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@JohnJarvis3 @rjchoppy @1053SS @RDubThree #Florida @iamdesibanks @TheAznInvasionX So plain
@xnoems @RayWes22 @BloggingTheBoys Only reason they should call themselves the HotBoyz is because they got burned by trash offenses. @BloggingTheBoys Hahaha rivalry?? You have to actually play against them in order for it to be a rivalry. Consider… @PlayWithJambo @TankLawrence @HotBoyzTM @thejaylonsmith Ya'll need to sit ya'lls Dolly Parton asses down and accept the fact that… @TheIronBelleTTV Wish I had gone. @Shippyfunsports Shout out to Shippy, now i'm listening tp Boys II Men @RonMartzGames Happy Bday @1053thefan @JC1053 Draft. It's cheaper. @Jon_Fury Give me the Hades treatment.If someone cares enough to want you to be taken seriously and not ridiculed you probably shouldn't throw it in thei… @RDubThree @1053SS @rjchoppy @TommySledge Reject @GG_Engage 🧓 @GG_Engage 🤣🤣 @AliceOn_Acid @ATPoseidon I mean no offense. I'm saying that since it's not your native language you might not know… @JC1053 Best cheesecake at the cheesecake factory? @AliceOn_Acid @ATPoseidon Also, was gonna DM you this as to not be rude, and I know English is not your native lang… @AliceOn_Acid @ATPoseidon Yay hugs!! @cass_fos @TheIrisVirus1 We all know who it is. @DallasStars @MikeHeika @BrienRea @OwenNewkirk @BruceLeVinePuck Not much of a debate when all of them pretty much a… @BrienRea @gjspittle @jmelee8 Movie called wind river I believe shines a little light on that issue. Great film. @TheNotoriousOMB @blckriflecoffee Yeah, I guess that could make you a 90's band in a sense IF that was your one and… speaking of home is where you make it....i'm kinda think my place is a little lacking. I need/want to decorate… @FrostedCaribou Home is where you make it. @tonyhawk Hey hawk man, did you know Jesus was a skateboarder? Holy cannoli. @TheNotoriousOMB @blckriflecoffee Yeah but most of their discography is in the 00's. @blckriflecoffee Matchbox twenty is more of a 00's band @SirKatelyn Someone get the like snacks!
@flyroosterboy @cass_fos Not by accident, by intuition @lunasm000ke Rock n roll @cass_fos @Shippyfunsports Oh goodness. Be prepared to have pages from me. @Shippyfunsports you should let me come up with jokes for you.I knew a couple who shared a common interest in decorative tape. They really stuck to each other. @TTraykJ You ain't lyin @Jon_Fury I saw dudes do this in New Orleans. Stuff was unreal. @JessGOAT Jokes on her, those were pictures of grandma. @SirKatelyn Shit, 10 likes and i'm digging it. @TTraykJ Oh shit!! I thought it was only going to be Disney+!! Hell yeah. Now I don't have to fork out a ton of money @DallasStars Who gave that baby face Luka a five o'clock shadow??? @TheIrisVirus1 Relatable. I see a pretty girl and I trip ove my feelings. @rjchoppy @1053SS Shit i was thinking the other bosa. Still though, maybe we don't need elite QB and RB just an elite OL and defense? @rjchoppy @1053SS But they also drafted very well and bosa was injured most of the season last year. Can you pick a… @rjchoppy @1053SS are the 49ers proving that we over value the QB position much like we do with the RB position?So, update on my diet/ weight loss. Since last January i've slowly been shedding pounds. I was at 257 and got down… @ScooterMagruder 49ers @911LoneStar Seriously you based your first episode off of the events of West, Texas. Kinda disrespectful. @landpsychology It sees you....always. @baines_joshua There's just too many man. I like em all @ThePoshGoblin Oh man....that's tough. Probably the Serenity, Durandal, or Galactica. @JC1053 Yeah i'd much prefer to use that money on an OL or DL. @SportPrincess89 I don't even almost. I'm laughing at the foo! Thats what you get DEZ CAUGHT IT! @BriannicusG @SportPrincess89 Psh I don't
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Retweeted by fuzywuzyboomboom @RexChapman @baines_joshua Note to kennel makers, your product doesn't work. @gjspittle Hey remember where I said I wasn't on board with Gallant? I changed my mind. @missamy717 👀 @JJWatt @_TJWatt you gonna take that kinda talk from the inferior brother?
fuzywuzyboomboom is inspired by Winnie the Pooh and i've always enhoyed the stories. I had absolutely no idea there… @JC1053 Stars game tonight. When you going PC? @LostPinkPearl You kids have a great safe night! 😉 @gjspittle Johns is in the lineup tonight @CandraHastings I actually stole it so I could listen to you all the time! @daveexplosm @TheHISHEdotcom @NeebsOfficial @cass_fos No you want the AK because it's more durable and doesn't jam as often. @wfaaweather If this doesn't accurately describe North Texas.... @cass_fos My most dangerous weapon is my wit! But physically Bow and arrow for silent kills and low numbers. AK-47… @fire_spell I think i'm gonna start buying these just because they look badass. @insipid_gamer Chilly day for it.....but not a bad idea....shit now I wanna go. @Ban7dicoot @thefon7bang Why? Did she infect you with an incurable disease that made you break out in a rash? @Beard2G Well let me introduce you to Dr. Tony. @TheIrisVirus1 @TheIrisVirus1 Nah, I think everyone should just enjoy your weirdness. Lol @Coach_Leach @1053SS @rjchoppy @OThankKevin @JC1053 @Charalanahzard Uhm, exsqueeze me!?!?!?! But why are we talking about Batman when Mega Man Juno in Mega Man Legends… @UnicornyLithia @cass_fos Why thank you! If you look hard enough you could imagine a top down birds eye view of a m… @cass_fos @UnicornyLithia Now i'm seeing those giant ester island tiki faces. @cass_fos @UnicornyLithia Hahahha no lie I was going to comment that I saw the Bat symbol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nerds unite!! @kysamoan_gamer It would.....if you sprinkled chili powder and cumin on it. @BrickRabbitt Bwahahah @Kawaii_Valkyrie Favor House Atlantic was the first song that I heard of there I believe on MTV or MTV2. Maybe Fuse… @_themodernmom_ @Jon_Fury Bwahahahaha perfect! @sanasbananasx thank you for blessing me
Just laying here watching movies and pizza with my Boo......if she existed. @HamillHimself @cole4_point_oh @jamesearljones Such an underrated actor. He's been soooo good in several roles. My… @okeebzo @DallasStars @YouCanPlayTeam @DS_Foundation Hockey Is For Everyone except those that have to be at work on Thursday… @bloob3rry_ Does it have to be gamecube? Because I would love Mega Man Legends to be remastered. @Kawaii_Valkyrie Yeah, Welcome Home is a good heavy song with a lot of technical playing, I think i'm just burnt ou… @Kawaii_Valkyrie Ohhh man. I dunno i' really digging their new album but Favor house Atlantic is probably still my fave @Kawaii_Valkyrie Oh man I love some Coheed. Such an underrated band. At the hockey game last night I heard them pla… a comment saying they didn’t receive notifications on our last vid. Checked our spam folder and found ours.
Retweeted by fuzywuzyboomboom @catladycupcake @cass_fos There's a joke here...