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“If you care so much, sell your ceiling amigo. Do something!” RIP Diego Maradona. An amazing footballer and a man of the people.This JFK series is one of the most important things you could listen to to understand the conditions of the modern…
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Hi all - with Biden announcing so many Cabinet positions, I've launched a little project: The Data for Progress Cab…
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@jessinicoleb @unrealdeveloper @CIA “Our budget is really bloated with all the operatives on Twitter all day but I… @jessinicoleb They probably got twice as many NSA staffers working graveyard shift bc this is fact 🤦‍♂️ @Fugate_theGreat Yup. I did a rewatch this year and was still just so blown away. The way that such oddball charact…
Retweeted by Jason Fugate @jessinicoleb Even with all of the meta commentary and changes, it has no business being so relatable... Real artistryI just finished Community and it’s my favorite show, hands down. A silly comedy got me CRYING and not just cheap te… @mostdefnotdan W @mostdefnotdan “This is self-inflicted. If ye abided by the law of the land the land, glad tidings of the slaying o… @mostdefnotdan Nah, it’s a moral failing if you get it, remember?
@carjwilson Realizing some people are more mad at a comic book character than a real life criminal, very normalI cannot say on this app but 👁 @degreatdelph He said
If you sense a call to rostered ministry in the ELCA, you can take the next step on your journey. Apply now for a f…
Retweeted by Jason FugateIt does feel like this pandemic will be used to justify more and more automationLearned I like “Hyper Pop” at 24, who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks @dcarterruff I listen to Circling Back and TrueAnon, this is the crossover I need
@cointeltoe Same and I still have to grow a beard to cover my jawline, so tragic @Xanolabars No 🧢, currently playing and it’s fireWait, I didn’t know how good Charli XCX is @mlynnellmills Read about the “Powell Memorandum” from 1971 if you haven’t. Made me realize exactly why I was never taught a lot of things.Does anyone use Letterboxd bc I just started and have some questions
@SeanMcCarthyCom Used to work a groundskeeping job with really talented and thoughtful guys who’d probably be shoc…
@Xanolabars 👁?Half way through an energy drink, the beat drops to Heartbeat, and I smile. 2011 or 2020? Couldn’t tell you.
It will be a nightmare if I’m in my apt alone in winter conditions and can only see people on zoom
@SG_Capital @CapitalSG @czuchczuch4 you should win this and then not share
@pissboymcgee Moved next to one recently and know most of the staff. Only some people really understand the true glory of the gas station
@bridgietherease I can’t stop thinking about why they would keep doing thisHow many problems would be solved if 50K of your student debt was relieved? @kraft_macnchees Opry*** and that’s why Andy is a 👑
@kraft_macnchees Did Jason see this person perform at the Grand Ole Oprah in Nashville before formal? Yes
@Xanolabars If you flex they’d look better than mine so no hate @Xanolabars French curl sets in order when we hang out next @tayjayisbae_tj @donaldglover I believe he could write an original that would slap but I mean based on my limited k… @theriverjordin I would too if it wasn’t me 😂 @theriverjordin Annie Edison-85% and Troy Barnes-15%If @donaldglover wanted, he could be an EGOT winner in like two years.Does anyone else relate so deeply to a character in “Community” that it makes it the best show and also hard to watch or just me
The favorite for Secretary of Commerce is the Quibi CEO, this rocksCelebrate today, quarantine for fourteen days tomorrow, amirite @jessinicoleb CNN calls it and then signs off and comes back in 3 years to start campaigning againAgain I get not wanting Trump but people in the streets cheering for Biden aka the continued hollowing out of their…
Retweeted by Jason FugateProbably learn this in expensive medical sessions or you could follow me who learned it from TVPeople want to feel loved so they think if they teach someone unavailable, they’ll always be loved
i could realistically start an “out of context jason”, and it would be my legacy... miss you dog ⁦@Fugate_theGreat⁩
Retweeted by Jason Fugate @cheer_bong Can’t stop laughing. I miss you dawg!!! Truly, just wild tbhThis attitude is why the Dems aren’t gaining popular support that some of yall arent considering donald tumps mental health right now :\
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When you frame your campaign as a narrow referendum on Trump as opposed to his party’s governing philosophy, defeat…
Retweeted by Jason Fugate @Xanolabars I learned this from the education you paid for me to have and also the heir to the Vanderbilt fortune @Xanolabars *waking up* “How can I pathologize a loved one today” @ArseneWasRight Tucker Carlson or Marjorie Taylor Greene and they’ll get like 400 electoral college votesSeriously ask yourself why some states are able to easily count mail in votes and others are notI can think of a primary candidate who probably would’ve lost SC but we definitely wouldn’t be talking about NV like a swing state
Still haven’t called a state wrongPrediction: some Dems still won’t understand that identity politics is killing them.
Retweeted by Jason Fugate @liz_franczak Thank you for reminding me to not post cringe
@kittybutz Congratulations 🎊🎉 please consider universal healthcare @eriecomoellago Imagining The Bad Place as a never ending campaign cycle rnThe next President of the United States is..... the girl reading thisFox News Exit Poll Change to a government-run health care plan Favor 72% Oppose 29%
Retweeted by Jason FugateThis is a lie and wrong don’t think I had a history class that taught anything from the last forty years.Maybe the most radical thing you can do today is maintain sanity and perspective in the face of all-consuming hyste…
Retweeted by Jason FugateDue to overwhelming public interest the 2020 presidential election has been extended for another two months.
Retweeted by Jason Fugate @NoLuckNeal Precisely why you’re not, king 👑 @Xanolabars What would he do for the next two years if he didn’t have to explain why he wasnt actually that wrong?
I am preparing to prevent a coup. by doing self care
Retweeted by Jason Fugate @GarrettKehr @Xanolabars They’d have you believe what we produce is insufficient. Wonder what else is brought with imported cheese? #W1GWAG @mostdefnotdan “Therapy should be mandatory.” -someone looking for people w/ negative pathological behaviorsNOTICE: I am doing a Brothxr check-in. Showing support for one another...I need SIX mxn to post, not share, this me…, hey, CIA! how many kids did you confuse today?
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One day, I will stop talking to all hair stylists like they are older than me but not today @ByYourLogic Louder for the people in the back!
Sucks it ended the way it did, big ups to one of my all-time favorite Bengals @Carlos_Dunlap and thanks for a solid decade in stripes
Retweeted by Jason FugateMy professors helped form my world view and helped shape me into a leader, I just want to say in case Dr Jackson sees this
I love people saying Amy Coney Barrett isn’t qualified. Did you hear that professor? Your job is MEANINGLESS in the real world.I’m setting the record straight. I am not a nerd; I am just both cool and smart.Don’t worry everyone the courts are apolitical!
@czuchczuch4 Finally @WongKarWax There is still time
Most Searched Issues During The #Debate
Retweeted by Jason Fugate @_A_m_e_l_i_a_ I mean, you’re not wrong about Bridesmaids or The Heat for that matter“What’s your favorite movie,” is not a good question for me bc all favorite movies are all comedies that are rated incredibly poorly.
Just passed a state park named after them.... okWith all due respect, I crossed the Missouri River in like two minutes. Lewis and Clark are fine but I’m built different.Deportations in America have been shameful under both Trump and Obama. We can hope Biden will be different.trump insists that harris is farther left than bernie like buddy if only
Retweeted by Jason FugateReally don’t want to go to war with North Korea :(Why did you all ask for the mics to get cut, this stinks
Troy Daniels the forever GOAT on blacktop. @troydaniels @Xanolabars We should care about everyone is really bland and boring, sadly
2020“1 billion Americans” is much different than this though @kenklippenstein Ken, there is no better way to allocate capital than to prove your clocks don’t stop but again tha…
@ArseneWasRight It’s good, interesting politicsThe conversation is never “how do things get better” and I think that’s sad