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@oFabz She’s not “cute” she’s badass and I wish she’d beat meIM POGGING @CrypticNoOnee I’m older than your average damage per game in Warzone @may_wedda Tell me what?Once I figure out how to pull out this $401,000 from my 401k it’s fucking over for y’allBirthdays officially over. I’m an old man now @LoganDodson Thanks brother @KEEMSTAR @KEEMSTAR Gracias (that’s “thank you” for my English speaking followers) @Classify LMAOOO @KEEMSTAR I didn’t ask if you asked RTThanks for watching the birthday stream guys, kind of short and scuffed but a lot of fun! I love yall this was an…!!! 22ND BIRTHDAY STREAM @KaleiRenay thanks queenthe 25 minute wait is cus i wanna chug a few beers and get proper tossed x @SavinTheBees glad you mentioned, i didnt even think about that @MJCheen understandable King, its hard for women to resist this. Its a curse honestly @ZooMaa if i had ur jawline i'd be unstoppablefuck it, gonna stream from my phone! Kinda scuffed but it works! I’ll be live in 25 minutes at 9:40 CST!! @Classify i know you hate playing with my dumbass but lets run some games when i get back @DaDSHoT Thank you dadshot! Gonna enjoy a gin and tonic tonight! @lisadunlop87 ah shit, ive had a few drinks my bad LMAO @lisadunlop87 Thank you Mr. Dunlop! @SavinTheBees does that take a lot of upload speed to do? Cus the wifi upload speed upstairs in this house is literally 3 @SteveB0115 it has 16 @BigFnDawg00 Thanks brother, glad you became a part of this community 💜 @notchaselyons Just updated them, still doesn’t workSo disappointed. Wanted to do a birthday stream from my old bedroom in Chicago more than anything, and ive just bee… be so pissed if i cant fix this shit and do a birthday stream man @notchaselyons yea it says it has the latest driversare you fucking kidding me man?? to set up my stream on my brothers PC and the webcam turns on for 5 seconds then turns off and freezes. Does… @bopndop Sigh. Sometimes I forget that most people can’t handle even a drop of the power I possess 🙄No offense to my UK homies, we gone help y’all out as soon as we fix our own shit, I promise
@Bigusacokis LMAOOO @itsWaddles_ I couldn’t imagine living like that tbh ✨If your ancestors thought like this we’d still be eating beans on toast for breakfast and saying Chewsday @hitchariide So ur gonna slander me on my birthday at my birthday party on my birthday? @NoahJ456 Am I wrong?I’ve had sooooo much birthday sex today, I’m tired asf so imma take a nap then stream for a little bit! :)Got kicked from 100Thieves and The Mob cus this tweet was Zombiephobic smfh @S550Cristian LMAOOO @Froste Ewwww typical mayo monkey being zombiephobic 🤮🤮🤮🤢
Retweeted by Froste 💯 @VisionEfects @MarcoAjx @Classify Nahhhhh @BobaFett316 @FatsoFish43 Not this shit again man LMAOOO @CeeDeeSZN Stan NoahJ! @MarcoAjx @Classify He’s taken. I’m not tho, what’s good?We gotta tell COD Zombies YouTubers that the cure to coronavirus is an Easter Egg, they’ll have the cure ready in 30 minutes @Classify I can’t wait to come back and give you a BIGGGG smooch!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE FUNNIEST AND KINDEST MF I KNOW!! I wish you all the best in life, and for much love, happines…
Retweeted by Froste 💯 @Avalanche100T I see what you mean now about being 22... my knees creak when I walk now @100Thieves Thank you, best org/family I could ask for!Happy 22nd birthday to the best UNO player on the planet, @Froste! We hope you have a great day friend. 🥳🎂
Retweeted by Froste 💯 @jacksondahl Thank you! @Nadeshot I grew it myself! Thank you @illSuga Thank you 💜 @Crudes Thank you brother @charlieINTEL Thanks Mr. Charlie! @Valkyrae Thank you Rae, sorry for giving you a migraine the other day 💜You guys broke my mentions, they’re not loading anymore LOL thank you for all the birthday wishes ❤️ Imma lob up a…, I was the 919th guy, and I ate that shit out like lalalalalalalalalala @Mako I already have you...That’s it? @SesoHQ Thanks brother, I appreciate you being a real one every day @Sanchovies Fr, I gotta start doing that shit weekly @jakkuxd Thanks for being a real one homie @glossmelkjk2 Thank you ✨ @LilNasX Thank you! I can’t wait for that birthday present you promised me 😈🍆 @itsWaddles_ Thank you brother @LeashSatan @KarlAlone5 LMAOOOOO @KarlAlone5 LMAOOOO HUH?? @Viperous Thank you 🙏 @CrypticNoOnee Please refrain from Tweeting until the Lakers are Champions @NHLNyIander BTS could never ✨ @JhbTeam Couldn’t have had one without you, thank you 🙏 @NOT_K4 Come here @MrFuryRevenge With what?I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin 22 🎉😁 @MxjdTV We look good as hell in that 2nd pic I can’t lie @FlSHSAUCE Thanks brother @hudsonwisler Thank you brother, can’t wait to see you again @notchaselyons @Mako @Avalanche100T @Classify Sounds like the beginning of a porno @Gavpai @iMercii_ He gave me birthday head @notchaselyons @Mako @Avalanche100T @Classify still can’t believe our landlord showed off the house while it was like that LMAOOOO @CouRageJD @timthetatman @cloakzy @NICKMERCS @drdisrespect 10 PM PST: Make out sesh with @Froste @iMercii_ Ight good luck bro hope someone sends something @iMercii_ What’s ur Cashapp king @LazasBautista I hate y’all for doing this LMAOOO @koordell Lemme get some birthday ass @CoZyDurkio Thanks homieMy dad just told me today was the 19th anniversary of my parents coming to America. Can’t imagine how hard it was f… @notchaselyons Thanks brother @notchaselyons That’s not how this works broGoodnight everyone, gonna do a birthday stream tomorrow! @notchaselyons ChaseLyons is dead party! @notchaselyons U almost there bro @notchaselyons Once this tweet ratioes you again, the countdown will begin. You have 12 hours. @macawcaw123 Ugh why do all women hate me 😩🙄 @notchaselyons That was your first mistakeLets make this the biggest ratio on Twitter 👍