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Queer joy writer //\\ THE THIRD RAINBOW GIRL @HachetteBooks; Novel & stories coming @HogarthBooks; Grace Paley 4 ever; director @bluestoopphl

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@TirzahPrice Ermagod!!! Also she has the same name as my agent @jinauhI mean even the kitten wants you to join!
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @TirzahPrice O M G Who is this tell me more! @nucosi Collected stories of Breece D'J PancakeDo not fall into Trump’s lies that his re-election is all but certain. He wants you to feel depressed and helpless.…
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Way back in July, I went to Pennington Gap, VA, and sat down with Ron and Jill Carson... there’s actually a rich hi…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @deseraestage 😭😭 are the SAME people funding the “queer Appalachia” Instagram page “mutual aid” work!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenbergnooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rebel WilsonHad a great time at the @HeadandHand pop-up at @bluestoopphl's new artist-in-residence digs at @cherrystpier !
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergA very good selection at today’s @HeadandHand @bluestoopphl @cherrystpier bookstore pop up if I do say so myself 💙💙 go to work this morn so today's gender is the boss fat matchmaker
@lmillernpr Yay Lulu! @sawyerlovett @thewalkaways Oooh!! Yes where? @cathyparkhong Thank you!! @cathyparkhong I signed up but no one ever got back to me! Have you been confirmed?No—as @MmeClairevoyant says “productive genre trouble” NJ
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergDon't forget to stop by @cherrystpier tomorrow from 2:00pm to 8:00pm for a pop-up book shop with our friends…
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergI had made a chocolate cake. I was dating the last man I would ever date @NeilPBardhan 😹😹😹Seriously joyfriend & I would be so goodReality tv contestant goal at 23: The Amazing Race 🐍 Reality tv contestant goal at 33: Flea Market Flip 🛋
@broadstreview @NeilPBardhan @philaculture 💙💙💙💙💙💙 @briangdillon @vcunningham @CommunityBkstr @NYRB_Imprints Oooh @RavenLeilani So very sorry for your loss <3
My full time job now is browsing listings on Air B&BAnd I can't wait to get into this one from @frumpenberg: true crime + dismantling of true crime tropes. #SobSisters
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @HBWithers Oh perfect @CharlesFinch fact-checking
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @CarterSickels Swell wonderful got it @TheEarlDenden Ok great fantastic excellent @LizMooreBooks 💕🍕💕 @AlexisSchaitkin Swell fantastic love it @Mary_Beth_Keane Great perfect excellent @britrbennett Great perfect awesome @clairecameron K great thanksSo it seems writing a novel is just blundering a while until you can blunder no further and then retracing your ste…
I’ve been pitching Daughters of the Wild as like the Bell Jar, set in rural Appalachia. What happens when women are…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @LB1899 !!!! @goldcutta I got it, tysm! @sarahroseetter @PhillyWeekly It's BEEN happening friend. So disgustingOh to have that coat, an amulet of fat forest protectionToday’s gender is a classic I return to over and over again @alexsteed NOT just you
@johannawinant @lsjamison @Harpers You need a subscription which i refuse! @turnlizer hmmmmm yes they are mostly good looking teenagersI will somehow get you ICE CREAM @turnlizer lolololol @turnlizer OK I ASKED ABOUT THIS AND NO ONE KNEW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUTAnyone with fat bookshelves or institutional access have a PDF scan of @lsjamison 's @Harpers THE DEVIL'S BAIT I could have? @knownemily yes it was good! maple + black rasp twist = very goodCreemees are just soft serve in VermontJoin me, @JudithMatloff, @frumpenberg & @lkpe for a virtual evening of Books Beneath the Bridge (@bbpnyc) moderated…
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergI'm thrilled to announce that @frumpenberg is visiting @WCUPAEnglish via Zoom at 7pm on September 29th!! 🌟 Emma wil…
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Shana Tova everyone! Let's imagine a 5781 without ICE, prisons, and policing.
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@jennshapland OMG YES YES YES!!! @jamiattenberg I have also contemplated this
@rmccarthyjames The old navy one also comes in Green which is the color i own! @rmccarthyjames Aw blast! The other one they have—it’s like a khaki green—I also own and it’s very comfy and stretc… @rmccarthyjames @rmccarthyjames @rmccarthyjames Yes hello!! The two ones I actually wear (rather than THINK I’m gonna wear but don’t) are from Old… @HalimahMarcus !!!!!!Hi there, friends! We’re here to celebrate #AppalachianLit. Check out our book recs over on IG:…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @coldfootfilms @Remember_Sarah Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh @rachsyme My sister @frumpenberg and I would like to offer Felicity=Carrie (just a small-town colonist with big dr…
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergHOLY SHiT @lauragoode @Sarah_Smarsh Yes it’s so good! @rachsyme addy = successful black woman in the background of a sassy sextalk brunch
Retweeted by Emma C. EisenbergToday @ 4. FREE Virtual Event 💙🌟💙 Self Publishing in 2020 with @alexhillman Alex will share what he learned about…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @carmenmmachado RIGHTA glasses chain, but for face masks!!!It is such a mind fuck to listen to @yourewrongabout’s Tuskegee syphilis episodes while thinking about mass hystere…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @TheBookMaven sadly I do NOT because I have SEVERALworking the manifesto on teeth and how much mine have cost into the novel @emmastraub TRUTH that is the one I ultimately chose
@lizgreenspan <3 @mollygott !!!!I mean they are not wrong @elizmccracken @CPhillipsPoet ooohjoyfriend cannot watch SYTTD because they say everyone has "white supremacy hair"Have you checked out our latest project, the Appalachian Advisors Network? The AAN is a set of training resources,…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenbergwhile joyfriend is gone, do I quick --watch say yes to the dress --check my Hachette sales numbers @britrbennett noooooooooo @thewordunheard @TaraGiancaspro @ConstitutionCtr !!!!!!! @rachsyme oooh GRAZI @rachsyme I still want a pinafore in pure cotton or linen with a cross back that will fit me, a size 18/20 lady. One size does NOT fit allwhistleblowers are sexy <3 @hey_emhilly 💙💙💙
"So long as I remain alive and well I shall continue to feel strongly about prose style, to love the surface of the… ex-boyfriend loathes social media, so you can be assured of my authenticity when I say that his thoughtful, mela…
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @debutiful !!! @SarahNumber4 RETWEET @jilnotjill SAME @jilnotjill !!!!!!!!!!!how long until am*zon smile starts calling itself “mutual aid“
Retweeted by Emma C. Eisenberg @maiahibbett 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼they kept saying it looked like "two chicken cutlets pasted to a wall"