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Semi-functional human unit. Written for @Dicebreaker @Kotaku_UK @PCgamesN @Waypoint @FanbyteMedia Paints Puny Plastic People. He/Him

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A Plasmancer! Silly name, excellent bot. I like to imagine he traces patterns in the red sands as he floats around.… @schillingc Brutal when that happens. I have done two reviews recently of impossible, buggy games. Incredibly frustrating. @RJMrgn I have 21+ plague marines ready to go! @RJMrgn Yeah, he's an amazing model that is downright average vs a goofy one that is good. Looking forward to that… @RJMrgn I had high success Deepstriking him in and pulling off those absurd 9" charges, but yeah... he's not exactl… @RJMrgn It is incredibly, no denying. GW are a massive company that still operates a lot like a smaller company in… @RJMrgn I assume some of it is mandated by sales, but it's a catch-22 in many cases, such as DG being low selling s… @RJMrgn To your further tweets: there is no rhyme or reason for this stuff, a lot of GWs releases are just planning… @RJMrgn It's because it call came with Dark Imperium. GW stores don't tend to order in a lot of DG stock, cos they… @MinovskyArticle the manga orderer has logged on @ScarletCatalie I don't feel qualified to comment on it, at all, but I also have no love for CDPR.Next up for my Skaven, a Doomwheel! Continuing the comic book style with pre-shading and colouring, and decided to…
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account) @nershly You've surely absorbed enough of it during Hang out and Hades chats @ewanwilson4 I have an absurdly high tolerance to horror generally, I generally just enjoy picking at its metaphysi… @ewanwilson4 I legit thought this was a remaster. I need to play this now, nice review! @edgeblend lend us a ton? @pillowfort fingers crossed you do t get shafted - I waited 8 weeks for a grand total of £188. Love to be on benefits!
It’s been a hot minute since I posted some martian sand blasted Necron action @Max_Poetic ye he’s on the twitters @edgeblend I platinumed (on Steam) Sekiro, cos I am a true gentleman @ScarletCatalie Enjoying another bloated triple A game? In this economy?
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account)*Record Scratch* Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation... @regmcfly let her remain free of sinGot my second win on Spelunky 2, but still no closer to getting those elusive secret wins. @Futurscapes what @CThursten @ShutUpShow How many horses please @cianmaher0 The idea of one makes me feel ill, but also because I can't decide on one - I am too Britain bad? yes. am I going to put up with Americans saying it's bad? no. should Americans put up with me sayin…
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account) @goonhammer surely they're Gotrek and Felix! @ElPrezAU you won’t regret it, Cure blew my mind a few years agoThis is a reminder that Cure is one of the greatest psychological thrillers ever made.Some morning positivity:“Is THIS the PS5 UI???!” Is the “Look at the new header on my council tax bill!” of games mediaBeing desperate to see the new console UIs is certainly some low level brain worms stuff masquerading as excitement for a console launch.This is great to see.
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account) @adsk4 This is really cool to hear, there’s such an unsettling vibe on both films use of uncanny things, and the us… @adsk4 I love Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s work so much, I think I can see traces of Silent Hill in both Cure and Pulse
@MisterFoxUK YEAH BOY HE DID THE MAD LAD DID IT @iyagovos gotta look fresh when you're confounding people with your weird ability that has become a meme @dana_howl Hell yes! Also you have a DM from me about something, when you have the time! @dana_howl I am lucky as my birth name is just "Luke Shaw" which is incredibly short, but now there is a perfidious… @cianmaher0 We need a compilations of parents and and grandparents playing VR for the first time, it's always amazingly wholesome. @cianmaher0 Incredible stuff! @crapstacular @IntoTheSpine I mean... Play is a strong word @nershly I've been feeling like this for 2 months Solidarity.
@schillingc I bought it waaaay back in Early Access - has it got a definitive end now or is still a more freeform game?The best track of the Spelunky 2 OST is such a huge spoiler, but man... it's really good. Like incredibly good - full of hope and wonder.Always love to read about Duskers - reminds me of an OK video I did on it years back @crapstacular The main thing that age has changed for me (beyond a constant feeling of failure) is the responsibili…'s my review of Vigil: The Longest Night, which is quite superb and one of my favourite games of the year. It…
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account) @crapstacular A lot of the advice and observations are spot on. @bonzrat About half of the people following me are fellow writers and they never talk to me so I have to assume the… @crapstacular I had no idea you were 32! I’m 33 and feel the pressure of age quite a lot when thinking about writin… wrote a piece, on my own blog, on how to get into games journalism. Note: it's more of a reflection on personal a…
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account)woke up to the surprising news that Sega is releasing the Golden Axe prototype I coded in 2012 under crunch conditi…
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account) @nershly gladly @immolations
Lets’s Mosey are all in it together!
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account)Just caught an absolute world first on a Spelunky 2 Twitch stream: someone got the first no cheat code secret clea…
@wegotmonobaby can’t wait to sit down and watch a whole series of The Watch!!!!!!!!Secret Cinema Idea: I screen Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cure in a dilapidated warehouse then murder you. Fiver a ticket?Can’t think of a cinema-adjacent company less deserving of a hand out than Secret Cinema. £977k is fucking scandalo…
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account) @RealPartOneHalf @zunguzungu it's such a great book! @ForkTwenty CUBES M8! CUBES ALL THE WAY DOWN!!!! @ForkTwenty fuckin... cubes m8the world mourns Koko the ape, but it seems to me... that kids these days would be more interested in Koko the "App"!!
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account)This is peak comedy the Asa should fund someone to make the game in the advert, because I want to play it. @zunguzungu Nabokov’s Pale Fire is an analysis of a poem (the titular Pale Fire) and the poem and the analysis/weir… @alexrowley86 oof @iyagovos yeah, it went bi-weekly a little while ago. Apart from Dressrosa, the pace is quite breezy. @iyagovos It’s very good, and tbh 900 chapters isn’t as bad as it seems. There’s no need to rush it or anything, my… @iyagovos It would t be so bad if HxH and Berserk were progressing. One Piece is also delaying too. Being caught up… @iyagovos I’ve dabbled with JoJolion but need to go back. Mostly avoiding catching up because waiting is frustrating @iyagovos Steel Ball Run is very good, glad you got around to it!My phone just corrected “success begets success” to “success vegeta success”i love when straight men read/watch golden kamuy they’re always like “they only put in all the gay naked men as fan…
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account)retweeting my biggest life achievement @mistercrayon @Shaun_Freeman It’s ok, I have no life and no money, only Spelunky @Shaun_Freeman I had the kapala and finished the run on 1HP @Shaun_Freeman I dunno, I rush and restart a lot
I wish I shared my t-shirt’s optimism.'s utterly absurd how difficult World 6 is. I was sharing my screen with a discord chat whilst playing, and every… plays, 257 deaths, and I got a basic Spelunky 2 win! uh... acting for want of a better word in BG3 is really good. They've nailed the kind of gestures and theatrics… BG3 character is obviously a Tiefling (cos why wouldn’t you) but I’ve only just met Astarion and he is clearly t… @ScarletCatalie he’s very stagey at times, but when it works it works. @ScarletCatalie I watched that episode when I was in a bad way a few years ago and it broke me. Huge floods of tears at the ending. @regmcfly Introduce it next time as by Henry "Mon the" Selick @regmcfly loudly correcting people who say they like Nightmare Before Christmas by explaining it was actually desig… luffy fanclub
Retweeted by Luke Shaw (Bepo Fan account) @NightmareModeGo the only GACHA I want to hear about is the GACHA of someone picking up a Den Den Mushi @DarrenKorb I am no music maker so I was just grabbing at references from other stuff i'd hear. It's such a great s… @richnutter @AlchemistsWorks oh no another game system @DarrenKorb Hey Darren! I know you've gone on record as saying Radiohead have been a influence on your music, so in… @zoyander sounds about par for the course, yea @Jam_sponge A lot oy the stuff you’ve said seems very familiar but after doing a bunch of research i’ve no confiden… conclusion, this highlights one of the main reasons inequality feels bad and makes people angry: the people at t…
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