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@TeamBasiliskGG @WheatiesJN @dudeitsaduck LETS GOO CHRIS @ExaltVAL @OCEAN_tK i’m fucking with him in dms rn seeing what else i can get @collinwth his friendlove my fans @KingFPS__ i love you kingPOV: Radiant Ranked (Part 2)
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Frosty @mleQT_ finemost liked reply gets to pick my Halloween costume plus stream with it ^_^ @steeFPS HBD
spline dagger S+ tier knife @OkeanosQT @Zellsishighlights from stream ^_______^ @frostyZK uoooo wtf? messed up the first one lolbest coach NA @mleQT_ brimstoneDon’t forget to tune into the @FrostyValorant #takeover tomorrow! ☃️ He’ll give us a first hand look at what it’s…
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@OkeanosQT there is no way u just posted one awp kill to my TL @regan_travis thsi is so fuckign funny i have never laughed harder in my life @WolfQveenttv @OxiWun_ that was sick! @Critical_Val @realmocking assist @ANDROIDX23 sorry @Governor_Val @zekkenVAL i went to a lan with zekken and governorGet the latest intel on Gears of War, @FrostyValorant, and Rocket League Decals when you watch the Knights Update!…
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@nateschanker deserved best jett player NA @Jonaaa6_VAL @shoukrrrr @KnightsGG shut up streamsniper clanTune in this Thursday for the @FrostyValorant ☃️ #takeover on our Instagram account! 🔗
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Frosty @valesports_na @FaZeClan @Corey_OW i love Corey @CosmicDivideGG whatever you do make it a serious name please dont do GREEN BEANS or something like that
⚔️ #KnightsNation ⚔️ Don’t to forget to put on a coat this Thursday! Because our boy @FrostyValorant will be takin…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Frosty @KnightsGG 🤫Twitch affiliate and 4k followers thank you guys <3 @Ban_Val starts stream after getting shit on #cringeTHIS IS A JOKE PLEASE DONT BE MEAN TO THEMall of the BBG clan damn can't wait to call out people for streamsniping every game that i lose when i average 3 viewerspeople come in my chat and type "why dont u have more viewers" "remember me when u blow up" and then i will never see them again lol @sfX_x1 @_Bewd @KnightsGG just unfollow after a few days @ToozyVAL @notrxchel @notrxchel 19
1-2 @PioneersGG :( worst tourney of my life @KnightsArena @eBay @KnightsGG 😱 main stream VS @PioneersGG come support ^_^ @regan_travis @PioneersGG @PioneersGG at 2 EST today for Knights Gauntlet Dance of Skulls #pkwin @KingFPS__ @KnightsGG i’ll win it all for you @KingFPS__ omg i forgot I LOVE U TOO2-0 vs @FLICKBAITERS worst series of my life, love my team. GGS i love you guys @ethoz @NotReduxx @Nurfed
@TSM_ZexRow @EvilGeniuses @Boostio @KillerMillerGG @KnightsArena @builtbygamers i was too scary on smokes they had to take me off in @KnightsArena Gauntlet Groups GGs to teams we played @builtbygamers Acad 1-0 #Phoreal 1-0 #AkumaEsports 1-0 @KOLER1337 i knew @BlackHeartVAL was a stream sniper i play against him in ranked once a year and he always has the… @st9llar @SullyCasts @frostyZK @TkazFPS mans need to be locked up for a long timetournament tomorrow (─‿‿─) @wildfirecsg @LimestoneEsport 12 minute game ? lol
@shoukrrrr @builtbygamers @shoukrrrr @ItsMonSiii @khanartistval @fireballops @JonjiJlc bigit’s actually crazy i get to play with and compete against all the people i looked up too sometimes it doesn’t even feel like i fit in @sadIucas @ItsSocial45 @DerrekOW @Asunaa tell him to come back to new world xiff needs him @KingFPS__ @zekkenVAL noble @zekkenVAL next lan i’ll be there with yougl at LCQ my friend @zekkenVAL duo with @Ban_Val
@zekkenVAL @maddie5193 zekken ur so cute destroy everybody at lcq @shoukrrrr LTES GOOOOOOOO @khanartist9 @ItsMonSiii LETS GOO @ShakkCS $2000 dollars for this tweet @Corey_OW please no corey don’t go to the dark side @neT_valorant @sevvn omgggg 100t seven? @valyngod AHHAHAHAHHAHAHA @ItzBoltzy @Ban_Val ratio + cringe DUO WITH THE BIG DAWG @regan_travis (NEW TWITCH BTW)
people actually ask people to buy them skins when they order doordash/ubereats 3 times a day @uhjakee @PrecisionVal @jcStani @Lear_VAL @witnessqq it’s when scrims end
@SoLaR_Panel17 @KnightsGG @XXiFtv @ExaltVAL @makkaloff @OCEAN_tK @regan_travis⚔️ #KnightsNation ⚔️ To celebrate reaching 50k, we'll be giving away two of the upcoming RGX 11z Pro bundles! 🤩…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS FrostyNEW RGX 11Z BUNDLE GIVEAWAY Cloud with lightning TO ENTER: FOLLOW @regan_travis & @FrostyValorant Tag 2 Frie… RGX 11Z BUNDLE GIVEAWAY 🌩️ TO ENTER: FOLLOW @regan_travis & @FrostyValorant Tag 2 Friends Like & RT Winn…
Retweeted by KNIGHTS Frosty @mistmie @Apidaez @Yazzyxz @Apidaez @Yazzyxz yes it’s most likely a fake twitter and that is why i replied “how do people have this much time on their hands” @Apidaez @Yazzyxz ? what @PaincakesVAL i don’t have scrim expireence but i’m a top 10,000 player out of millions dm me if interested @FPScoachJ spike rush @Vanityxz @hazedCS 5k calories of taco bell doordash gets you out of a slump STREAM GRIND STARTS TODAY TRYNA GROW NEW TWITCH POP IN @mistmie yes split the money 30/70
@KnightsGG @KnightsArena @ez5gg @EvilGeniuses @T1 @phoFPS @Gucc107 @rocazor @Kanpeki_XD @Boostio @branted707 @XXiFtv FREE MONEY @GeorgeCGed @nateschanker do not talk bad about NATE THE GOD THIS IS THE ONLY TWEET HE HAS STOLEN @Yazzyxz twitlonger incoming you managed another team @nateschanker DUDE HOW MUCH DO U CHARGE TO TEAHC ME TO TWEETwhen did it become normal to post private relationship problems to social media?VLOG FROM THE NEW YORK @BrookLAN_NY IS OUT NOW
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