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@gtconway3d In his defense, Ted Cruz is an idiot. @SockPuppet1650 I definitely want that on a t-shirt. Please make it a t-shirt.JFC this is either the worst singing in the history of singing or the most rhythmic speaking in tongues I've ever h…
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@Scattered211 Burger farts. @DavidAlanMack It’s the Ultimate Cat a Tree of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Truly, you should have sprung for the 47-inch versIon.
Well stated. is coming. Justice is coming. And Trump’s tax returns are coming. My guess? He’s no billionaire. He’s probab…
Retweeted by Chris CondonRaise your hand if you think Trump is guilty as fuck. ✋🏼 #AmericansForImpeachment
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Retweeted by Chris Condon @Jawiin Boosterific!I want to be one of the cool kids but I’m concerned about the health risks associated with smoking and vaping. If I…
@TTrekkie Creepy. @Tyranicus I’m going full mountain man at the moment, mostly so I can put Beardanents on my face for Christmas. I’l…
@BatlethBabe @StarTrek Made it so. I was saying, shooting a little indie in Canada and just learned something interesting. Did you know that Canadi…
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@TTrekkie On the plus side, you get to see episodes of Terrace House months before Netflix drops them in the US. An… @Tyranicus Putting her face in your coffee is an option.
@3illSweet *cough* I’d need a truly large pocket for it, though. just said he’s raised median income for average Americans $10,000 each He’s such a goddamn liar 🤥 🤥🤥🤥…
Retweeted by Chris CondonWTF
Retweeted by Chris CondonSigh. woman. This extraordinary human. What a gift it is to work with you everyday. Thanks to everyone for an amazin…
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I don’t think it’s getting longer, but it’s getting thicker. I’m talking about my beard. What did you think I was talking about?You Don't Know Till You Try: Guy Uses Soda Machine To Carbonate Milk
“I don’t like being called a liar.” - Sarah Huckabee Sanders Dear @SarahHuckabee, You are a liar.
Retweeted by Chris CondonHey @jvancitters and @Loeb_LoebLLP, it looks like #AlecPeters and #Axanar are still selling copyrighted material. I…
Retweeted by Chris CondonREAD. THIS.
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CNN BREAKING ---> Giuliani associate PARNAS willing to tell Congress that Rep NUNES met with ex-Ukrainian official…
Retweeted by Chris Condon“Alexa, play ‘In My Darkest Place.’” “Playing Porn Star Dancing Radio from Chris’ Pandora.”Trump Repeats False Ukraine Claims
“It’s not just factually incorrect, Trump is asking people to believe a discredited claim that is ‘being propagated…
Retweeted by Chris CondonThe question is not whether the GOP will abandom Trump. We know the answer. The question is whether the country will abandon the GOP.
Retweeted by Chris CondonI want to make sure I have this right? The #GOP wants us to believe that all of the people who ARE willing to tes…
Retweeted by Chris Condon初Mステありがとうございました!!
Retweeted by Chris Condon @TrekGeekBill Hill Sets Republicans’ Impeachment Defenses On Fire
Schiff’s last point: The undisputed evidence shows, after two years of hollering “no collusion” every day about 201…
Retweeted by Chris CondonI am a pro-religious liberty, pro-life, would snort Cocaine Mitch’s judicial confirmations if I could, kind of cons…
Retweeted by Chris CondonFiona Hill isn’t here to play around, apparently
Retweeted by Chris Condon @gtconway3d Nunes is going to have a stroke when shut shuts him down.She’s not one to be trifled with.
Retweeted by Chris CondonI wanted there to be some accountability for Gordon Sondland today. He frankly had been a little too smug. Until no…
Retweeted by Chris CondonAt least 40 per cent of Americans simply don't care what crimes Trump commits. That is far and away the biggest tra…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @LindseyGrahamSC Fixed it!
Retweeted by Chris Condon @LindseyGrahamSC Just what kind of dirt does Trump have on you?Who would have guessed?
Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney out here with that strong New York Irish cop energy as he gets Sondland to say clearly th…
Retweeted by Chris CondonHmmmmm... @HuffPostPol He was in the race?#Impeach #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachAndRemove Jim Jordan thinks acting like a yappy psychotic Chihuahua will distract from his…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @TrekGeekDan @GOP @senatemajldr @LindseyGrahamSC @DevinNunes His only legacy will be suing a cow on Twitter.
@MTMtweeting @KcShafsky @AxaMonitor But it’s the most transparent fan film ever! #sarcasmWe got the text of Pompeo's statement: "Donald Trump is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @TrekGeekBill It’s always a matter of opinion, but if Nemesis isn’t the worst it’s at least the most disappointing.Elizabeth Warren is my top choice. Kamala Harris is my second choice. There is NO DEM I wouldn’t choose over 45.…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @AxaMonitor @MTMtweeting Alec does have a very loose definition of “my money.”
Damn right. @hemantmehta @Geadun7 Don’t ruin a perfectly good TOS uniform. @MTMtweeting @AxaMonitor Alec will just keep moving the goalposts. It’s his specialty. He changed the fundraising g…, the GOP can always count on a big Trump rally to push their candidate over the finish line... Oh. Wait.
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2019 Rudy is making, this time in a text to someone whose identity he doesn’t know, another statement that demonstra…
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I’m vaguely heartened by what finally seems like some recognition that virtually all of these “conspiracy theories”…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @thehill This from the corpulent fat ass with the 30-inch neck. @realDonaldTrump In all seriousness (sorry, that was more than two syllables... more syllables means it’s a big wor… @realDonaldTrump Nunes is as big an idIot trash heap as you, you traitorous bastard.
Retweeted by Chris Condon @MTMtweeting No. So far the only way fan film studios have been able to stay open is through magnanimous owners who…
This - FINALLY - is the point. Very, very clear that the White House finally released the aid only when the whistle…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @realDonaldTrump Where’s your fake moral compass?Thanks @GHLPodcast, @Jawiin, @AshleyVRobinson for the pin! Waiting for someone to ask me, “What’s your crisis?” legislation is indeed frozen in place. In the Senate. Want to see a list of hundreds of bills passed by the…
Retweeted by Chris CondonThe obligatory @ewarren selfie! #unionsforall
Elizabeth Warren in the house! Lidicul on Twitter have to post this whenever Stephen Miller is trending - it is known.
Retweeted by Chris Condon @DevinNunes Traitor. You are a disgrace to our country. Resign.REP. JIM JORDAN (R): Congress will never get a chance to question the one "who started it all." REP. PETER WELCH (…
Retweeted by Chris CondonMessage from @TrekGeekDan: Honored to be part of this amazing article in The Gaurdian. Always remember, there is he…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @TrekGeekDan They hitched their wagons to that traitorous dung beetle and now they have to live with it.Keith Boykin on Twitter, Walmart has done a terrible job of profiling me if they think I’m going to respond positively to this ad.Rudy Giuliani's Op-Ed Defense Of Donald Trump Backfires Spectacularly — HuffPost
Overheard at work: “CAN’T THEY JUST LEAVE TRUMP ALONE?” #ImpeachAndRemove #ImpeachTrump #ImpeachTrumpNow @Tyranicus
2019 seen today. @MTMtweeting It seems like it’s stalled. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alec pulls a telethon-like stunt like Jon did to drum up interest.
Removing the less expensive items from the store like the Peace Shield Pack in @StarTrekFleet is a nasty move…
We changed the cover of @DonaldJTrumpJr’s book to make it a little more honest and put them up in @BNBuzz. You're w…
Retweeted by Chris CondonHere's a larger image comparing #Tardigrades creator @AnasAbdin's handwritten "Independent" with the homophobic hat…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @TrekGeekBill @TrekProfiles Oh, that transfer was godawful. @TrekGeekBill And yet, the writing is so good that we’ve done two rewatches. Besides the CGI issues, the sets are c…