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frozen reeds @frozenreeds Helsinki, Finland

If I hear the phrase "This is a cardinal sin of EDM right here" one more time, I refuse to take responsibility for my actions.

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@ststerling I'm proud of you Scott. @astralsocialite @YouTube Lovely!They literally let anyone in there, that's the point of the place.This counts for double if the record was made in Stockholm.Music journalists and the authors of press releases are hereby banned from naming synthesizer brands and models. Ut… Second Feeling via @YouTubeShopping list this for tomorrow! @Mole_9 I'm quite over his early sound somehow, Fascinoma I still like a lot though. @Mole_9 Do you have Fascinoma? Ride to the TombReprint of a great work from Jim O'Rourke available from @soundohm
Retweeted by frozen reedsnow available on Bandcamp "追体兼 / vicarious / " Eiko Ishibashi, Jim O'Rourke, Riki Hidaka
Retweeted by frozen reedsomg best album ever: spam time. 1/ This EP from 1994 will be reissued tomorrow. You can get it at all the usual record shops of…
Retweeted by frozen reedsPreorders for the new BELLOWS release “Undercurrent” are now available on the Black Truffle bandcamp site here:…
Retweeted by frozen reedsI got a new album coming out next Friday, 14 August. By way of introduction to my music, here are some DL codes for…
Retweeted by frozen reeds @darrenhayman Exemplary! @darrenhayman @FellMonster Crazy, another gin one! 👀 @darrenhayman Sip a gin from a tin. @80sRampwalk @GoodWillsmith Also he eats tomato sauce from the little sachets they give you in fast-food restaurants.
Retweeted by frozen reedsAnechoic chamber ad in the Finnish classifieds. @i_am_mill_i_am Wait until they give you Hell over the early demos.“Great set” is far from the banal compliment it appears to be. Post-performance noise lifers are in fact mutually h… @EdSunspot @timheidecker This is the collab of my dreams.
Retweeted by frozen reedsPro tip: this is a beautiful listen on a summer night
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Retweeted by frozen reeds @blackfaurest Amazing. @dark_shark Someone is getting your mail. with some bad Depeche Mode lyrics this afternoon. best album ever:
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Retweeted by frozen reedsThis looks amazing. Such a great idea too. arrived! Thank you,@orenambarchi ! Beautiful cover byShuhei Abe @aveshuhei and Lasse Marhaug @lassemarhaug
Retweeted by frozen reedsI’m sorry everyone, including myself, but this is the best @BacklistedPod ever. The rest of us just have to accept…
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Retweeted by frozen reedsNew! SP09 | Ben Vida: The Untitled (August 2020)
Retweeted by frozen reeds @World0fEcho @djchloeharris Glad I slept through that decade. @World0fEcho @djchloeharris Potato / Hot Chip. @lunacide_ NDDamn, sad to hear that Cor Fuhler has died. Too young!!!
Retweeted by frozen reedsA lot of fascinating stuff here. Everything I've clicked on so far has been 'Name your price'. I implore you to chu… was founded by Cor Fuhler (1964-2020) releasing limited edition CDRs with beautifully handmade artwork by… best album ever: this mag. @veryimportant Get In The Van, Get Out The Van, Get In The Movies, Get On My Nerves... @veryimportant Nothing will erase all those books I presume he’s written.It’s long road from kicking kids in the face to telling them how to handle an LP without getting finger grease into… @veryimportant Who will make all the techno while they’re in prison?Top shelf Feldman here. You would do well to make note of it as another #BandcampFriday looms into view.
Retweeted by frozen reeds @FutureTiming @Bandcamp Yes, it was part of the 25th June in Buffalo festival.Our first CD release from 2012, Morton Feldman – 'Crippled Symmetry: at June in Buffalo' is now sold out at source.… best album ever:
2020"Love to support the noise music but why does it cost 25 dollars to ship a cassette to Europe?!?!?" This is why, lo… Russell and John Carpenter talking about Wilford Brimley during The Thing commentary is such a joy. In between…
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@magicalbody “What can I say? I’m a disciple of Christopher Lasch and The Last Psychiatrist. My research interest i… @oliverleith This was doomed from the start, almost anything would be superior to the original audio. @NedRaggett @bowiesongs @neurasthenya Digging through my memes sub-folder entitled 'The Discourse'. your body a tumour is growing, a tumour that you recognise as a new job of work, as a new novel, and that keeps…
Retweeted by frozen reeds @ourmodernlove Love it when I find out I’ve been taking the piss out of someone for good reason. @sombrero_dog @djrafaelhunter Plus he is the one who finds the deal. @sombrero_dog Now you have 3?
@orguemystique 4 minutes and 33 seconds. @QubikDesign 🙏 @Boldt He had a real knack for the aesthetically awful.Today's episode of Sesame Street was brought to you by the golden section and the scalar implications of the sieve.
Retweeted by frozen reedsXenakis, UPIC, kids. The Sesame Street episode that could have been.
Retweeted by frozen reeds @BAKKOOONN For the Amiga. gets in on the Daniel Ek discussion. @oliebrice @tallswami He keeps trying though. Their Karyobin took over a decade can’t record a noise tape once every three to four weeks and think that’s going to be enough.
Retweeted by frozen reeds @tallswami The double trio? I believe this is what is known as a thirst tweet.You are an obnoxious greedy little shit Daniel Ek
Retweeted by frozen reeds is about the newly discovered recordings you DON’T put out."I'm playin gameboy... There's the door"
Retweeted by frozen reedsThe League Of Bald Headed Men via @YouTube @tony_poland Hello.what I say
Retweeted by frozen reedsAlex Harvey before a gig at the London Palladium. (1978) Pic: Evening Standard.
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Retweeted by frozen reedsRemember when I said tonight’s broadcast is at 7pm EDT? I was So wrong. It is at 8pm EDT. Now we both know. Enjoy t…
Retweeted by frozen reeds @DoomTripRecords Gameboy Robocop music.WEȽ∝KER live rn:
Retweeted by frozen reeds @World0fEcho Get a modular in there. @ststerling @Slash @creemmag Careful With That Axel, Arnold @i_am_mill_i_am @Gargarin @LissaKEvans @AlexClark3 Sorry, I'm Finnished. @i_am_mill_i_am @Gargarin @LissaKEvans @AlexClark3 Give me another 10 minutes, I can work Leipzig into this. It's l… someone likes the unfunny reply but not your original tweet.
Retweeted by frozen reeds @i_am_mill_i_am @chrisdeerin @LissaKEvans OMG it was all worth it. ➡️🐶❤️❤️❤️ @chrisdeerin @LissaKEvans @i_am_mill_i_am Too late, tracking says it's already Bach at the depot.The sound of summer 🧡
Retweeted by frozen reedsRoses are red Snakes have a bad rep PUB PUB PUB PUB PUB @rubadub_glasgow @ampoulerecords
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