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I can't believe we have to pay rent
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertescoronavirus but it's a cake and we all laugh with relief when it's cut open and start singing "you give a little love" from bugsy malone
2020 @FUERTESKNIGHT I think the guys in uk are right with their comment because you're ugly
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertescatcalling in latin america: "I would die for you. Your body is like a guitar. Let's make sweet love under the star… @Bandcloud thank you!These letters are spectacular
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertes @LucasOakeley Chickenjoy WITH Jolly Spaghetti Spaghetti meet me outside if u wanna fight @sweynjupiter ankles round the neck smash! I was scandalisedI'd nearly forgotten about this but it's still so important @jennifertetteh very u get late 20s/ early 30s people with extortionate rent and stagnating salaries but…'m legit unraveling. However...bikini beach pics! @thisisliquid you can now add a family of spotted skunks to that mix @jennifertetteh I did! Though I think the ppl who debate it on here ultimately know that majority of ppl in UK are… @helloalegria I'm financially insolvent AND enjoy homeware from Habitat. Range ☺️ @ChristinaMcMc like! ascension is that not what we strive for, more comfort for ourselves and potential… @BeeBabs UMHUM! esp taking part in signifiers bingo to blur their background cos's not an identity! it's… haven't slept more than four hours a night for the past month and I can't tell if it's cos I'm anxious about bein… mum would beat them up if they caught them online implying they weren't middle-class ✋🏼 @helloalegria same! so much this, like, a fear of losing authenticity and wanting to co-opt oppression so they have… have a clever and nuanced theory about why signifiers of being working class change every week according to this… @LETSGETLITICAL all terrible peopleflying to Mexico mid pandemic, we going ✈️✈️ chaos
send everyone who signed the Harper's list to Rikers.imagine giving yourself a hernia about not being able to bully minorities on twitter when Maria Ressa and other Fil… show villain the actual villain show villain the actual villain @mlothianmclean I used to get this lol...eventually dropped one name cos = trauma 🥴 that man needs to mind his own fucking business @thevillain91 @hey_tambourine @mlothianmclean @AaronBastani this BTEC reasoningpetition to change the 'Streisand effect' to the 'Johnny Depp effect' see you in 2021 x
if Peppermint is not brought back as a Dr Robotnik final boss lipsync I will spitI was sitting on a moonlit beach with a Tico guy and he was like "how can you not think this is beautiful" and the…'s nothing wrong with having "stuff"...if you're psychopathically buying shit every week that you don't need o… need to talk about how much I hate shoeless expats in tropical countries who go on and on about freeing themselve… find it mad how a global community can watch in real-time countries get approaches to law + punishment, education… @christo_tweets actual footage of me @funcrusherrr 🥰🥰I'm really enjoying @FUERTESKNIGHT 's tiny letter arriving in my inbox like a nugget of corn in the filth of relata…
Retweeted by Joanna FuertesGuy called T2 oonts oonts music yk, the kids are not alright. The kids are bad vibes.
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertes
@samparkercouk it’s what Tony would’ve wanted xI just watched this little girl rip the already ancient broadband router out of its socket and now I have to drop kick her into the oceanquite predictably...I’m in love 🥺 @MADFLAVOUR born 2 splosh @samparkercouk I am actually going to sue you for a day of mental anguish 😭 @damiengayle I'm trying harder! @k_rimm the ones that topple over? 😭 @clubsilencio 🥺🥺 maybe! when I get over Le Shame @MasterOluwa I'm not very bright lol @NickLight_ i'm a thickoif your name is on the masthead of a prestige print magazine every week, you are probably not being silenced
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertes @jk_rowling @NicESpurling where was the freedom of speech here then hun @christo_tweets jeeeeeeeeeesu @KarlaMalamute 🥺🥺🥺Just read the latest Tinyletter from @FUERTESKNIGHT and it is, in a crowded field, a wonderful piece of writing. D…
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertesahem hate this lol. The entirety of this overwrought open letter could've been boiled down to "join your union". And… @yasminlajoie the bolognese was forward thinking! @MartGleason muchas gracias 😭 if I ever spend my 3 hours of allocated broadband not on Twitter I should hollerup at 6am to take in the fact that I moved country for a job, a global pandemic started, the job evaporated, my ret… bed-frame-less a nationality 🥺 thought there was a turd in the tide pool but it was an old banana...I’m a travel blogger now x @k_rimm just wanna be back near a Wilko and Costa 🥺 @MartGleason 🥺 going to remember this next time I say I’m pregnant instead of embarrassedinsomina and all I got is this shit view to make up for it 🙄 @ruqaiya_h gonna listen to “Dirrty” and disassociate @ruqaiya_h 😭😭 I miss it so muchgod something about pics of UK celebs with poker straight hair and pale lipgloss is like sticking a pencil really f… sexy fish london i turned up to ur restaurant looking like this and u looked me and my friend up and down and…’s 4am here but I wanted to join in 🥺dear sexy fish london i turned up to ur restaurant looking like this and u looked me and my friend up and down and…
@ethanharv @samparkercouk wtf Samnot sure who needs their day ruined but there's a reasonable chance you're nearly as old, if not older, than Tony S…
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertesfuck them because I'm taking my ideas and self-publishing to Medium!!! right after I've finished sitting on the e… @victoriasanusi crocs and tevas, yes, I will die on this ugly foot hill @ladyhaja Right! I get it in that all editors have some $$$ overlord to appease but if you *have* to argue 'worth'… @ameliargh'know when YOU KNOW a long-read idea is good but every single place is like bUt wjAt mAyKes It rElEvANT To ToDaY?… the spirit of loving the letter format, I would recommend @ameliargh's long-reads...really enjoyable and interes… @ruqaiya_h ok but you look flawless 😭commas? have raged out of control in a way I did not expect but the problem is my life is still stupid so there's no n… you've got the latest letter you'll see an addendum in there that they're going to be every two weeks to allow m… @4r7hr @4r7hr i cry 🥺 thank you 😭Bit remiss of me not to post about them before tbh but I've enjoyed every single one of @FUERTESKNIGHT's newsletter…
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertes @freyaeiou ikr the bit with the seagulls...pissed dads only you don't BONE the pissed dad @yungalchemy the au pair from his previous marriage did all the cooking I guess 🥴 @ladyhaja long nights at Slug & Lettuce instead 🤮You definitely should subscribe to @FUERTESKNIGHT ‘s Tiny Letter. Beautiful writing, always. ❤️
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertes @RKazandjian 😘😘😘 @iainaitch with a comic sans book title @NickLight_ muchas gracias mi amor...also I'm an painfully aware I owe you a reply over broadband asapyou think you'll be like Bart in France learning a language pero luego te das cuenta de que eres lenta y estúpida
@RBel2 love you! thank you always!Once again I am asking you to subscribe to @FUERTESKNIGHT's TinyLetter - today's one was especially excellent if yo…
Retweeted by Joanna Fuertesfilled with self loathing everytime I send a new letter but then 🥺 @samclo thank you mi amor!