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[LIVE] Day 2 of CODE VEIN @courtneybowiee :D @DreadedSean @bobafetus dude yes! I even re-added it and it gave me control over it again! Thanks Boba 0)
@TroubleTruck lol @Libraatime @BandaiNamcoUS Thanks for enjoying the stream 🙏 @iamBrandonTV @CercleMusic Duuude get in there @RetroGaijin Any sentence that starts with "You look good except" needs to be idk NOT SAID?!?! @iamBrandonTV You see any @CercleMusic sets before?[LIVE] CODE VEIN from @BandaiNamcoUS RIP IT UPPPP
once again, hitman 2 proves itself to be one of the best games ever made (stolen from discord)
Retweeted by HALLOWEEN NAME[LIVE] The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening End Game Content
At a glance I thought this was a daily badge for the first person in the chat each stream 😂 "FIRST!!!!!!" looking forward to this P R I M A L with more Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Hero Mode :)
@Ezekiel_III Me looking at stuff-- @TheUltraLex In the future we are sipping beverages @TheMarfanMan I will be releasing that as paid DLC of course[LIVE] The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening from @NintendoAmerica
PornHub but only for Squirrels AcornHub's Comprehensive Guide for Things You Can Do in the Mean Time While Waiting for a Delayed Game- Chill Eat… am always 100% on board with devs delaying their games 1. It's likely that there are very good reasons for the d… @accureye @nateycakes_ lol yes! (Set it to 42z÷qp13 and that should clear it up)the joker but he laughs like seth rogen
Retweeted by HALLOWEEN NAMEFelt good to be back in action tonight! FutureBase4 has baseline functionality. Excited to continue moving forward…[LIVE] Finally set up in the new studio! Let's get it🕹️
@FoOzTV Can't wait for FoozCon 2020 @alibannerwrites ND!! :) @DonPenguinn Might have to read my first manga... @Yandreaya Heard the movies are good and the 2016 show has terrible cgi unfortunately I'll probably take a look ju… @Scott_389 My TV still isn't hooked up since the move, but I plan on checking it out as soon as I can! 👍 @PenmanLupine Yeah just found out the manga is much more extensive as well. Niice! @Safegarde The real deal. I dont fuck around when it comes to fanny packs
@MrsViolence GUUUUTSSSS @TheBiqBadWolf Might be fun to go through the manga now and see what stuff they chose to omit from the show @LegattoTsumaki Man that's unfortunate. I'll probably just read the manga then @WookieCookiee I very much prefer 2d to 3d so i'm gonna skip the 2016 series Will for sure check out the 3 movies though 👍 @notasnervous Mah man @notasnervous Yeah always a bummer when they misfire on a classic like this, but as you said there's plenty of good stuff out there! @OfficialDazlaar This man gets it @Thaymez Full series is on Youtube (English Dub) @TheBiqBadWolf Damn. Damn damn damn @notasnervous OK nice! I will prioritize the movies and forget the series. Too bad about the were they thinking!?!?!? @theytookmyth Heard the animation was rough on the Netflix show. Like they went for a 3d look or something? @Gavin2x4 Everyone in chat @silentwinja Putting in the work to keep the moves nice 👌While I was sick af this past week I watched Beserk(1997) from start to finish. I have some thoughts -the 90s anim… will resume tomorrow! Chat when I finally stream again--
cool humans of TwitchCon
Retweeted by HALLOWEEN NAMERED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 is coming to PC November 5th
NiceMoves @Star_Barf Thanks SB. Might want to hold off on the SHAKE *sneezes* @Oremm <3 @EvilPinkyWinky1 Of course mang @ChestFire_Cat @glitch_bun @Bizsnes They'd make me hungry all day haha @Macncheesep1z 🙏🙏🙏 @MrBladder I'm all runny nose, stuffiness, coughing, and head cold. Haven't gotten hit after a con like this in years @VBI the con flu has hit me hard and I feel terrible. I'm glad I had such a wonderful time at Twitchcon, but this i…[UPDATE] -I am officially out of FB3 & have locked down the security deposit💰 -TwitchCon sickness has slowed prog…
@JonCarnage @STEVIEFRANCH1ZE Try 5. If that doesn't work then try 6 and call me in the morning @VBI 👀 @IngameAsylum My man! I loved the hang time. It was epic and I can't wait until next time @DantheCuar @Macncheesep1z @JSFA_Crowe Dan why don't you tell me this type of stuff anymore
@BikeManStream LOL yeah bike it's so pathetic that your dating a young babe. What a slam. Watch out because next he… @ChasejustChase @StreamElements Was really good seeing you guys! @StreamElements Although @FuturemanGaming couldn't make it to the shoot since he had gone back to the future, I giv…
Retweeted by HALLOWEEN NAME @Curvyllama thanks again for the shirt translation! "ESCAPE" @InventorBLADES Always good blades. Love your energy man @DreadedSean Thank you dude @MrsViolence Yeah it was awesome running into you! :) @Frame_loss See you then 😎 @movalpolos Yeah that must have been it! @Dare_aka_dare Loved getting to hang!I spent so much time laughing and smiling this past weekend. TwitchCon is incredible because of the people! Much lo… told @FuturemanGaming. When this party hits 88 drinks per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit.
@YaBoiKeegs Preciate yah keegs @PokaLXIV Hopefully yes! @EvenflowEffect Classichow to time travel feat @dannyBstyle @GodTurret Thanks for the kind words! @GeckyTwitch Loved talking with you both and can't wait until next time! @Jhuderis @tchelicongaming Sad I missed you Craig! You were in the zone. I got to catch up with @kickedtripod a bit… @xBluepyro One day BP! @Macncheesep1z Loved getting to hang out w ya!It was always a life goal of mine to see John Wick party while @TPAIN djs ITS ME AND @FuturemanGaming 💖💛
Future SQUAD #TwitchCon19 @FuturemanGaming It was a beautiful day for a meet-up. fmgSHAKE
Retweeted by HALLOWEEN NAME @MarkFunk Couldn't swing it this morning Mark my apologiesI did not participate in Twitch Rivals today. My schedule was a bit too tight and couldn't make it happen this morn… FMG community meet-up starts in 30 mins! Location-- Burgers, Bait, and Beer at 200 Marina Park WayThe perfect picture w @FuturemanGaming
Retweeted by HALLOWEEN NAMETime traveling with @IngameAsylum & @CB_Cowboy! @FoOzTV Oh yeeaa foozy :)Idk if it was @XBOXoDESPERADOo who introduced me him but I finally met @FuturemanGaming also such a awesome jumpsuit
Retweeted by HALLOWEEN NAMEBeen a fan of @FuturemanGaming for years now. Was so cool meeting him!
Retweeted by HALLOWEEN NAME @MerryKish @Ubisoft @gollymsmollie @General_Mittenz This is an awesome picture 😊