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Queer joy writer //\\ THE THIRD RAINBOW GIRL (@HachetteBooks 1/21/2020). Fiction @vqr @asfmag @mcsweeneys; Grace Paley 4 ever

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@literElly I feel like the original is very queer 😭😭😭
@HalimahMarcus @jennshapland @Tin_House Aren’t they such a pretty setI’m sorry I’m like this as a person // see you soon in Philly for @jennshapland @eekshecried !!!!!Sitting here just getting UPSET that @MysteryShow @StarleeKine exists but is only 6 eps😭😭😭Happy birthday to beloved poet @nahhhlina, whose words buoy me constantly. "strangers act so kind whenever I wea…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg"The gods created the First Temporary so they could take a break." Let @hilsaphina and the gods pick your next job…
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergSee you all tonight at L’Etage at 6:30 for our reading with @jennshapland! We can't wait! @Tin_House
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberghelp i fell down the rabbit hole that is Historical Masc Queers again (l to r: radclyffe hall, romaine brooks, ann…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @NeilPBardhan As DO I!!! @frumpenberg I now identify as a hugreader, perhaps even a hugreader of non-fiction.
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergHave already connected readers to ice cream places in Pittsburgh, NYC & Chicago, keep em coming <3If you’re going to the #AWP2020 conference, consider this very special AWP edition of the #MemoirMonday reading ser…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenbergpaging amazing squad pals @rachmonroe @PeterKispert @saraxsligar @hilsaphina @MmeClairevoyant @MichaelRWhitt1 Wow thank you so much!one joy about writing a weird book is the VERY WEIRD CUSTOMER REVIEWS!!!!!if you read and/or enjoyed The Third Rainbow Girl would you leave a review on Amazon (these do matter, apparently?)… @paperalphabet bonjour @manadurphyin which i brag AT LENGTH about @frumpenberg, the workshop she's running at my writers retreat in TUFO, ITALY this…
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergHello! Stephanie Williams - director of Ohio University Press and acquiring in African Diaspora, Appalachian Studies, literary works.
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @SamuelAAdams @jennshapland @bluestoopphl @Tin_House @mollytempleton TONIGHT TONIGHT @AlexisSchaitkin @nytimesbooks YAY! @sarahw @blgtylr @oureric @mariskreizman 😭😭😭 @frumpenberg @blgtylr @oureric No it's definitely Pug Day! (cc @mariskreizman)
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @oureric YOU ARE WELCOMEThank you to Emma for being the first to acknowledge the true reason for the season: Pug Day
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @frumpenberg @blgtylr @oureric but like Pug day is awesome too?
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @frumpenberg @blgtylr No, PUG DAY is PERFECF!
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @blgtylr @oureric fml PUB DAYHAPPY PUG DAY TO two books I cannot wait to eat: @blgtylr 's REAL LIFE & @oureric 's HERE FOR IT missed this somehow... Strung Out on @Goodreads Highly Anticipated New and Upcoming Nonfiction List. <3
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenbergthe mystery of how TRANSITIONS existed in the 1960s! @jennshapland RIGHT! I have been putting a lot of energy into finding an elusive thing called the "turtleneck sweatshirt"TODAY's GENDER is **Velma** and her glasses which are, mysteriously, tinted? @EllenRhudy Ellen nooooooI have built a good life On this here websiteFriends in Philadelphia, I'm so excited for this @nationalbook event w/ @CAMONGHNE & @MaryLiterary this Wednesday,…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @nemerevermore 😭😭😭Got a 93 on a test once and my dad looked up from the paper and said, “what happened to the other 7 points?”Also true in Russian Jewish standards!!!!!!!! @francescamarief What a beautyyyyyyContrary to popular conception, the region's not all white—and "Affrilachia" has a long literary tradition.…
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A very good book mail to return to ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ you think my therapist will let me just nap on her couch for 50min
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenbergyes, please
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @hilsaphina 😭😭😭 @hilsaphina This feels so rightWow @hilsaphina I love this luxury of taking the trolley with no place to be & nothing to do once I get home except for be! In my! House!10 women with recent or forthcoming debut books: @frumpenberg @hilsaphina @Lee_Matalone @marysouth
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @megiddings INTERESTING @nemerevermore Fascinating!! @nemerevermore @AlexisSchaitkin @icpetrie But whyyyyyy @NatalieLima09 Interestingggg. Why do you think?On the train to Philly, where Carson McCullers stans will be reading her work w me tomorrow at 6:30 with…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @lastpickedingym Wow @jennshapland a real compliment!!!! @frumpenberg I went in Asheville. It was awesome and worth the 3 hour drive
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergWOKE UP TO MINOR FEELINGS in the NEW YORK TIMES!! I always dreamed of being reviewed in the NYT! Thank you Jennifer…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @cathyparkhong HUgE!!! And so well deserved!!!This is gonna be so good! Philly, Tuesday! @vitcavage It’s ok!!! Just been happening a lot so i was 💘 curious 💘The responses to this were fascinating!! @Sarcher ah! @amykaycannon ooh INTERESTING @MollyHouse77 hahahaha @amykaycannon Amy tell me more @MollyHouse77 but whyyyyyyyhello Copley Square! @cameronhbg ah yes!! That extra e is indeed present for that one @Sarcher But his is pronounced "cop-lee" just like mine!TRULY ASKING! What makes folks think that my middle name is pronounced "Cope-ley"? It is actually Copley like a cop!The amount of times I am being made to cry during season finale of @SHO_TheLWord is AN ATtACK
Don’t disagreeeee @bruceowensgrimm @pjdmcneil 💘💘💘💘At the point in @blgtylr’s Real Life where I am ready to go to war for Wallace & yet must abate my fury ... Can’t w…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @METROPOLARITY @PBCulturePhilly OoohI can’t count the number of times I’ve read it, but the final scene between Giovanni & David in the room they’ve tr…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @cgoodwoman @pjdmcneil It’s in the pic 💕💕Scholarships available for queers & poc!!!!!! Come write w me in Italyyyy've known about mountaintop removal's devastation since I took a flight over eastern Kentucky in 2003. This is the…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg"You may know it as coal country. Less celebrated, perhaps, is that Appalachia is also forest country...But within… of you who don’t touch subway poles are not my people!!!
@jennshapland @bluestoopphl @Tin_House @mollytempleton This book is SENSATIONAL--the ways it combines queer theory,…'re doing something different to celebrate @jennshapland 's MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF CARSON MCCULLERS in Philly!… @carmenmmachado happy valentines to ROSIE!!!!!!!! glad she is ok @NeilPBardhan YAY!!!!
@Remember_Sarah is "eating ice cream" considered a spa thing? because that
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Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @Bethfromhere 100%wow wow wow! come out to @frumpenberg's workshop in ITALIA to learn how YOU TOO can write a @BuzzFeedBooks bookclub…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @RottenInDenmark 💕💕💕💕💕Just a note to say if you've wanted to write for @hey_alma but were afraid to reach out because you've never been p…
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergThe complete lack of sympathy for this 50 year old white woman literally losing her marbles over having to stuff he… @frumpenberg And Clear is the posh private school.
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergRead an excerpt from Emma Copley Eisenberg's The Third Rainbow Girl: The Long Life of a Double Murder in Appalachia…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg"The Third Rainbow Girl" Is BuzzFeed Book Club's March Pick. Read The First Chapter Here. via @frumpenberg
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg.@frumpenberg can write you a whole essay on why this isn’t true
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergGoing to be in #Pittsburgh on Wed Feb 26th at 5:30 pm? Come see @frumpenberg Emma Copley Eisenberg discuss her accl…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @BuzzFeedBooks THRILLED!!!!💘💘💘💘💘