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"Kudos for Melo for staying true. ... Melo is saying, 'I love LeBron but the man is MJ.' ... While LeBron is very g…"Melo is a little wrong. LeBron folks have no problem saying Michael Jordan is great. It's the other way around. ..…"If Kevin Durant is 99% don't come back. But if he's fully healthy, if he feels back to normal, if the doctors say…"This is unfair pressure on Kevin Durant. Kobe and Chauncey didn't come back in the cauldron of the playoffs. ... I…"If the Lakers or the Bucks can't beat the New Orleans Pelicans they don't deserve to win the championship. ... It'…"Nobody is a bigger fan of Zion than me. But this is a zero sum game here. If you try to tweak the situation to may…"I'm so glad that they've nixed this group stage, bc I didn't understand it. ... I love the play-in, it rewards the…"The World Cup-stlye group stage is a terrible idea and I'm glad the GMs agreed with me. ... Assuming we're keeping… did it! @getnickwright picked all 256 games on the NFL's 2020 schedule. Last up, the NFC West: Will Jimmy G & t…"If the Chiefs win a Super Bowl this year I think Patrick Mahomes joins Rodgers, Brees, Favre & Marino as one of th…"For 5-years, $225M, if I were Patrick Mahomes' team, I would turn it down." — @kevinwildes"You can sign Patrick Mahomes today to 5-years, $225M and it's a bargain. There's no number where he's not going to…
"The Cowboys have a championship-caliber roster 2-53. ... If Mike McCarthy can get Dak firmly in that top 5-6 QB pl…"Mike McCarthy has this ability to empower his players. ... That's what allowed me to blossom into the player that… likes the play-in tournament for the NBA playoffs "It'd be one thing if they were giving all 30… Dolla is wrong: Giannis is the clear MVP!
Retweeted by First Things First"There are 13 teams in the NBA above .500. This isn't a year you need to make the pool larger.... All you had to do…"The Rockets are going out in the 2nd round no matter what. ... They're getting beat by either LA team. They're goi…"The Rockets would become one of the major winners if you did a conference-free format, 1-16. ... They have a bette…"As great as LeBron's playing Giannis averages more points, more rebounds, has a higher PER, arguably the best defe…"LeBron shouldn't be graded on a curve bc he's in Year 17. That's not how this works. Who had the best season this…"It is absolutely a failure if the Lakers don't win the championship. When your best player is in his 17th season t…"The Lakers are the best team, they have the best player. .... Assuming we get an actual playoffs, then yeah it's a…"Regardless of the environment now, it's on Baker. This is what Year 3 is all about. The first year you get a pass…"Damn straight it's a big year for Baker. Baker Mayfield, after that great rookie season, could be a guy who you wo…"This is what young team needs. Just show me your work. Your actions will speak a lot louder than your words. I lov…"I think last season humbled Baker a bit. ... He doesn't need to add any additional pressure or expectations on a t…
Can't wait for @EnesKanter and @getnickwright's tag team match: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 256-game pick'em continues! @getnickwright predicts the final standings for the NFC South! ⬇️
Retweeted by First Things First.@EnesKanter X @WWE? "I told @HeymanHustle you have to give me at least 4-5 more years to finish my basketball car…"If a player is saying they're in game shape, they're lying. Game shape is a different type of shape. It doesn't ma… will @EnesKanter motivate himself without fans in the stands? "Basketball players are just itching to go out t…"I feel like we have enough guys to go out there and win a championship. I feel like we can beat every team on ever… @getnickwright pick all 256 games on the NFL's 2020 schedule. Next up is the NFC South: Will Tom Brady and t…"We have these virtual workouts w/ the Celtics. ... I see some of the players doing workouts w/ suitcases. I'm like…'s Final Four and NBA champion picks (based off 1-16 conference-free format): 1. Bucks 5. Celtics 2…'s NBA playoff picks (based off 1-16 conference-free format): 3. Raptors 14. Grizzlies 6. Nuggets 1…'s NBA playoff picks (based off 1-16 conference-free format): 2. Lakers 15. Nets 7. Jazz 10. Rockets's NBA playoff picks (based off 1-16 conference-free format): 4. Clippers 13. Mavericks 5. Celtics…'s NBA playoff picks (based off 1-16 conference-free format): 1. Bucks 16. Magic 8. Heat 9. Thunder
One of my favorite moments to date.... A rare win over my guy @getnickwright
Retweeted by First Things FirstThe 256-game pick'em continues! Today @getnickwright predicts the NFC North ⬇️
Retweeted by First Things First.@JennaWolfe came with the play of the day today, including making @getnickwright walk off the set. 🤣🤣🤣🤣's 3rd-and-20+ penalty bait play: "Our 3 WRs only job on this play is to not get open, not to catc…’ll be great if the NBA seeds the playoffs 1-16, regardless of conference!!!
Retweeted by First Things First.@getnickwright on why the NBA shouldn't send the non-playoff teams to Orlando:"This would be good for my guy, LeBron. But it's about fairness. If at Week 12 the NFL was like, 'We're adding a pl…"I love it. I've been calling for it for 10 years. ... It's not a guarantee but this increases the likelihood that…"I see the need for it because it's super fun. ... The Jordan documentary did a 6. An exhibition golf match did a 5… would potentially be good for the Lakers and bad for Clippers, but who you’re rooting for shouldn’t affect you…
Retweeted by First Things FirstShould the NBA use a 1-16 seeding format for the playoffs? "There is no need for this. This year, whether you seed…
"Brady & Brees are 1-2 in every major statistical category. ... The greatest QB & 7th greatest QB going for the div… the NBA reseed for the playoffs? RT for Yes LIKE for No"Oh, we're getting the NBA back this year. ... Six to seven weeks from now we're going to be talking about the firs…"The only way the Dak situation truly impacts this season would be if he doesn't play. And he's going to play. Dak…"Jamal Adams would be the perfect fit for a team that could win the conference. He might put them over the top. It…"It was really humanizing. It was really great to see the greatest QB ever not only struggle, but get really frustr…"You have to wait and see where there is an opening because Cam Newton is not a backup quarterback in 2020." —… @getnickwright pick all 256 games on the NFL's 2020 schedule. Next up is the NFC North, which has his most su… that started different QB than Week 1 starter: Bears Colts Jags Redskins Bengals Dolphins Jets Saints Broncos…"Cam Newton is not signing up go play for $1M to backup a guy he's better than in Sam Darnold. ... Cam Newton shoul…
"George Gervin made 7 first or second team All-NBAs with the Spurs. ... Kawhi Leonard was only a great player in Sa…"I have the AFC East going down to Week 17 — with the Bills, Dolphins and Patriots all alive for the division title…"The Eagles have now had 2 regular seasons since then when they've been eh. I'm not saying they're going to be bad,… @getnickwright pick all 256 games on the NFL's 2020 schedule. First up for the NFC is the East: The Dallas C… hands out his medals for the most 'Wait, what?!' stories of the week 🥉: LeBron James &… GOD 🙏🏿
Retweeted by First Things First"The stuff Lamar Jackson does now, he's been doing the same thing since he was young. He was like the only QB to th… Brown has a pretty good track record with his QBs: Sophomore year, Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield — wins Heism… discusses his journey from junior college and working part-time at Six Flags to becoming a first-ro… love this potential change so much.
Retweeted by First Things First5 ways it got easier for the Chiefs to become a dynasty this offseason, according to @getnickwright: ・ No one trad… Taysom Hill fascination is just puzzling to me, or to anyone who looks at his numbers.
Retweeted by First Things First"Mahomes is excited about this bc last year 16 times he dropped back to pass on 3rd-and-15 or 4th-and-15 or longer.…"Football is effective all 3 phases of the game. This again takes something away from special teams. To me, to have…"This would be an amazing, historic change for the NFL. ... There will be a lot of potential ripple effects from th…
Something very interesting came out of the reaction to the MJ doc. LeBron folks were incredibly respectful to MJ &…
Retweeted by First Things First"To say Taysom Hill is Lamar Jackson — we haven't seen him do the things Lamar Jackson has done. We've seen several…"I'm doubting everyone within the Saints that thinks this is a plausible option. Taysom Hill has literally never co…"I've notice this post-Jordan documentary — folks, like me, that believe LeBron's the greatest player ever no one e… reacts to Paul Pierce not including LeBron in his all-time Top 5: "You have the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 4th…"Paul Pierce is a Finals MVP. There’s only been 31 Finals MVPs ever. For comparison, 566 people went to space. ...…'s possible teams for Cam Newton: Teams w/ no starter: Jaguars | Patriots Teams w/ an older starter…"Cam just needs to chill out until Sept. 27th. That's Week 3 of the NFL season. Drew Brees Week 1, gets hurt, Teddy…"Cam Newton is just trying to show the world that he's healthy. There's only about 20 people walking the face of th…
Watch @getnickwright pick all 256 games on the NFL's 2020 schedule. Last up for the AFC is the AFC West: Nick is o…"[The Chiefs] is something you definitely circle, something you definitely look forward to. In order to be the cham… talks Michael Jordan and 'The Last Dance' and how to balance team chemistry: "The environment of ev…"In order to win a championship & be a great team you have to add great players. Saints did that adding Alvin, Rave…"I don't think Lamar Jackson has a ceiling. I think he's just going to continue to get better, continue to improve…"We just had so much love for each other. ... We have a championship mentality and unfortunately we weren't able to…"If there's one thing that Tom Brady's still going to be great at it's going to be not turning the ball over. Devel…"All of the guys out there are either shirtless, wearing tank tops, or just some t-shirt — except for Brady, who is…"When you're bringing the GOAT, Tom Brady, into that situation the guys around him are just going to fall in line.…"Out of all of the quarterbacks in the NFL, since Tom Brady is a little bit older and older people do not like unce…"I think the fact that we're in May and Tom Brady and his receivers already found a away to get on the field togeth…"When McNabb had throwing sessions it was about building camaraderie, honing those routes, the right route depth. B…
"I like the Browns. ... But where I start to question them is at the most important position — Baker Mayfield. He h…"Baltimore is going to win that division. The question is who is the 2nd best team, Pittsburgh or Cleveland? I beli…"The Steelers don't need Ben Roethlisberger to be the Ben of old. They just need him to be the Ben who can elude ta…