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Representing FIRST Tech Challenge Teams throughout Indiana. GO INDIANA FTC!

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Special Thanks & S/O goes to @FTCTeams @14596XLR8 for bringing in the most items! #FTCOutreach @FIRSTINRobotics
aaannd... We’re moving right along with @FTCTeams Indy South League Champs set-up! Great group all working hard -…🌎 Coding today, changing the world tomorrow 🌎
Retweeted by FTC Indiana"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." –Nelson Mandela…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaHmmm I wonder what we're working on....... @TH3DStudio @FTC_Indiana @andymarkinc @REVrobotics @goBILDA @FTCTeams
Retweeted by FTC IndianaSo Excited for our very first @FTCTeams League Champs in Indiana tomorrow! Good Luck Teams! are so excited to offer the new @LEGO_Education Spike to our Spring Season @firstlegoleague teams. Can’t wait to…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaNow this is exciting news! Congratulations to the Full Metal Jackets @FRCTeam1296 for being part of the…
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Black folks on a boat being taken to their new owners...who’s idea was this? 🤦🏾‍♀️😏😩
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@andymarkinc Now you've got me jones-ing for a Grape lollipop🍭... maybe Blue raspberry ice cream🍨...Lemon Heads 🍋..… idea! @FIRSTweets @FRCTeams @FTCTeams've got several of our members on our school's electric karting team! This year they are also being tasked with m…
Retweeted by FTC Indianai shall call it.... engineer glam #WomenInSTEM
Retweeted by FTC IndianaImmensely proud of my @MishawakaFIRST FTC teams, with a special shoutout to the RoboDucks, currently ranked number…
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Many thanks to @doitbest Henry Poor Lumber for the lumber donation! With your gift, we created a practice field whi…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaWe appreciate the impact FIRST mentors and coaches have on today’s young innovators. Who will you thank during#Ment
Retweeted by FTC IndianaTonight’s the night! @FLL_Heroes31195 are helping kick off a new @4H club @gearsrobotics. Combining our love of…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaEvery day is a SQUIRREL! day!
Retweeted by FTC IndianaWow - FANTASTIC! @FTCTeams @FIRSTINRobotics
Check out the pre-league championship rankings for league teams! CJ had some more free time and updated this sheet:…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaNorWestin QT Results posted! to @21stCharterGary Technadoes! Robotics are cool!
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#FTCoutreach @FTCTeams @FIRSTINRobotics is so cool! Check it out! @FTC_Indiana @FTCTeams @FIRSTINRobotics @goBILDA @andymarkinc @omgrobots_rt
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @FIRSTINRobotics @FIRSTINRobotics @FIRSTINRobotics @FIRSTINRobotics @FTC_Indiana NorWestIn Alliance 4 @14596XLR8 @thefirewires @Mecha3537
Retweeted by FTC IndianaWe hope everyone at Norwestin got a chance to speak with Tim from @TH3DStudio. If you can't figure out why your 3D…
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @FIRSTINRobotics @FTCTeams So Well Deserved! No Thanks needed for us - ALL Thank Yous belong to ALL of the…’s go Panthers!
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @nfhammes @CamillaPanda @mlong603 @FTCTeams AGREE! Thank you for Volunteering! @bmboehler As you rightly should be! Thanks @TheGasAttdFTC for rescuing a team in distress and also rising to the o… & Kudos to You - Well Done! @FIRSTINRobotics. @FTCTeams @FIRSTINRobotics on a really awesome day! @FIRSTINRobotics @TH3DStudio @Pixelated_FTC and @Warri0rTech for earning 119 points in finals. On to @FTC_Indiana Semi-State!
Retweeted by FTC IndianaTeams helping Teams ! 💕 it! are getting ready for the 2020 NorWestin FTC Robotics Tournament @GriffithHigh . Stop by and see what all th…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaCongrats & Kudos to you! Agree it was definitely a fantastic day! Huge to @GriffithHigh & @ftcteam9862 for hosting…
Some pre-meet prep!! Super excited for tomorrow 🤖🦾 @FTCTeams @FIRSTweets @FIRSTINRobotics @scohbrickies
Retweeted by FTC IndianaRegistration is still open for the 2020 SJHS Robotics Challenge! The winner of the competition will earn the right…
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NorWestin @FTCTeams QT tomorrow 1/18! See who's coming We are so JAZZED! Can't wait to se…'ve done some improvements to the site! We now have UPS shipping available again with really good rates. We'v…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaWelcome to the team, Carson! We are super excited to have you as a part of Fractals!! @gearsrobotics @ETHOSInnovCtr
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Congratulations to @ValpoU mechanical engineering student Nicole Pomeroy, who received a manufacturing scholarship…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaThe belly of the beast. Making final preparations for the Nor-Westin tournament this Saturday in Griffith!…
Retweeted by FTC Indiana"FIRST Tech Challenge Jump Start: Through March 1, 2020, teams receive access to new technology, the opportunity to…
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @FTCTeams Want to give a huge shoutout to our mentors @ftc12043coach (technical), @edolsson (software) Mrs. Lee (ou…
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @FTCTeams @mlong603
#firstnevada teams Apply, apply, apply the waitlist for #FIRSTchamps is OPEN! #omgrobots
Retweeted by FTC IndianaNEWS: Our first-of-its-kind #vocational #scholarship is open for applications through @ScholAmerica! High school se…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaIn honor of #MentoringMonth share a picture of your team and your incredible Mentor!! We <3 our Mentors!
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @jonclarkpond @Shaw237 @LizCatSmith different strokes for different folks... @FTC_Indiana You need to see what he has been up to lately. CAD, mechanics and music.
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @Shaw237 @jonclarkpond you talk to dryers...? 😂😆🤣
Now this is a prime example of putting the "A" in STEM! You Teams, Mentors, Coaches, Volunteers, Moms, Dads, families of FIRST, friends of FIRST, FIRST Fans & everyo… Tech Challenge waitlist for #FIRSTChamp is now open! Here's how you can apply!
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Practice going well today. Getting use to using our capstone. #omgrobots #robotsrock #skystone #firstindiana
Retweeted by FTC IndianaNew control hub coming for our 2020-2021 season! Tell your friends that are thinking of joining FTC that if they st…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaThank you so much too @PatrickOBarnes @arconic and @CaterpillarInc for sponsoring us and helping us get to semi state
Retweeted by FTC IndianaRobotics, like any other sport, is intense. Regardless of the outcome, there's always an opportunity to learn. "A c…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaWe are moving away from Vuforia and are using OpenCV now. Way faster and more accurate!
Retweeted by FTC IndianaCongrats TOBOR! Well done & Well Deserved! Also # 2 Ranked Team & had the highest score of the day - 113!…! MEGA Congrats & Kudos to you guys on an incredible performance! You did Indiana proud! @FIRSTINRobotics realized the official first pop up has a robot with a wheel that is illegal in ftc
Retweeted by FTC Indiana1/15/2019 will be the last opportunity for teams in the following states to submit for the Dean’s List Award: AL. A…
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applause, Applause, APPLAUSE Red-Hot Rockin' Rookies! First ever QT=🏆🏆🏆 #1 Ranked Team / Highest Rookie Seed, Final… is a totally awesome pic! Thanks for the share! @FTCTeams @FIRSTINRobotics had a few @FTCTeams events going on in #Indiana today! At the @IUKokomo QT we had an amazing @firstlikeagirl “Ta…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaTHANK YOU ALL! made the semifinals!! Thanks @FTC16501 @14596XLR8! Good luck to all the teams in the semifinals!! @gearsrobotics
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @DRSSRobotics Congrats!FTC Indiana is ready to start our first QT of the year.
Retweeted by FTC IndianaThanks to Jug Rox for hosting the League of Extraordinary Robots! What a fabulous experience! #FIRSTIndiana
Retweeted by FTC IndianaFun Day of @FTCTeams matches at @CenterGroveHS Student Activities Center @center_grove #omgrobots #Skystone
Retweeted by FTC IndianaHuge S/O and Thanks to the folks at @IUKokomo for an OUTSTANDING @FTCTeams Qualifying Tournament! You guys were awe… out how @cloverbots3674 used @synthesis_adsk to teach new team members
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Ever get white marks on the bed side of your printed parts? Here's how to fix them in under 5 minutes!…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaWe were very honored today to be the honored representatives for FIRST Indiana and STEM at the Indiana Statehouse.…
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @FTC12043 Hey @IUKokomo Teams are you Game to Accept The @FTC12043 Challenge??Indiana @FTCTeams will be really ROCKIN' the BOTS this weekend! Indy South League & League of Extraordinary Robots… & 🖐️ High 5's to the top 3 ranked Inspiration League Teams! 1st🥇= 4444 Whitefield Robocats @WA_Robotics, 2… all dressed up for the IU Kokomo Qualifying Tournament @IUKokomo @Aptiv @FTC_Indiana @FTCTeams
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Practice for league meet #3 this Saturday.
Retweeted by FTC IndianaHUGE S/O to @IUKokomo @Aptiv @andymarkinc for sponsoring and supporting this Event! For info, details and to see wh… big thank you to @genesis11272 for coming to our school for a scrimmage last Saturday. We made a lot of progress…
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Hey we know her! It's @3940CyberTooth's Lucy! Mega Good Luck! You GO GIRL! @firstlikeagirl @FRCTeams awesome! Can't wait to see #cyberbot live in person at the @IUKokomo QT sponsored by @Aptiv this Saturday!…
Wow# #NationalBobbleheadDay, RT this by midnight CST for the chance to win one of these #Cubs bobbles! Rules:…
Retweeted by FTC IndianaKala Christougenna! Hristos se Rodi! Merry Christmas! fam, meet your future CEOs.👩🏾‍💻💪🏾
Retweeted by FTC Indiana @FTC12043 3:30 Central Time or Eastern Time?
Innovate League vs. Justice League - Check out how the combined Leagues teams ranked going into the Northern League… & 🖐️ High 5's to the top 3 ranked Innovate League Tms! 1st🥇= Need More Zip-Ties @needmo12770 , 2nd🥈= Space… fun today at the Innovate League, videos are posted
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