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FuntCase | DPMO @FuntCaseUK Bournemouth, UK

FuntCase - CORRUPTION EP OUT NOW on DPMO Records. Link ⬇️

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And one more huuuuuuuge final Thankyou to everyone who dropped by the watch party and supported ❤️ THANK YOU TO @DPMOUK @FuntCaseUK @bassrush @insomniacevents It felt SOO good to be back. Thank you to ever…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMOB R U H, hopefully wasn’t a train wreck man wow absolutely proud dad right now, what an amazing night ❤️ DPMO Family for life 🙏🏻 Huge Thankyou to th… ON NEXT AHHHHHHH!!!!! ON IN 15 MINS COME FUCKING WATCH!!!!!!! NOW ON TWITCH HOSTING A WATCH PARTY FOR DPMO X BASSRUSH COME HANG AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! am I nervous for the stream 😂ONE HOUR.... you are not ready for the ID fest tonight is about to be.
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMOI had to reset my entire PC because of a few issues which was hindering the computer’s performance. Forgot to expo… @ThisisFLIK @svddendeathdub @AweminusDub Top 3 cartoon growing up @Razer SO cleanMr Muscles appreciation tweet @svddendeathdub @AweminusDub @PN_fryGUY Yessir 😎😎😎FUCKKKK less than 2 hours till DPMO X Bassrush AHHHHH!!!!!!
Yep! Just what I need the night of an important watch party 😎 so 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @mcjewboy @MellinaKong @ViolentPandaRL Thank!Y O L O FUNTCASE MERCH BTW @RixGG_ @PolarDDR FrickkkkkDPMO launch party set times for tonight ⚡️ Tune in at 8pm PT - @DPMOUK @bassrush
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @_zltn @DPMOUK Illl be streaming a watch party tooOh ANDDDDDD we’ve extended our Black Friday sale so you can grab a STEAL from any of the merch!!! ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!! Back with more brand new FuntCase merch featuring a T-shirt, hoodie and stickers! On… playing a special set 11pm pst shoutout @FuntCaseUK @DPMOUK @bassrush @InsomniacTV93
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMOBassrush x FuntCase Label Launch Livestream Set Times (PST)
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMOTONIGHT 8 PM PST @bassrush @DPMOUK @InsomniacTV93
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMOHere are the set times for the @DPMOUK label launch party hosted by @bassrush! Your boy is on at 9:00pm pst but tru…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO'I Believe' is the final single that I'll be releasing from my .wav album before it's out on January 21st. Thanks t…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMOYou see what I have to deal with @FitchBass @SweetToothAudio Devan gonna be the right hand man to both of us for our specific things. Nails with you, haircuts with me lol @woolimusic Same until the last few days listening to some simple bouncy ishAlright notifications on! We about to pop @RixGG_ @TrainHardEsport @SNG_Esports @PolarDDR @dead_monster_ @Mognus_RL @MillenniumRL @TibblesGG Poggggg @Flakzzmusic DPMO fam ❤️🙏🏻 @GarrettG @Nesquik Nesquik sponsor POG @Flakzzmusic This cool afSupport the boi @dead_monster_ 200!? @HyperX 😭 @RixGG_ @SoriusRL @Mognus_RL @PolarDDR @dead_monster_ I followed him calm down @SoriusRL @RixGG_ @Mognus_RL @PolarDDR @dead_monster_ And dead I don’t follow him KEKWLet’s goooooo @RixGG_ @Mognus_RL @PolarDDR @PolarDDR Fucking Pog I saw thatThe gift that keeps on giving! @bassrush x @FuntCaseUK Label Launch party TONIGHT!!!!
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @Esage20 @ladbible He’s got enough of the shit just let him get a proper fuckin beatingLet’s gooooo @iKashh1 @ladbible Fuck it do it, let Connor run a train on him so he can pipe down and everyone can focus on actually good fightersI see nothing wrong with this announcement today boiz prepare your anus 🤓S E T T I M E S F O R T O N I G H T AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! up on set start BODYING MAN @MooreKismetBass Jesus you old afFriendly reminder that we are all coming to FUCK shit up tomorrow and you are NOT ready. 8pm PST…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMOLa marca @DPMOUK se convierte ahora en un sello 🔥 ¡Se estrena con el nuevo EP de @FuntCaseUK "Corruption"! 💀👇
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO💽 @DPMOUK como sello discográfico ya es una realidad, y se estrena con el nuevo EP de @FuntCaseUK
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @Flakzzmusic Life my man @gamesasylum Haven’t managed to find anything of worth really, just a lot of FIFA12 lol @Serial_Killaz Hahahah yeah man 😎#PLAYLIST 🎧 Ni más ni menos que 134 novedades esta semana: @TimmyTrumpet, @HighContrast, @IAMBRU_UK, @disclosure,…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @PolarDDR Come here for cuddles @Serial_Killaz There’s usually 1 or 2 but this time it’s all so yeah well happy!OH MY LORD ITS FUCKING DPMO X BASSRUSH DAY!!!!!!!!!I love how I asked everyone what their favourite track was on the EP and they split between all 4 🥺POG 😳😳😳😳😳
@ClipsonOfficial It’s alright my ends but ain’t no dominos man you smokin 😂Corruption EP by @FuntCaseUK is out now on @DPMOUK 4 tracks with @versadubz, @yakzdubs, @jkylxhyde & @StonedLevel
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @uburdub BODYING MAN @cosmikks hahahaha true @TibblesGG I’ve had this requested a few times but never bothered to do it @ClipsonOfficial You tryna get cancelled out here I swear 😂😂😂 @ClipsonOfficial HAHA good jokeAight what’s your favourite track off of the EP so far? 🤔Bodying M A N'm not even joking this guy @FuntCaseUK and @DPMOUK are my fucking life 👌 seeing dpmo grow from a solo album and…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @Nospheremusic You’ll find the lower the artist, weirdly the bigger the egoNEW MUSIC: @FuntCaseUK Unveils Long Awaited First DPMO Records Release Ft. @yakzdubs, @jkylxhyde, @versadubz and mo…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMOThis @versadubz collab was DUMBBB @FuntCaseUK HUGE UPS TO THIS
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @killfeedmusic @Oolacile In 2014 someone sent me a screenshot of a weird analyser in my track asking me why I didn’t have anything… @docscott31 @ThysMusic Remember when mobile phones were a new thing and giving yourself brain cancer was the only t… @miztakesno @docscott31 Tweet of the year honestly @ravrevents @KOVENuk The only thing new in Bournemouth is the floor outside the train station ffsNah I’m fuckin done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @ravrevents @KOVENuk That rusty old rickety ass thing will probably collapse while she’s on it @KOVENuk Well how about you message me the day you’re there abs we can finally experience top level friendship in my beautiful hometown @Harryjudda Same @KOVENuk So are we gonna hang out this time orThis new @FuntCaseUK ep is heavy affff
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @chucksta666 @ASigsworth9 What have I done @martinmefjus“Catch me in the pit” with @FuntCaseUK’s new Corruption EP, showcasing talent on his label @DPMOUK! 🖋️📖:…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @jkylxhyde Lmao making me feel old 😅Congrats to @FuntCaseUK for the official launch of the @DPMOUK label! Don't miss the label launch party hosted by I…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @SweetToothAudio @DPMOUK I’m tryin 👉🏻👈🏻the new @FuntCaseUK is 🤮🤮🤮🤮
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