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leslie @fuslie Los Angeles

streamer and content creator | insta: fuslie host of @StreamerCampLA ☀️ @edisonparklive ♥️ business:

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he makes me so happy 😩 @Corpse_Husband corpse you’re a legendI deleted all my twitch clips and VODs for the 2nd time. I’m really bummed about it but can’t risk getting that thi…
"i'm always alive" 😑 @CouRageJD HAHAHAHA IM SORRY JACK @jordanfisher OH MYGOD YEAAAHHHHH @peterparkTV @starsmitten_ @scarra @Shiphtur LMFAO LET’S GOOOOOO BEST ROLL EVER 🥳🥳🥳
@brookeab bwooke and weswie 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 @brookeab HAHAHAH i love when you’re imposter 🤣 also I love that we got it so many times together last night and lost every time @CouRageJD i was the other imposter LMAOOO I SAW YOUR DEAD BODY AND I WAS LIKE NOPE DIDNT SEE NOTHIN!!
@pokimanelol GO IMANEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🥳 @xChocoBars AND WE LOVE YOU JANETTT ^___^!!!!GOOD MORNING FROM ME AND MY CAT @Valkyrae 🤯 WHAAAA MUCH DESERVED RAE!!!! @peterparkTV LETS GOOOOO
@pokimanelol QUEEN SHIT RIGHT HERE AHHHFinally added a gaming and streaming setup to our living room featuring some of my favorite @HyperX peripherals tha…
@WARDELL416 happy birthday again!!!!! 🥳🥳 @Jae_Day6 @WARDELL416 JAE WTF IT WASNT HIS BIRTHDAY I WENT INTO HIS CHAT AND FOUND OUT YOU LIED D:1st game: john kills me first 3rd game: EDISON MY OWN FIANCE kills me first 4th game: @WARDELL416 @Jae_Day6 HAPPY BDAY WARDELL!!! 🥳🥳 @sykvai I LOVE U SYLVIA 🥺💞 thank you for taking the time for making this, it was really special!!
some morning cheek pets :D
@tongslie @peterparkTV it still hurts to this day Nightbot 😔 @peterparkTV 5 viewers ☑️ not reading chat ☑️ broken and backed up alerts ☑️ Edison having to call you to tell you… @Smix omgomgomgomgomgomg @peterparkTV THANKS ROOMIE! AND IM GLAD I INVESTED IN THOSE PETER STONKS TOO 📈🔥 we’ve come a long way together roomie 🥺 @varygoode your words are too kind rob 🥺 @jakenbakeLIVE thanks jake 🥰 always a supportive friend I appreciate you very much @GeneralMitch1 THANKS MITCH 😌 @KrystalogyTV thank you queeeen ❤️!!! @AriaSaki A RISING TIDE LIFTS ALL BOATS!! 🥳 LOVE U ARIA THANK YOU @stevenkwlim ahhh thanks Steven!!!! 🥰 @negaoryx ORYX 🥺💗💗 thank you!!! And I miss you!! @Valkyrae THANKS RAE 🥰!!!! couldn’t have done it without you these crazy past few months thanks for gaming with meeeee @peterparkTV @Smix SUESLAP ME!!!! 😩I hit some pretty cool milestones all in this past week 🥺 200K on twitter 200K on insta 200K on youtube 400K on… @edisonparklive @SocialDilemma_ AM I WRONG?! @brookeab I love YOU and am truly inspired by you 🥺💞!!! @brookeab Brooke i am truly so sorry you had to experience this. you’re incredibly strong and I’m so proud of you f… @iGumdrop YOUR TIKTOKS ARE SO GOOD 🥵🥵
@Valkyrae RAE I CANT HANDLE YOUR BEAUTY @Valkyrae LET’S GO RAE!!!! you’re killing it 🥳 @LilyPichu HAHAHA I DID NOT EXPECT CORPSE’S VOICE @blaustoise HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAUUUU 🥳♥️!!!!
!!!! climbed up to my bed and passed out right by my head in between my pillows 🥺 @5uppps i couldnt trust a thing you said for the rest of the night after that game. you played us so hard
@Lineos_Art @LilyPichu @michaelreeves @yvonnie @scarra @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @Sykkuno @Jae_Day6 @brodinplett @KaizarcK HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYZARK!! I’ll be streaming later today forsure :D!! 🧡 @xChocoBars @pokimanelol @implushys IT WAS!! We had sugarfish and went shopping and it was such a nice dayyyyy 🥰 @xdarleeng @SSJTray T____T I love you guys @itzthevictorkid @xChocoBars @pokimanelol @implushys 2017 I believe!!! @SSJTray 🥺♥️ MY HEARTthrowback pic 🥺💞
@yvonnie 💙___💙 the prettiest pleb @nellihiga @TheRealRyanHiga this gif is so good LMAO @QuarterJade OMG 🥰🥰 THAT BIG STRETCH @LilyPichu @KristoferYee @Syertse ok this PC and art is PERFECTION 😍
ART DONE BY THE AMAZING @vmatbox ♥️♥️♥️♥️HAPPY 30TH BDAY TO MY ROOMIE PETER PARK!! you’re cooler than spiderman himself!! I appreciate you in my life so muc…
@DisguisedToast THE KING HAS SPOKEN🙏🏻 THANK YOU TOASTBeen seeing people argue and debate what is shouldn’t be allowed in Among Us games Reading chat, taking notes, met…
Retweeted by leslie @TeanaKitten THANKS TINA!!! :D @brookeab heheh I know you were joking!! thanks Brooke 🥺 APPRECIATE U @KristoferYee whoa whoa whoa there’s no need to kill the notepad users!! @Valkyrae THANKS RAE! I agree 100000% yeah I just got stressed out by all the negativity >____< bleh.. but HELL YE… @lucckyys NO YOURE THE COOLEST!! @starsmitten_ THANKS CELINEEEE 🥺♥️ I’m still gonna use it >:)!! And I’ll still lose all the time!! And still have f… @TheRealRyanHiga RYAN I’ll wake up for among us with you! but nothing earlier than 11am 🤨 @SarahElMars @TheRealRyanHiga HAHA no I just block him on twitch :) Ryan is okay on Twitter I guess @just_lai @TheRealRyanHiga -__- @TheRealRyanHiga LMAOOO thanks Ryan I will 🥺 yeah I’m not sure why everyone is getting so heated over a notepad in… @CouRageJD HARD AGREE, appreciate you jack 🥺! @NeytiriTV HEHEHE thanks syd 🥰ok your supportive comments are about to make me cry I think I’m emotional right now I gotta get off Twitter LMAOO 🥺♥️ @Sad25678491 yeah no i will keep using it :) my friends don’t mind it whatsoever but a lot of negativity on the pos… that a lot of people are saying the notepad I shared takes the fun out of the among us :( hasn’t been my experi… @Corpse_Husband pop off corpse!!!! @starsmitten_ oh my god 🥳🥳😍😍 @whyhellostacy EXACTLY LMAO after every meeting I literally forget everything that happened right before 😑 @vincentsalvano I have more fun using the notepad! A lot of people like it and some don’t and at the end of the day…
@QuarterJade this was HOT 🥵🥵🥵💦 @bnans AWW HELL YEAH! Not possible to lose with the notepad!! @XeroTheTrap not false @GeneralMitch1 POG!!!uploaded this to ig already but the way he leans into my hand for maximum pets makes me AHHHH @CompleteJade YOU POPPED OFF SO HARD!!! Thanks for the carry queen
#ad HELLLOO I AM LIVE!! VALORANT stream with friends today sponsored by @wd_black! They have just added three new S… @TSM_Myth RELATABLE AF I PLAYED 5 HOURS YESTERDAY AND GOT IMPOSTER... ONE TIME!!! 😡 @DisguisedToast @yvonnie awwww CLOUT!! birthday to the biggest pleb on the planet 🥳 I GUESS YOU’RE PRETTY COOL SOMETIMES!!! thanks for being there f… @TheSushiDragon the glow up 🥳
@edisonparklive TRUUUUUUUUUUUUU @QuarterJade can’t wait for uncle sock to meet genji maybe they can cuddle 🥺 @Valkyrae he looks so so comfy and warm ☺️ @lqvely_m munchkin 🥺 @elfloxx I KNOWWW I can’t say no 🥺🥺 @itzthevictorkid I woke up and then went back to sleep :) @NeytiriTV grandpa sock says good morning!!!!