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Uh oh Mache Tracy Island
Secret Agent Scotty Parker, with your face like a Spitfire Pilot!*scientist cradles scotch egg in hands* *a tiny fist breaks through the crumbs; a scotsman hatches* *Jurassic park theme swells on bagpipes*
Retweeted by funcrusherReally loses some of the alure when everyone's pronouncing it "Ass Hatter".💪"All workers must now have the right to refuse unsafe work and the right to Personal Protective Equipment"✊
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This year our online store has had the option to buy our merch at a cheaper rate, for unemployed/low income fans.…
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Retweeted by funcrusherJesus fucking Christ. Like this is a ticking time bomb scenario.
Retweeted by funcrusherGuys wtf is Astro Supersport 3?Mad how Spurs and Saints will be responsible for Poch to United.
@esorakiram Right???Really though. The Azores? In this pandemic/economy/timeline???For your sampling pleasure the docks looking accidentally pretty ngl there was a point at which i just started naming northern townsV annoyed that i didn't get all of these
@nucosi I would pay for someone to make Haunted @htgvelociraptor I need to do another ikea trip honestly. They're nestling on my pedal shelfAnyone else found themselves burning scented candles as a canary in the mine?winter in hokkaido, japan by fuke
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@bartlebooth45 Me, a teen, lifting passages from Stupid White Men to turn into songs with my argos acoustic got pulled up by my direct manager yesterday for contravening some of our COVID safety rules. I fully admit that…
Retweeted by funcrusher was 2 Litre Dolby. Nice.It might be Art of Fighting but i don't recall and female vox?Wracking my brains for the name of an Oz slowcore trio. 00s, slint/codeine vibes. Had a 3 track EP. It's annoying me.There are angry ladies all over Yankee Candle’s site reporting that none of the candles they just got had any smell…
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@MarikaRose @BartFeenstra @Friedegger @5ftnapqueen @Tom_Blount @doddyuk Oh and the Itchen Navigation from Shawford… @MarikaRose @BartFeenstra @Friedegger @5ftnapqueen @Tom_Blount @doddyuk D'you mean just getting some fresh air? If… "Ethan Raaayne" to the tune of "Chocolate Rain".Vale Diegothe ultimate flawed hero, if you don't love maradona there is something wrong with you tbh
Retweeted by funcrusherOur pal Sean has put together a limited run of beautiful merch to raise funds for us so we can flood the city with…
Retweeted by funcrusherMe, lining up calls every hour, on the hour, for the whole working day.'s shitty enough when a company looks to implement new hostile surveillance software, but MS365 just adding it as…
Children of the Korn who deserves to die of COVID is too rich and rude to do so.
Retweeted by funcrusherpresenting, a strong contender for my new favorite no steppy flag.
Retweeted by funcrusher @jelly_pack "Anglo Saxon Man, this is your last game (Hey!)"I had a behavioural mentor in primary school. He was actually a legend. In retrospect, it's probably because the me…
Retweeted by funcrusherThat would be the 'hostile' part of 'hostile environment' @bartlebooth45 PreachTbh a lot of the beef is really ignoring the fact that rural poverty is a huge issue. The countryside isn't just To… also: South West. Grew up a half hour drive from the two nearest train stations. There are 17 stations along Mo… just completely memory holes the July to September get back to the office you lazy shits campaign led by th…
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@nucosi Live It Out will always have a special place in my heart b/c it was the first I heard. Probably saw Monster… @nucosi Banger of an album.5. Regardless of time of day. passage from Obama is 🤯. He dreams of a fantastical agency — to unilaterally do to young Islamic men what he…
Retweeted by funcrusher @nucosi Was about to blow yr mind by showing you it already exists!Would have definitely hopped in a mate's car to see this band at Yeovil Ski Lodge circa 2004.… of self care checking in, mate. @GoingMedieval When George Michael sang “do you enjoy what you do, if not, just stop, dont stay there and rot” what…
Retweeted by funcrusherThis song has been stuck in my head for days. Up the Hunx.
Coolest: Pharaoh Sanders, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Ashanti. Tepid: AOC (same year) Awful: Edwina Curry and Thatcher. @justicedejulia Completely. I'm here for the joy before it inevitably goes to shit at some point in the future. @justicedejulia at 15 @katmsinclair I'm trying to radicalise a primmy
🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔 @htgvelociraptor Smart @htgvelociraptor Winning this would be a perfect start to a ridic bunch of fixtures (i know that's stating the obv… is so far behind i thought @katmsinclair was just well happy to see Gio subbed onMight fuck about and win the league @esorakiram Yeah that'd certainly be better than straight down the middle @esorakiram (That sounded less 'I'm 14 and this is deep' in my head!) @esorakiram Totally agree. The uniform buildings and the same 20 chains that fill them just suck everything out of… aware that it's a red vest under a translucent blue shirt)Spurs warmup kit says Trans Rights'cant astroturf culture but you can create the conditions that make it easier to thrive.Soton needs an Albert road imo. Turn Bedford Place or East St into a protected area with lowered rates where only l… super. Really doubling down on the bland provincial city vibes."Did you bring your head? Need to rent a cab?" "Nah I'll just use the Line6" *chorus of people shouting 'insane setting!*"You ready?" "Just doing a co-op run. Anyone want a lucozade?"Episode 1 - Abolishing Prisons in the UK is live! This week we interview Kelsey from CAPE to understand the prison…
Retweeted by funcrusherJust want to hear someone say "do a stabby bit, play the chorus once more, and keep it under 2 minutes"This made me feel physically pained at how much I miss being in a band.
The realest comrades are the ones that agree to be delegate for the morning session so others can have a lie in. @Llttle_KitsuneFuck em up Phil
Retweeted by funcrusherFuck off, Matt. hope to someday be as happy as Henry Rollins was at the premiere of Ratatouille
Retweeted by funcrusher @CHEWnZine Fuck it, more Muscles! @CHEWnZine Not new but still fun telling their tenants how to avoid damp and mould be like:
Retweeted by funcrusherBut will they go 'pew pew' a la Star Wars or more of a sine wave synth like all preceeding sci fi?
Macron going out and out fash here. he trying to suggest employment law and policy is more strictly enforced in the private sector? Fucking joke. @htgvelociraptor Worse than crack @patpatbinks It's pretty ablist and generally the kind of blind PMA advice that ignores people's work conditionsJust been told "sitting is the new smoking" on a webinar and i may never stand up again out of spite.Level up or gtfo
Retweeted by funcrusherThe exact stomach churning obsence quote in full:
Retweeted by funcrusher @nruktanonchai Yeah gonna take Wieliczka levels of salt with that one, but now I know what to look out for in any reports!