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eating sleep for dinner again, this shit taste good as hell! GoodnightTaking money from broke streamers! @jakkuxd @Nadeshot okay man i got u @snootid ion even got a girl tbh @snootid whats the matter, did i stutter? @snootid this is why I let my homies fuck me so they don't go after my girl 💯 @TommyThroatEm you simply do not miss @jakkuxd @Nadeshot i offer to buy you any piece from the drop and you choose a hat? Thank god you didnt go crazy an…
@jakkuxd @Nadeshot Pick one item. @Class @TommyThroatEm She’s not gonna let you hit bro smfh @TommyThroatEm I JUST CRINGED IRL LMFAOO @Class LMFAOOOOOOO @Class already did, how you think i made that gravy you liked so much? @oFabz *gets a concussion* @SkreetMan and im thankful for your big juicy tight ass! @Dylanh12210 idk bro thats ur problemughhh (said in moaning tone) @may_wedda @DemoSaint 2 mcchickens and not fries..... fake ass @may_wedda Only god can judge me @CrypticNoOnee Just straight vibes dinner is a movie 🙏 @CouRageJD @Swpah Make out sesh with The Mob! (Gone sexual?!?!?)Taking nap, wake me up when the world is normal again
@jschlatt It’s closed :((( @DrLupo I tried my best man @DrLupo Not you too bruhAll jokes aside I’m actually really pissed off/disappointed at myself. Wanted to give the guys a nice thanksgiving… @TSM_Myth You didn’t have to quote this bro I’m already getting slandered enough LMAOOO @XxTenchin @Blackbeard Poindexter @Avalanche100T @xbarkoo It’s gonna work man just have faith @Blackbeard How?? It’s covered in plastic wrapFirst they call you crazy, then they call you a genius 🙏 @WhosBreezyUK LMAOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Froste 💯 @Class Dude, it’s just getting a massage @CouRageJD No, I bought it from the store where only people who ruined thanksgiving can shop at @Mako It’s just getting fresh and clean for you!Turned the jets on, maybe it’ll make it more tender?’t find a big bowl so this is what it’s come down to Thieves Jam Collection 11.28.20. 12 PM PT.
Retweeted by Froste 💯 @Nadeshot We deserve a raise, sales just went up 25% cus of those pics...It’s 13 pounds and giga frozen. Someone please tell me how to thaw it so we can do this cooking stream and have a thanksgiving dinner!!!! @asensualmanatee 13 pounds, it’s frozen ftozenIs it possible to thaw a turkey in 1 hour...? @jakkuxd @NQSTRIL @Coma_boyy @OnTheFlyTwitch @NotAirid @BisonPawg @_A113N @Reamey @lrgpriv @LazasBautista @yNope_ @CouRageJD We not eating turkey this year, we eating Courages big juicy ass 😈😋 @Nuketastic101 yes...? @swackhammer123 very true @loljackwho damn :(is kissing a boo boo yourself as efficient as having your mommy kiss it? @bopndop LMFAOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Froste 💯grandma boutta be 6 feet in the ground in 2 weeks cus yall wanted to eat some dry ass turkey smfh @TheAweDam nah i reset my PCreset OBS and added all the sources and it still doesn't work. Idk why i cant have one day where i dont have to spe… @JeffThrow yea thats what i mean @JeffThrow gonna reset obs to blank and just make a new scene see if that works @stereoberrys im gonna use a # and just scroll through tweets with that #gonna try to fix it then do a Setup Rating Stream!Streamlabs is doing that bullshit where the camera just doesnt turn on no matter what i do! Nice! @CouRageJD i just know you be eating some dry ass turkey, mayo boy
@prakdip @_Vill__ Welcome to the real world, buddy! @_Vill__ @prakdip I did @jakkuxd Nothing @jakkuxd Of course you would @itsWaddles_ What?Da minion or da bob fo today? RIP 🙏 @Nadeshot Lil Nas X Holidays already a classic @DyIanNova no @lilsusay dont worry, i will 💜Sorry for not streaming these last couple days. Been mad busy with shit, but tomorrow we doin a PC rating stream so… @akaAced @TheMob Thank you brother! @may_wedda MOB. 30% off GFuel. That is all.I am the greatest Fifa player ever!MOB FIFA!!!!
@CrypticNoOnee We not servin pumpkin pie, we servin cream pies 😈 @JakeSucky @Nadeshot Is someone getting jealous? 😳 @DanielOCYS @VladTheMadLad1 @KaleiRenay @TheMob Homie pulled up with the receipts LMAOUs af @Nadeshot @Brundoooo fr fr, they just jealous cus I have the Golden Ratio... @Froste i dont get how people can look at this picture and call u ugly, shit dont make no sense!
Retweeted by Froste 💯 @CrypticNoOnee Can I come over for Thanksgiving? @rickyreapers Idk man just let him rockFinally number 1 at something 🙌 @Viperous You’ll get him back when I’m done with him 😈 @WhosBreezyUK Caption game strong @FavsPriv SNIFFFFFFFFFFF @may_wedda I can’t do that @bopndop First time u seen it with clothes on tho 😈 @FavsPriv If u want some head u can just ask bro, don’t gotta say all this @FavsPriv For what? @albert12798 Yea, you know any? @Viperous One of the problems with being this handsome, funny, smart, nice, buff, rich, generous, and humble is tha… @ddoubledom1 But I did tho @Class What u waiting for then?Call me baby the way I be throwin fits 💯 11.28.20 12PM PST @Blackbeard @TheMob ITS NOT ME!!! @TheMob this is how you treat your fans? Wow