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22/🏳️‍🌈/✡️. Creator/Performer/Conductor/Multi-hyphenate. masc of center/Lincoln Center Vet. He/(they). DG and Local 802 member. 🤟🏼

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@gayrodcon 💜 i hope you’re able to do something that helps (even for a little) then. Because this sucks. And I send my love.Anyone else caught in a cycle of crying and headaches
I’ve been in isolation for an additional week prior but yeah... yikes @brauhala Not to mention... lord I wish things were ok by April 13thYou: 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 Me: 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 My ID:
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar GooenI seriously haven’t been outside even for a minute in 2 entire weeksThree is unfair. I can narrow it down to one (two including me) or I can have a list that is so long it hurts my he… @mynameisjro 💗... it’s come to this @Lin_Manuel @VAMNit Please find attached a related and equally as chaotic wholesome tiktok
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @bedwyrssong Listen we all have dead gays we wish we could have married @RalTy Me recently w 2 different D*G jobs I applied for a while back @TMurray06 Tim! That would make my degree in music even more worthless @jk_rowling Weird, that’s how I feel about TERFs
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @Snoopy @BubbeFischerBill Withers, who wrote and sang a string of soulful songs in the 1970s that have stood the test of time, including…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @KevGoshdarn 😭 He IS making online content of him being a dad in a fancy ass house upstate. And he and BCT did an i…
@claramonty It’s called better things @mgooen No I only just got to season 2it's VERY weird watching a tv show based on my childhood bunkmate's mom's life (and also her and her sisters' lives) but I finally caved @mulaney how did the algebra song idea happen exactly? #sacklunchwatch👀👀💖👏 @elibolin I KNEW IT WAS LIKE ONE WAS JOHNNY!!!! :) @mulaney why did you have Alex Bello's persona be related to the Jackson familyI can't believe that I watched **** that shit was nightmarish and no one forced me to unlike Unorthodox which was t… @woahitsjuanito Finally my time is... oh you’re just going w tv and film @hayleystjames Sheet music. Finally.Justin where was this tweet when I literally had to go to eating disorder treatment i wasn’t a very good dog april fools. i was so good
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar GooenI love our Newsies so much!
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @mycolefillups Lucky @msevareign NY post did it!Deeper than denomination Is the blanket subjugation Sometimes it’s blatant  Sometimes it’s latent But they expect u…’s poetry month and I haven’t been able to write much of anything in quarantine tbqh (I edited my first play some… is not true. Private hospitals are using networks and trustees to source materials and resources from all over…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @politico I have not seen anybody from the projects escaping to the Hamptons!
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooenwe're canceling April Fools' Day when what we should've cancelled is rent
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar GooenI’m really annoyed that I’m already going through stages of grief. Seriously. Just let me play my video g— oh wait UGH
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooenlike I understood, even as a tween, life is a Bill Finn song
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen
@shaftshaft @MatthewRisch_ AppleNick is one of the coolest, kindest, and most talented guys. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Get bett…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar GooenHorrible news. Theatre folks may know Adam Schlesinger from his iconic opening and closing numbers for Tony Award b…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar GooenThis fucking sucks. Every death fucking sucks. Everything about this illness fucking sucks. Love you guys. This…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar GooenPlease send healing thoughts to Stokes!úl should have 2 Tony Awards
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar GooenThis is so heartbreaking. What a talent, what a loss. Sending all the love to his family, loved ones, Bloom and the…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar GooenAt this point nothing surprises me
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @gayrodcon Right there were people with bells today and I’m like where are you getting this STUFF?Listen if the pharmacy won’t give me my testosterone in injectable form I’ll just get it the way I used to- by list… @bedwyrssong I was in Chess during my high school years so I get it completelyplease donate to Black trans people's GoFundMe pages. it's trans day of visibility which can be cute and all, but b…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @partar400 🤟🏼so much love to you dude @Lin_Manuel @VAMNit @BubbeFischer!!! @dicksurgery Why is this the most relatable thing I’ve seen on in a minuteI almost got hit by a car and fell down a flight of stairs but you know other than that this was not that bad a ti… @alex_abads Must be nice to have choices! @imjustinrandall @bedwyrssong the fact that Chess in its ENTIRETY was left alone! @bedwyrssong autocorrect is a bully @BubbeFischer amount of athleticism *glares at my dad* in dance is amazing @humorandanimals @mgooen @BubbeFischer imagine if my childhood trampoline were still around. Teddy would be a circus dog in no timeever since we got this trampoline, the dog spends more time on it than the kids (viralhog)
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! could be on time (very unlikely), it could be a bit delayed (most likely), or it could be weeks (less likely, bu… is the best reframe I can possibly come up with for the situation at hand... I will be as grateful, if not mor… @alexiskaymolnar STAR.Starting tomorrow, millions of Americans will lose their employer-based healthcare because they've lost their jobs…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar GooenA GIFT IN QUARANTIMES., hear. @CompanyBway @nytimes
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @prestonmaxallen The picture of Preston Max Allen by Oscar Wilde @benjpasek @FTSGooen Thank GAWD I’m on 20 mg
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @NYGovCuomo Freeze. rent.oklahoma isnt on broadway. broadway isnt even on broadway. fuck this shit
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @ukleghoul It’s me remarking on you being wonderful in one word all caps @ukleghoul SHE @patrick_vaill Patrick 🥺💖 @bedwyrssong This is the take! @bedwyrssong it’s a chain of othering to feel superiorThe things that keep me in New York are the people and the theater. Folks,
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @bedwyrssong Bi+ people, Nonbinary people, and Ace spectrum people are truly looked down on by much of the rest of… what my Twitter timeline needed another unsolicited dick pic 🤢 @bedwyrssong @noahpattillo Used to?!? @docftw33 @JoeBiden And the absolute second he takes office I start protesting him because there’s work to do and s… @docftw33 @JoeBiden I mean I’d be surprised.It’s HIS play, Yale. And wow people really have nothing better to do than pick on Jeremy O. Harris @mgooen Yup.
I didn't think I had more tears after yesterday and then I watched unorthodox. Fuck.Eleven years ago today Diane Paulus’ revival of Hair opened at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre and ran for more than 519…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @JacboMichael Love u miss u @BillyRecce’all think we could get @DollyParton to see this? Could y’all RT and mention her below? I’d be on cloud a million…
Retweeted by Sandy/Sahar Gooen @BillyRecce I was forced to be her by my sister for many a dress up holiday @BillyRecce BUBBLESreader I fully screamed @realchoppedliva I’m living. @jaboukie We are all 100% Italian @andymientus 🥺 🤟🏼 @thegoodcarmah 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗