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@DallasStars UGH!! IT'S TOO LATE! @realbooomer_ Awh :). @_Handalf @slaydemons @RubybumT @MoneyBenjamin @MeghanAeris @OldBenjiKenobi I think you'll enjoy it. But if you wan… @_Handalf @slaydemons @RubybumT @MoneyBenjamin @MeghanAeris @OldBenjiKenobi Old school or new? @ShatteredLensTX I'm not. They've been pretty weak during Stars games. @NHL Would be nice if you played a little more crowd noise during Stars games. Anytime it's a big 6 on prime tv it's loud @_Handalf @slaydemons @RubybumT @MoneyBenjamin @MeghanAeris @OldBenjiKenobi Hmm Megaman Legends Final fantasy 6-10…
@Ali_StarsGrl91 @daemelar @Canes Lol same @daemelar @Ali_StarsGrl91 @Canes Well I use the app and just listen to the radio station that way. @daemelar @Ali_StarsGrl91 @Canes If I listen it's on the radio. @justbreex 🤣😢 @Aztecia316 And seriously, why don't they name it Super Sedoucher? @Aztecia316 Hunt @Ali_StarsGrl91 @Canes Right!?!? Yesterday I was at work and tomorrow i'll have to go to sleep for work! C'mon NHLAnd now would be the best time to do research and pick the best candidate that you think would do the best job. Not… hate talking politics because it's toxic but ya'll are fucking weird for deciding between these two shit parties… @Canes @Ali_StarsGrl91 Yeah well, with all these OT's everyone is bouncing from their time slots. @CandraHastings Hell yeah 😊 @NHLonNBCSports @discord wasn't me. I haven't been in the cookie jar. @PR_NHL @NHL @NYIslanders @Capitals Dallas has 3 facilities built for hockey that ya'll could have used but chose not to. Just ssyin'. @HeirTweets I need to upgrade but stuff be expensive @SaraCivian @ShatteredLensTX Wait....wha? @TheIronBelleTTV I want moofins @AmberGlowYoga If it's a friend privately. Just drop and be like "Bro, cool your shit." If it's a community member… @danidosgamer @cass_fos So you won't quit complaining? Lol @Aztecia316 Voting to change abs to penis pointer muscles @CandraHastings I dunno? Have I? @LonelyGeekess Must have been an east coast thing. We were too busy dicking around on ebaums world. @LonelyGeekess Or it just wasn't big? Cuz here we are 21 years after it's creation and i'm just now hearing about it. @LonelyGeekess When was live journal? @NHL You guys....Ovi is getting impatient. @DallasStars @RDubThree But he was pissed they got rid of Garrett (sarcasm) @HeirTweets In my 16 years of having friends and family and my favorite artists in the business I can say this; mus… @Frediculous They're businesses. @Canes @Ali_StarsGrl91 Just don't get pummeled @itstherion Work out @MistaPixels Yes @_Handalf @_Handalf Gilgamesh, Cactuuar, and Tonberry would be perfect @HeirTweets Well I NEEDED to go to bed but what is sleep anyway?Ok, Henrik Lundqvist is only 38. The dude looks like he's in his mid 50's and should be on the cover of fortune 500… @NHL @TBLightning @BlueJacketsNHL So, @NHL is cocaine allowed in the bubble or is it one of the banned substances?… @TexasGlory2013 Only the slow ones get caught @NHL @TBLightning They're just happy they can have a water break and sleep @gjspittle Yes @StarsTakeTheCup I think my neighbors filed a complaint 😬 @gjspittle @BrentSeveryn @1053SS @rjchoppy Ugh! I LOVE IT!!! @NHL Watching the @BlueJacketsNHL and @TBLightning going into 4 OT @M_Graham17 @DallasStars @Lexus This back and forth pitter patter patty cake passing bullshit irritates me. One tim… @Canes Is the second choice a stiff drink? @210LG Ain't Ya Mama? @Canes @NHL @BlueJacketsNHL @TBLightning Just have all four teams on the ice and watch 2020 get even weirder. @DallasStars That was a soft scrap
@FamilyVideo @blockbuster It's weird @FamilyVideo all the stores of yours I pass by are either abandoned or turned… @blockbuster @blockbuster teasing us. @ChipsAhoy @Oreo I'll take you two in and around my mouth all night long. Even whole. @DallasStars @ModeloUSA Dennis "Mustang" Gurianov! Give him a contract and more ice time! @AgentBluesky27 😍 @gjspittle Yessir!!! The captain!!Scorianov!!!! The Stallion Gurianov!!! @TheMLSchoonover @DallasStars That's what I thought! Should have been a 5 minute major @FOXSportsSW @DallasStars Is Razor doing his best Russel Crowe? @JoshStankowski @YoungOnyxx @DallasStars I mean it was definitely interference but yeah Tkachuck should have had an embellishment penalty. @gjspittle Would be nice if he connected a couple good haymakers to the turtle. @neiltyson So you're saying you're the master bullshitter of your Twitter followers? 🤨 @BrienRea @FOXSportsSW @HUGOBOSS Brien Rea murdering people with fashion and getting away with it. @CandraHastings I dare you to wear it in Texas 😓 @HeirTweets @itstherion So viscous 😄 @Ali_StarsGrl91 Thank you! 😊 @timothy5512 @JC1053 It was for both. They wanted competition and to see who would do better there and at shortstop… @daemelar 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thank you @wheelz8701 Hahaha thanks! @nyactor @Psychoghost_G *Que naked drug addict tweaking* @JC1053 Lol andd everyone LOVED the Kinsler trade to make room for this guy. 👏. When is everyone going to admit JD… @ErinMoylan My niece is 8 and going in the third grade. I haven't seen her in a minute so I was shocked to see how… @Gladd I want to get another dog but dammit they are expensive @MissAliCatt's my borthday today too. AWESOME @CandraHastings 🤢🤮 @itstherion Awh! Who's the wittle scary moofin'? 😄😄 @TheGreatToddman Thank you 😊
@BrienRea @BrienRea @BrienRea's my birthday @ShatteredLensTX Welcome NERD. @MDeFranks Strange time but ok. @DallasStars @ATT Getting lucky is Dallas Stars hockey??? No, the way you played Vegas in the first 2 periods is St… @gjspittle 😬 @MistaPixels Come on over where it's 25° and it's not even 8 AM. Gonna hit over 38 today. @taystu14 After a nice shower and with the a/c and fan on @ShatteredLensTX @TinaLovesTexas Sleep @oneandonlyziggy @JC1053 @gavindawson @ProsspectTTV @JC1053 @gavindawson @ProsspectTTV @oneandonlyziggy Boooo play a real game