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Nate Crowley; section ed @rockpapershot, wrote NOTES FROM SMALL PLANETS (September 2020, Harper Voyager), author for Black Library, Rebellion. Agent @bigjcowen.

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Also: lol. I am a reasonable designer but my DIY skills will always be those of an ork up not feeling the hardscape I'd put in place, so decided to rethink things. I've used perspex & silicone seal… a classic modern druidic mishap, I just had to give myself an emergency shave with a heavy duty retractable knif…
I've rounded up a bunch of wood - it's a mix of bogwood, ironwood and mopani wood, most of it from existing tanks,… it all is in situ. It's arguably overkill for a 70l tank as each of these would comfortably deal with a 50, b… up - filtration and heat. Using a nifty aquael heater, and these two bruisers from Oase in the corners. I've p… F120 is a powerful light, but this is a powerful job. I've put down some tape to mark out where the other tanks… then, let's get to work. Although this is gonna be an aquarium triptych, we'll do the biggest tank first and mov…
@mrbasil_pesto I've gotten really into crisps recently you know
@GinBroguesHats Hahaha, that's on "break in case of emergency" playlist - I know it well! @daniel_barker Gonna reply to thi in like a week, just to show how bad of an ass I am 🏍 @daniel_barker No rules 😎
19 pages into reading @FrogCroakley's Notes from Small Planets I have had to move rooms because my cackling was dis…
Retweeted by Regular FrogOk, I am restarting my amazon biotope setup how-to thread, cos I've changed the parameters of the project and it no… Weird Zoo is back! Today I'm talking about Olms, which are some of my very favourite animals. In just 30 minute…
Retweeted by Regular FrogBig Weird Zoo is back! Today I'm talking about Olms, which are some of my very favourite animals. In just 30 minute… @AmandaHayes6 There's a little bit of a knack to the planting - you can be quite firm in pushing the root base down… @AmandaHayes6 Hmm, I might recommend using a dedicated aquarium soil, and maybe using sand on top rather than grave… @AGildedEye @chompmancobra @beardedsaffa I was actually thinking of hopping in the tub later, as it happens! @GinBroguesHats @Philip_Ellis Me and phil always joke about the grim inevitability of us starting a podcast togethe… @Haze______ Oh god, I just reverse engineered that, didn't I? @Wendles1967 I bloody love bovril as a spread. I salute you all. @Glitter_brawl @sw_cardwell omg is buster our third? are we polyamorous now? @eph_bee It was lovely - he's an extremely funny guy; we had a long chat after the recording stopped about just...… @chainbearman I'll take it tho, tbf @tempestusultra Aaaah, fantastic! Are you having fun? @brainxray Living without it is getting to me mate @AGildedEye @chompmancobra @beardedsaffa Oh gosh no, I'm in no way advanced enough for marine tanks... yet ;) @AngelosLH I do stop short of fish-on-fish thunderdomes. But I do keep some predators along with potential prey wit… @FuzzyFreaks It's strange, I was a hopeless aquarist despite all my enthusiasm for most of my life, but now I am ol… @iRNY It's like... the exact opposite of a phone, somehow? @olliegerlach This is where I'm really glad I've got 16 or so tanks on the go - makes it very easy to be patient, a… @LianaBrooks I honestly can't wait to see how it looks in a month or so! @AmandaHayes6 Why thank you! So I don't patronise you accidentally by telling you the obvious, may I ask what you'r… @nickuk72 It's gonna be a good one, I think :) @KBaileyBooks @LianaBrooks I shall be in this one, yes - got a big oase canister filter with an injection feed, so… @NAS_CT Thank you! <3
@ScarletCatalie *batters u with an old rope* @johnneh They really bloody grow on you, aye :) @FuzzyFreaks This one's gonna be a good one, I think :)Honestly, I've never been wild about cats in general cos other beasts interest me more, but this owl-looking git he… to go to bed but I'm sat here with good old turkey boy purring away on my lap, staring at this new setup like… @holir_twitch Generally use tropica soil powder as my base substrate, seeded with filter gunk from established tank… @BunniesKitchen are these the ones from Grondorra? They are actually something of an easter egg reference in themselves!It's a huge relief when you meet your heroes and they're just... really nice to hang out and play dwarf fortress with??But as one door closes, another opens - I've started a new Dwarf Fortress let's play series, which I kicked off on…! I forgot to post this: for EGX, I did a nice, relaxing little Dwarf Fortress video where I finally brought the… was nothing endearing about the sound Blobby made. It was the pleading of an animal with its leg caught in a trap, a scream of horror
Retweeted by Regular FrogIt was possible for the human mind to cope with Blobby b/c he was slow & clumsy. Imagine him with the desperate, anxious speed of a chimp
Retweeted by Regular Frog @AGildedEye These are some comfy fuckers, sure enough <3 the big man today and all. Looks a bit guffo without the light on and the epiphytes grown in, plus it still… @AngelosLH That's right, ye - I am quite a strong believer in tanks that don't require water changes to keep nitrat… this up in a 60l hex tank for the kitchen - can't decide whether to hold out for some dwarf puffers for this on… got distracted and smashed out a quick bonsai marshscape instead (lol adhd etc). Ok, now that's done, back t… @AvoidedDrowning @hyenabusiness Where is my kibble tho @hyenabusiness In this house it is known as "daddy kibble"If anyone can secure for me boxes this exact cereal (has to be this precise variant) I will pay them a healthy comm… @chainbearman Laughed so hard at thisClassical Culture
Retweeted by Regular FrogI'm a little late to the party but I am SO EXCITED to be holding this book in my hands at long last
Retweeted by Regular Frog @allwrongthink Very similar energy tbf @mapchanges @mapchanges Oh god what if this is all just a prelude to a... @Philip_Ellis Can u shed any light on this tho friend? @missspeaking It's amazing right? @HSouthwellFE Oh god tho imagineI usually eat normal food but today I am on holiday and taking a day off my meds to reset a bit, and I've made the… @mapchanges Honestly every time i go for a wee and see the bottle I wonder whether like, buster is into busting plu…'m not usually one for "tee hee, that sounds naughty" jokes, but I'm struggling to believe that the decision to se… really enjoyed this interview. Talking science, writing practice and the future with Cris.
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I had a genuinely lovely time speaking to Jonny for Magpie Book Club, and I hope that comes across in this intervie… sod it, if I'm doing fishtanks I'll make a how-to thread of it. Here's a new tank - it's a dennerle 70l, w…'s positioned on the midway landing on the stairs, so every morning when I come down for work, this is what I'm l…, my hallway tank is coming along really pleasantly. Waterlily has three surface leaves now, with two more… @Beardynoise Can i just say that I was hoping sea snakes would get some love and you have done yourself proud in supporting them xxI'm mid way through planting up this beautiful beast - it's a full 50cm front to back so I've been able to go reall… to do another episode of big weird zoo tomorrow morning though - what would you like to hear about this week?Cracked my knuckles and readied myself to try and get back on here today, but already seen about eight tweets that… @withoutaplain I've known shitter, tbf.
@withoutaplain Don't you worry pal, those apes will get plenty larger yet <3Well, maybe I won't blast that shit house music _just_ yet. I leave you, then, with the absolute *anthem* I shall b…, just an apology to every sweet soul who has tweeted a review, a recommendation, or a "look what just arriv… do not, of course, owe me anything! I don't feel entitled to any of the above. But I'd be a fool not to at leas…, please talk about it somewhere new people can see it. I'm lucky to have a good publisher, but there'…, to be viciously businesslike about it, I'll drop the mask and just say: if you are enjoying Notes From Small Pl…'m OK! Reasonably anyway, given 2 really special people at work just got made redundant, A is at a brutally sad fu…'ve had some lovely messages about Notes from people, & I'm deeply grateful for the reviews that are going up. But… had intended to spend the weekend being a good, proactive author & cheerily promoting my new book on here, but tw… me a bookseller who doesn’t face out their favourites and give them rec cards and I’ll show you a liar 😂
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Two good games journos right here. I worked with both Sin and Matthew at RPS and any publication would be lucky to…
Retweeted by Regular FrogWhy are they called cowboy builders? I can’t remember construction being a big thing in tales of the Old West. It’s…
Retweeted by Regular Frog @Brainmage Not sure about this particular death sentence tbhIt's the final day of our whistlestop tour through the worlds of SFF, guided by the expert @FrogCroakley and his am…
Retweeted by Regular Frog @sboxle @rockpapershot You're welcome! And I'm glad if it's helped defuse the ol' launch anxiety. I know only too w… @RingOfPain It's true, yes: I enjoyed my stay. But please, bird creature, keep away. I'm sure you mean well, but it…'s speaking to me. Help. The nasty owl is doing couplets at me :( :( :( card crawler Ring Of Pain is one of the standout demos on show at #EGXdigital, and @frogcroakley can't q…
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@chainbearman Omg! This was such a thoughtful and pleasant thing to say <3It's my book birthday! A Fatal Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is officially out today 🗡️🗡️🥳🎈🎉🗡️🗡️…
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