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For me it is simply unreal to see this happening. You know it can, because the football world is reactionary like t…
Retweeted by FenómenoCan’t trust you if you don’t clean your AirPodsThis is actually tough to see. He looks lonely in his own home. Bloody hell.
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@harryaliaswim Zeg gwn dat je niet kan parkeren ahaBiggest flex oat
Retweeted by FenómenoInterviewer asks this little girl who was selling chewing gum on the streets what her wish is. Her response: “I wis…
Retweeted by Fenómeno @navidjaaan I miss that guy man smh @navidjaaan Reminds me of mascherano bro
Another proof that football hates me gol ZlatanVAR = LMAO
Retweeted by Fenómeno @sakinho11 Precies alles was te smooth man. Je wist voor de match gwn ja bro ik ga genieten @sakinho11 Snap je, dit is unreal @sakinho11 Die laatste 20 sec brak echt mn hart man in 2018 : “Maybe we don’t value Laliga right now, but in a few years we will realise how difficult it is to w…
Retweeted by FenómenoACL? Finito
@harryaliaswim Bad memories man stoppp hahahahah @Sarwen_Y Oke maar vergeleken de rest 🥴 @Sarwen_Y Enige die legit dreigend was @Sarwen_Y Dembele was enige goede lolNo wordsFINITO scored 4x in the 2nd half?? We need this tony stark product @sakinho11 Thanks had deze nodig mn @Sarwen_Y Weet ik maar hij geeft die uitstraling tochDie obese van t gooi gaat nu ook zeker trincao voor ousmane wisslen 😪TER STEGEN BRO??!??!?!!Broer ik shake letterlijk elke keer wanneer iemand dembele aanraaktShould watch some highlights of Haaland this guy ruined his prime genoeg voor vandaag @PedriDest for Roberto POR FAVOR. This ain’t good for my blood pressurePOR QUE ALBA POR QUEMarcos Llorente turning into R9Animo ansu ❤️Ayo WTF happened to advanced yaya toure??? Kroos get outta hereEvenings in Tokyo Credit: @MewSoul
Retweeted by FenómenoProphet’s Family > Prophet’s Friends All day everyday
Retweeted by FenómenoImam Ali (A.S) has so many amazing quotes. He is one of the greatest philosophers of all time.
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How I miss a full stadium bro
Retweeted by FenómenoCramps while squatting <<< @Maharba_ Same bro, is die grind mode winter edition tochThe only way to understand the essence of the Persianspeaker world in the last millennia is by reading the followin…
Retweeted by FenómenoPOV: je vader zegt je “kom, ik ga je niet slaan”
Retweeted by Fenómeno @Sarwen_Y Ik moest ook lachen 😭the govt really doesn’t want to see me get paid
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Wrm is hij altijd zo ongemakkelijk HAHAHA HAVE NO WORDS corre pero mira. Ser consciente del tiempo y el espacio. Único gobernante 🧠 ahead of his time @SaudadeFutbol 3 wedstrijden zeggen ze tochMan I miss this guy so much :( giving me hope @amazonMovies are better in farsi...
Retweeted by FenómenoPier shodum dega 😪
I hope y’all reading this @ManCity have never, ever ever seen a footballer with measure the perfect weight of pass as consistently as Messi, it is surreal
Retweeted by FenómenoLeyenda now I gotta watch y’all drive on every damn app?!!
Retweeted by Fenómenothis mf deserves nothing but happiness
Retweeted by FenómenoOne year ago today ...
Retweeted by FenómenoHeerlijk ❤️❤️❤️
Can’t hate this club it was Fernando now it’s Ferran. MashallahAls iemand een winterjas nodig heeft, je mag de mijne. Ik verstuur deze gratis naar je. Als je truien of spijkerbro…
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Wasn’t expecting this while playing the PS5. 😳
Retweeted by FenómenoThey did this on purpose man wtf is dembouz altijd zo fresh smh @Bluegrenades @ammarfitwalla Je bent gemeen bro @Bluegrenades Hij is altijd goed bij big games man vooral tegen atleti heeft hij er altijd zin in 😂Kinda miss prime Pedrito too 😔’s so amazing for such an injury prone player, frederik, twan, matthijs, ties, ad, wout etc😭😭😭😭 way it triggered him is still killing me LOOOOOOOL
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@harryaliaswim Legends say jupiter en saturnus hebben ook turkse rootsLa mayor remontada de Hamilton en Turquía no ha sido la de hoy precisamente
Retweeted by Fenómeno£1m??’re the sunflowerrrr @jadinho97 Hxh is one of the GOAT animes man enjoy the ride!! Watch death note after this one, also one of the GOAT… @jadinho97 Which episode u on? Or are u rewatching it @jadinho97 It’s always football > gym but I don’t wanna lose my gains u know 🥴 @jadinho97 I got injured and didn’t have time man, nowadays gym > playing football for me @jadinho97 It wasn’t even on the pitch it was indoor LOOL 😭 @jadinho97 Imagine last time I played was in January. Even starting to miss being 2 foot tackledU can’t hate this guy 😭😭❤️
“Cristiano Ronaldo era”
Retweeted by Fenómeno @harryaliaswim Je hebt sws geen natuurkunde gehad dus @jadinho97 Next thing happened @jadinho97 @jadinho97 If his name is kurapika then yes imma enjoy the showDefinition of OTRO NIVEL don’t fuck this up, which they did @cteetje Great start of a Saturday ik herken dit