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@chyrosran22 Finally, a visualization of what a scratchy switch feels like. @Virgini86836448 @HNHughson I seem to have struck a nerve.
@cxptainjaneway Also, Lokai and Bele. @cxptainjaneway Meowff, Murrff, and Burrff. Their father named them. @Tyranicus Also, it adds like 50 years. @Tyranicus I can only imagine how sweaty my face would be if I sported this during the summer. @Virgini86836448 @GeneralDilley I love my county, which is why I reject Trump and everything for which he stands. H… @Virgini86836448 @GeneralDilley And while you’re at it take your first amendment-hating, truth-hating, automatic we… @Virgini86836448 @GeneralDilley I reject what the authoritarian, Russia-loving, anti-American, theocracy-pushing, t… Orange Jim Jones interesting color tonight. This is...something. Unfiltered screenshot.
Retweeted by Chris CondonDid Mary Hart just do what I think she did?!?
Retweeted by Chris CondonOn every other political issue, Trump is a loose fish, flopping about to whatever he thinks his audience wants to h…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @Virgini86836448 @GeneralDilley If ever there were a President deserving of every bit of scorn heaped upon him, Tru… @TeltheTrekkie They’re like... bakery Hot Pockets. I thought the UK didn’t have any good food? @stacey_baby06 It’s not the hat we’re laughing at... @JMDeMatteis By the way, I went back to Savior 28 when the world seemed less dark and it may indeed be your best wo… @Tyranicus Celebrate the fact that we get to vote that fucker out. @GeneralDilley It was rambling, laconic, and he couldn’t pronounce basic words. Something is wrong with his brain.… @DPRK_News @gtconway3d Apparently, North Korea’s weapon of mass destruction consists of throwing shade.We must stop the spread of
Retweeted by Chris Condon @MTMtweeting The thing is, all he needed to do was ask one his Axafans (like the one who does the comics) to draw him a dog. @stacey_baby06 @DevinNunes Translation: “Wore this hat to the store today and everyone was looking at me like I was… am tempted by so many things on Goldbelly. Luckily, I am able to resist because I don’t need 4 of the best pizzas… @adoptatribble @Tyranicus Now I want a Nolio from Bertuccis. Good thing for me the nearest one is an hour away. @adoptatribble @Tyranicus They have fried onions if you want them. Almost as good. When I was losing weight after…
22: The number of times Donald Trump has tweeted in defense of the Confederacy. 0: The number of times Donald Tru…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @MTMtweeting Alec also thinks he can get away with this because Ares Studios is a “separate legal entity” from Axan… @MTMtweeting My definition would be private appeals (like via email or a private Facebook group) to existing donors…
@chyrosran22 IBM 4978? I predict beamsprings. @MTMtweeting Just the same old song. Alec pushes the boundaries of the settlement, says something stupid, slaps an… @GOP Sold. I want people to face healthcare. I’ll chip in for the single parent, too.
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@awhaleinthemoon In his defense, he’s a weirdo."Great again."
Retweeted by Chris Condon @awhaleinthemoon @Mike_Pence No we don’t. We need fewer people like you in office. People who put the Bible before the Constitution… @chyrosran22 If it includes support for integrated Windows login into websites it will be super useful in corporate… @DevinCow “I just sharted.”
The Trump campaign deliberately removed social distancing stickers prior to the Tulsa rally, just so Orange Julius…
Retweeted by Chris CondonI think we need to replace the term “BREAKING NEWS” TO: “ Guess what this motherfucker @realDonaldTrump just did“
Retweeted by Chris CondonDonald Trump will defend a Confederate statue but not an American soldier.
Retweeted by Chris Condon @realDonaldTrump @VP @MarkMeadows @nytimes Liar. @realDonaldTrump How about a 10-year sentence for politicians who seek foreign help in American elections? I think… think the phrase that might communicate the problem better is “white advantage.” In any situation a white person… the dictionary definition, in common usage “privilege” connotes a kind of silver-spoon moneyed upbringing.… #60Minutes investigation reveals Trump knowingly allowed flawed #COVID19 antibody tests to circulate, lea…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @realDonaldTrump Wow, he sounds desperate if fear mongering is all he’s got. @TrekGeekBill In his defense, he’s an idiot.
Trump knew. @pastorlocke That is absolutely a reason to disqualify him from holding the office. If you’re going to put the Bibl… to second term
Retweeted by Chris Condon @LisaHagan7 Nobody has that kind of stamina. I tap out at about 15 seconds of his voice, unless @sarahcpr is doing her thing. @Tyranicus What is this outdoors of which you speak?
@mattgaetz Go and never come back. The world will be a better place if you stay in your pathetic echo chamber.
@TrekGeekBill @EnterpriseExtra If I win they’ll have to make me up as an alien so my face doesn’t crack screens acr…
@JennaEllisEsq @JennaEllisEsq No one is intentionally trying to cancel Christianity, but @realDonaldTrump is doing a good job of i…
How to empty seat
Retweeted by Chris CondonFrom my days as a public defender to my time as Vice President — I've spent my career fighting against injustice. A…
Retweeted by Chris CondonReported. rule of thumb: If you're lying about nonexistent voter fraud, if you're limiting polling places, if you're forcin…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @realDonaldTrump The way you’re harassing America is anything but Presidential, @realDonaldTrump. @realDonaldTrump Most people make up excuses AFTER they lose, you whiny bitch.Your campaign was so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
Retweeted by Chris Condon @realDonaldTrump They love the Constitution so much, they want you to go to jail for exercising your First Amendment ri…
Retweeted by Chris CondonThere was an obstacle to going back upstairs to #telework after lunch., your rally in Tulsa was a flop. You've probably heard this before, but it was smaller than we ex…
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This is art.
Retweeted by Chris Condon @TrekGeekDan The poor turnout for his rally in a state that he won easily in 2016 is gratifying. I don’t want to ge… @TrekGeekDan He got punked!
Jerry Nadler on Berman firing as US attorney for the SDNY: “The House Judiciary Committee will immediately open an…
Retweeted by Chris CondonThis is what overflow looks like at the Trump rally in Tulsa right now. Pence is scheduled to speak out here in abo…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @RandPaul @realDonaldTrump You do realize that when you support this President’s corrupt deeds that you’re no bette… @realDonaldTrump What part of this did you not understand? @realDonaldTrump Wow, you’re still a corrupt idiot. @realDonaldTrump Bolton failed in his duty to protect America... ...FROM YOU, YOU MORON!
Retweeted by Chris CondonHmmmm. This is interesting. Matt has a.... son. From Cuba. Who he... adopted? Got? ... six years ago?
Retweeted by Chris Condon @Jim_Jordan Maybe a law holding coaches criminally liable for knowingly ignoring sexual abuse that happens under th… scrolls through his phone while small business owners share their pandemic stories.
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Retweeted by Chris Condon @realDonaldTrump And the decIsions aren’t horrIble and polItically charged when you agree with them? You’re an idi… @realDonaldTrump Nobody likes you.
If you’re not on board with he message of #StarTrekUnited   maybe you should go back and watch this one again.… is a promise. Nobody gets left behind. For every person who tweets #StarTrekUnitedGives today, $1 will be…
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@GHLPodcast Yes! I know him for Green Lantern / Green Arrow and Batman, but I’m sure there’s a lot more I *should* know.【ティザー映像公開】 6/18(木)24:00より配信開始。 indigo la End 新曲『夜漁り』 ティザー映像公開!!
Retweeted by Chris CondonYou've heard of "evil genius," just wait until you hear about "evil idiot."
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@realDonaldTrump AGREED! SO WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO JAIL?We love #ストリーミングCDレコードのレコード in the USA, too! @gesu_otome @warnermusic_jp Donald Trump pay everyone who attends his events or...??
Retweeted by Chris CondonThis is real. Really.
Retweeted by Chris Condon @mattgaetz Maybe you should actually represent your district instead of supporting the Trump the traitor. You ever…
It’s widely understood that @mattgaetz shows up to every battle of wits unarmed. Matt, that means you’re stupid. D… @mattgaetz @realDonaldTrump #ImpeachTrumpAgain @mattgaetz @realDonaldTrump Dude. EVERYBODY thinks you’re an asshole. Also, a traitor, for supporting the traitor… @perlmutations Matt Geatz? The #traitor who carries water for #BunkerBoyTrump? Yeah, I’m from New Hampshire and I… of Woke Matty, do you think it’s just Hollywood that thinks you’re an asshole? Read the comments, I’ll wai…
Retweeted by Chris Condon @vintageport014 @AlexBerenson @CestAlain I’m not a bot. I’m just a regular guy with a regular number of followers.… @AlexBerenson @realDonaldTrump That’s kind of a low bar. Kind of lIke saying that this pile of poop is slight less…