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leslie @fuslie Los Angeles

streamer and content creator | insta: fuslie host of @StreamerCampLA ☀️ @edisonparklive ♥️ business:

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@mindysnam 😍 HEHE THANKS MINDY!!! @tjsmith :) TAHNKS TJJJJ @paddymazz THANKS PADDY :D!!! @KarlJacobs_ thanks Karl :DD and huge congrats to you! 1 mil on twitch AND YouTube!! 🥳 @Smix ❤️ ILY SUEEE @SSJTray :’) you the best tray, thank you!! @Corenith1 thanks Richard!!!!! 😌 always so supportive, I appreciate you very much!!! @GeneralMitch1 LMFAO @TheRay_C =] THANKS RAY!!! not as incredible as you are!! @Natsumiii THANKS QUEEN!!! Hehe @TeanaKitten THANKS TINAAAA ❤️❤️😫!! @indrarararara thanks indra ^__^!!! @yvonnie THANKS BIGGER PLEB!!! =] @HyperSeanic thanks mr. hedgehog 😁 @lucckyys couldn’t have done it without you guys @SonnyDTV @motionspook 🥺 best editing team :’) @h7une 1 MIL IS TOO MANY PPL WTF 😳 @QuarterJade IDK ABOUT THAT!! But hehe thanks Jodi!! 🥰❤️❤️❤️ @AriaSaki =] I AM DOIN MY BEST!!! @implushys THANKS KEEMEEE ❤️❤️❤️ @xChocoBars THANKS JANNETTT 🥰 YOU AS WELL QUEEN @Jack_Septic_Eye Thanks jack!!! :D @nmplol WOO HAPPY BDAY NICK 🥳
wait we hit 400k followers on Twitter and 400k subs on YouTube ON THE SAME DAY??? THAT’S INSANE! THAT’S CRAZY!… @TheRealRyanHiga OKAY RUDE!! I’m squeaky clean now WOOO @yvonnie WOOOO THANKS PLEB!! BIG DAY!!!!moving update: haven’t showered since the move started!! BUT.. i’m about to take my first shower at new house 🥳🥳🥳 @Shiphtur @juliawu yesssss!! WE ARE DOING THOSE TOGETHER!! @Shiphtur can we do roomie face masks @iGumdrop i love ebi ;____; @peterparkTV #neverforget
@xChocoBars @NARSCosmetics YESSSSS 😍 @thecodemiko ooooh oooh pick me :D!! @chrchiee omg that’s us 🥺🥺🥺 this is the cutest... YOU’RE DA BEST THANK U HEHE
peter says that sock looks like Ron Swanson and now I can’t unsee it 😑 @yvonnie OK OK I SEE U @implushys WE BOTH SQUINTIN HARD @Corpse_Husband (◕‿◕✿)❤️ @Shiphtur :))) we got this!! @peterparkTV @Shiphtur .... @Shiphtur .... NO DANNY LMAO do I look like I’m about to cry?!? @RonnieHatfield it's too far gone @catrionavalient he was being very distracting -_- @RedSlyy it's the worst :( @DiscipleGames omg same O_O GOOD LUCK!!!! @itsjeshi HE'S THE CUUTTESTT :DDD @tongslie send helphow the move is going so far!! (sorry for very dirty mirror) @bretmanrock ngl you POPPED OFF TODAY you need to start a gaming channel ASAPlast stream from my room made me sad :( so many amazing memories at this house.. 😢 will be taking the next few days…
@mxmtoon so cuuuuute maia *___*!! @Valkyrae YES RAE YOU LOOK SO GOOOOD 😩!!
@JoeBiden @POTUS HELLO AND CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT!! ❤️🤍💙 @mandydarIing @pokimanelol @QuarterJade @LilyPichu @Valkyrae @TeanaKitten HAAAAPPPY HAPPY BDAY =] 🥰!!
@jaydeb_MG typed it out and deleted it already ✅if i didnt point this out nobody would have noticed and now everyone is going to notice and i regret tweeting this previous tweetjust reread this and why do i say the word "just" so much!!!! MUCH REGRET SHOULD HAVE PROOFREAD BEFORE CLICKING TWE… ever just type out an entire response to somebody's tweet only to just delete it and click out because i just d… you for making a milestone feel extra special!! :') @yvonnie @fuslie @Jack_Septic_Eye @Valkyrae @Sykkuno
Retweeted by leslie @TeanaKitten @yvonnie @Jack_Septic_Eye @Valkyrae @Sykkuno OMG TINAAAA THIS IS SO CUUTE!!!!! @Valkyrae YEAH YEAH IM IN!! @edisonparklive @scarra FACTS!!!! @edisonparklive @bretmanrock @scarra @5uppps LET’S GOOO
@bretmanrock WOOOOOO!!!! Peter and miyoung gonna join us too!! @bretmanrock OH NO U SAW?!! COME BACK we’ll kick someone else off!!! I THOUGHT U WERE NEVER GONNA PLAY AGAIN 😩😩 @bretmanrock 🙄 you better log on soon you won’t believe how rich we are now!!!! WE CAN AFFORD ALL THE GAS IN THE WORLD! @QuarterJade GENJI LMAOOOOOedison is the best. he’s been grinding rust to help me get tons of scrap and mats for my fireworks store and I just… @nmplol NOT EVEN CLOSE NICK but I appreciate that 😭!!! @QuarterJade quuueeeeeeen 🙌🏻 really really proud of you Jodi 🥺
@TeanaKitten ok YOU KILLLED IT THIS YEAR TINA!!!!! *___* @AnthonyKongphan if only I had it on me I would’ve saved the whole day 😩 NOOOO
@starsmitten_ oh my god LMAOO GO OFFF @bretmanrock BRETMAN ARE U OKAY D: @ItzMasayoshi OO THANKS JOHN!! i love watching morning routines especially along with my mornings. IT'S LIKE IM GET… @roflgatorOW I’ve only just met you from the rust server but I can’t believe that because you’re SO funny dude like a content machine @ItzMasayoshi who you been watching :O??? @SSJTray ❤️ @Corenith1 thanks richardddd =] @brookeab I love uuuu ;__;it took me 6 full months to get my first 1000 followers so it’s hard to comprehend these numbers in just one year.… @scarra @ichikamaia biped is so cute :D @WARDELL416 SO SATISFYING AHHHHHHH @xChocoBars YAY!! knuckles trick OPPP I still use it @QuarterJade BRUHHHHHH SO BEAUTIFUL JODIII @Sykkuno ❤️ HAVE A SAFE MOVE SYKKKUNOOOO!!!!
@undecidedAna ❤️❤️❤️ @chrchiee 🥺!!!!!bruh I checked my YouTube analytics and LET’S GO LADIESSSS 🥳🥺❤️!!!!
@Natsumiii too relatable 😩 @enlunalol LET’S GO ANNIEEEE 🥰🥰!!! @BoxBox THIS IS AMAZING ALBERT HAHAAHAHAH you are a creative GENIUS
I’M LIVE! sponsored by @Lexus IS today to design the ultimate car for gamers! We get to choose the exterior, interi… @QuarterJade @midilune_ @iGumdrop @Sydeon this seriously captures you guys SO WELLL it’s SO AMAZING ❤️❤️ @iGumdrop *______* SO PRETTY JAIMEEEE
and shout out to the dream team tonight @TheRay_C and @hasanthehun thanks for the carry guys, oil rig was.. an experience :Dthird night in a row going to sleep after 3am (i usually sleep at ~11:30) because of rust and I LOVE IT!!!!! this s… @Sydeon @LenovoLegion @Microsoft OH HO HO LET’S GO SYD 😏🥳!!GOOOD DAY :D I am so excited to announce that I’ll be partnering with @LenovoLegion and @Microsoft this year 🥳!!…