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thanks, they’re new
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeHappy Father's DadResistance to - and disdain for - caricature is one reason why so much modern comic art looks so dull. Everyone sho…
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Retweeted by Reggie Toupée @jason1749 Yeah.... We're gonna make a big noise @depechejoe My liege.... @daveexmachina It's so wild hahaha! Leaning into the Bret Gelman-ificationDa beardo is here-do boy my boy is done
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeEvery Irish fella when they finish a joke in a pub
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oubliette culture |
Retweeted by Reggie Toupéeif they sell hats, not even god can keep me from buying one
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeStarting to think my roommate is from the future...
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeI want you to tell me something and I want you to tell me straight: Is this Ben Affleck
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Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeFinal Fantasy is a game brave enough to ask: What if a twink was a rude piece of shit
Retweeted by Reggie Toupée @rajandelman Those were more unhinged than I could have expected! @bloodberry_tart Oh hell yes, whatFor Juneteenth on @PCMag , I wrote about how Black excellence shines everywhere in the video game industry, on all…
Retweeted by Reggie Toupéethis reminds me of that tumblr thread about how humans are basically elves to our pets, living long after their lif…
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Finally I can post it! 🎉🎂
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Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeOfficially revealed! My cover to issue 2 of BATMAN ‘89 #batman89 ON SALE 9/14/21
Retweeted by Reggie Toupéefri day night
Retweeted by Reggie Toupée @bloodberry_tart car guy. @kathbarbadoro The deep v goes all the way down and back upwhy is this “oops” and not “huge red flag”
Retweeted by Reggie Toupée @lilkalamata @lilkalamata Apropos of nothing, I am reminded sometimes friends have disagreements and that's ok @GalaxyGraceidea 💰💰💰Personally that suplex laden parking lot video gives me more Tazz vibes than Kurt Angle but that's me. @depechejoe Johnny Test is coming to Netflix with 35% less usage of the same whip crack sound effect, 35% more expe… cockroach of a show. That and the Total Drama universe will never die.By God they're making more Johnny Testtime to rewatch my favorite film,
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeCan you imagine living in a country that is still being actively ravaged by COVID and seeing America, who deliberat…
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeI know it's love cuz they let me absolutely blabber on all "well in my PREFERRED continuity, Megatron led a class r… @trashtime69 Actually it's that the mouth is- OK nevermind. @avita_zane Happy birthday! Congrats on making it ❤️ @colonelnemo Ah that's right they moved it to next *saturday*. But yeah, I can easily imagine Vince deciding they n… @colonelnemo I thiiiiink that's next week? @colonelnemo That's the first theory that makes a lick of sense to me even though there's no title match on Dynamit… boils my blood when coastal elite girls say “I’m a midwest 10🤪” bc have you ever seen an ex minnesota sorority girl
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeWhich one do you guys prefer 😳
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Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeSometimes a tweet is too long for Twitter and that's when I resurrect the ol' Tumblr
Retweeted by Reggie Toupée @colonelnemo WOMAN WO-MAN WOAH, MAN @PositronicWoman Truly fucked up but by God it's your opinionParrot vs Machine Learning
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeMackie, famously cool about gender roles.Oh THAT'S why people are talking about Captain America. Aaaahahahahahahahahahagamer command
Retweeted by Reggie Toupéenew favorite genre of pictures
Retweeted by Reggie Toupée @jason1749 amaaaaazingSlim Thug said “GAMECUBE NINTENDO” so hard that Sega went out of business the next day
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeHappy birthday to the fucking king
Retweeted by Reggie Toupée @JesseDangrsly "Gou-bdi-go-bdi-bdi-bdi chalupa" @michael_litke Transformers news site. Looks like it releases in August
@danwaber Oh neat, noted! @kathbarbadoro @danwaber I am bookmarking this page for a gift idea slash when I have a lil more disposable income! @DieRobinsonDie @depechejoe The smirk is what's worst, to me @depechejoe MOUTH DOESN'T MOVE WHEN YOU TALK is a promotional image for a helmet soon available for purchase, in addition to being the stupidest fuckin thing)This image just destroyed me. It touched some part of my brain. This is the dumbest, funniest thing I've ever seen @depechejoe ❤️Re post
Retweeted by Reggie Toupéeok i politely asked for a pic 😻 sky cat!! 30000 ft high!
Retweeted by Reggie Toupéejack crawford: make room for daddy’s special little boy with the big imagination!!! will, what can you tell us abou…
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeDisney and Pixar’s The Departed
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeThe hype around this profile is real. This a very touching and human piece that I highly recommend reading. Full st… @colonelnemo @jason1749 Are da movies back? @DieRobinsonDie @jason1749 The Avengers Meet The Not Ready For Primetime Players! @DieRobinsonDie I'm glad we could get a moment where a Queer Eye negs Warlock and Kevin Feige options Cyclops' lifeBREAKING: This Dick IS Going To Suck Itself! @DieRobinsonDie Which are always good ideas that don't end dating your story.I saw the big Hellfire Gala reveal and that fucking rules, I'm still confused why the lead up had to be a real-world celebs wine n dine @chance_second 100% @chance_second Dude REALLY hits the chorus on the Ataris version @TheOtherJeff The live action movie definitely could have used a scene where ol' Scorpion kills a demon who was jus… watched Revenge on HBO Max, hella decent! Cool we'll get more. @THE_Stefano_DLC Only people who should be allowed to imprint on fictional characters are newly hatched baby birds…! SKATE SLOB ! (Preorder - prints ship on Monday June 21st) A classic COOP image (from 1988!!!) given the full…
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeThe face we make when we hear you haven’t purchased your ticket.
Retweeted by Reggie Toupée @geneticghost Oh also, I thought you'd like this out of context take @geneticghost Got yourself a poison boy stew! @geneticghost Ah yeah that was floatin around. I'm just gonna keep bangin the "put more of the women's roster on cable, damn it" gong lol @geneticghost I would LOVE a trios title but they need a women's tag title first/at the same time. @iamtherog I think you can make the argument that the young bucks are a form of boy band
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeStart up guys be like "Ok, so, assume infinite growth within a finite system-"
Retweeted by Reggie Toupéethis illusion broke my brain 🤯
Retweeted by Reggie ToupéeFingers crossed nobody else thought of this - which might be my masterpiece #KirkVanhattan
Retweeted by Reggie Toupée @chance_second You know what? Dump it. This one's garbage. @chance_second Tiny Dinky Daffy @chance_second That's why it is was so hard for me to tell you about the oralI can't find a good gif of "i don't want to do this anymore" or "that's ok, you're still a good doctor."Bart Harley Jarvis is one of the most AGGRESSIVE babies I've ever met. Hijo del Vikingo can levitate in the air and then land a perfect 630
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