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@notcjcregg YESSSS @jason1749 When I wake up from food coma to call my parents
a very important text from my dad
Retweeted by Characters Websiteeverything i know about supernatural i learned against my will
Retweeted by Characters WebsiteWhat if... Bugsnax but Filipino food
Retweeted by Characters Websitethis might be the most embarrassed i have ever been
Retweeted by Characters Website @colonelnemo Yeah but because he wants the virus.grab my new JUDO KILLER shirt I did for my fave lads GAMA BOMB!
Retweeted by Characters Website @depechejoe @AutoAmes I definitely imprinted on the oni with headphones so I'm happy to have your blessing. @depechejoe @AutoAmes And me?I know several of you have finally acquired a switch - make ur life easier and get u some expandable storage
Retweeted by Characters WebsiteCave Story is one of the most important games every made and I will 100% recommend you do not buy it. Download the…
Retweeted by Characters Website @geneticghost Mox, says i @ElSangito[homestar voice] v-maaaaleCute on purpose? @ReyFenixMx #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT
Retweeted by Characters WebsiteMy opinion on boss baby 2 is Get Paid Amy Sedaris
Retweeted by Characters Website @RhiannonOlivaw Here's Cake, coveting some sweatpants @coorsnite It'll land me the big account for sure @coorsnite Oh thank fuck @RhiannonOlivaw Yeah I can only imagine, ugh @RhiannonOlivaw Goddess Mode is solid! @RhiannonOlivaw Hi firefly! I'm still at work but I promise a cat pic when I'm home. @RhiannonOlivaw Fair, though part of this was GG I imagine. And DC releasing their comic on Vertigo as like the last comic on that imprint @RhiannonOlivaw I mean you're not entirely wrong in that there is a high(ish) profile Kickstarter that all but disappeared but yeah. @RhiannonOlivaw Fair. They had a comic at DC, their memoirs, and are credited on at least three published games @RhiannonOlivaw I mean, a few things?Thank all Y’all for rocking wit me! I am I more grateful than y’all can imagine I am HUMBLYGRATEFUL🙏🏾 & more to com…
Retweeted by Characters Website @bloodberrytarts Cool @coorsnite Sorry about.... Da SwabMISTER POLICE OFFICER YOU SAVED HER YOU FOUND ALL THE CLUES @colonelnemo Aw man @depechejoe @JeffBezos Smon man, give Joe a piece. @ziyadThegoat @ShittyMario
Retweeted by Characters Website @bradcandoit WHERE DOES THE BALLOT GO @hunktears An Adam Cole Six FeetTrying out Clip Studio paint.
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Retweeted by Characters Website @DieRobinsonDie @colonelnemo The Big, The Dog, The RedishLet the Fangamening commence! New merch collab with @Fangamer is live!
Retweeted by Characters Websitewow, there will never be a more concise example of what i call the Intangible Sludge
Retweeted by Characters WebsiteBrussels Sprouts Were Actually Bad: A Thread When I was a kid, Brussels Sprouts were the go-to joke food when peop…
Retweeted by Characters Website @colonelnemo @chance_second TV's FASTLANE???Oh I fucking love this story. The banner update is just the chefs kiss.
Retweeted by Characters Website @alexdecampi I am absolutely entranced by Alfred's hands in the last panel @Bustronaut Everything is everything! @plentyofalcoves That's so raddddd @THE_Stefano_DLC Yeah and on that point you're correct, those just aren't good storytelling vehicles for so many reasons! @GalaxyGraceidea Hence the prayer lol. @ChrisCrash00 No question! I know it's mostly in his warm up but Ichiro's stance always stuck with me @THE_Stefano_DLC I always disagree with you on this point (wrt narrative in games) but also I never think you're wrong? @extremlyuncanny Right? @MagnoliaPearl I'd like to give him a hand. Him and his pal, Wormon. @RhiannonOlivaw I'm glad we killed him @RhiannonOlivaw Yeah reading Wikipedia it makes sense, it was all a ploy to get people on the road. And now it's a… REALLY are you okay? you didn’t say ‘big stretch’ when your cat did a big stretch
Retweeted by Characters Website1 + 2 = Dexter's Lab 1 + 3 = Of Mice and Men 1 + 4 = Beavis and Butt-Head 2 + 3 = Rick and Morty 2 + 4 = The Odd…
Retweeted by Characters WebsiteTag yourself I’m G major
Retweeted by Characters Website @depechejoe GOBLIN JEANS @Learnonaut I know you already got it, but was it the "you wanna be 17? Go ahead!" one?Lmaoooo
Retweeted by Characters Website @HEXCELERATOR Pubes styled like a troll doll @THE_Stefano_DLC No it was a bit but was referencing Soul Coughing's hit "Circles" lol @THE_Stefano_DLC Why do you show me the daveI don't *need* to walk around in circles.... But I wannaThe very idea of the goblin glider is very cool to me.What super villain has the coolest vehicle/transportation method. I'm thinkin about Green Goblin this morning. @coorsnite When the decoupage bastard is in town, you better hide your card stock.Using a mech to ensure I am socially distances. @coorsnite You'd be like some cool craft scissors, I would think. @bloodberrytarts ... Pog @plentyofalcoves Neat!!! @DieRobinsonDie I'm SORRY???? @tatianawrites He's bitchesAs "punishment" I provided a bunch of situations for the party to fail spectacularly which they managed to avoid on… TWO MONTHS AGO: Oh yeah Bard, you have a fake assignment to play this event, it's your cover to let you move fre… night in the dungeon world I'm GMing, I had to improv my way through a fantasy quinceniera/b'nei mitzvah becau… @Koltreg Thank fuck @Koltreg Do it up manPeople are constantly trying to give me information.... Not a fan @DylanRoth @themillcitykid Peace Walkest @themillcitykid @DylanRoth There's no video games. @themillcitykid @DylanRoth The landscape is too strange for me.No thoughts, head ghost animals @DieRobinsonDie I don't care if I never eat turkey as long as I live, I miss family and friends. Jeez, Ken. @theczarjulius [gestures weakly from a Victorian fainting couch] @theczarjulius Emulating takes exactly 1 point of effort too much for me to get into it 😂 @Doubting_Tom JC Superstar?Some sinners go to church My son... he is very sick.
Retweeted by Characters WebsiteHard drives? Sorry, I cant worry about 100 GB games when all I have is this 8MB memory card 😌oh yeah, it's that time of the year
Retweeted by Characters Website @Koltreg We didn't know what we hadAnyway my stance today is "Video Games Peaked In The PS2/Xbox/GameCube era" and I will always believe this and always have.Which is to say, point me to where one can easily play the first two Persona/Metal Gear gamesI mean isn't this an issue of availability tho? At this point? @Lubchansky None of my business frankly.