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Happy Birthday,xiao #GenshinImpact #原神 #钟魈
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻XIAO‘S BIRTHDAY TEXT IM SO SOFT MY BABYshe resembles her, but tbh the hair color is a little too off... maybe a ancestor or just yae in a different dimens… whole “your thoughts define your character” myth is really harmful to people with intrusive thoughts
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻This was why Dain betrayed the Abyss Order---
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻in between the divine and the damned #GenshinImpact #原神 #Dainsleif
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻#GenshinImpact #原神 #kazuha #scaramouche #kazuscara Sorry, I'm using a translator.
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻告知です! バイオレンス(物理)な銀行員の女女の話です あさって単行本が出ます~ (1/7)
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻i am so glad they gave some sort of Inazuma teaser to look forward to bc the majority of ppl is bored of the regions we have...i love the purple theme and the contrast between the landscape and then (possibly) raiden's residencethese are so pretty and cool!! aaa i can't wait 💜💜💜 the inazuma artworks......gimmeeeeLrt the yae from anothet dimension lol사쿠라..??사쿠라야..?? 야에사쿠라..??? 진짜인가..????
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻前回のミニキャラ先生がえげつなく可愛いってはなし
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻ @_namakun_ yea,well, her ears look like bunny ears 🤷🏼‍♀️ so i’ve always called them that. but you’re rightif it's yae then sjfkdgkkfngggg @Fortisselle Nevermind, you might be right XD @Fortisselle Nope, no bunny ears xDIntroducing Housing! - Fully customizable world that you can explore with friends - Several Scenery to choose - Cra…
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻also nice bc i love to hurt character a: “you’re not mine” character b: says nothing but in their head they’re lik… i present you irl xiao ? 🤔
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻nothing bc i never once ran out of them USED FUJOSHI FIRST? There’s some misinfo circulating over this. It’s a ‘chicken or egg’ commentary being used…
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻sort of, but i prefer the “i‘m yours“ + omegaverse + mutual pining cocktail
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻I’ll call it cancel culture trope 9: Encyclopedia Problematica. There is a parallel between “diet Nazi” Internet (8…
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babysitter xiao ⁉️ #原神 #xingyun
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻genshin impact modern day au with keaya, rosaria and venti being drinking buddies ;w; #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻「アルベドお兄ちゃん!」
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻ @GnoKazuma Lol what do you mean we're "lucky"#genshinspoilers / lore spoilers ⚠️ Maybe, since Teyvat is a world 'controlled' / guided by Gods (Celestia + Archo… / lore spoiler ⚠️ even if so, ig since they get their gnoses from Celestia, they might've been so… / lore spoiler ⚠️ ok but Dainsleif said "50 years ago the Gods *descended* upon the world and bro… I have a few notifs about Khaenri'ah and the Tower of Babel, I wanted to mention that it goes beyond thematic…
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻#原神 #Genshin
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻lrt nyanko in there like >:3 lmaooo🐈‍⬛🐈🐈‍⬛🐈🐈‍⬛
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻ @DrMcsticks Ahhh, thank you much! 🤗♥️ I rlly like them too 🥺 @zalakbian Thank youuu🥺💞my head is like 🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️sorry i live in Genshin lore now, i can't think of anything else @MoonSLullabies Okay, damn. Confirmed I guess? XD @majunjuu I am wondering the same thing... If they really traveled through Teyvat 500 years back, they could have p… onto the theory about how the stolen statue of the seven from the archon quest is from the cape oath wind cu…
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻ @enomilo hahahah nice ✊god this quest and reading up on the lore rlly put my head into so much chaos that I even dreamed about it 😂覚悟
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻loveless... ❤️
the ANGST, byekaeya and childe hanging out together (thank god)
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻dainslumi..............😩😩😫😫😩😫😫😖😣😫😣😩😖😫😫😖😩💕🔥🐰
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻#原神 クレーとレザー
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻pls mhy, bring us to Inazuma quickly, I can't stand this anymore djfksmnfjsjfprobs to paimon for that optimism thoi am just like standing there, outside of the domain like 🧍‍♀️...i am literally heartbroken even tho i KNEWWWWW this already, like, i saw this coming, we all lowkey or high key did… the fuck to the cutscenes not involve the traveler actually speaking shfksjfjsnf this annoys the hell out of mehamther !??
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻Huh?? Wie geil ist diese E-Mail-Signatur? 🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻ @Lala_Zee i love this one of yours sfm 🥺❤️Rest in peace to a legend. Adam Perkins, forever welcoming us to Chili’s. You will be deeply missed💔
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻Lrt yeSSSSSSi think reunion fics where two ppl have been broken up for ages due to differences and meet again after years only…
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻i feel like i am taking twice as long to do the new Archon quest just bc i keep pausing and reading up on lore just… @viria13 personally, i rlly like Bell Pepper by ticklishivories (, it is explicit, College… #アル蛍 怜悯与渴望
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻Der deutsche lokalizer bei genshin benutzt nicht mal Genitiv.... 😐 Disappointingmy friends and i played jackbox and we- (tbh i never checked what it actually said, i just drew according to who my… think I found a perfect place for Spongebob.
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻my god, hes so cute shfksmf JdifuJaowh these memes have me dying over that """leak""" I'll be almost 40 then 💀💀💀 not that that's bad but just a hilarious thought"wait a minute baby i need to roll for tsaritsa"
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻buuutttt *knocks on wood* i hope so, cuz it sounds v er y nicewe found a rlly cool flat offer which we of course directly send a msg to but it's offered for June and we're suppo… leak................I'll be old.............(alreadyold)
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻i am conflicted i am thinking a mutual has me muted (which is totally fine, in case its true, it just makes me won…タル蛍/chilumi
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻Childe: Do you like my outfit? Aether: Not as much as I like what's underneath it. Childe, shocked: A-Aether... Aet…
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Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻#ガイディル #kaeluc #케이다이 ㅋㅋ
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Second round
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻捏捏
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻Apple's app store is working in accordance with anti sex work legislation to elimate nsfw from apps so that they ca…
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻" 사랑하는 나의 아이들아. " D-3xxx #Ragnvindr
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻ @r18kacchan sucrose's hand 😂
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻Lrt ohoho~ wo seine hand wohl hinverschwindet 👀🙊❤️❤️ @enomilo Detective Conan xD @enomilo zusammen :3cim rlly glad to have spoken to a psychologist about my anxiety issues etc cuz we also talked about me guilt-trippin… ok ok ok ok honkai and genshin world links confirmed then??? *me speculating* @enomilo Das ist kein Ghosty, das ist ein Mini Oceanid. Dafür musst du das Event machen was im Kompass istcover
Retweeted by ☻ massy ☻imagine if ur twin called u by ur username in genshin aether: lumine....... lumine: ventiluvr420
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istg the german localizer in genshin is recently fucking up A LOT. :| makes me want to apply as a translator lmfao ...the fuck are u doing