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@hamlllton Thank u for ur service @vibesbuswell @Lin_Manuel THATS FAIR @Lin_Manuel No Dumbo? 👀 @mcubuckley @SabrinaAnnLynn You’re B E A U T I F U LWE MUST PROTECT BOOKDAY @Lin_Manuel @hamlllton @jonnysun !!! ❤️❤️ @mcubuckley YES YES IM FR TAKING THE DAY OFF WORK @mcubuckley IM SO EXCITED!! @tammyampersand @Lin_Manuel @jonnysun !!!! @Lin_Manuel Lewis’ favourite colouring book 🤷‍♀️ I’m sure when he’s old enough, the words will hit him like they hit me!! ❤️❤️The whitening???? got to love how they used a stock image of Flounder and a few fish on this poster for that Little Mermaid Live sp…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻This line from @nbcthegoodplace may just be my favourite line on comedy tv ever? THAT JAZZ (1979) Cinematography by Giuseppe Rotunno Directed by Bob Fosse Read about how the film uses dance:…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻today i discovered what john krasinski‘s laugh sounds like from various bloopers and it seemed important enough to…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻no one: absolutely no one: @johnkrasinski: *high pitched squeeling sound* one: @johnkrasinski: *giggles*
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻If you've even been groped/touched inappropriately by a stranger in a public place (bar, restaurant, public transpo…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻 @Lin_Manuel Gmorning (but like, on your terms!) to see here Krasinski will write, direct, and co-star alongside Ryan Reynolds in fantasy comedy 'Imaginary Friends' (via…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻Pray for Lebanon. This reporter broke down because of all the people screaming from their homes while our governmen…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻SIR??!!! goes up but never comes down? your birth day hahahahahahahaahahahaahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻LA LA LAND (2016) Cinematography by Linus Sandgren Directed by Damien Chazelle Explore more shots in our databa…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻A full feature length documentary but it’s just Emily Blunt & John Krasinski living their day to day lifeJust spent 30 mins persuading my parents that Lewis wants McDonald’s for him to turn around and ask for toast 😭😭😭Saying you're single • sobering • gets you sad looks at parties • invites relatives to murmur ‘you'll find someone‘…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻WE WIN AGAIN
I love when you type your passcode hella fast and then you have like one more number to click and you typed it all correctlyConfession: I have never watched The Greatest Showman Update: That’s about to change now👀👀👀 @Lin_Manuel @cristela9 Lin I am honestly SO excited for this series.Haha, let me log onto this bird app for validation off of strangers... Just kidding! Unless?This is the hill I will die on boy is so much better than he was on Friday night. Thank you for the well wishes ❤️ DONT UNDERSTAND HOW SOME OF YALL DONT READ THE BOOKS BEFORE U WATCH THE TV SERIES LIKEEEE DO YOU KNOW HOW MAGICAL… arrest him. We either have the law or we don’t. And if we don’t, that’s it. Game over.
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻 @jonnysun me clocking in vs me clocking outThere isn't a happier man in NY. FUMERO!
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻’re at the world premiere of @darkmaterials #HisDarkMaterials
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻Girl... @Lin_Manuel @Lyrikris10 #HisDarkMaterials
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻Melissa Fumero, Emily Blunt THAT WASNT VERY PUNK ROCK OF YOUIf Saturday and Sunday are the weekend why isn’t Monday and Tuesday the weekstart? HDM London premiere looks SO good.#RuthWilson and @DafneKeen have arrived at the #HisDarkMaterials premiere in London. ✨
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻.@Ruta_Gedmintas, who plays Serafina, can’t wait for you to see #HisDarkMaterials.
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻hamilton after he published the reynolds pamphlet to prove his innocence
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻that post-vomit breath 🤢🤢 is Gustaff Growlithe Gallifrey The Third's first time meeting a tennis ball last year.
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Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻 @Lin_Manuel Quick pit-stop for Lee Scoresby on his way to Jordan College @Lin_Manuel You always manage to say just what I need to hear. G’day! original infinity stones just sleep for the next 4 days straight.... waken me when this flu has finished doing the rounds 🤢
Watching B99 with my head over a sick bucket and worrying about deadlines? Yep. That’s my Monday evening... @Lin_Manuel @freestylelove @VAMNit This gif. 🔥this flu is hitting DIFFERENT like I think this is the closest am ever getting to being a zombie RLY WROTE “oopsie doopsie I muffed it up again” KSKSKSKE Is. Time. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Mandalorian, check out basically everything coming to…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻🚤 @Lin_Manuel Ooo I love this one. Gmorning!
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Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻NATHAN FOR YOU (2017) Cinematography by Marco Cordero Directed by @nathanfielder From the episode "Finding France…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻Funniest thing you did as a kid? goHAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL GIRL @vibesbuswell I ADORE YOU AND I HOPE YOU HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER!!! Also it’s a crime…
@smoricebrubaker @Lin_Manuel Tired but grateful to see him doing better. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
I hate seeing Lewis really poorly :( just wish I could magic everything to be all better. Rough night to say the least. @Lin_Manuel Little man had a several asthma attack whilst he’s sleeping over and it was longest and scariest hour i… @chelseaperetti whilst ur in the fbf spirit, record a new podcast ep?! 😜EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS RIGHT NOW this but the whole sky instead your pace, on your terms. Your happiness and safety are paramount. Sending endless love and courage your way. #NationalComingOutDay
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻HAPPY FRIDAY! Seize the day. (and watch out for any surprise doors as you do) got my eyes tested and holyyyyy f*ck I’m so blind
Giraffes crossing a river in Tanzania (Photo: Robert Ross)
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻Y’all are so ugly and dumb @dervogelfamber This is my life energy @fckinbee The best times ahead. Have a great day friend!BLINDSPOTTING (2018) Cinematography by Robby Baumgartner Directed by Carlos López Estrada Explore more shots in ou…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻 @melissafumero DO YOU STILL USE THE LITTLE BLUE BIRD APP ON YOUR PHONE @linmemeuel @Lin_Manuel @heyitsjustin THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE LEGEND @CrashBandicait omg this post gave me flashbacks to the time in like year 4 (??) when we were reading Toms Midnight… LA LAND (2016) Cinematography by Linus Sandgren Directed by Damien Chazelle Read about this film's split betwee…
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻 @eumoirousx HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY @K_bowes Yup!! AND YOU TOO!!! ❤️❤️The French really snapped when they beheaded rich people
Retweeted by B(oo!)illie👻 @K_bowes Me!! Taking my mum & little sister to Ham next weekend for her bday... She’s so excited (WE ALL ARE) and y… THE BOOK IS OUT ITS NOT MY FAULT YALL DIDNT READ IT them who needs to hear this but DONT DRINK TOO MUCH COFFEE TODAY U WILL GET ANXIOUS AND U WILL NOT FEEL GOOD*** ******** book 2
ALL THAT JAZZ (1979) Cinematography by Giuseppe Rotunno Directed by Bob Fosse Read about how the film uses dance:…
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