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16 l Professional VALORANT Player for EX: @ElevateGG @MambaModeGaming Business Inquires: @c4tgirI_

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@c4tgirI_ omg⠀ -==- ଘ(੭ ´͈ ᵕ `͈)੭ ✩‧₊˚➳
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@khanartist9 i would have retweeted but you said superior phantom....... @lucasVALORANT nothing hasn't said a word @Scrounge_ vi'm not gonna stream for a bit I need to get into higher elo games first @WiNTERRRfrags 🥺 @WiNTERRRfrags facts @OkeanosQT god ur so hawt @Ju1ianZ @frostyZK low sens+tap = consistency @frostyZK STOP @OkeanosQT just focus on calm aiming and death match a lot my aim isn’t fast @OkeanosQT i use the vandal fuck phantom @zekkenVAL imagine me and u at lan 😈 @zekkenVAL 6/4- 6/6 @dusteeFPS uhhhhhhhI see a lot of people saying that they are "grinding" for team. Less than 1 month later, they are "grinding" for an…
Retweeted by Frosty @ciaolyx i did... check the raze clip @OkeanosQT whenever u and diana are done queingclips from today :P @crunchyyworld head up king👑 @mintaims @khanartist9 1234 1512 no outlines @r3p_valorant WE ARE GETTING A GOD SQUADDm me!I CANT TYPE LOL @khanartist9 HIGH SCHOOL @khanartist9 you should still come tho @khanartist9 ur a@boomer need underageshould i go to a valorar collegiate lan in boston and if yes we i need 4 peopleSTEADILY CRAWLING TOWARDS RADIANT RANK ON MY HANDS AND KNEES!
Retweeted by Frostywrong @PhantomTroupeGG @ lol @AstonLorenzoval @Recon5Org @ElevateGG @MambaModeGaming @PhantomTroupe2k promise i am an insane pickup to any roster just need the chance again :p @OkeanosQT @Recon5Org @ElevateGG @MambaModeGaming @PhantomTroupe2k sexy manLFT (updated) any role strong rifle can igl for the right team prev: @Recon5Org @ElevateGG @MambaModeGaming @envysJPN vandal gang for life @envysJPN good @pay3n BIGGEST VOUCH idk what ghost is doing
@domCSGO 😳 @ciaolyx i promise u i didn’t die the rest just weren’t there @YellowFps ofc @1dianazzz🥵 @frostyZK banger tiktokSTILL LIVE GOING STRONG @uhjakee ofc @whisfps facts @Glorinsz @bumpaah no hate for bumpahh we have common enemy the judge @bumpaah i checked ur stream heard you say if u could remove one thing it would be the judge and then i got judge j… @mehzyVAL @dizzyaus cracked @Unholykid3 what BANGER STREAM TODAY @TestyFPS_ BIGgood morning @LiaSamurai no way u still play genshin @Vynlabtw @hyjinxVALpetition for @FrostyValorant to rename his name to Mr. Newport Himself
Retweeted by Frosty @juliaaiis she tried her bestsome cute frags from today :P @NatalieVAL_ pretty sure @hyjinxVAL might @morgeestreams WHAT @ciaolyx this was like 2 days ago @1dianazzz's a light at the end of the tunnel 😫 @claudiavalorant didn't choose violence today ? @regan_travis HAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @Scrounge_ i need @ s and snapchats
@OkeanosQT @marynah_1 Hey okeanos do you eat glue cause things are about to get sticky😩 @shoukrrrr #epic @ItzBoltzy @katsumiFPS @ciaolyx @marynah_1 ?cool pistol ace @jcrueL_ keep your head up king 👑 @LarryBanksFPS dude u were a monster that game @KillerMillerGG @belladominguez0 @belladominguez0 back off hes mine @ItzBoltzy HAHAHAHAH FLOYD MAYWEATHERS KIDS @katsumiFPS wait that was youdon’t you love playing this game for 6 hours straight to gain 7 elo points @asolaerr @HitBox_Hiros what the fuck @Glorinsz @ItzBoltzy game doesn't want me to succeed
@ohaaiii 😩😫🥵😎 @juliaaiis SUPERLIGHT @Rickabonkers @1REKx @Waspybtw @Nezloe what does krunker mean king is back @LanaLMA0 @Kasche1x(not photoshopped) @Yazzers @ScrewFaceVAL @HarmonVAL1 @regan_travis @eVoL_FPS its for laughs not for impressionsthis 5 is going straight to iceland @ScrewFaceVAL @frostyZK @vinnerwinner man @qtpanini @Kasche1x @kayvalorant get ur smurfing clips outta herecan i turn off seeing other peoples act ranks so I stop getting tilited when i die to a diamond 3 reyna in uhaul @ventureYNB @Lear_VAL im adding pirate legend to my bio rn @hyjinxVAL i want you 😫 @imTruw @TheKingsGFX BIG @khanartist9 vandal gang for life get this shit off my timeline