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Exactly one month from today, dinner is served. Fortunately, this food keeps very well. #NotTheWHCD
ICYMI: Cher's favorite call-in show turned 40! The future may seem dark, but as @thesheertruth found out, it's actually black! There's so much chaos that it's hard to focus your fury. So as a reminder: the Muslim Ban is still around an… There are only 588 days until the 2020 election and you're going to need every one of them to learn about al…
We're screwed. I see, the report is so big he had to drive it.'s the reluctant trend sweeping the nation - #Betoing! Send us your pics with the hashtag #Betoing (And please be… Alert! ❤️’s the Afrofuturism piece I did for @FullFrontalSamB and Black Future Month! I’m black and I’m proud (of it)!
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O cool cause in New Zealand they took the time to outlaw semiautomatic weapons completely. you realize you're still on camera and not just chillin with the Fox News bros.'Full Frontal' (@FullFrontalSamB): Sasheer Zamata (@thesheertruth) Gets #Bandersnatch-ed Thanks to 'Racist' Technol…
Retweeted by Full FrontalMUST WATCH: @thesheertruth's @FullFrontalSamB segment confronts racial bias in technology
Retweeted by Full FrontalHappy 40th birthday, CSPAN! You're almost old enough to care about you! the future more Black Panther or Black Mirror? Guest correspondent @thesheertruth investigates Afrofuturism and… likely don't remember 2017 because it was nearly 100 weeks ago, but the Muslim Ban is still a thing and it's st… the clown car that is the 2020 election continues to defy physics, Sam does the impossible and names every perso… Coast, we know your brain probably blocked out 2017 out of self-preservation, but tonight we're reminding you… Head to @FullFrontalSamB on Instagram for an awesome behind the scenes look with @thesheertruth. #SamanthaBee"It feels like every few days there’s a new human rights abuse to be protesting. But we can’t forget about the Musl…'s most reluctant game. #SamanthaBee know how some people can recite hundreds of digits of pi? Well tonight, Sam is going through all of the 2020 Pr… Peek of our show tonight! As the clown car that is the 2020 election continues to defy physics, Sam does the… stories will make the cut tonight? Tell us your favorite headlines of the week! #SamanthaBee
Tonight, @thesheertruth goes Black to the Future!’m so glad @FullFrontalSamB asked me to come on the show to talk about Afrofuturism and my new tech idea 🤓 Watch 1…
Retweeted by Full FrontalHead to @FullFrontalSamB for an Instagram takeover by tonight's guest correspondent @thesheertruth! ➡️…, Sam is born* to be in it**. *stuck on the perch **for tonight's new episode at 10:30 on TBS., Sharks. We present to you a new episode of Full Frontal tonight featuring @thesheertruth and her very good i…
She should shoot it on 5th Ave
Powerful video from these incredible women animators who banded together to demand justice. #TIMESUP
Retweeted by Full FrontalICYMI: The animation community is having a much needed #MeToo reckoning, as told and drawn by the women who brought… Ilhan Omar did her job and had an opinion on something. Chaos ensued. We're not saying Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist; he's the one saying it.
Thank you @kaitlinfontana & @FullFrontalSamB for sharing our story. Incredibly proud to know @Cheyenne_Curtis,…
Retweeted by Full FrontalIn your favorite cartoons the good guys always win, but this time the good gals won. Produced and animated by an al… God he’s never owned the libs 🔥 highlighted one area of #MeToo that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention: the world of animation
Retweeted by Full FrontalDemocrats are quick to pose with Ilhan Omar when it looks good on a magazine cover, but when it comes to standing w… number of deeply upsetting comments from Tucker Carlson were recently unearthed, but he's different now: before h… Coast, please accept this tweet as a bribe to get you to watch a new episode in 10 minutes on TBS! Do not tell the FBI. #SamanthaBeeHere's a behind the scenes look at tonight's episode! #SamanthaBee's wedding look is locked so everyone else plan accordingly! #SamanthaBee Police, he gave you all the clues. #SamanthaBee heroic women risked it all for each other. 💪 @FullFrontalSamB
Retweeted by Full FrontalIf you think it's been a long week, just remember we've got a new episode tonight at 10:30 which means it's only Wednesday! #SamanthaBeeNo Facebook outage can keep us from giving you a sneak peek of tonight's new episode! We'll just take it to Youtube…
What will go on tonight's billboards? The options are truly unlimited. Find out at 10:30/9:30c on TBS. #SamanthaBee your birthday wish was for a brand new episode you're in luck! Tune in tonight at 10:30 on TBS! Happy birthday! diggity dog! There's a squeaky clean new episode of Full Frontal tonight! Zounds! That's delish! enough of your parents retweet this, we'll make you a new episode tonight! #SamanthaBeeThere's still time to call your Senators at 202-224-3121 and ask them to give a fuck about Yemen! Need a refresher… us on TBS tonight at 10:30 for an all-new episode featuring Sam-inated Bee!
For everyone devastated over the success of Captain Marvel this weekend, never fear: Incel-ius is hitting the stand… @amy_hoggart does the impossible and explains #Brexit to you in less than 7 minutes. #BrexitVote, BREXIT.
Retweeted by Full FrontalI just used this @FullFrontalSamB segment to talk to college students about fat bias! Thank you @ashleyn1cole +…
Retweeted by Full FrontalWait until we tell you about your dad! NEWS: ENTRANCE INTO COLLEGE UNJUST, TILTED IN FAVOR OF WHITE KIDS WITH RICH PARENTS.
@staceyabrams @Yamiche @sxsw We know a good place to announce!
Retweeted by Full Frontal @staceyabrams @Yamiche @sxsw We know a good place to announce! Some people are not running for President in 2020. Rupert Murdoch is married to Jerry Hall????? Also, Fox News is our president. The Sackler family makes approximately $20,000 per opioid death and they use that money to buy incredibly st…
Tune into TBS in 5 minutes to watch my film "The Godmother" that I wrote and directed! AS A LADY.
Retweeted by Full FrontalHappy #InternationalWomensDay. Celebrate with our very own international woman by watching two extra-special mid-af… 2020 field of candidates continues to defy science and grow at an unprecedented rate, so much so that politicia…
.@washingtonpost you spelled “because of” wrong. you an American having a hard time understanding Brexit? Allow @amy_hoggart to translate it for you. Produced b… week, Jane Mayer reminded us that the White House and Fox News are married in a way that is both damning and d… the first family of the opioid addiction: the Sacklers. Join us for a stroll through the Museum of Hideous Thi… Coast, don't forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour this Sunday! That does not in any way affect the time of t… of the Trump Administration. #SamanthaBee to from your areola-plumping serum, raw sea water, and for solid gold tampons. It’s basi… only 2016 had gone differently, we’d have Hillary in the house and Stormy as Chief of Staff. #SamanthaBee out Sam’s Night At the Museum reboot, coming soon to a theater near you. #SamanthaBee beep! Who is watching with us? 👋#SamanthaBeeThe Bee family’s biggest accomplishment was getting banned from THREE Olive Gardens. #SamanthaBee's #WomensHistoryMonth so here's a little history for you: Did you know Samantha Bee is the ONLY woman hosting a… yourself. We are "new episode tonight at 10:30."
Learn all about Brexit with our European Union @amy_hoggart. Tonight at 10:30/9:30c on TBS! tonight's new episode we're discussing a number of national crises, so allow Sam to remind you what we're callin… yourself with an all-new episode of Full Frontal at 10:30 on TBS!'ve got a new episode tonight and Sam is fueling up the way she always does. round, fans of British comedy because tonight at 10:30 on TBS @amy_hoggart explains their funniest bit yet:…
.@AOC Is An Environmental Abomination! I Have The Proof! Guest gotcha piece by: Trent Barnacle're back with a new episode this Wednesday! Have we missed anything worth being snapped away from our billboards?… @Laura_Figueroa All of this will be waiting until April 27
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This #WomensHistoryMonth, we pledge to #RetweetWomen because amplifying our voices helps bring them down into a register that men can hear.
Snuck one in on the last day of Black History Month!, more Russian influence.
That hearing was a lot. Please take a moment to recover with the profound nonsense of @corypalmer and @DanSpenser.'all know......he worked.............for .. ..,. you??? for @AOC @AyannaPressley @RashidaTlaib to grill Michael Cohen. #CohenTestimony to believe this many white guys have been talking for this long and nobody's defended "Green Book" yet. #CohenTestimonyAll these men should smile more. #CohenTestimonyFollow along with our Cry-O-Meter to see how likely it is that Cohen definitely sobs by the end of this.…