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I love my savior Jesus Christ, enthuse over pixel density.

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@JosephScript I followed this but I did an m.2 drive and a 2060 instead of their choices:
Over the past 12 months, #bitcoin is up 35% and stocks are down 10%.
Retweeted by Paul Miller @munishp @zoom_us @verge @reckless @tomwarren Idk about that but this does feel a great time to have a version of F…
Is your central bank behind the times? If your monetary system routinely needs expensive, inefficient & outdated Q…
Retweeted by Paul Millerin case u missed the first 4 games of today's asl
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@Ak_Bakshi @backlon ImpossibleAbolish the FDA have a friend who had to drive 50 miles from his town just to get work boots the other day because his town is on…
Retweeted by Paul Miller @KenFromChicago Yeah I'm still in the what-would-i-want-to-make stageFactorio makes this so straightforward I wanted to start manufacturing something in the US with minimal capital up front, how would I start? I'm assumi… @mikey_in_sd I hope you're right! @toddw No, you really have to switch away from all centralized services. Every ping of a remote server that you don…, like, I don't even know right now how I could live without GitHub. Email maintainers asking them to merge my s… feel somewhat to blame for being in this vulnerable of a position to any major internet company. I could've been… says it won't put you in the "Community Mobility Reports" if you have Location History turned off. How true… creepy about this.
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The Matrix documentary never showed this part, where everyone got isolated into their own pod
Retweeted by Paul Miller @breav_music I actually have no idea what zoom does on the backend. Whatever they're doing, they seem to support la…
Iced, a Rust library for building cross-platform GUI applications, has reached 0.1! We have been sponsoring develo…
Retweeted by Paul MillerThe Keyboard In The Front Club welcomes its first inductee with a TILTING SECOND SCREEN
Retweeted by Paul Miller @ACslater017 @mikey_in_sd The North Korea reference is to their (very effective) method of controlling the populati… @mikey_in_sd @ACslater017 <3 @ACslater017 @mikey_in_sd I'm for markets precisely because I value human lives. Destruction of markets has a high… @mikey_in_sd In the short term, high prices discourage hoarding, and incentivize production and distribution. Which… @ACslater017 @mikey_in_sd @mikey_in_sd The only proven method of allocating scarce resources is prices. Nothing else works. @mikey_in_sd I know of a place where free exchange is also illegal and it rhymes with "Porth Porea" @mikey_in_sd to @futurepaul for turning me on to the insane wonderful world of modular ipad music creation. Here's a gr…
Retweeted by Paul MillerNYC recruiting for North Korea-style snitching. nurses need masks but the FDA refuses to certify the KN95 Chinese standard. Direct hospital purchases proh…
Retweeted by Paul MillerStreaming "Where In Time is Carmen Sandiego?" (1990) on twitch:
@starvedfool I don't really know for sure, but I do know my computer doesn't keel over when running a few Chromium-… @A5HRAJ Yeah I don't really know the intention, but the recommendation against masks def feels like disinformation to my untrained eye.
@iainfarrell @backlon Sorry if I came across as insensitive, it's sort of a generational thing that I've experience… @blakereid maybe that's a different version. we have car, submarine, player piano, lizard, checkout, sister and I are streaming Mavis Beacon 5 on a Mac OS 7.5.3 emulator we’re a bunch of paycheck to paycheck employees living in apartments owned by paycheck to paycheck landlords an…
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@DhiRaj_144 very gui. it's basically ubuntu with some more stuff built in @DhiRaj_144 There are lighter weight linux distros that would probably be more appropriate, here are the system req…
USD shitcoin still using "checks in the mail" airdrop technology smh
@elementorigin @ConorJTobin I was def conflating my knowledge of the difficulties of splitting up work on the CPU,…
@elementorigin @ConorJTobin I think I made it clear that it was a wild guess. And my real aim was to explain why cl… there's one thing this crisis has taught us, it's that the people in charge are trustworthy and are giving us go…
Retweeted by Paul Miller @BitsDud @remyers_ @matt_odell You send a message from your phone which goes over the peer-to-peer goTenna network… @future_sahil @Dave2D @MKBHD @C4ETech @amitbhawani @backlon I like this theory! And if Apple ports xcode, the buggi… @thedextriarchy U+0046 @Hellicus @said_mitch Lol fbi gonna fbi @mtlittle I didn't vote. I also didn't vote for Nixon, who took use off the gold standard in the first place. It's… @remyers_ @matt_odell I <3 this so much. the messages end up as plain text though, yeah? @matt_odell @futurepaul If you're feeling ambitious, we have a fork of Signal App that can connect to your goTenna…
Retweeted by Paul Miller @matt_odell cc @signalapp is this something that's being worked on? as a privacy-oriented messaging system it seems… @matt_odell it's truly appreciated! btw, I'm curious what apps you're actually running on GrapheneOS? from what I k… what a fool I've been to buy Bitcoin! My entire worldview destroyed by facts and logic. The Fed isn't printing m…
Worried about government overreach as a response to the current crisis? Consider running the go fuck yourself stac…
Retweeted by Paul Miller @aanhalzer No but we do have FiOS in our quarantine apartment if that counts for anything.My sister is doing remote wardrobe and interior styling consultations. Please consider booking her if you need some… economists were right, holding cash is rational and makes for a resilient economy. Keynesian economists…
Retweeted by Paul MillerThere will never be more than ∞ dollars. You'll never own more than n / ∞ (0%) of the total possible fiat money sup…
Retweeted by Paul Miller @ChytilJuice Ryzen Mobile 4000 laptops should be shipping soon??? though, just so you're fully warned. @ChytilJuice Top of my list right now is the ThinkPad P1 Gen 2. Pretty well priced, known for durability, and the best keyboard in the biz. @ChytilJuice What screen size and weight are you aiming for?
@kellymakena my dream fix for politics would be to have the voting "button" located in each congressperson's home d… is not socially scalable. There’s always someone, somewhere, who by all accounts is very deserving of…
Retweeted by Paul Miller @TheRealNoslen That is actually my true face @1983bit Is that a good thing?
Hey @realDonaldTrump, let's provide relief from this crisis for people by giving pre-loaded debit cards to every pe…
Retweeted by Paul Millertl;dr: the president of the united states is kidnapped by a hostile power. the ransom? a $1 trillion coin. but the fed isn't playing ball...hey everybody I've had this spec script for National Treasure 3 kicking around for a bit and figured this is good a… "you can't just mint a 1 trillion dollar coin and make the fed buy it. that's insane" gov: haha big coin m…
Retweeted by Paul Miller @1983bit I would suggest Bitwarden, because there's the option of self-custody if you need / want it. Sadly I am st…'t worry, you will be able to buy a fraction of a Bitcoin with a $1 trillion coin.
Retweeted by Paul Miller @SuchirKavi @JohnFastLane One way to do "real world" single threaded would be to benchmark JavaScript / WebAssembly in Safari
Is there a Catalyst app that can do multithreaded benchmarking on Mac vs. iPad?“What if #Fortnite was school?” - @FuturePaul’s surely entirely watertight #PandemicPitch.
Retweeted by Paul Miller @DhiRaj_144 hmm i haven't looked closely. the file format on the bottom right kind of makes sense to me! a quick wa… should just cancel Tax Day. They can print new USD instead, there's no need for tax.
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The amount of over-regulation that COVID-19 is exposing is insane. If you think Big Government is benefitting from…
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How have I been using VS Code this long without using Cmd-P to navigate to files? @Pattyqubed Also it's not clear to me if the raytracing hardware ("intersection engine") is included in what he's t… @Pattyqubed I'm glad they're glad! He was saying something like a quarter of a PS4 cpu core up until now? And now t… @sacratoy @reckless yeah nilay Sony has a new proprietary 3d audio standard in here you're going to love it I betokay going out on a limb: what if the PS5 has an audio headset for non-vr games that does head-orientation-based positional audio?"how do we know where sound is coming from in the first place?" I'M SO GLAD YOU ASKED of this frequency-varying stuff sounds very similar to how AMD was explaining how it's doing laptop chips. he'… @WillHayward seriously just fire up that geometry engine!"it's counterintuitive, but processing dense geometry typically consumes less power than processing simple geometry…"teraflops is just a measure of the vector ALU"please don't mistake our console for a standard PC. for instance, does a PC have our custom GPU cache scrubbers? didn't think so plebwhipped up a quick mockup of Sony's new proprietary-ish SSDs:'s standard priority scheme is nice for commercial use, but it only has two priority levels!Yeah the Xbox has a slightly stronger GPU, but does it have custom coherency engines?'ve been obsessed with computers and how they work for my entire life and I've never heard the term "check-in" for… this Papers We Love-style PS5 launch. @backlon when I mouse over your face, my cursor becomes your face. this is what a cursor is nowRandom thought: so if I I'm on a ring space station like in halo and drive a car opposite to the spinning, the spin…
Retweeted by Paul MillerThe Federal Reserve created a high velocity trash economy & destroyed the concept of saving, fragilizing families,…
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Hear me out - we need a Drive-In Theater comeback. Everyone stays in their cars, movies can still make money. Let's make this happen.
Retweeted by Paul MillerIt's thrilling to learn that money supply is, in fact, meaningless and can be printed with only positive economic o…