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Excited to share with you at last!! Portrait of A Lady (2019) The son of a famous painter explores the world of h…
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@justinchans Bruhhhh
@chilichapters Haha yeahh I'm pretty sure there's just the one? And I have that guy and his friends blocked around…
@petersieburg this does nothing for security tho, it's just apple and the apps having a loud fight about something… @petersieburg this is butts @Tenchigo I don’t know man this account is essentially a business, my “real authentic self” is not welcome on Twitt… @Larke12 They can keep my clipboard data I don’t care I just do not ever want this notif @Larke12 There must be a way to turn this off, no? @petersieburg But seriously how do I stop it showing up I could not care less if they take my paste board data? @Tenchigo I tweeted about the wretched president, which is always a dice-rollThis is amazing to see the journey and multi-year timeline laid out so succinctly! @wyckns @kevindart @chromosphereLA gosh, Mandy- this is such a terrific body of workThe day has come, I can finally click on the 'publish' button on my website dedicated to the Carmen Sandiego title…
Retweeted by Nicholas Kole @amyaw_98 AWW! Wonderful!! @breebird33 I can't conceive of it, Bree, I wish I had a more creative imagination for how hearts and minds could change but... @OEdswald @JChristineLeach I know the scriptures, but really reckon up with what you ask from people when you ask t… @OEdswald @JChristineLeach I appreciate the good faith, I will consider the relative usefulness of my anger- but un… @oliviaaserr haha- I reckon the chair I chose is too much part of the pack to be considered anything but "kinda gro… @MrZoan I"m so sorry for your loss, and that it's become a political football instead of a legitimate shared grief @OEdswald @JChristineLeach I haven't had any rest in the last 4. Fervently hoping he's washed away, even violently,… @OEdswald @JChristineLeach Then back away slowly, Oswald, I feel extremely dangerous today @SamLangellier I see what you did and I appreciate itBefore I lose a bunch, I just want to say @OEdswald @JChristineLeach I am not a mob, I am white-hot furious all on my own, there’s a difference. @OEdswald @JChristineLeach We are engaged in an empathetic, communal, science-based sacrifice to protect the vulner… @OEdswald @JChristineLeach This tumor of a human, is attempting to shift the blame onto the victims of the virus fo… @OEdswald @JChristineLeach Oswald nobody knows you or cares to cancel you. We have been in a lockdown, masking up,… @Doodlezgetdandy We will because we absolutely have to, hang in there @OEdswald This isn’t about the virus’ capabilities, this is about the trivialization of death, and the risk to the… @OEdswald If you’re here to agree with this man and minimize the impact of the catastrophic loss of life, the extre… @Doodlezgetdandy I’m sorry for passing it on, but I’m with youVoting alone won’t undo this level of bone-deep stupid evil
Give the man some hearts hot damn🤯 Chad Cox over on insta really just Bandicoot 4 Japanese trailers
Retweeted by Nicholas Kole @ShantiRittgers O___O so much fan art @ShantiRittgers :)) that's awesome to hear! I can't wait to see how everything clicks for folks come Oct 2nd, and i… @Meeper12346 @arvalis Came here to write this 😂 @cosmic_absentia That was one of the goals! I think there’s lots for new players here @grogfella Right?? I had that on HEAVY discman rotation 😅And the Chemical Brothers track from said trailer because it is dooope @Zevanox I got mine on amazon! Can’t remember which- there are a few generic grip options and they’re all pretty cheap!LAUNCH TRAILER LET’S GOOOO @Zevanox Idk if it will be much help, but for my grip (and carpal tunnel) I also found that adding a rubber grip to… @BagelDenizen Hahaha! Cute bears man, I GOTCHU @Zwoltopia @synchra exactly! @Zevanox Hm- I wish I did, but I’m not sure that’s an experience I’m qualified to speak to. Has turning the “stream… Dollightful dragon design process w commentary :)'We leave you boys alone for ONE AFTERNOON and suddenly everyone's a statue??" Exploring the space for female elde…
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@HuniHeartStudio This is looking awesome! @Orkekum the sequel, riven! @rudegoblin COLORS GOOD @PastelRobot RIVEN.I grew up here @MadHatterRaggy Yeah it’s intended to give me a sense of how I had planned it all to come together! @Shira_Hedgie @insomniacgames @ToysForBob Awesome!!Process video! I’m considering uploading a longer one w/commentary- thoughts? @quartzcake It was so much fun! Katherine is lovely to work with, and I’m seriously amazed by the level of craft on this one!! @InariKoKami @weremagnus Ahaha! This is amazing! @GebF92 Awesome work! @TheOctoberScarf This is just for the occasion, but it was fun diving back into the vibe :)) @roxaloxa Haha I know what you mean, it’s like a bro-ey chestbumping funhouse mirror version of that thing you likeSo Dollightful and I did a dragon collaboration O_O!!!
Retweeted by Nicholas Kole @kittyraptor_ I am so deliriously happy about this Dollightful collab going live, seriously- connecting with enthusiastic ma… @FlamingMarmlade oh absolutely!! We're going to treat her like the serious treasure she is- prepping a place of honor!Looking at her lovely series of elemental dragons, I tried to find unexplored space with Khepri's Light-theming! Th… and I had been watching her videos together & I was inspired to do a dragonified sketch of her first dark/nig… I am just absolutely BLOWN AWAY by how incredible this came out!! I did an original dragon design in the style… Dollightful and I did a dragon collaboration O_O!!!
GASPPP! Two awesome people, @Dollightfully and @FromHappyRock were doing a collaboration and not just any collabora…
Retweeted by Nicholas Kole @erindipper @Dollightfully She pulled out ALL the stops, this household is THRILLED 😭 @rhyfuu ahhh thank you so much! Can't believe how amazing this turned out @lemurdusommeil I'm so BLOWN AWAY!! GAh, she absolutely killed it!oh my gosh oh my GOSH!!!! @Choccy_Badger it’s not but...HA! That’s....a fun thought 🤔😂 @BlueStarrSkies! @ChrisLikesDinos Haha that’s...literally all I did 😅 (and I’ve been informed that it’s not allowed to be shared so:… @DevinElleKurtz That’s a great illustration of the idea! And dang, your numbers!! 🤯 @DevinElleKurtz >we used to have blogs! Ok grandma let’s get you to bed dot jpeg< @DevinElleKurtz I just really like talking to people and giving context 😅 I feel like such a smug willfully-obtuse… it’s true that links in tweets are suppressed by twitter, it’s possible some of y’all don’t know this exists 😅 1…, but make it an art book @DevinElleKurtz I know it’s true but I hate it so muchEven though Chris Shaffer has been fired from Ringling College, he has not dropped the lawsuit against me. I am sti…
Retweeted by Nicholas Kole @Eartncard11 End of October! @ArcZeroes He does yeah! Instagram and artstation @Dollightfully doll video coming out soon--within a day or so! :D
Retweeted by Nicholas Kole @CosmicPencil Ah! Pan would be pretty amazing! There's a lot of Pan baked into my Jellybots project, at least thematically! @MillerWireless I'm not sure what you mean re: paper files to this day, but the process of these definitely involve… off to process doesn't = inaction, get out of here and feel however you feel at your own pace, hug a loved…
@dnewton_1 😅