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no gods, no masters 🇿🇦 ’Mother’ out now on @grindselect ✨1312

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@alex_vantonder ALEXXX !!!!!!!!!! @Henderson1983 I cannot believe your hair it is INCREDIBLE
@timmhotep WHATAnimal Crossing: The Purge
Retweeted by Push PushIf you’re anti-abortion, and think pregnant women should be forced to carry to term against their will, kindly fuck…
Retweeted by Push Push @georgiep___ Yeet men @phazero Halloween !!!I’m dying my hair orange tomorrow so if you wanna bully me please do so now and get it over with @Rasheeda_S Do you need me to send you pop bangers to replace this because I will @Rasheeda_S Has it ????👀👀
@desiremarea You know she put this on just for this tiktok 😂 an icontwitter comedian bf and sex worker gf are unstoppable online power couple
Retweeted by Push Push @queersocialism If he stays silent on sex work decrim and doesn’t address his stance on FOSTA/SESTA @thisisKANDY @QUACKHOUSE Omf my two faves on one lineup ?!?! What did I do to deserve this?? @thea8p Love you !!!!! @thea8p I would chose you over John any day
@SlimJosa Wow OP really thought they did something here I have to laugh @intrnetdaughter How do you know if you have a fat pussy @BolsoGucci @DavidBegnaud It’s everywhere baby, it’s all of us, everywhere. Humans are a plague#Mexico: Feministas marcharam em protesto contra os feminicídios e o Estado patriarcal. Elas marcharam e incendiara…
Retweeted by Push PushDon’t worry, this is about as emotional as I’ll ever be on here. But do listen to it and have a cry if you need to: to ‘Anthems for a 17 Year-Old Girl” and thinking of my first love and how I didn’t know she was my first love until she was gone
Bernie needs to be pushed on denouncing FOSTA-SESTA yes, but also needs to be pushed on his lack of support for ful…
Retweeted by Push Pushhi we’re a true crime podcast hosted by 2 middle aged FEMINIST women. every week for the last 5 years we’ve release…
Retweeted by Push Push @kellyVN Well then catch me not sorry for pissin!!!!!!! @kellyVN Pee is sterile no ? @parv0_ Just a lil break would be niceSESTA/FOSTA is nightmare legislation that generates and justifies deployment of state violence and surveillance aga…
Retweeted by Push PushLand of the free baby !!!!!Americans honestly act like a herd of spooked cattle at all times it’s wild @kellyVN Ill sleep outside if I have to @damnleahjazz ForeverMy mother when I left home : @kellyVN @kellyVN Omg KELLY I’ve been googling best replies and I have one we could put in the bed
@carolinecaloway @saintknives Queen of our hearts ♥️♥️♥️If you see me in the streets today screaming to Converge with mascara running into my mouth please mind ya fuckin business @Lakergrrrl Ugh yesterday I was THIS CLOSE uploading a cover of cold day in July but I though better to wait till m… @Lindyyay I have no horse in this race! But it seems fucked up to want to cancel a child today. Especially when abo… @Lindyyay Also I don’t know if I’m comfortable taking a thread as facts but then again am I comfortable seeing a li… @Lindyyay Ok wow my spelling. If someone has a black parent are they not black ? @Lindyyay I think he is ? I don’t know this whole situation is very confusing for me I just found about it. But I h… @Lindyyay Thread says he’s not white
@kellyVN Omg get on it ASAP !!! I actually can’t wait to talk to you about this @tyisonline Stop by LA for the bants and the dabs ?My input for today : Everything sucks !!!!!!!!!! @kellyVN I’m just gonna let autocorrect do its thing and leave Jelly here @kellyVN Jelly have you watched the series “unreal” ? I feel like you would love it , I loved it @timmhotep We know we look fuckin stupid we trynna catch em all ! @timmhotep Bruh we playing Pokémon leave us alone 😩
@jenique_please Happy birthday you beautiful scoundrel ! @NandiJkj I’m almost finished! @bobnessmonster I also wanna 😤😤😤😤😤 @sadnapss Lolllll I feel this so hardToday is @moonbounce_ new album day!!!!!!!! birthday @bobnessmonster !!!!! @drizzyxcole @rihanna I keep this on my phone to bring me life when I need it
@LadySkollie Ok but whaaaa haaaaaaaaaa know when something makes you cry laugh for several minutes and you don’t know why @desiremarea But @LadySkollie is right about the men @desiremarea It’s very boring tbh @Lakergrrrl Jokes we all know the only answer is death @Lakergrrrl I would like to removed from this weird scam pls how do I get outWhat’s the word for when your medication has stopped working but you can’t stop taking it or you’ll start a withdra…
i need the record to show i have never dated a man named matt which, as a white woman, likely means i have violated international law,,,
Retweeted by Push Push @tyisonline You are too smart and hot to be bogged down by mediocrity!!!!!! @tyisonline @AmberMeowOtt @tyisonline Jfc FINALLY @tyisonline Also his handle- I’m a petty whore but I still get mad when I see men still trying to make “thot” happen. @tyisonline He literally says a whole bunch of nothing it’s just ... nothing. Like I can tell he wants it to be SOM…
@ariesmoan Aquarius and cancer @tyisonline Ok Im sorry I HAD TO GO LOOK and now I wish I hadn’t because I’m clenching my jaw so hard I might break a tooth @kellyVN @nickhallsa Here’s your guy: @AbutiGatvol @__madixon anger is a gift !!!!!!
Monday reminders: • sex doesn’t have to include love • genitals don’t determine gender • chastity isn’t inherently…
Retweeted by Push Push @afirahs @_esethu The only song off the bring it on OST that still slaps ! @tyisonline So you didn’t write this ??? @NoCntxContinue Best answer yet @bobnessmonster Don’t make me cry manNot a lot of people get it right so consistently over the span of so many years with absolutely no corporate backin… songs of mine, some of the most fun nights I’ve ever had, some really insane experiences I’ve had because…’t say I’ve ever bought something or gone somewhere because of an influencer but I think the closest thing I hav… @kellyVN You know I meant *buy* 😤 @kellyVN But her a copy of the ethical slut 😂 @insulinth0t Unconscionable 😤How do I get my 4 frat bro neighbors evictedI find myself keep going back to the Hot97 freestyle # 87 Black Thought...I get angry because, that kinda rhyming d…
Retweeted by Push Push @heathercampbell How did they miss a song about hating cops ???? @fanie_nani Dm me your trainer code duh 😍 @tyisonline Wow pearl, can relate
@megstalter Wait how do we get in on the fan club @tyisonline Stutter and lose my footing most probably 😏
@sir_camble Thank you for saying this !!!!You don’t ? @intrnetdaughter They all do? It’s their business model.
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