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FuntCase | DPMO @FuntCaseUK Bournemouth, UK

FuntCase Presents: DPMO Volume 4 - OUT NOW on DPMO Records. Link to all platforms👇🏼

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I’ve heard a bunch…and it’s disgustingly good this day when my next album comes out. Today is the day I discovered its sound. And it's all about the drops.
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Rocket League and LoFi Mondays LIVE NOW ON TWITCH !!’s Arsenal? by Yodel who are absolute cowboys and decided to just go “our driver can’t find it, get in contact with u… @vrgmusic @MACDUBZOFFICIAL Damn @ladbible In 1935* @BagsOfMeat Fuck no @thedoclobster I prefer winter UNLESS it gets disgustingly cold Then I guess I’m more a spring person I dunnoWaiting for a delivery to the studio for a mini fridge (but not quite as mini as you think) Kinda like a minibar f… @Subtronics @marcrebillet The king
@SweetToothAudio People who listen to it literally all the time burn themselves out. I own a record label and compi… @marsheelll Arent they so good 😍 @ITSD3VINITY @thedoclobster Yussssss Lob did SO good with the jazzy sections over my hip hop drums @TheRocketRB @PolarDDR @iKashh1 @Chippy_RL @JustReliq @DigitalBacon1 @Paul_ShepherdRL @CoolerMasterUK That double was clean tho polar bb @imanumusic Imanumbers learning book for kids with free crayons @idknicolette Representttyttytttttt @RLEsports @TeamEndpoint @Metsanauris @RelatingWave @seikoo_b Relating GOAT @thedoclobster Grab Turismo Menu Music 😍 @thedoclobster @FluxpavilionPlayed a secret dnb set in my hometown tonight, god that was so fun
@IslandGrown11 Looks like you already have! @dimension_uk @Printworks_LDN @Samneill_photo Flamethrowers!? Jeez @idknicolette Enjoy ❤️ @UKF @CamoKrooked @martinmefjus These guys need to stop writing fucking masterpieces god damn @LilWavyHomie ^ @SweetToothAudio A fine representation of what I’m about @TaxmanPlayaz HAHAPoopers unite @HeyImNIRE Sick tune man! @ReplicantDNB Yesssss my guyDnb producers, if you got any fire that I can play out slam it into the DPMO email! DPMOUK@GMAIL.COM @BethFreemanArt Lmao trueeeeeOUT NOW ! 📺GG with FuntCase | Rocket League MECHANICS TO LEARN @FuntCaseUK
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COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM MY NEW 3080ti SHEEEESH!! @TibblesGG 1080TIOh man she’s so pretty 😩 @wreckitrojo Same @ranchfather No kidneysB O I Z !!!!!!!!!!!! @miranora_ @Concentratesdub @DPMOUK @HancyFeadphones DO IT!!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @DesertedZombie @NAZAARMUSIC @LOUIEJAYXX @ChassiMusic Sheeeeesh! @Concentratesdub @DPMOUK This shit clean as hell too I loveeee itGVNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! @whokilledwulf Until Tottenham who have been Uber dogshit over take you in the table lmao @AweminusDub Fizo
WE DO BE GAMIN DO BE | !sub !prime !discord fans pissed 😅RONALDOOOOOOO @davidchenpanda @Ktscott02 🙏🏼❤️ @GetterOfficial Get well soon tanner mate 🙏🏼 @ADVANCEDgg Rocket League 😎 @rl_evo 😈 @AweminusDub FuckDonk
HALO RANKED with...Special Guest?! @TroopzAFC Yessss my guy 🙏🏼❤️Turns out I don’t skip calf day @NZXT Me after he shouts that NACL FOR GG WITH FUNTCASE! @PLAYNACL underrated track: Limp Bizkit - Boiler @metathreads 😅ALBUQUERQUE ✅ TEMPE ✅ @PolarDDR @TroopzAFC @AweminusDub @dimension_uk @yakzdubz @calciumdubs @jiquiofficial @BVSSICMVSIC Emma taints my S… on being my top boys on Spotify this year @TroopzAFC @AweminusDub @dimension_uk @yakzdubz @calciumdubs @PolarDDR Yes yesssssssssss ❤️❤️❤️❤️holy shit I've been sleeping on @FuntCaseUK 's DPMO vol.4 duuuuude if you havent listened to it yet, I highly sugg…
Retweeted by FuntCase | DPMO @IzzyVadim Thanks dude! Hope you’re well @djtupii It juuuust about fits inbetween the bits on the back yeah! @welontunes @SiikReaper @infektdubstep @idknicolette Olives are the fucking devil no matter what colour FAX @TrampaMusic Down, dm me your steam @syzymusic2 “Cringe too” *posts 800 replies unseen*Ok sweet placements and a few games post placements and we’re Chillin at nearly gold 5 on halo. Not bad for now, gonna grind that shit up @overtflow Sorry mate ❤️❤️❤️❤️Hell yeah this is awesome ❤️ @joof_dub @RiotTenMusic @CHEFSAYMYNAME @monxxbeats @JessicaAudifred @LiveNation @VitalEvents We do be joof’n
@NewsForAllUK Wow RANKED HYPE | !sub !prime !discord😈 See you at Wobbleland soon Denver Family 😈 Tickets: making some Xmas vegan treats for sale 😳 @TrolleySnatcha You shut your mouth @FitchBass True @TrolleySnatcha Disco stick 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @XpiredUk Had mine for yeaaaaars, a classic @br0itsmari0 Yeah they’re RGB but the lights are white ish. For some reason have a blue tint on camera @MichaelKonsta15 @deadmau5 Neither does my bank account? @generalvivi Only music in that bitch I guess technically if I make prodeus tracks in there it is prodeus but still 🥸 @Jauzofficial Yeah that’s what I thought bitch @JERICHO Meet you in the vocal booth in 7 minutes @Jauzofficial Trade for bailey @Yoxidemusic Custom built by a UK company @matt_vox @HyperX Moving issue 😔 @Eptic Come to my studio so I can cuddle you @generalvivi No prodeus in this room let me tell you 😤
LoFi Mondays on Rocket League | !sub !prime !discord @deadheaddabz I tag myself but want it clean in there tbh @hukae_ Always welcome mateAlso a big Thankyou to the kind people at @HyperX who kitted my studio out and made it even MORE beautiful 😍