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Sebastian Normandin, Ph.D. Academic, intellectual, writer and ex-con. Shunned by society, but still seeking solace. #Buddhism #stoicism #vitalism

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Radical skepticism is a major drain on productivity, which may be the only thing making it subversive anymore
I've been trying to process how people could have cut down a 1,200 year old tree around here in...1976?
Racking up the rejection slips and embodying failure
@morallawwithin I'm pretty sure there's no Road to Wigan Pier either
The Proxima Centauri enigma continues... #biology #life #philosophy #science #weird via @sciamThere is no "there" there
and this mental disease has a very curious symptom, which is that the symptom itself brought the mental disease int… if you were to push me to an extreme, I would say that society has been afflicted by a disease, a very curious,… is in fact a cunning way of excluding certain people or certain patterns of behaviour. So I don't think that o… our society characterized itself as insane, it would exclude itself. It pretends to do so for reasons of interna… If I were to say with which malady contemporary society is most afflicted? ELDERS: Yes. FOUCAULT: The… Mr. Foucault, if you were obliged to describe our actual society in pathological terms, which of its kinds…
@SFRuminations "When Gravity Fails" is the one many contemporaries know best because of the perceptive synthesis of…
Twitter is becoming a neurasthenic difference engineAbraham Flexner, "Medical Education in the US and Canada" (1910). @EtheHerring The lady from Ladysmith has spoken"The overwhelming importance of preventive medicine, sanitation, and public health indicates that in modern life th…
Local #history #bc #weird
I wrote this with a colleague while working at Michigan State from 2011-2014. This all has very deep roots @gabridli Can't follow link... @mccormick_ted I was feeling like a "tweet-in" of all my old doctoral notebooks filled with canonical American hist…
@HarveyGMcDonald @moonchildbrule You just answered your question right there
@shefaly Yikes @shefaly Let's say he won the bet, but not the war? @shefaly Kirkpatrick Sale's "Rebels Against the Future" is an awesome and quite timely classic.U.S. Politics has officially become performance art. Like interpretive dance, but slower and less coordinatedThis is all because of that record low pressure in the Bering Sea a couple of days agoMen will literally write "Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics" instead of going to therapy.
Retweeted by Fugitivehistorian"Signs, signs, everywhere a sign." From John Brunner, "The Sheep Look Up" (1972) [2003] #history #life #scifi, gatekeepers and indifference. This is the desert of the real #life #poetry #weird
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@jbadelaire You know Studs Terkel? @jbadelaire Any particular references you used? Specific historical texts or the like? Obviously movies from the… @jbadelaire I'm an academic by trade. We make a lot of bold, unmerited assumptions. I googled him and it seems he j… @jbadelaire This is all a bridge too far for me. I love the IDEA of bad pulp horror. But in actual fact...Not so mu… @vernon_w_cisney I think the nomenclature is more challenging @jbadelaire You are a brave man to do this. You know, so we don't have to."We murder to dissect." -- William Wordsworth #histmed #histsci #Politics @phenomenoloji @non_philosophy This is central to the debate about the meaning of Enlightenment and the nature of r… @phenomenoloji When I read your first statement I think of Horkheimer and Adorno, Dialectic of Enlightenment. And t… @phenomenoloji Everything you said here is superfluous beyond "Western philosophy is historically rooted"
Is there a William S. Burroughs bot? There ought, should there not, Be a William S. Burroughs bot? @misanthropemike Sending healing thoughts. Take care of yourself @jeffvandermeer I, for one, welcome our Trash Panda overlordsHibernating lemurs! #biology #histsci #weird via @ConversationCA @morallawwithin There's a "University of Bath" too?? @3QD This is very topical neck of the woodsWood
Retweeted by FugitivehistorianIt was the wild wet west coast today. Cabin fever for all but the ducks
"There is even a kind of pulp philosophy, in which the rational materialist hero (generally a first-person narrator…"In perception and action we fail to exhaust the deeper reality of the things with which we are engaged." -- Graha… California Quail scurrying around the yard provide a good deal of joyCurrent mood"Today vitalism is sterile. But it will not always be so." -- Henri Bergson #life #history #philosophy @lastpositivist Delueze on Bergson...c'est magnifique!I think they were even paying people to study.I've had a nice life. I once got drunk with Isabelle Stengers. I think we talked about Whitehead, vitalism and the… @Roll4Net The Birdman of Aarakocratraz @Stormforge_P @BlackDragonCan @cha_neg @EzraGeekyMusing @LawDogStrikes @StudiosSphere @mountain_foot @Hjorimir from Proxima Centauri. Intriguing #science story. #History #histsci #Weird @HarveyGMcDonald @Nit0r This is important informationThe people making the adult swim videos. There is a possibility they may be very, very highI don't have much #ttrpg stuff lying around. But this old catalogue is in a supplement I have ("Stormhaven"). Retro…
Alas, we can't, it is always reformed in that new moment. A new memory made of old parts. I think Bergson is right on all thatTried writing a campus novel: entitled "State". Sexist drivel I wrote while teaching at MSU. Sadly, I still have th… like soft pattering rain drops...Two tweets into the year and two followers down. Doing well!! @MoseyDm Could play against opponents. Gunning for admin positions. Or hot grad studentsBe cool to design a card game a la Illuminati or Cards Against Humanity in the vein of a campus novel. Wondering how this would work...It's early, but '21 has a kind of Warren Harding energy @jbadelaire All part of the Burgess Shale layers...'m out, see ya all in '21. #life #peace #RIPMF was the highlight of year's end for me. Yesterday afternoon. Maybe there will be another one again soon. Happy…, Chinese, Gregorian, Julian, etc, etc...Are we even sure it is 2020? @70sscifi Trippy Kirby! @JackByron13 @HarveyGMcDonald @WilliamShatner would be disappointed in you @HarveyGMcDonald Nightmare at 20,000 ft!"The name "S. Normandin" is mentioned in a History of Engineering paper": Now my work is doing some heavy lifting. #life #histsci #weird 🤓
@JD_Blythe Happy New Year!! I should really pick up my #worldbuilding game this coming year. The month of December was a crash and burn. :/I now want to write a #horror story entitled "The Schooner Katie". #bc #history #local #Sooke #weird #writing @mccormick_ted Herodotus was an Egyptian knock off. There, I said itThis morning is equal parts Thich Nhat Hahn, Timothy Leary and despair @mccormick_ted Some brave, tragic attempts at falsification, however @OregonRolledA20 Ummm... @ttrpgfactory I always though this kind of low-power/goofy superhero #TTRPG could be amazing conceptually and fuel amazing narrative. @richard_dorian I always find my stress level goes up when people are revealed to be androids @Role_Play_Chat Stabby @MagicalOverload VeryJust had a really nice conversation with a friend about life, teaching and Hegel while standing under a tree in the…
Is the noosphere still a thing? Do people still understand this stuff through the Teilhard de Chardin lens at all? Or is he just quaint?ONLINE EVENT: Philosophy book club — Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women, by @kate_manne. With @euthyphro. Sun…
Retweeted by FugitivehistorianI was browsing books earlier. So many amazing novels. So much out there. Why would you want to read any recent genr… mori or still life? Matthew Arnold
Retweeted by FugitivehistorianOne in seven billion. Or seven billion in one. @LeroyD20 Lord, spare me the nomenclature. Short folks is short folksMy love of the halfling's leaf has clearly slowed my mindThings are very bad everywhere re: pandemic. But what the Koreans are doing with nuclear while Trump gets all gaga… @rstockto No doubtThinking about whether I'm qualified to evaluate a paper about UFOs. Is this really anybody's area of expertise? Serious guesswork here...