into Tr engagem…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @RickJetter @RebeccaCoda @pushboundEDU @Rdene915 My purpose: I support educators because I believe that in supporti… are your intentions for a career in education? #thefirewithin #edumatch #pushboundEDU #sldunktank
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Hey, fab #PLN ! Help me win this book by RT'ing this! I need 25 RTs! @kristi_daws @nankr1120 @hollysking @apadalino
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @jonathanspike @foss_j12 @Rdene915 @AggieSalterITS @mrmatera @JaimeDonally @tishrich @mr_isaacs Neat. Lol Thanks!Nothing like being able to talk to one of your BFFs about your passion. ♥️ This woman. #edumatch #divergentedu @lportnoy @foss_j12 @Rdene915 @AggieSalterITS @mrmatera @JaimeDonally @tishrich @jonathanspike @mr_isaacs Bahhahahh… @ireneamelia1 @sarahdateechur @kellyjanekeane Thank you! Have you done it with students as well? @foss_j12 @mjjohnson1216 @sarahdateechur She's amazing, no doubt about it. @MrBold05 @foss_j12 @Rdene915 @AggieSalterITS @mrmatera @JaimeDonally @tishrich @jonathanspike @mr_isaacs Awesome!… to connect with an educator who is doing micro-credentialing with students. Anyone? Bueller? #edtech read by Sarah Thomas - In Pursuit of Beast Mode by @sarahdateechur #edumatch @ChristineBemis2 @klubkraker @CrazyPln @mgcjusa @MatthewXJoseph @mjjohnson1216 @ifireup @gdorn1 @ESL_Adventures you know (or are) a gr 5-12 student who would make a great team leader for our #GlobalEdSschat? We meet 1X a mon…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @Joel_Evenson @AggieSalterITS @keeniehalloran Congratulations! He's so tiny!😍 @AndeleeEspinosa I might be able to help. Can you DM me your email?Great read - We all need faith via @daveschmittou #edumatch @creativeedtech @froehlichm I've had to put the disclaimer on more than a few episodes, heh. Never know what storie…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich#NowListening #podcastEDU
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichNever underestimate the power contained in your simple actions. #EduInfluence
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@henneld_edu @bbray27 @NowakRo @IleneWinokur @Mind_on_ASaP @MsHake418 @HansNAppel @BiscottiNicole @BarbaraGruener for a new book? My book Unconventional has ideas for making changes, using #edtech #arvrinedu or no-tech, p…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichI've heard from educators how this time of year is tough for them. I have a section in my book, Define Your WHY, on…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichThe Feels of Learning Something New - #divergentedu #leadership #empathy #edumatch @tishrich @techyturner @Rdene915 @JCasaTodd @jbormann3 @Jonharper70bd @JaimeDonally @thomascmurray @ElisaBostwick @annkozma723 @timehop @FelyTeachnology @OmarLopez0207 @jmattmiller @sdtitmas @Flipgrid HA! Love this!!! @daveschmittou @tishrich @techyturner @Rdene915 @JCasaTodd @jbormann3 @Jonharper70bd @JaimeDonally @thomascmurray
The FREE mini Self-Care Course for Educators is now LIVE! Please share with anyone who needs it (which should be…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @ElisaBostwick @tishrich @techyturner @Rdene915 @JCasaTodd @jbormann3 @Jonharper70bd @JaimeDonally @thomascmurray @Rdene915 @tishrich @techyturner @JCasaTodd @jbormann3 @Jonharper70bd @JaimeDonally @thomascmurray @ElisaBostwick @tishrich @techyturner @Rdene915 @JCasaTodd @jbormann3 @Jonharper70bd @JaimeDonally @thomascmurray @ElisaBostwick getting this notification! 1 year ago today I was the lunch keynote at #TIES with some awesome friends!…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichNew Post - Reignite the Flames: Defining Educator Engagement and Disengagement
@ElisaBostwick @thomascmurray Aww thanks Lis! ♥️ You too! @AggieSalterITS @posickj @thomascmurray @slateinwi @SchwingleJ @kevinhoneycutt There are so many things wrong with that sentence. Lol @thomascmurray @AggieSalterITS @slateinwi @posickj @SchwingleJ Bahhahahahhaha! No. Doubt. @AggieSalterITS @slateinwi @posickj @thomascmurray @SchwingleJ Wow we are SO RED. lolIt’s an honor to call this brilliant educator a friend. Appreciate you, @froehlichm!! #AuthenticEDU
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @thomascmurray Goodness! Thank you! The feeling is mutual!Super excited to get my friend @thomascmurray new book Personal and Authentic! And straight from the source too! Th… @thomascmurray @Joe_Sanfelippo @AggieSalterITS @cesa_5 @posickj @SchwingleJ Kidding, my friend! You're awesome! @Joe_Sanfelippo @AggieSalterITS @thomascmurray @cesa_5 @posickj @SchwingleJ Wait, there was a keynote this morning?
@Joe_Sanfelippo @AggieSalterITS @slateinwi @cesa_5 Struggling to not respond... @Joe_Sanfelippo @thomascmurray @AggieSalterITS @EdCampMadWI @EduGladiators @thomascmurray @Joe_Sanfelippo @AggieSalterITS @EdCampMadWI @EduGladiators 🤣🤣🤣 Aww love ya, Tom. I better watch it… @brentcoley @jmartinez727 @jedipadmaster @jeffreykubiak @Mrs_Koppers @1sassyteach @Rdene915 @John_Eick @IACUE @Joe_Sanfelippo @AggieSalterITS @EdCampMadWI @EduGladiators @thomascmurray Sometimes they're under the wobbly leg o… @flyingmonkey13 @sarahdateechur 🤣 @irvspanish @AndyLeiser I'm so bummed I'm going to miss you guys.10 Habits of Successful Teachers (Or Anyone) via @finleyt
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @AggieSalterITS @EdCampMadWI @EduGladiators @Joe_Sanfelippo Hey I'm coming down for tonight. Will bring mine. @JCasaTodd @jbormann3 This makes me so happy. Miss you all. 😘 @MrsMeganMorgan @Jonharper70bd I hope you enjoy!
Great post. Going to pick up the book he recommends and I like the practicality of the strategies he discusses - 5… Fire Within: Lessons from defeat that have ignited a passion for learning Stories by EDUs about adversity & st… @Lau7210 @gcouros Thank you, Lauren!
@GustafsonBrad @gcouros Thanks, Brad :)I really enjoyed this post from @froehlichm. What great way to show leadership and vulnerability in learning. If…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @gcouros Thank you my friend!One year has flown amplifying incredible women and empowering the In AWE Community. Thank you for joining me on thi…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @dkapuler @dougand32 @amboe_k @ambercoggin @ambugggy @MrsFletcher512 @missfrance91 @DanaGarrison @LincolnEdTech
This not only made me think but made me a little sad - what do all of us give up to be better for others? On the Pa… @MrNunesteach @tntedtech @henneld_edu @Kbahri5 @TeachersOnFire @wakelet @LevackTeachTech @BryonCar @EBGtech @tishrich @MsdPathways @TaraMartinEDU @burgessdave @dbc_inc @RachaelEdu This is a great picture and you look beautiful!Excited about starting my own podcast! Listen here and subscribe: ⚓️⚓️🎙️🎶 #4OCFPLn
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @teacher2teacher Thank you so much but I'm already done with the PD. I thought I might be missing something but I h…
Enjoying the presentation of @froehlichm at Building the heart of successful schools conference today. Learning abo…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @TYash42 Hey coach! Where can I meet you to get the copy of The Fire Within that you won??? @CaseyJ_edu @UCEA @AASAHQ @nyschoolboards @NYSchoolSupts Aww thanks Casey! You're the best!"Trauma responsive is best practice for all kids. I don't want to put myself in the position of deciding who's trau…"Trauma responsive is not a checklist and it is not a program and it is not a curriculum. It is a mindshift." @sporlin"Something that gets lost in trauma response is accountability. We think we can't hold them accountable because of…"If I stay regulated then I represent safety to that dysregulated student so I need to stay regulated." @SporLin a special opportunity to see @SporLin keynote today's Building the Heart of Successful Schools - Principal fro…