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@k04sk Yeah fam, the live action one ain't it ⚰️⚰️⚰️ @OliveOilCorp 😍😍😍 @NinGeko_Art It's truly the best climbing tree i've ever seen in my life!! Apparently there used to be a net/hammoc…
Tbh I've never...climbed a tree before. I don't think??? Idk why I haven't until now. I didn't go v high loool but it was fun. @JoametteGil This is so sweet. Also I'm like wow is this what it's like to have a cute n nice dad??? ;u;"Let's climb a tree? Let's climb a tree." - @LawrenceLeLam @radsechrist Look at her 😭💓💓💓 @Sweeney_Boo Seriously !! Also while making sure it's sustainable throughout making the book😭-_____- @er_ique JenniferSometimes I think of snacks that make me mad. Mad because they tricked me lmao. When I went to Japan, I really wan…
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠🍊Precious Fruit🍊 Black joy is so important to see cause not only is it revolutionary, it is extraordinary, & beauti…
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠 @aephemera I added water and brought everything to a boil!Oop I forgot I mixed in a little miso paste too! @amandawtwong Thank you!!Made some real warming soup today. I'm not trying to get sick this winter !!!! Not into it!!! I stir fried onions… @JoametteGil The way I GASPED. What's the following in the middle, on top?? @amandawtwong I'm so happy for you.🥺🥺🥺 @malchata No problem!!Also kyungsoo has cute af lips.My tips for drawing lips is how I approach life drawing: Start with anchor points, so spatially you know where thin…
@toastasaurus The way you're too cute ❤️#OOTD
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠 @indiedynamo Get your bag!!!! @runDEVINrun Thank yoouuuu ;;;u;;; @LadyJaneDraws It's flipped!Truly, the biggest perk of having a standing desk, is so I can dance and draw at the same time lol. 💃🏾
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠 @neruerudraws 🙏🏾🙏🏾 @nomidraw Thank ya💓💓💓We got a bb Christmas tree😆 🥺🎄
#OOTD cute 🌸🍨💓
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠 @MarkElDude Yes. @AngrygirLcomics For real!!! I've been slacking on stretching 😭😭😭Me: I mean it's 2020, the stress was redirected to all the places 😭 @oheysteenz 🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕Went for a massage for the first time in forever and the masseuse's reaction to the tension in my shoulders was: Oh....oh my.. ^____T
Beginning of 2020 vs End of 2020
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠Felt cute 🌸🍨💓 @emulatelife Thank you! @LawrenceLeLam 😘😘😘 @amandawtwong 2020 has been a y e a r lol. @pipagaopoetry ❤️❤️❤️ @Vanessa_creates Lol 😂😭😭 2020 has done things to me!! LololI can FEEL the loss of patience in my eyes, in the second pic 😂😭😂😭😭 @yourxiaolongboo MOOD @Sweeney_Boo Lmao 😂😂😂😂 This is too perfectBeginning of 2020 vs End of 2020 @k04sk Yes yes!! 👏🏾 @YourSecretChef Thank you! Yes, totally comforting 😭 @queennRiiiii Many people have asked me this! I would like to :) When I have more free time hopefully I'll make one ☀️Wish I had the energy to make soup so I could have it before this meal though 😭😭 mom used to make this w/ pork tenderloin or chicken. Subbed it for shiitake & fried stewed tofu marinated w/ oys…
@thelfr Happiest birthday!!!Ok ok ok 👀👀 @nanairomiso Wheeeewww @pipagaopoetry I'm so in love 😭😭😭Thinking about my future Cantonese-Jamaican food truck....
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠 @xuangxuang1971 Oop, my mistake. We still stand them both;;😍😍😍😍😍😍
2046 Study (Wong Kar Wai). We love a Gong Li. @lingerie_addict Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. Sending you so so so much support and love right now.So far, it kinda feels like I'm living out my previous decade of life. Wondering if the 30s will be litty like how… @amandawtwong What??? Who is looking at him and going "yup middle aged" ???? I'm??? @katebush420 These veggie dogs! lunch: Garlic and avocado on lightly toasted sourdough, and bok choy with garlic and hot dogs. 😅⚫️Doodle⚫️
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠 @thetzechun Oh ok, you COOKING cooking rn 👀👀👀 (and always cause your pics look so good every post)⚫️Doodle⚫️
@earthdombaby Lmao facts 😭😭😭 @nanairomiso Sending you so many hugs. Keeping your mom in my thoughts 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾As of today, there is a hunger strike at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Saskatoon. There are at least 100 cases…
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@172642269_ The way this looks like a bad photoshop job of a dog i'm-- lkasdjfasdEast Asians, any proximity to Whiteness you believed yourself to be in is a delusion. COVID showed you that. Show u…
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠BOOM @thehermeister Truly I wound cry if that were in front of me rn!!!
@RAHeight Sending you all the love🙏🙏🙏 @cachavaa This!!⚠️Paid Job⚠️ Looking for intl residents based in Kansai interested in 旅行体験 in 兵庫 between January and March. Payment…
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠 @runDEVINrun SO CUTE SO CUTE!!! @MarkElDude 😒😒😒😒 @shawnrpryor 👀👀👀💦💦💦I want chili. I want curly french fries.We been knew, Twitter. MP praises white man who defied public health laws.... In the House of Commons no less. These "personal resp…
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠wh--???????????? @MarkElDude IN ONE NIGHT OML I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE.... I HAVE SLEPT. I HAVE RISEN. I AM TAKING TODAY OFF. lol @GibsonTwist i have SLEPT! Thank goodness ;u; @pipagaopoetry the biggest yay ;;;u;;;I-I 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 1234569965 to put some respek on Cantonese culture: More likely than not, if u grew up in North America, y…
Retweeted by Pearl Low | 盧寶珠I'M DONE!!!!! I am... so.. tired.. a pause from inking✍🏾
@breebird33 THANK YOU!!!!!!! @mt_mags @jadarxn @teaxtarot @lighterflickk Cap sun/moon and stellium 😭😭😭 @gabi_balla Don't need to think hard about it at all, it's super whack 😭😭Me trying to do 13 pages of inks in 2 days........ decided to part just in time for the sunset 🌤️
Feeling soft 🌾🌻☀️🍊🧡🍋