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Just a suggestion! out there really IS a Maya Angelou quote for everything!
@innerspacegirl We came back this week! Full episode here: New episode next week on Wednesday on TBS at 10:30PM!In the words of Shakespeare: forsooth, our president doth do racism too much. gets a little (lone)star struck when she calls up Texas senator @TedCruz! ICE, impeach Trump, and idk like...make sushi a little bit smaller so it’s easier to eat lol! piece was produced by @Elizazeph with @laserlauren. Edited by @dgomezmena. Graphics by @ed_mundy. Special than… you ever wanted to see 8 women bend over backwards to defend a racist on TV, this is your lucky day! didn't make the next Democratic debate, but that doesn't mean he can't be on TV that night! finally, John Delaney is selected for the coveted August 1 solo slot, where he will perform his one man show “A… Draw Behind the Scenes: So Many Papercuts. #debatedrawAnd now please welcome CNN’s Debate Draft halftime show, David Axelrod on tenor sax! #debatedrawElizabeth Warren has a plan for the draft. #DebateDrawKeep in mind, this is just a practice round, now that we all know how to do the draft we will do it for real at 9pm. #debatedrawCan’t believe this is literally going into overtime. #debatedrawThey really should've drawn Amy Klobuchar's name with a fork. #debatedrawHickenlooper already proudly representing his new home colors. #debatedraw the round 2 pick they’re going to up the stakes by replacing the boxes with live tanks of sharks. #debatedrawThey should've had David Blaine host this. #debatedraw Kirsten Gillibrand has been traded to Night 1 for 3 first round picks and Andrew Yang’s tie. #debatedraw"I have $850,000 on Bennett being night 2! I don’t know why I did that! My kids will not be able to go to college."… we miss the draw where this panel was decided? #debatedraw’s pumped for the debate draw? Let’s do this! #debatedraw
The twist is that every cat was played by Scarlett Johansson. @LastWeekTonight! We’re looking forward to your 25 min expose on the donut lobby! #SamanthaBee Samantha Bee delve into the disturbing Jeffrey Epstein case on ‘Full Frontal’
Retweeted by Full FrontalHere is an even ANOTHERER drawing from last night's @FullFrontalSamB where I got to write out the words "Trump is a…
Retweeted by Full FrontalInfertility rates are high among female veterans & we don’t know why. Could be because the last study on military w…’s the female-hosted late night show within a female-hosted late night show you’ve been waiting for! Sam takes he… out all you need in order to escape proper punishment for your heinous crimes is a couple of good pals! Who k… took a break from his "executive time" to do as many racisms as he could! Between his racist tweets and racis… Coast, in the words of renowned poet S. Bee: "how often can our president be a racist? Let us count the ways!"… becomes the first woman to host a show within her own show with inaugural guest @senduckworth!’s victims faced off with a man whose cronies included billionaires, government officials, a prince, and 40%… the fake quote book of Dr Maya Angelou, a Word on Jeffrey Epstein: FBI and the Southern District of Florida became involved with the Epstein Case, resulting in the discovery of a… started investigating Epstein for molesting young girls in 2005. That’s 14 years ago! Jeffery Epstein’s flou… government now describes asylum not as an internationally recognized right, but as a “discretionary benefit,” w… didn’t have time to cover ALL of Trump’s racism on tonight’s show, so if you want to hear about his failed effor… Coast, have you heard the one about the racist and the pedophile who walked into the news cycle? No? Well get… know #notallrepublicans are racist. But we figured we’d give them a chance to weigh in, just to make sure. Tune… Frontal would like to take this opportunity to congratulate itself on the prestigious honor of being included…
Sam’s got a new show complete with a sidekick, band, and special guest @SenDuckworth tonight at 10:30 on TBS!… - you are our superheroes for sending us Marvel comics flavored ice cream on such a hot day! on Full Frontal, Sam very quickly solves the mystery of Jeffrey Epstein’s prolonged freedom. See you at 10:… Stole This Samantha Bee Interview With Tammy Duckworth Before It Could Even Air! by @DoktorZoom
Retweeted by Full Frontal @TheNotoriousRFJ @TheDailyShow They are!Croissants made out of pretzels?? What are they going to think of next, noodles made out of zucchini?! Thanks for o… Medicare-for-all, you can get your soulful ache treated for free! someone say "an all new episode of @detourtbs at 10:30/9:30c on TBS"? No?
Can you believe all these beautiful humans let me work with them everyday?? Today @FullFrontalSamB got Emmy noms, a…
Retweeted by Full Frontal#voteforawoman!Thank you @TBSNetwork for those bottles of wine!Thank you Academy voters! It’s an honor just to be nominated but you know what would look even better than wine bot… you so much to our dear friends @colbertlateshow for getting us what we've always wanted - BALLS! wishin I was in NY today celebrating the Emmy noms with these buds but I’ll see you soooon!!! Congrats every…
Retweeted by Full FrontalHey. This is nice. My show @FullFrontalSamB was nominated for an Emmy, as were the writers!
Retweeted by Full FrontalThrilled to be nominated! Can we please sit next to Catherine O'Hara?? 😍 @SchittsCreek tomorrow's all new Full Frontal, Sam takes her rightful place...behind a desk. With special guest @SenDuckworth!… Warren has a plan to bring back Gawker.
Sam has an important announcement for the Full Frontal staff... the media has been feeling particularly "charged" lately...
He’s right, they are from a country with a government that is a total catastrophe... just not the one he thinks.
The crisis at our southern border is neither good nor new. We’ve been covering the atrocities at the border for ove… is currently practicing hitting the woah.
Follow the insanity here: you find out that Full Frontal is now on TikTok... are so thrilled to be here. it the parody children’s book “Go The Fuck To Sleep?” off your blazers, Sam is back with a new episode next week!
See if you can spot yesterday's news! important message from Sam Bee! #USWNT #USWNTParade @uswnt - We are so proud of you! Thank you for representing our country in a positive light on the world stag… found Trump’s tax returns! #USWNTParade got your backs, @uswnt! 🇺🇸🥇💰 #equalpay @uswnt - just wanted to make sure you have the CORRECT parade route that conveniently ends directly in front of… @uswnt skip the White House and come to Full Frontal, we have slightly better food.
From the people who brought you “Trump Can’t Read” comes another investigative breakthrough. you do your announcement video as if there’s a sleeping baby in the next room. love/hate it when @michaelsrubens is right. Ps. Tom, you owe us $20.'re sorry to see you go @ericswalwell, we know you like making big announcements on late night TV though, so come…
Welcome To The United Staes of America. Happy 4th of July from Full Frontal #SamanthaBee
America is still a great country! Happy 4th of July from Full Frontal #SamanthaBee 4th, why not try the 'Samantha Bee' method of grill-lighting! Birthday, America! I’d say you don’t look a day over 240, but we’re still dealing with some shit that should…
Here’s how we feel about American Cheese. Happy 4th of July from Full Frontal! #SamanthaBee
ICYMI: Hope your mascara is waterproof, because we're bidding farewell to our beloved Huck-a-bot. It's the South Beach Smackdown we've all been waiting for--the Democratic Presidential Debates!
ICYMI: Surprise! We turned over the current immigration crisis at our southern border and found a "Made in the USA"… If the president is accused of sexual misconduct for the TWENTY-SECOND time and it doesn't even make the fro…
Don’t put away your rainbow Lip Kits just yet! Happy Pride from Full Frontal! #SamanthaBee
New Gay Icon Alert! It’s… the past! #SamanthaBee Bee has an offer the 2020 Democratic candidates can’t refuse: Drop out!
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Samantha Bee invites Democratic presidential candidates to drop out on her show
Retweeted by Full FrontalSamantha Bee (@iamsambee) invites Democratic presidential candidates to drop out of race on #FullFrontal
Retweeted by Full FrontalFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Democratic candidates, please drop out on our show! the news of Sarah Huckabee Sanders departure from the White House, Full Frontal pulls the plug on our dear Huc… forward to it! #DemDebate3