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@THE_Stefano_DLC Also I never saw a complete episode lol @THE_Stefano_DLC I had a couple of toys but I think it was rock guy only? One of him on a bike and one where he had special armor. @THE_Stefano_DLC Oh HELL yes @THE_Stefano_DLC Yes. I do. @ratbabyonline It seems ominous ya @ratbabyonline @blaseball And I had Jessica Telephone, didn't get the 10K @Sir__Duque Pronounced Goo-kuss @uzionmain I was gonna dive into the replies for prime misandry and instead I got a teen replying "free Palestine" to a jew, whatta world.This is good content
Retweeted by French TuchusOh snap!
Retweeted by French Tuchus @THE_Stefano_DLC I dunno how deep your shadow hacker network runs! You're the one who loves Blackhat, you know you way around these things. @magencubed Wow, same @THE_Stefano_DLC Stefano I swear if this is another one of your infamous "deep" "fakes" @THE_Stefano_DLC Is this real. Do they know each other. Are they friends. @magencubed It's all indulgences, says I25 lighters on my Drescher, yessir...
Retweeted by French Tuchus @bizmichael All my life I want joie de vivre/ respect my mind or watch out ce ce @colonelnemo To quote the talk show sidekick employed on Eric Andre's The Eric Andre Show: ha ha this sucks manHm watching videos of anti maskers making scenes in public is PROBABLY not good for me, I think after watching said.
Retweeted by French TuchusTwo things you gotta know these days 1. I'm a computer 2. Stop all the downloadinOnly one man can take down “the system”...
Retweeted by French TuchusRipping open my button down shirt like Clark Kent. There's nothing underneath. I'm just a lil weirdotoday i used 10,000+ pictures of mike 'the shrek' myers to remake the first shrek film poster i don't know why, bu…
Retweeted by French TuchusReady to leave for the big city? Take on street urchins and metal automatons? Your family's farm is at stake!…
Retweeted by French TuchusGrowing up we owned The Ox-Cart Man about a farmer and his family making things, and the dad traveling and selling…
Retweeted by French Tuchus @strongbadegirl feet are too big for his goddamn he!
Retweeted by French Tuchus @depechejoe @colonelnemo Thinkin bout this nerd @depechejoe @colonelnemo He's also in a proud WB cartoon tradition of a villain who has some kind serum or potion t… @depechejoe @colonelnemo Yeah I love kooky mixed up monsters like this guy, he's like Kevin Eleven's grandadA businessman at a sidewalk-side restaurant just stood up, thrust his arms into the air, and yelled “CYBERPUNK!!!!”
Retweeted by French Tuchus @colonelnemo @depechejoe TOO SCARY @depechejoe @colonelnemo "He's as graceful as a gazelle, as strong as an ox, and can fly to boot. He's Mr All Animals." @depechejoe @colonelnemo That sounds like a tag in an old time commercial, or more accurately an old time commercia… @colonelnemo Trying to keep my self esteem up and not say "I'm this guy" @THE_Stefano_DLC Are you trying to tell me that not a single one of these people has time to die?Firefighters: literally fight fire Also firefighters: fighting conspiracy theories on TikTok
Retweeted by French Tuchus @DieRobinsonDie @depechejoe And yet not once has anyone considered euthanizing Luigi. OR GOOFY!!!Please purchase our videogame.
Retweeted by French TuchusWELCOME TO YOUR NEW INTERNSHIP. Battle through the roguelike ruins under your company campus in Going Under—COMING…
Retweeted by French Tuchus @depechejoe @Felrender @colonelnemo I liked that by his later appearances Shriek was just bein a freak in the sewer… Tovah, a happy, healthy, & sweet New Year to all who celebrate Rosh Hashanah. At 5 pm in DC, listen for "The…
Retweeted by French Tuchus @colonelnemo @depechejoe "but that sex Terry.... My god. My GOD the SEX Terry!" @colonelnemo @depechejoe "i fucked batman, Terry. Not when we first met cuz I was a teenager, but later. Rode that bronco."So do the goyim eat Chinese tonight? What’s the deal?
Retweeted by French Tuchus @colonelnemo You're breaking her out of prison in the hopes she'll show you the secrets to her power, I'm in this g… Danhausen at? We gotta see something
Retweeted by French Tuchus @Sir__Duque @andrewstando @depechejoe Thank God I'd evolve in high school into real fashion: fake distressed wu tang shirts from hot topic @andrewstando @depechejoe @Sir__Duque What up I never played or owned this system and my middle school band teacher… @colonelnemo @depechejoe And there's a Big Yoshi there so like... THAT'S a whole complication....Her: I didn’t even cum Me: maybe we can do that LATER CHAMP! When there’s not a FUCKING FASCIST RUNNING! OK CHIEF?!? IS THAT ALRIGHT BUDDY
Retweeted by French TuchusThis image is really funny to me out of context, like.. "Oh i see a little fly has stumbled upon my workshop of in…
Retweeted by French Tuchus @depechejoe Even the sequel to World, Yoshi's Island, establishes that yoshis have a whole society and whatnot @depechejoe Yoshi should have the same rights as, if not more rights than, Luigi. @Koltreg Sounds like you could use a little Mars in your VoltaAh dangit! Crap! I'm being deloused, and in the comatorium of all places! DaaaaaaaaaangiiiiiiiiiitFLANNEL? MULLED WINE? FALL?There was a slight, SLIGHT nip in the air this morning, and even though I can see that it's supposed to be above 80… this for me, it's a Snorlax controller. Wasn't fully awake this morning.
Retweeted by French TuchusStarts in 5 Minutes.
Retweeted by French Tuchus @Learnonaut Every gamer in the replies whining about Beyond Good & Evil 2 deserves coal in their stocking.Good for him @Leask [sarcastic Mero "woooooooowwwwwww" as the logo is revealed] @uzionmain Oh dog don't get me wrong, I needed this stuff pointed out to me too lol. And I am still a sucker for "b… @ApertureHeart Lick it off. @strongbadegirl Calling up the Bad Dragon labs @lilkalamata My new years wish is that everyone gets a dump truck ass.
Retweeted by French Tuchus @uzionmain (the story is good but, like, it's one of those things where as soon as someone points out how the women… @uzionmain I go hot and cold on the story (though I can't deny that it's well acted) but the gameplay was stellar throughout. @BarbiturateCat Baby...Sorry but making that a "oh, and one more thing..." title graphic announcement is waaaaack. It's like they said "oh…'re tellin me there's a sequel coming to the wildly successful God of War game that had a gigantic hook for a sequel???Magneto is 6'10"... @depechejoe When I say "actually, you know what..." in the middle of an order, it's like when an animal has some sc… @depechejoe Fucking things up for people like me, who are genuinely unsure and confused when ordering. @kenlowery I seriously think it was the Kennedy failson losing the primary. People posted CH Kennedy memes and the… is dis, a lawn care guide or my domme's agenda?!? Folks, clown’s eggs
Retweeted by French TuchusAlso I'd like a bag of streusel.More desserts deserve to have a crumble or streusel. @RhiannonOlivaw Hm, I don't care for that. @RhiannonOlivaw He'd be all "donkeh! Have yeh seen me special lanyard and ID charm? I'm late for the con" and whatnot."Shrek fursona"Typing "what if Shrek met Ninja from Fortnite" into Google in order to get the attention of the CIASurely Shrek's cringe compilation is full enough by now.The Real ShrekWhat the skit might be? Perhaps a fill in on the sitch? If anybody has a handle on the sitrep?Anybody on here know what's going on or happening?Snapple Real Fact
Retweeted by French Tuchusit's okay to yell "spider-man, look out!" at the tv if it looks like spider-man's in trouble. he'd do the same for you.
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Retweeted by French TuchusMuppets riding bikes
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@Sahoni_Stuff Make it Rognald MgDognald @strongbadegirl Ah, such is the way of things @THE_Stefano_DLC @colonelnemo They look at pictures of Tom Holland in cuffed jeans for psychic energy feedings. @strongbadegirl I didn't know about the energy intensive-ness reasoning behind the extinction! Neat!Finally, a She Hulk that's a Comedy Bang Bang regular.