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(generic bio bitch) I’m a 16 year old artist and FNaF and Minecraft (kind of) lore master and is also bisexual.

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game journalist would wanna make a list of people I like the most but I don’t wanna miss anyone so uh Thank you all I guess I co… @dumbass_coleen @dumbass_coleen Did I really say it as pepple or is it another language @DILLAZOMBIKILLA Thanks!!!!!! Thanksgiving! @Sonicboom2410 hi everyone my name is markiplier and welcome to five nights at freddy’s an indie horror game that you suggested… @Sonicboom2410 @ibrokeyouripad @MarioFreak2001 @_XxTGLxX gonna reply @Sonicboom2410 hi @Superbconnor64 @Sonicboom2410 what the fuck @ibrokeyouripad persona @Sonicboom2410 Singing wakko’s america as a punishment
So that’s why he hasn’t gotten a skin in awhile
giant fucking metal bear CUSSED On The Boss Baby 2??????????????????
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming) @ibrokeyouripad Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! @froster1247 Happy birthday!!! @DILLAZOMBIKILLA @GoronGuy123 Thank youIf I see one more little pogchamp video I’m gonna explode
@NintDroid @NintDroid You’re giving me persona vibesim sorry i had to
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)Thinking about... him @NightmarePetrol
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)He is so adorable~ #Animaniacs #Animaniacs2020
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)The cute one...right? #Animaniacs
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)Pwuppy #Animaniacs
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)Just a little child #WAKKO
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)2021 for FNaF is gonna be insane @NintDroid Ha the series was cringeHmmmmmmmmmgmgmgmmmm god the series was cringe anyways SHIT Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (PS5 2021) exaggerated @_V_I_J_ Thanks for reminding me I hope we’ll get some more info on that game soon which might be most likely @DILLAZOMBIKILLA I don’t like ice cream but chocolate @unzealEngine Tea probably @GoronGuy123 I see the numbers 3 and 6 meaning if I add 3 and 6 it’s 9 so My weakness is inserting something in my noseWe stan wakko in this house yes @Sonicboom2410 I speak an alien language known as English And also can write out spanishBored so stealing this even though stealing images does not exist @NintDroid 25
I was looking at Kamella's model and reset the values on her textures and holy shit!
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)OK LISTEN.... @Sonicboom2410 I’m also soundproof @Sonicboom2410 I’m invisible @Sonicboom2410 Look behind you. @Sonicboom2410 You have 10 seconds to live. @Sonicboom2410 I’m on another screen You can’t hurt me @Sonicboom2410 Salem in Oregon, from there we join Little Rock in Arkansas, Iowa's got Des Moines Sacramento, Calif… @Sonicboom2410 Cheyenne is in Wyomin' and perhaps you make your home in Salt Lake City out in Utah, where the Buffa… @Sonicboom2410 Here's Honolulu, Hawaii's a joy Jackson, Mississippi, and Springfield, Illinois South Carolina with… @Sonicboom2410 has St. Paul Juneau's in Alaska and there's Lincoln in Nebraska And it's Raleigh out in North Carol… @Sonicboom2410 Harrisburg's in Pennsylvania and Augusta's up in Maine And here is Providence, Rhode Island, next to… @Sonicboom2410 Florida, and Washington, D.C. Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nashville, Tennessee Elvis used to hang out… @Sonicboom2410 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Indianapolis, Indiana And Columbus is the capital of Ohio There's Montgomery… @Sonicboom2410 Prepare. @Sonicboom2410 I THOUGHT YOU SAID YAKKO’s That’s it I’m gonna @Sonicboom2410 Then Transylviania, Monaco, Liechtenstein Malta, and Palestine, Fiji, Australia, Sudan. @Sonicboom2410 Tanzania, Somalia, Kenya, and Mali Sierra Leone, and Algiers, Dahomey, Namibia, Senegal, Libya Camer… @Sonicboom2410 Morocco, Uganda, Angola Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Gambia Guinea,… @Sonicboom2410 India, Pakistan, Burma, Afghanistan Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan, Kampuchea, Malaysia, then Banglades… @Sonicboom2410 Russia, Oman, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia Hungary, Cyprus, Iraq, and Iran. There's Syria, Lebanon, Israel… @Sonicboom2410 Bermuda Bahamas, Tobago, San Juan, Paraguay, Uruguay, Surinam And French Guiana, Barbados, and Guam.… @Sonicboom2410 United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama Haiti, Jamaica, Peru, Republic Dominican, Cuba, Carribean Gree…“So I saw 5 children right and I thought about turning them into furries so I lured and killed all 5 of them and st… WAS TOO FUNNY #Animaniacs
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)SHE JUST GOT COMPLETELY OBLITERATED BY A 10 YEAR OLD
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)Stop having sex guysI put a laugh track over the Mama Luigi episode for some reason
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)
Looool I got this notification during this episode
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming)Minecraft Alex doodle
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming) @Sonicboom2410 Yes God I wanna make a Doug Walker joke so badly rn but I can’t think of any @Sonicboom2410 Adult swim animaniacs @Sonicboom2410 Gee brain what’re we gonna do tonight? Same thing we always do pinky, try to be racistThe Animaniacs reboot is worth it for this joke alone.
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming) @Sonicboom2410 One is a bitch The other is racistPinky and the bitchanime wakko be livin in my head rent free
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming) @NintDroid You have 10 seconds.Ratio me rnDude trust me
Retweeted by Josh (freddy is coming) @RobbyB3ll4s Oh or astro @RobbyB3ll4s I think of Crash Bandicoot before God of War but Crash isn’t really a sony mascot at all anymore So f…!!!???? But fnaf cringe franchise...... (god I hate cringe fanbases *goes makes 9,000 jojo references and…
@NintDroid You look at too much mouse ass @NintDroid’m really fucking happy that the FNaF Movie will finally start screening in 2021 For a series that I’ve been with… IS GONNA BE AN ACTUAL THING NOW LET’SSSS @NintDroid Fuck circles @Jack30313 It depends It contains many references to the original that might go over your head. Sometimes clearly… @JoshuatheNerd1 Nintendo trying to explain why they shut down an event just for it having an emulated rom when they… hell yeah is really fucking good