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Just the right amount of awkward for a priest, I hope. Living proof that God has a tremendous sense of humor.

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1. Tavarua, Fiji, surf trip 2. Vatican, before seminary, would like to go again 3. Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the peopl… @peternguyenn To keep a sense of normalcy. And maybe families watching would like to offer it to one another. @StCthrinDeRicci Is...he...behind all this? All this...change? @FrDanFolwaczny It was a grace.Ded
@MelissaCeciliaG @CatholicAmanda The Resurrection is ultimately about us too. @PhilWagner19 Yes indeed. And we can only pray as we should if it is God’s should, not merely an expectation we hav… have seen this coming... @FrHarrison “The fact that I wear a seatbelt when riding in a car or have smoke detectors in my house does not mean… @D_Glaze I liked how they could spend a bit more time on the mythology of Asgard. But also they were able to break… @D_Glaze Thor: Ragnarok @meamhumilemfiat Some of the moments we learn to trust God most deeply are the moments when He reveals to us how li… can be one of the most dangerous words we place on our spiritual lives and on the lives of others. @hunterlantzman “Yet let him keep the rest, But keep them with repining restlessness; Let him be rich and weary,… @hunterlantzman “For if I should,” said he, “Bestow this jewel also on my creature, He would adore my gifts inste… @RachealSarah3 Thank you. Especially pray for the Archbishop in all this. His heart is so heavy, but he has to take… @CatolicaEdith Ha, don’t worry. Jesus has given you everything you need every other Holy Week. Why would He do any less this time around? @TheTinkerBelles Great, it was so different though. Usually filled with like 500 priests. But it’s such a beautiful… @zeyma1998 Again, it’s ok to let your heart be broken by it all. As a dear friend once told me, it’s makes our hear… exactly where I thought I’d be to renew my priestly promises during the Chrism Mass tonight. Watching it by liv… @zeyma1998 No, it’s not weird. We should not have to get used to this. Praise God he keeps the restless longing to… a good ten years or so I’ve been at the Chrism Mass on Monday of Holy Week, here in LA. The last two years, it’… @CatolicaEdith He’s likely asking you to accompany Him in a different way this year.I only speak for what prayer has revealed about my own heart concerning “underground” Masses: At this moment, publ…’s fun to hear you all on podcasts. Because I listen always at 2x speed. So I just imagine you talking like that…
@samstoeg She’s been described as a French counterpart of sorts to Dorothy Day. Don’t want to limit either by makin… #LAcatholicsEnterIn, we’re being invited to do something as simple as reaching out and encouraging those who w… @FrNickOFMConv @goingblondzo Too many podcasts with just priests yelling at each other. Let’s mix it up a bit. @FrNickOFMConv @goingblondzo I still think this should really happen. @AskYourHusband Offered Mass for you all last night.We are in a hurry to move faster than grace.Our love for God will be small-hearted to the extent that our turning away from him was mediocre. // Madeleine DelbrêlIt is impossible to love God without loving humanity; it is impossible to love humanity without loving all people;… @zeyma1998 Ha, I just remember watching the trailer when it came out and being like, well, they just showed me the… veil is torn. You can put a curtain back up to pretend God hasn’t broken into history, to protect yourself. But… @zeyma1998 Do it. I tried to avoid it, but ended up thoroughly enjoying!
Feels like we’re still in the desert. But we wouldn’t be here if Christ hadn’t gone first and called us. Trying s…’m done thinking Jesus entered Jerusalem with embarrassment at how his followers treated him. In humility surely h…
The struggle of coming near to God is just like building a fire: at first it is smoky and your eyes water, but late… is claiming his kingship over the world right now, and inviting us to reign with him, in obedience to the Father. @Kc8wzm It keeps killing batteries.I thank Jesus for all that he has taken away for the sake of my holiness. Today it’s my car. It’s dead and I’m tire… attempt to make themselves the center of the liturgical action contradicts their very identity as priests. The… great reform has in some way been linked to the rediscovery of belief in the Lord’s eucharistic presence amon… heard Your voice from on high: The Food of the Strong am I! Grow and you shall feed on Me; You shall not change M… @goingblondzo @feralspamlet I just don’t even go to the office anymore.’t mind running away to become a desert father about now. Aside from the lack of holiness, I realize it’s not… @comedyeye Ha, my new quarantine obsession is watching opera. This is from Wagner’s Siegfried. @FrNickOFMConv @DavidPaternostr @micki_barker @reillycosgrove Unfortunately, social distancing.
How does the phrase “humanity over doctrine” even make sense? All doctrine is at the service of a humanity divinize… like I’ll be going live on my Insta in 5 minutes for a 3pm Divine Mercy chaplet. Come pray! @CaraBuskmiller @EndOfDaysWoman Well, I do like the word fitting. While, in a strict sense then nothing is necessar… @EndOfDaysWoman Yes, but I’d say the Ascension is also essential, for Christ to take our humanity into the true tab… @peternguyenn Cool. Let’s inspire some priests to do it first. @FrNickOFMConv It’s is a significantly underrated tweet imo.Brünnhilde faces the terrifying demand of love that her armor, in which she found her identity, be cut from her and… @jgerhardtmusic I will not apologize to the robot.And in the silence of of our cities, the Easter Gospel will resound. // @Pontifex a lot of time in the church just praying with music. Canvas and Clay may get a ton of play if all the huge…, I think you’re drunk— Blessed Mother Mary wants to pray the rosary with you. @TamaraHaas7 Yeah, thanks, just taking things a little slower. Not a whole lot else I can do!The selfish and hateful adoptive father could not do it. The bloodthirsty dragon could not do it. But it was the en… have noticed recently as I drive to a sick call or funeral that people seem more afraid of contracting the illnes…’s do this thing. don’t cuss much. But today I was tired and frustrated with my heart. My google home stopped a song for no reason.…
@FrScrap Always epic. @marsla_darsla I have become bitter about it. Which for sure means God is going to call me to it. And I’ll try to s… time with Jesus posting shows them doing cool things and being awesome. But no, priests have to do dancing tik toks to be cool… @simplylucia_ Feels like the 2nd retreat was 6 months ago. February was like ancient history. @FrScrap Jesus didn’t die for meetings. He died because of meetings.About to offer the prayers of final commendation and committal for a friend who passed last week. Praise God at lea… more and more great “Christian music” will be made during this time. I love praise and worship, but it’s usu… @meamhumilemfiat @CatolicaEdith @CatholicAmanda @redeemedrachel @FrScrap Mood @nmodrow Thank you. It’s become the most important part of the day for me. I suppose it always was, but it’s making…“Well done, good and faithful servants...Now, step aside. It’s my turn.” He will put his hands over the altar of th…“The Church will be beaten, bloodied, and mocked. Her members will suffer rejection, persecution, and martyrdom. He… on yo bikes and pluck some banjos, friends. Or whatever.
@crousselle Here in LA, Confessions and Baptisms only in “danger of death or extremely extraordinary situations.” S… reading and reflecting, I found God; but by praying, I believed that God found me and that he is living reality,… be the Name of Jesus. @KeytarCatholic @RebelBlackDot Some of the best shows I’ve ever been to, any type of band, have been @floggingmolly shows. Nothing else compares! @meamhumilemfiat Yeah, I definitely don’t want to give up this new routine. Hoping I can find someway to keep this… @CatolicaEdith That’s awesome. It feels like an ancient world to think evenings “used to be” so filled with meeting… up my 8pm Mass with some praise and worship before the tabernacle every night (not live-streaming that).… @NoSinGang Just a rabbit hole. @kitley2112 Thanks so much. Feeling so much better! Miss you all!
Just messing around with one of faves from Flogging Molly. @SrHelenaBurns Ah, the best part is that we are His mess. @N1rla So much better, thank you! @katrinawoz Yeah, just taking some time to rest up. Feeling tired, but relieved it wasn’t worse. Thanks! @CatolicaEdith’ve made it back to the parish from the hospital to rest up. So grateful for all your prayers and support. Looking… @MarieTrotter Personally I’m a fan of the challenging one’s rival to a duel, then singing in four voices about the…
@favourite_uncle @canonlawyered @FrHarrison It’s so true. My first thought was to question what the priesthood is e… @MarcelLeJeune Nah, they’re pretty serious about keeping us separated from other patients. But they’re getting prayed for from my room.These last 24 hours of waiting around and praying in the hospital as a patient (for “minor” heart issues) has revea… be careful telling Jesus you want him to take everything for his own. He might just do it and leave you looking…