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Pregnant with mandrakes

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‘New Order - Order #298196-470 - The Loa Of Music (The Complete Sessions)’
Retweeted by frozen reedsHordijk Modular funky ratcheting patch via @YouTube @IcemanJnglstKru No a very important composition. @3particles @dalecornish @very_abstract Doggo @very_abstract The Basinski remix. Like it. @dalecornish You were born that..@clppng know what's good for them. @very_abstract I deserve a Wally photo for this.Oh a *classical* composer. 🍆 @julienbayle Were You At 92?
OS 9 vs OS X @analogue01 But don't name it Alex Jones. @analogue01 Name my Fizmo, Karl, and let's just say it happened and was a small and private affair. they’re not messing!!
Retweeted by frozen reeds @gnatnav I did a full solo percussion set with my keys on the frame of an old-fashioned lift on the way up to our f… New Guinea aaaahae bossing the airwaves since whenever
Retweeted by frozen reeds @darrenhayman @Andr6wMale I'm starting to really admire him the more I think of it, haha. @darrenhayman @Andr6wMale All that said, I liked the way he changed the accent as he went along. Into another bad but different one. @ruaridhTVO We are in the club. @frozenreeds incredible treat !
Retweeted by frozen reeds @darrenhayman @Andr6wMale Have a guess. @edv3ctor Totally loving it. @darrenhayman @Andr6wMale I wonder what the Queer as Folk guy in Game of Thrones is good at. @Andr6wMale Try anyone pretending to be Finnish. The worst was the Smack the Pony lady in Veep. Then again, they are all the worst. @VALENTI I imagine if one has to ask what a herb is, one is a herb.into the 5th hour of the autechre radio extravaganza on mixlr... all the flashbacks & that!!
Retweeted by frozen reedsThanks for letting us know your release was composed entirely on a modular rig. I was briefly wondering how on eart…
Retweeted by frozen reeds @frozenreeds @sss_dem daaaamn good looking out
Retweeted by frozen reedsAnother great day to be alive. @frozenreeds whoa
Retweeted by frozen reedswhat now ?
Retweeted by frozen reedsMassive head nod to @sss_dem.👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 best album ever: Joan Collins' permission before updating the iOS would be the best Apple innovation since 2011.
Retweeted by frozen reeds @vze26m98 I think unfortunately so. @vze26m98 Same here! I like everything. :)
@pete_swans @chrissanders31 @claywilson I'm mad at so many people for getting paid you wouldn't believe it, haha. @chrissanders31 @pete_swans @claywilson Been let down a few times too many. Good for you, seriously. @pete_swans @claywilson It is pretty hot, but fair play if you love it that much. More in favour of knowing when to… @claywilson Including them though.Naw ye wirnae Mengelberg--that is all!
Retweeted by frozen reeds @btfoshizzle @Andr6wMale Now there's a question for 2019. @auto_tech_pilot
Retweeted by frozen reedsDeleting this in 4'33".The most conceptually detached music is that which does not recognise the need to invest in crypto. @telefontelaviv I think every year has been their best year since about 1991.absolutely wheezing at this, i need air
Retweeted by frozen reeds @thesidsmith I have a few more and I’m buying mine. ❤️More virtue signaling.#np of Scotland: Billy Mackenzie of Associates. (1957-1997)
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steichen, pastoral moonlight (1907) hand tinted photogravure
Retweeted by frozen reedsDamn it, sorry. Thought I was on the google there.conceptronica dustbin fire @casey_anderson @wselman Excuse me but I think you mean “Ah oui.”Greatest of all time. via @YouTubeJust in case you didn't cancel Vice a long time ago, this would be a good time to do it
Retweeted by frozen reeds @_roc @buttcliff @arnausalasaez John! John, it's Marvin. Your cousin, Marvin Chowning. You know that new sound you'… @PaulWoolford @HoundstoothLBL ❤️OFFWORLD Released today Space Age Love Songs Double clear vinyl / Digital On @HoundstoothLBL
Retweeted by frozen reeds @zemblamatic Still processing Les. @sss_dem @cadmustape @kullijhan The worst of it is when you’re also German and they call your music krautconceptronica.Ivana Franke-Tommi Grönlund-Petteri Nisunen opening at MMSU in Rijeka tonight, curated by Sabina Salamon, Time Slip…
Retweeted by frozen reedsThis guy definitely updates releases on discogs
Retweeted by frozen reedsWho will win the World Cup? A child who believes in a peaceful world.
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Arriving at the conceptronica gig license plate said FRESH and it had dice in the mirror. @gabrielszatan @state808 ❤️sat down with @state808 to talk about the past, present and future of Manchester, the dignity of labour, and whethe…
Retweeted by frozen reedsModular bro failed to chart due to a track-length technicality. the Merzcar today. I was screaming at it to stop so I could take a quick pic but the owner just put his foot do… @Badger5000 @Country_Steve "I feel so seen RN", I would say if I was 86 years younger. @Badger5000 @Country_Steve As someone who pretty much only listens to the new-fangled synthesizer music of 50 years… @BAKKOOONN Love Seinfeld.
Jumpin Joseph.
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Retweeted by frozen reeds @GoodWillsmith @GoodWillsmith High-key. No. No key. @govindajeggy @Andr6wMale I saw something sealed but not hermetically so.I make every tweet count these days. You all know that.I have sung Smog’s ‘No Dancing’ to the doge so many times as ‘No Barking’ that I just had check Discogs to remind m… @GoodWillsmith Wow this blew up, here’s my Soundcloud: http://🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒.🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒.🔒🔒🔒 ya in 10 hours 🌊
Retweeted by frozen reedsThe Networks part of #RolandKayn Scanning box is the best thing I’ve heard in ages. Bladerunner in another dimension.
Retweeted by frozen reedsREVISIO: Roland Kayn | Scanning "completely, totally and truly unparalleled" #avantgarde
Retweeted by frozen reedsRoland Kayn - Scanning (1982-1983)[Reiger Records Reeks] 「Simultan」は一通り聞いた。「A Little Electr…
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