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new FT 12" out soon from KUSH JONES
Retweeted by FTsafer in a riot than police custody @TheTrilogyTapes DCyo why are u still on facebook it’s like being in public without a mask for the rest of us
the kush is running low i am fearful of the future times
Retweeted by FT @jackwrd futuretimesrecords at gmail all good💪🦾💪🦾💪🦾💪🦾💪🦾 Ceramic compilation creeped up on me. Sick afI just saw Trump walking around in the City Girl FILAs @kundlinisyndrm He downloaded the drivers @kundlinisyndrm when he dies it will be no prob to run a replacement Biden w that mask on easy. Story of the century @WRLDBLDNG im crankin White Pony hard rn @kiernanlaveaux I remember reading the theory that’s from like early 2000s such a killer term. Like Diet Coke is the desert of the real lolshoutout Deftonesnew FT 12" out soon from KUSH JONES dope! JONES - 12" EP - out in june - FT055 pre-order / listen to "Earth Note" and "Reso" >>>> @bebebinch yup. ugh they tried it last week w that german shit getting positive press automatically....long term: no tix$, no RA @lastdreamcast roll up a burrito
@GrippersTips damn doggs wtfanybody got that DJ Rels LP and wanna traaaaade?I need that DJ Rels LP repressed for the low cmon world“Peace to Pete Rock, Diamond D, peace to Seiji” @dillonwork my mans pants right here are next level @galaxymydear @pete_swans aint no such thing as halfway Kooks @galaxymydear YUPCartier specs w the fresh gore-texcalling the police to knowingly destroy a life, and having your life destroyed instead...that has to sting a little bit @abgsforbernie @BAKEGLA nice im a guarantee for 2X shortLET'S GOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by FTo no please not a reason to watch Jackie brown please ok ok fine @modernistwitch bruhall u Selectors can fall back @abgsforbernie @BAKEGLA is there gonna be 2X @1432R__ @SIREUTHEGR8 “Using thumb and index, grab the golden bus silk” @woofer___ Read the Housekeeping article on Quietus and got reminded lolHow’s Flash’s dumbass doing? Closed yet? @MCSquishyTooshy Such a sick one
they got Raymond Pettibon cologne oh shit @joooehooowe yea Asa Chang is all time! @NOTES_radio Ear worm for surebeen listening: fried e/M, u-zaahn, low budget aliens, missy elliot, Timbo, burn 7”, that unreleased DAF song been… @SIREUTHEGR8 first u gotta pull the string then the bus should stop but sometimes they don’t do it automatically an… @dawiteklund Yea dude wooooooosh 101bout to str8 head to woods and like teach mosquito class or whatever @dawiteklund Alissa this morning was like damn remember Dawit’s moms hot sauceOne time @dawiteklund accidentally left hot sauce his mom made at my house and I think about how bomb it was all the time @dawiteklund every time I’ve tried to go back esp to Bruno I just kinda wince. Dude can def be funny tho tooLemme see one of my kids out without a mask that’s a TALKIN TO @mbootyspoon miss the shopShe in racial chat rooms showing feet!!!
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@JubileeDJ that shit is written so hilariousthis fucking 1! ass feet too this shit is inevitablewhen u hear that lil scuff happen on the back of your sneakers when youre walking down stairs 😐if u can’t figure out how to eat delicious food in dc u are just outright silly @Chris__Richards i also love when both happen, cuz of each other @MCSquishyTooshy Records website I downloaded a 5 second preview of Side By Side and it took an hour @galaxymydear I do prefer that west coast moist“If she throw it at me ima hit it / Ken Griffey”“be a lot cooler if you did”that bryson tiller song with the Guile sample still goes so hard wowLowkey soothing: if you wear glasses go for a long walk without em on @sgamorc I don’t even care my shirt looks like a sweat Jack o lantern @Lizzielohan We got like opposite skin cuz even a lil humidity makes me feel like a melting crayonWhoever invented humidity needs to get disciplined @Taylor_Hugs @kiernanlaveaux Good lookin out! @kiernanlaveaux Where?!I can’t lie I’m just trying to be barefootHad to make sure I had all five bags to take to the car so u know the Lou Bega jumped outquarantine mega one for sure
@tltrostle oh I’m not hip that could totally be why, the mulch they’re using on our street rn is just red afI like when they use the red mulch man @lastdreamcast officiated a wedding w no shirt onThis guy @lastdreamcast built like a Martinelli’s apple juiceshoutout criterion app for making the exit just the back button. So sick. I hate an “are u sure” ass appYou def need to pick up your dogs shit. However, while I was doing so, I’m not sure this 90 year old lady needed to… alllllll the wipe fades in all of the deserts!!!!!Just watched Desert Heart. Amazing’re the best - and all the best know it
@dawiteklund is working on his own cheese called Brovolone @dawiteklund and I 100% believe that despite this loss the other 3/4 of U2 remain dead and vanquished around me in… @johnxela yea ima join Reel Big Fish lol fuck itif the plan is to make every party Burning Man then I’m outSickest Rodman hair was the first Jazz finals @FutureTiming
Retweeted by FTsike I just wanna hear some fucking HOUSE MUSICRC Cola Lady would infamously disturb tv news interviews by just being in the shot w a 2 liter on her head. Broke u… dc ass shit right here don’t give a shit papa!
jay-z’s best line “just read a magazine that fucked up my day’that music been horrific garbage who cares#accidentalghostface XTRACT by ON THE IFNESS feat. MAX Dolo on bongos..."hypotrochoids are the curves / described by a point /…
Retweeted by FTSoon come!
Retweeted by FT @kush_jones_ this flyer is dope