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Mostly post about whatever anime I'm watching + some other stuff Harmony Gold can eat a dick

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@SchwayGoose Positive note, with humanity learning and moving forward towards peace as a species, making it the "go… @SchwayGoose It's an alternate ending imo. In Turn A, pretty much everything is destroyed and the show ends on a pr… @Fell_Empress @FE_Heroes_EN They usually come out around September @JermSansContext JERMA STEP!
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@Hot_TBH @Catheri09932837 @SMGold_ WAIT HE DID WHAT??
@AHitetsu @ghaaast Yeah I read about it earlier. Shit sucks. Luckily I've never been a huge fan of Mangs, I've alwa… @ghaaast I'm out of the loop wtf happened?This happened to my friend Jordan last night in Monterey, CA while celebrating her aunt’s birthday. All they were d…
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @SchwayGoose Bro how are poor? Like lmao just be rich it's not that hard lmaoElf #pixelart #ドット絵
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@conspiraboomers Signing of the White Gold Concordat circa 4E 175 (colorized)Cute propaganda. In reality Bezos's mommy and daddy gave him $245,573 to stop Amazon from failing in 1995, but you'…
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @dylanjw10 Incest Princess @GideonZhi Outer Wilds. @ReviewsPokemon Cute ghost @JermSansContext
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@SavedYouAClickV Just wait like a week itll be up on some streaming website for free.
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @FE_Heroes_EN No Annette/Mercedes duo :c @Edelgard_Ebooks I understand. You cant let us get in the way of your plot to get rid of Rhea. @Ct1YoFP IS fails us once again.
@TusksofWar Yeah. But all the Jewish holidays are just like 3 hour long services. The only one I really care for is… @Conope @ObsidianWasp This banner would literally print money wtf @TusksofWar You cant only be a religious jew. You cant really convert into it so every jewish person is pretty much… @Kirvyx The FE fanbase is probably the least divided actually popular fanbase rn which is insane considering how po… @TusksofWar Ok ((Scottish)) @Ct1YoFP IS better give us a Annette Mercedes duo or else. Especially if its a BL themed banner. @Antivaxxtakes Hypocrit @theprinceofiris Not again @TusksofWar I know you're gay, stop trying to hide it. @TusksofWar :scottish: @StopAntisemites @News8 @NBCSanDlego @fox5sandiego He is a traitor to the USA and should be treated as such.Idk about you guys but this is the only thing that i will be commemorating today
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @UrmomlolX @it_meirl_bot Going to start a contest to see who gets Fus Roh Dah'd off a cliff first. @ozonefnm @HobbesHD @elonmusk All of those things may be bad, but the stuff the chinese do is 10x worse @Citron_Odysseus Better have Annette @it_meirl_bot No one would want it gone. They'd just take it and make it expensive.⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀. . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⌒ ⠀ retweet if the person in your icon deserves…
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@SchwayGoose Ok trap🌸24 HOUR RAFFLE! 🌸 RT + follow to enter! Winner receives a colored sketch
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @Antivaxxtakes Totally going to trust a source that has "Nothing in this video constitutes legal or medical advice" in it. @DFGEASS @ObsidianWasp Skyrim fans too @SchwayGoose Lose both and you can cosplay as all of them
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @PunishedHag They also ignore the fact that animals kill and slaughter each other all the time.
@CMoney_x No one needs instagram pages @TusksofWar Maybe stop thinking that nothing matters because your going to die anyways. That's probably why you're depressed @AML_Restaurant Yes! @RawrCanDraw Theres this chips ahoy oreo ice cream at the grocery store here that's really good.HI EVERYONE, I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT FILIPINOS ARE DELETING THEIR TWEETS BECAUSE THEIR GOVERNMENT IS GONNA HOLD IT AGA…
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @VisuallySt Which Borderlands boss is this?
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony GoldRetweet and Follow to Get a Chance to Win Some Kirby Merch!
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @SchwayGoose What happened? @NotAzzy True. But if you were rich you could just buy another. @NotAzzy Gotta have real diamonds @NotAzzy Get rich and buy them @NotAzzy Get rich @badhistorytakes The Roman's owned slaves so we should tear down all European Architecture and art.Retweet to scare a gatekeeper
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony GoldA single retweet would mean a lot , help this family out please!! 💛💛 link will be in my bio
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@SchwayGoose You have awakened. Sex isn't real. It was just created by the government to keep us down. @Ct1YoFP They're not even worth it @MD_Chaos4 I wish he'd block me. I'm too lazy to block him. @peepoo420yeah @SomeoneUhhh @bbchealth Both countries should disappear @CursedBoomers Ah yes of course, it was in "ancient language" all along! How could I have been so stupid?Rt if u know what these are
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@TusksofWar Astolfoturning warmups into Instagram posts is fun
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @badhistorytakes Why does this guys name looks like a website wtf @ourbravestboy @ghaaast Checkers
@TheMaxSanford2 @TheMikePatrick Banking in 2045 @SchwayGoose I dont think it's as popular as Playstation and switch @SchwayGoose The reason Halo isn't popular in Japan is because Xbox is not popular in Japan. I also dont think PC is that popular in Japan.新衣装楽しみすぎる〜〜!!!🔥
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @badhistorytakes "The Nazis were bad so everything I dont like is Nazism!" @MisterAntiBully Should've stopped after the Confederates @OOCWesternR34 Finally
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@plushcharm Idk what happened but I hope you're feeling better soon @Western_Trad You want to be gay? @ShitpostBot5000 And you become a vampire causing you to buy the Dawnguard DLC so you can blot out the sun.Yay, money, sex
Shit̶̪̯̗̟͓͓̑͂̐̃͐͗͑̾̊̕͜ȟ̶̨͕̩̜i̵̩̪̬̽̌͒͜s̴̨͗̋͘͠͝ ̵͇̪̹͓̗̜̜̝̜͗̐͐̋̃̈́͑ì̵̪͍͗͌͒̚ş̷̢̟̭̙͍͕̞̠̓͒́̌̂̍̄͊ ̶̨̛͉͓͉̟̫̎C̴̱̚ḩ̵͓͈̭̹̖͙̐͋͊́͛͗…
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony GoldGoogle+'s 9th anniversary will be on Sunday, June 28th. I ask for people to use their first G+ pfp on the day in re…
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @WahOfTheNorth @SchwayGoose Going to nuke it and make the world a better place if I win.😜DOING A GIVEAWAY😜 😋THE PRIZE IS OHIO😋 🍦🕺RETWEET LIKE AND COMMENT TO ENTER🕺🍦
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Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @ChazAriaLLC @Mangs1337 Annette >>>>>
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @weabooscholar You will be missed @sadpandatxt How do these people explain the Plauge in Europe during mideval times? They didnt have vaccines back
Retweeted by Fuck Harmony Gold @3dZach @SophNar0747 65,543 not including non combatants and those who are MIA.Join the MechaTop giveaway and win a Neo Zoeng!!! #mechatop #kickstarter #giveaway
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@TusksofWar @alexsummersx @Ricin_Official Of course it was fucking british people @CursedBoomers Just like Lions, conservative men rely on their wives for everything. @TusksofWar Elves rise up