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Queer joy writer //\\ author NYT notable THE THIRD RAINBOW GIRL 💙 Novel & stories coming @HogarthBooks; Grace Paley 4 ever; director @bluestoopphl

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@paperalphabet <3 <3As I + literally every other woman & nonbinary writer I know has dealt with harassment this is v important!!FYI for any considering, they do protect your email address and if you terminate a session with a client for inappr… @MordecaiPMartin Absolutely <3It's such a hard balance to figure out being paid for one's time vs. being generous, as I have profited from so muc… @jordan_kisner Me too <3 @frumpenberg I have never considered the paragraph harder than when reading Luster by @RavenLeilani. The TURNS SOME…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @WendyCOrtiz 💙💙💙💙SO excited about this!! We manifested it 🔮 @wcfbook @shelfbyshelf Want!A report that dropped today reveals new details about the police response to protests last summer, including the po…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @frumpenberg I like a good thick one. A chunky boy for me.
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @thewordunheard mm hello SPROUTSWhat a difficult loss. Crosby's memoir sits on my top 10 shelf, a spectacular and nuanced book about bodily pain, b… @thewordunheard do you even have to ASKhi if you're wondering what's happening with philly's vaccines, yes our city did contract the largest vaccination s…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @dantielwmoniz Mmm HMMMm @thewordunheard It’s Complicated! Meryl & Steve Martin @blgtylr @shelfbyshelf THANK you @haszombiesinit Lies!
@chelseyhotel HOW THE HELL! Yes @frumpenberg Oh yes totally! So worth studying how a great paragraph starts, how it ends, and how it gets there. I…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @ilanaslightly Noooooo @DanielTorday oooh @anni_glissman <3 <3 <3 @caracurtis_ yes Carex!!!!!Feb. 4, 7pm ET, in conversation with Shruti Swamy (A HOUSE IS A BODY) and Alexandra Chang (DAYS OF DISTRACTION) Hos…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @MordecaiPMartin I mean, I think that is 85% of the battleParagraphs are the way we ground the reader in a coherent and digestible bite of experience, they should be intenti… are jamming 12 ideas in one paragraph or their paragraphs are too flimsy, with no center of motion or POV @MordecaiPMartin oh yes, talk away!!!When I look at novice/just starting out writers, there is always something off about their paragraphs--they have hu… the writers I love, the paragraphs all have a wholeness, an ease that makes the work what it isEveryone talks about the sentence, but my true love is the paragraphsorry to do this, but we need to talk more about PARAGRAPHS @manwhohatesfun !!!!!Went on a walk and someone had braided the grass. The time we have now can do some beautiful things @MauriceChammah 💙💙💙💙💙This is the best nonfiction book I’ve read in some Time. Go buy it!!!! @rachmonroe @Remember_Sarah I rely on both of you to read & give me the cliffs notes @rmennies Ighhh“sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and pray that the people you love will catch up with you”Mary Gauthier’s Drag Queens & Limousines kind of night
@RosalieKnecht Yes thrilled to see your name @mollygott yes tysm @AlexisCoe mmmmmmmm @frumpenberg I’d argue snacking cake is a pandemic essential
Retweeted by Emma Copley EisenbergWhat I'm hearing is, instead of waiting until a "mealtime" you just eat @jamespolchin 💙💙💙What a powerful, haunting essay, linking Let the Lord Sort Them to the story of Gordon Coble, who watched the execu…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @elizarosenberry @lissiethomas 💙💙💙Guys, this snacking thing is going well. I think I am learning to snack.Thrilled to see @frumpenberg's THE THIRD RAINBOW GIRL nominated for "Best Fact Crime" by @EdgarAwards!…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @lmillernpr @BrennaWomer @jodiscottelliot <3 <3 <3 @BrennaWomer @jodiscottelliot The Third Rainbow Girl by @frumpenberg (about an unsolved murder, but really about tr…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @vivianwmlee @littlebrown !!!!!! Wow so lucky to have youCongrats, @frumpenberg. It's a good day for West Virginia-themed books.
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @VABookFest @nevmarch @WanbliWeiden @MaazaMengiste 💙💙💙💙Congratulations to this year's Edgar Award nominees!
Retweeted by Emma Copley EisenbergAnd please note indeed 3/5 of these books take place in Appalachia! @husseywiles @EricEyre @EdgarAwards @SierraMurdoch @arielsabar Agree!Hey thanks @EdgarAwards! Teenage Emma up at three AM watching OG Law & Order is v proud @EricEyre @EdgarAwards @SierraMurdoch @arielsabar Congrats Eric!! Honored to be in your company @sarahw @elongreen Eee thank you sm!!!
@emilyfmaloney first movement @AnnaGoldfarb So sorry for your loss Anna <3re this weekend: ONE DAY MORE @carlygae_jepsen aw thank you!!Regard my tiny face @icpetrie Ahahaha thanks Ian!!!
Just met a cat named Maxwell Purrrrrkins @ilanaslightly @whyaredads Yes correct!!! @GabrielJBump @nytimesbooks Hi friend!!!!Woohoo good morning @nytimesbooks new in paperback bit of summer for the dead of winter: “Fat Swim,” by @frumpenberg, in our Spring 2018 issue.
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @candaceopper @whyaredads @Remember_Sarah !!!!! blond!!!! @paperalphabet !!!
@EmilyVanDuyne ???????? @donahuepart2 mmm do you make or buy the lemon curd? @LizMooreBooks mmMMMmmmRelevant to earlier tweet, tell me about your favorite SNACKThis week is a big one for new releases, both in paperbacks and hardbacks—there’s something for everyone’s TBR pile…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @jennyleeSD 💙💙💙 @mckinneykelsey My parents always hired art students at NYU to be our babysitters and one of them became the castin… @DeeshaPhilyaw @smathewss Ah I’ve been taking so many pottery classes lately and it’s helped my writing so much @smathewss Think of it as clay. A sculptor isn't ashamed of clay. It's meant to be shaped and reshaped, just as wri…
Retweeted by Emma Copley Eisenberg @mckinneykelsey Have I ever told you how I could have been LLohan in this movie @ladypilot down to talk anytime!
@_alex_mar yes! I am told I can do this! wild! @saranev thank you Sara <3 <3 @mckinneykelsey I LOVE your meat snacking tweets @maggim thank you <3 none shall be accepted!!I am going on a JOURNEY into my body & ED recover, this year of 2021, feel free to come along <3 One thing I have b… @hcohenpoet noooooooo @BakerJen505 ugh @selfbybee nooooooooo @Karen_Palmer Thanks <3 @lauragoode Definitely. ALWAYS white"Apparently there is a whole country full of young women who don’t know how to call a cab, and who have spent a lot… @lauragoode Agree. Whenever I try to write about it though something stops me, le sigh. I feel like they are very m…