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Blog Post: On the Inside vs On the Outside What do we assume about our students because we can't always see? @CivicsEngaged @SylviaEllison @EdSurge @edutopia @DavidGuerin @RavesiWeinstein @drgoffney @ToddShriver @SylviaEllison @EdSurge @edutopia @DavidGuerin @CivicsEngaged @RavesiWeinstein @drgoffney @ToddShriver @SylviaEllison @EdSurge @edutopia @DavidGuerin @CivicsEngaged @RavesiWeinstein @drgoffney @ToddShriver
ICYMI: Friday, I released a very personal and honest episode of the Planning Period Podcast where I discuss my ment…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichI seriously love this woman and she is kicking my butt every morning at 9am. I highly recommend her kicking yours,… a word cloud to begin covering Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to start school tomorrow. #TeachBetter
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @DrVannScott @KalchbrennerELA @mdeegan122 @teachbetterteam @SWMS_OCPS @OCPSnews Aww very cool! Love this!
@Rdene915 @Isham_Literacy @biologygoddess @emilyfranESL @JenTheHen73 @MissDiLibero @jillmclean27 @JillDuBois22
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @mjjohnson1216 @Rdene915 @Isham_Literacy @biologygoddess @emilyfranESL @JenTheHen73 @MissDiLibero @jillmclean27 Ways to Achieve Balance for Tired Teachers Everywhere with @froehlichm
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichBlog Post: On The Inside vs On The Outside #trauma #firewithinbook #divergentedu #reignitetheflames #edumatch
@HumResPro summit on student voice & hybrid/virtual activism w/@inspirecitizen1 @OutoftheBlocks1 @KavitaTanna. Chec…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @Angela_Watson And sometimes some people will never share publicly and I think that's ok, too. It is way too person… @Angela_Watson I never meant it as an oversimplification, so I apologize if it read that way. Ignoring everything f… @Angela_Watson I've been criticized, told to brush it off and just be happy, told to try meditations and yoga. I ge… @Angela_Watson I am definitely not oversimplifying anything and recognized fully that you needed to talk about it i… Post - Key Tips For Beginning a Virtual School Year: Always a pleasure working with t… @Rdene915 @EdumatchBooks @thriveinedu Thank you, my dear! I hope you like it!Currently reading #reignitetheflames by @froehlichm, thank you for writing this amazing book! @EdumatchBooks
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@Angela_Watson @BradShreffler @ItsAmandaMacias @chrisjcluff @mr_isaacs @misterwashburn @irvspanish @theedpodcast @noasbobs @BradShreffler @OnPodcastMedia Wanting a planter box 😂😂😂 That nearly made me spit out my coffee. @BradShreffler @OnPodcastMedia Just listened. When I first "met" you I was like wow, I totally adore that guy. I… looks to be an amazing opportunity for teachers (or preservice teachers)! @froehlichm is an exceptional edLead…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichNew Planning Period Podcast. Just me, telling a story. My Mental Health Journey Would love to hear from you if you…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @KristenSevinsky Agreed. And the educator mental health/issues/trauma component of it is why I wrote the blog post… once had someone tell me that neither he nor a friend or loved one had ever been impacted by a mental health issu… @KristenSevinsky I think you're right I just think you're diving deeper than the quote intends. Lol I read it as b… 15 minutes, I'm releasing a new episode of the Planning Period Podcast. It is just me, telling my mental health…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichDestigmatizing the Depressed Educator via @froehlichm #edumatch @BradShreffler @ItsAmandaMacias @chrisjcluff @mr_isaacs @misterwashburn @irvspanish @theedpodcast @noasbobs @rchids
Looking forward to my new read. Great read "All in" by @nankr1120 and @DrJacieMaslyk next is another strong female…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @MGreenNewTeach1 @nankr1120 @DrJacieMaslyk Aww thank you, Molly! I appreciate you! Can't wait to hear/see on the Twitters what you think! @sarahdateechur @BradShreffler How you do everything you do I have no idea. I want to be you when I grow up. #goalsLooking for Back to School media project ideas? Sounds like a great chat! #satchat #edumatch #teachbetter This is trauma for everyone. Part of my personal mission is to help institutions (schools, for now) better und…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichFour of the Many Reasons We Need To Talk About Mental Health Issues -
#nowlistening to @joshua__stamper ft @nankr1120 #podcastedu
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @JCasaTodd Aww thank you, my friend! I appreciate you so much!Had the honour of endorsing #ReingniteTheFlames by @froehlichm Such an important read especially now!
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichHe's a Champion for Educators who share their expertise! Check out @iamDrWill at the & Che…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @Michelle4EDU Bahahahahahaha! Thorough. Cognizant. Need to look them up EVERY single time.I don’t know who needs to hear this, but “specialists”, such as Music, Art, & Language teachers, are not just “prep…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichI hope grading during #COVID will not look like this. If educators haven't tried something different yet, now's as…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich🗣Calling all 3rd grade Teachers!! 📚3️⃣ If you’re interesting in joining a list of other 3rd grade Ts to collaborat…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich"I hate it that people can't see me smile under my mask." Because a year ago that would have sounded like I was we… you know that bulk orders of just 10+ books from @EdumatchBooks get a discount? You can order The Fire Within o…
@STEAMcultivator @dhasty01 @GiftedTawk @Visually @JaimeDonally @EdumatchBooks I don't think it should ever replace… @GiftedTawk @dhasty01 @STEAMcultivator @Visually @JaimeDonally @EdumatchBooks No, it's a good question. Totally rel… @GiftedTawk @dhasty01 @STEAMcultivator @Visually @JaimeDonally @EdumatchBooks I'm referencing the long-term. The gr… @dhasty01 @STEAMcultivator @GiftedTawk @Visually @JaimeDonally @EdumatchBooks I think while pandemic learning has h… @dhasty01 @STEAMcultivator @GiftedTawk @Visually @JaimeDonally @EdumatchBooks I kind of say meh. I don't care for t… then there's the day where someone says: hey look, I live in Australia with Alpacas and I just received your bo… @GruntledChalkie Oh my gosh, Carl! This totally made my day! It's such a crazy picture it almost looks photoshopped… Does #Gratitude Improve #MentalHealth? #EduMatch #TeachBetter #mentalhealthawareness
8 days until launch of book and party 7PM EST. @froehlichm @sarahdateechur @pneid @Rdene915 @ProfJPizzo
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3 Ways Educators Can Prepare For the Unknown #change #Unknown #edchat
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichBlog post: "If One Only Remembers to Turn on the Light..." #teacherengagement
@MahoneyJanine Days. It's going to be days until I can get that song out of my head now. lol @tracyscottkelly Huh. That's interesting. Tell me more about that pretty please :) @KimGriesbach A fantastic one! 🎶If you could choose one professional learning opportunity on ANY topic going into this school year, what would it b…
To support her Ss' progress toward their goals, T @isabeljmorales created this "my online learning plan" template!…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichOffline Choice Boards: Integrating Offline Learning into Your Online Class - #edchat
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @MsSLNorth Totally one of mine, too! Anything Brittany! @offgridteacher Bahahhahahha Hauling Oats! 😂😂😂Super excited to received my signed copy of Reignite the Flames by @froehlichm! Had a pleasure of reviewing this b…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichBIPOC Mental Health Awareness Month,sharing my most honest & vulnerable podcast appearance to date.…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @robdunlopEDU @EdumatchBooks @mjmcalliwrites Thank you so much Rob! I'm so glad you got it! @TwinCitiesChris This is amazing. 😂 @DanaTeaches3rd Ahhhh Rob Bass...yes!!! If you can deny this song, you're not human. 😂Ok Friday peeps, I wanna know your guilty pleasure song. The one you turn on in the car to belt it out but also rol… @VictoriaTheTech Congratulations! Welcome to the family! @froehlichm Mandy you have to watch this! I was crying laughing
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @AggieSalterITS OMG this is the funniest thing I've seen in awhile. Thanks for sharing it Aggie!
@tracyscottkelly Yay! I'm so glad you got it! I'd love your feedback when you are able to get to it! @dfteach 😂😂😂I hope you will join me this evening to chat about coping skills and navigating challenges. I'll be giving away a f…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichAnyone else perpetually lost on what day it is? Anyone else repeatedly forget 15 minutes after they look at their…, I have gained so much weight this summer I could only button the collar on one of my dress shirts today. Schoo…
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichPost: Asking Questions that May Lead to Better #MentalHealth Support for Black Students and Students of Color:…
@mrfusco am wondering who else does CHAMPS at their district or school. I am trying to look into other resources that woul…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich"We need a new language to talk about" ANYONE w/ a mental health issue. This isn't a celeb thing. This is a complet…[LISTEN] Teaching During a Pandemic: Self-Care Is Good, Self-Compassion Is Better with @jonHarper70bd @froehlichm
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichIt's finally out! Find it at #edumatch #teachbetter #divergentedu
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich[LISTEN] How to Start the Conversation – Part 1: Race, Injustice, Unconscious Biases with @docjorich @DrDorindaCA
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@jeffgargas Aww! Seeing your face with my book made my day! @brentcoley Lol! Is this like things to write about when you're running out of things to write about? 😂 @Jonharper70bd Yay! I'm so glad you got it, Jon! I hope you like it!So excited this came today. No doubt this will be powerful. via ⁦@froehlichm⁩
Retweeted by Mandy FroehlichWe are thrilled to announce that @froehlichm will be kicking off the Speaker Series on Tuesday, August 25th with a…
Retweeted by Mandy Froehlich @kristi_daws @SteinbrinkLaura @SturmDon @EMercedLearning @EffectualEdu @HPrestonEdu @carriEDtechie @StarshaCanaday @rethinktolearn session speaker & #EduMatchAuthor @martybedtech & Find her #21Lcoach book here…
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@MsJachymiak You are so very welcome, my friend!There will be no quick fixes this year, or perhaps no fixes at all. Being supportive will be everything.…
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@poetrytealove If you need a break or a change, I'd encourage you to look into corporate training. If you like tech… @poetrytealove I think you know when to leave when you can answer why you want to leave & if that why is 1)unchange… @GruntledChalkie Those are usually the same ones who will argue that being positive doesn't change behavior/mindset… @ArielAdrian @MatthewXJoseph @msjingold @donna_mccance @KarlOLeary4 @sgteach_sari @DustinPearson2 @pattersonaubrey