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she/her, 23 / insta: @FroyoTam / i run CARI, @y2k_aesthetic, @genxsoftclub, / part of @ArteLabore / my gf is @jel1luvs0u1 / ACAB / pfp is Pommy

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Work made for @wowdemxntia for his upcoming single, IDGAF (releasing on Monday, 08.10) Drumbeats Groove – Vitamin (1993) Art Direction + Design: Yoko Nakano Artwork: Marbling Fine Arts Design: Masami Ito…
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Retweeted by Froyo Tam 💽 #BlackLivesMatterKatamari Damacy + We Love Katamari were Shibuya-kei's final nail in the coffinthis is probably not going to surprise anyone but I hate "quirky wholesome indie game" vibe
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@cabbagebrains haven't until now!! it's pretty radplease listen to the album if you haven't already – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (1997) Packaging Design: Farrow Design
Retweeted by Froyo Tam 💽 #BlackLivesMatterSwatch – Ligne De Vie (2001) Part of their Swatch Skin line.
Retweeted by Froyo Tam 💽 #BlackLivesMatter @tanukimusic @FroyoTam Telios wallpapers? For your enjoyment!
Retweeted by Froyo Tam 💽 #BlackLivesMatterSharp Portable AV Player MT-AV1 (2002) Media player that had the ability to swap customizable faceplates.
Retweeted by Froyo Tam 💽 #BlackLivesMatterSharp Clean Cyclone EC-AP1 (2002)
Retweeted by Froyo Tam 💽 #BlackLivesMatterSharp AQUOS LC-20B3 – Press photo (2002) Photographer uncredited Telios HC-VJ1C (2000) Windows CE Palmtop. iPrimera MA-10 (1999) Mebius PC-PD15 (1999) @Hey_Its_Lollie in this house we keep the cute design intact!!!Reading through forum posts on the Pocket PostPet, it happens to be the smallest Handheld PC with QWERTY keyboard r…
@crikeyJoe they were very expensive! this article states at release it was 35,800 yen: @FooneThe Pocket PostPet also comes with a built-in internet browser, calendar, and e-mail client. For a NTT DoCoMo devic… @OKdotGLASS yup!! MIPS the bunny was named after the nintendo 64 cpu’s architectureClicking on the home icon on the top right leads you into a character selector, and the main PostPet interface itse… is the Pocket PostPet, with the lid closed and open. It is running on top of Windows CE, with a MIPS CPU. The… we get into the device, let’s check what’s inside! There are two print brochures for DoCoMo’s Mopera, their… through NTT DoCoMo’s Pocket PostPet (2000)! This device was a collaboration between So-net (Sony’s internet… on instagram today, saw Graphic Design, immediately deleted my instagram appwho mistook the steak for chicken?Ferrite Core is in the Arctic Code Vault in Svalbard, Norway This font will outlive me... happy to know!! core books
Getting cognitive dissonance from this headline @amisojournes "design thinking" @rlaf yep, they got defunct in 2017 @hjkl_8901 same, though would have cost "around $2,500 to $3,000" @BBSix every year Kodak brought it to CES and never did anything with it (would have cost "around $2,500 to $3,000")The Yves Béhar curseYves Béhar and his studio Fuseproject's long list of failures: Ouya (2013-2015) Juicero (2013-2017) Theranos (defu… lucky and found a working one for $10, will report back when it arrived how lots of flash animations had shearing to simulate spatial rotation like on the top right upscaled version of a planning sheet used during the development of Splatoon 1's font. The kana and latin chara…
Retweeted by Froyo Tam 💽 #BlackLivesMatterInitial concepts for a Macintosh Portable/Macintosh E "Malibu" (January-September 1986) 1st: frogdesign 2nd: Inter… IIp – Notebook concept (September-November 1989) Design: Mark Pruitt From Appledesign: The Work of the Appl… @RikuWallin the PowerBook 100 series all had the esc key there @WillPJK pretty sure it’s just a curved top layer @jackhumbert yeah, Apple Computer: Daniele De luliisIf anyone has images of the concepts in full, please let me knowI do think Botanic was possibly an eMate 300 successor (eMate was already covered earlier in the book), and Celesti… last section in the 1997 Appledesign book featured a sneak peek at future Apple computers. 1. Aquatic 2. Botan… @glitchmood i can't send messages on desktopApple H2O Transportable Computer Concept (March 1988) Design: Lunar Design: Robert Brunner, Ken Wood From Applede… concept was eventually realized with Assistive Technology's Freestyle tablet, released in Sept 1997. Design:… PenMac (Folio) Concept (August-October 1992) Design: Masamichi Udagawa A tablet concept developed in tandem…
@mcmansionhellApple Pomona Design – Spider concept (October 1992-December 1992) Industrial design: Ecco Design NY: Eric Chan, Je…
Retweeted by Froyo Tam 💽 #BlackLivesMatter @jackhumbert Page number in this Appledesign book is 119 Title of the book is Appledesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design GroupApple Pomona – "Animale" Macintosh (January-April 1993) Design: Montgomery & Pfeifer: Herbert Pfeifer, Paul Montgo… @Hrendel_lok that’s such a sick Marathon sticker!!Palentir, AppleDesign Desktop Video Camera Concept (March-July 1992) Design: Susanne Pierce If this were released…'t be a deep dive into Apple without acknowledging the sci-fi Knowledge Navigator concept! (May-June 1987) D… can see how Nick Butler's desktop was inspired by architects like Philip Johnson (AT&T Building), and Ivester +…
Retweeted by Froyo Tam 💽 #BlackLivesMatterYou can see how Nick Butler's desktop was inspired by architects like Philip Johnson (AT&T Building), and Ivester +… 1. Daniele De Iuliis 2. BIB: Nick Butler 3. Patton Design: Doug Patton 3. Gavin Ivester + Adam Grosser Fr… 1987, Apple sought out to work on a new industrial design language to replace their Snow White language. This w… & O stood for Bang & Olufsen, as it resembled the stereo equipment's industrial design of that era. The final 20t… Pomona – B & O Mac (January-April 1993) Design: IDEO: Paul Bradley This was the final design for the Pomona… Pomona – Slab Concept (January-April 1993) Design: IDEO: Naoko Fukasawa From Appledesign: The Work of the A… @tamazonx yup, getting to there!Apple Pomona – "Sweep" concept (January-April 1993) Design: Tim Parsey From Appledesign: The Work of the Apple I… Apple Pomona Design Investigations (Oct-Dec 1992) 1: Blue Spider Concept 2: Flat Corrugated Concept 3+4: Fla… of the Jaguar concepts actually made it to production, the Apple Adjustable Keyboard (Norsi), and the AudioVisi… of these were developed in parallel to other product lines, such as the QuickTake and the Apple Newton.Apple Juggernaut Design Investigation (11.1991-09.1993) WorkCase – Daniele De Iuliis DeskStation – Matt Barthelemy… Jaguar line of RISC computers (08.1989 - 03.1990) 1st: Ray Riley (08-11.1989) 2nd: Robert Brunner, Ken Wood… BoomBox – (November 1989) Design: Ray Riley + LunarDesign: Robert Brunner, Ken Wood From Appledesign: The W… Popeye – Handheld CD-ROM player (September-December 1992) Design: Bart Andre, Tim Parsey, John Howard, Julie… Sparky (October 1994) Design: Tim Parsey From Appledesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group (19… Appledesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group (1997)Apple Nautilus (September 1994 – August 1995) Design: Bart Andre, Lawrence Lam, Ken Weber Ultraportable PowerBook… Pomona Design – "Tizio" concept (January 1993-April 1993) Design: Robert Brunner/Eric Chan This Pomona conc…’s Pomona project investigated computers as an extension of furniture. The whole Pomona project gradually evol… Pomona Design – Spider concept (October 1992-December 1992) Industrial design: Ecco Design NY: Eric Chan, Je… @emlyn @heathercampbell Several of the form explorations were named after the seven dwarves! This one is "Bashful"… Apple IIc almost would have shipped with these same oblique keys — This is Hartmut Esslinger + frogdesign's ori… Snow White design language explorations – Keycap typography & in practice to the "BookMac" Macintosh Portable… the very slow refresh rate of a passive-matrix LCD panel, filmed @ 240fps (slow-mo) by designer/artist Kentaro Mori, as a part of the graphic design showcase website, 'FutureExpress' (1999…
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@thundergloss @nymillenials omg this person reminds me of the Batter from OFF!!!leafsheep like an eternity happened between that movie’s release to today...Can you believe the Sonic movie’s release was just around 6 months agoin case you missed it: SPACE CHANNEL MIKU @AmberTheOtherM Green fancamgonna start off each day reciting this of the Paradise will always be better than Rocky Horror Picture ShowAlmost exploding PRAM battery (forbidden pouch)
Happy #NationalGirlfriendDay! I am forever grateful to my gf @jel1luvs0u1 💞💞💞 We’ve been together since 2017!! I lo… for Digital Pride - AR Pride Float In collaboration with AMV BBDO, GSN’s Digital…
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