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B. Funk @FunkBrittany Fort Wayne, IN

Nurse/Single Mom/SciFi Slytherin

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@NCC_17fOrmula1 It IS a Stargate @acnewsitics WowUniversal healthcare should include eye exams and dental. It’s infuriating they aren’t automatically covered. And…
Retweeted by B. Funk @LyndsayMo_ You’re beautiful and so is your hair! @Larkistin89 Sending you some warmth! 🔥
One week to the Expanse.
Retweeted by B. FunkShow me the receipts ex taught me that no matter how good of a woman you are .. you’ll never be good enough for a guy who isn’t ready to be a man
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Thanks to the extra storage on the iPhone 11, I can re-download my #papajohns app from the cloud. @thefreddyray @ExpanseOnPrime @StarTrekNetflix I didn’t know you watched The Expanse! It’s so good!Friendship is the only love there is. @TWD_FanTW Being alive.It’s been a very rough year for me emotionally, so my shows @ExpanseOnPrime and @StarTrekNetflix could not be coming at a better time!Today’s Daily Affirmation - I like the person I am becoming.
Retweeted by B. Funk @WarpSteve1701 You’re not wrongMe @ my life right now. DO think Mariah Carey was onto something when she sued her ex bf for millions because he wasted her time 🙃
Retweeted by B. FunkThis is the Bad Place!The most relevant horoscope ever! out for your ex this midwestern wind is blowing trash everywhere
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Be the best of humanity. #DoctorWho
Retweeted by B. Funkit’s beginning to look a lot like christmas- michael bublé
Retweeted by B. FunkI will, but I gotta be dramatic first. @elaine_kruse Thank you!it was always going to end this way.
Retweeted by B. Funk“So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things…
Retweeted by B. Funk @TheHerme5 I love them together.I hope your heart is broken, but that assumes you had a heart to begin with.a whale can launch it’s entire body out of the ocean and you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning
Retweeted by B. FunkEdgar Allan Poe writing about a beautiful woman who died way too soon
Retweeted by B. Funk @Larkistin89 Yay! So happy for you! @MickLoze Home boy got me like... I can’t believe I have to say this, but if you like someone you’re dating, you don’t show it by consistently f…’re in my world now, not your world. And I’ve got friends on the other side. @JillHimitsu I’m single now so... @TheRealAlienTwo He was a good guy! I met a Dale cosplayer this year at Walker Stalker. Had his RV and everything.
@TheRealAlienTwo Good ole Dale. I’ll take a Rick, Gabriel or Ezekiel, too.’ve dated far too many Negans. Where are all the Glenn’s? @Captain_Revo You’re the best! It’s so hard determining who you can trust in the dating world. I’ll just bury myself in Trek instead. @WarpSteve1701 Thanks, pal! @rashiduzzaman82 Thank you! I really need it today! @rashiduzzaman82 Thank you. I’m glad I didn’t wast more than a few months on him. I’m hurt, but among several other… he don’t love you anymore, then walk your fine ass out the door! @ExpanseNContext Thanks, friend. The Expanse’s new season couldn’t have come at a better time. @ExpanseNContext Me right now. Men are canceled. @elaine_kruse It sure is!
I’m sorry but good dick is just not enough for me. I need my soul fed. Spiritual growth. Teach me. Mold me. Guide m…
Retweeted by B. Funk @Captain_Revo Her Darkest MaterialsGot my logical tree up. #spock position is good yall are just scared of eye contact
Retweeted by B. Funkthanksgiving is over, you know what that means
Retweeted by B. FunkAll I want is a tan, ocean water, and a drink in my hand
Retweeted by B. FunkA woman that doesn’t need much, but appreciates a whole lot.
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@Larkistin89 @skittle479 I literally can’t wait to fly to Europe and see you both! @Larkistin89 @skittle479 Ah damn, too early! Maybe 2021! @Larkistin89 @skittle479 What time of year are those things happening? @Larkistin89 @skittle479 Donuts make everything better! @Larkistin89 @skittle479 I miss you guys! After I get my appliances figured out, I need to come see you! @Larkistin89 @skittle479 Such a good photo! Wish I could have been there! @skittle479 @Larkistin89 Yes! Love this!!! @Larkistin89 @skittle479 It’s a scary concept! @skittle479 Same, I would have to take the driving course and all that first. I’ve seen a lot of bad motorcycle accidents, too:( @skittle479 I bet you look great on a bike! @skittle479 Maybe someday. Motorcycles are expensive. And I need a new air conditioner and probably a new furnace,… thanksgiving was spent letting my uncle and brother in law think they convinced me to buy a motorcycle and a new leather jacket.Isn't spiderman's "spider sense" just like...anxiety??
Retweeted by B. Funk @LyndsayMo_ Ha ha so true but at least they are still vaguely alluding to the Sagittarius @fmarcanojr Thank you so much! @haleyishhh That medicine ball from Starbucks is really good, though:) @fmarcanojr I did! Just two lenses though, I’m not trying to be super fancy.
@Larkistin89 Yeah that’s true. Darned if you do, darned if you don’t! @Larkistin89 It’s growing like a weed! I started taking hair skin and nail vitamins.Trying out portrait mode on my new phone. mom said “Waiting for someone to act correctly is a disrespect to yourself. You’re compromising your worth just…
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@pixiefang15002 I have those too! @KendyNicole Period twins.I am thankful for my friends, my family, and my son in particular for challenging me in ways I never thought possib… king’s mind: what if dog...bad? what if car...bad? what if clown...bad? what if hotel...bad?
Retweeted by B. Funk @skittle479 I am VERY thankful for this period in particular. @Ann7Heather Hmm, that makes a lot of sense!Got my period on Thanksgiving Day... perfect timing, body. @Casanvar @ExpanseOnPrime @AmazonStudios @primevideouk Looking stellar!T-Mobile Guy: Which phone do you want? Me: One with a headphone jack. Guy: Yeah they stopped making those after the…
@octavya360 Well, now nothing is working and it’s not holding a charge. Merry early Christmas to me! Time for a new phone😬 @GlutenFree_AL Ha ha, good advice! My speaker works for my alarm, but not for any other videos. Which is kind of a blessing in disguise. @fmarcanojr Oh, it is:) @octavya360 It was! @Larkistin89 At least it still works!Whoops! Dropped my phone in the toilet! @fmarcanojr What a wonderful year!Jayce: You have 69 in your employee number?! Me: Jayce: Lucky!
Blessed beyond words!Finally my lactose intolerance helps me. @Larkistin89 Feel better soon! @RealLazyVulcan @RealLazyVulcan I have a kid, that’s enough work!today is 50 degrees and by thanksgiving we will have six inches of snow Ope
Retweeted by B. Funk @RedneckTOS I’d rather have one of them!Dogs are needy, don’t think I could ever own one.