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@iamhiwelo Flickr did it first. :D @hinoczek Yup! what about .htc files that would generate some VML markup to draw rounded corners in Internet Explorer? Whew.Back in 2006-2007 I wrote a couple articles on awful techniques to achieve those effects because people kept asking… remembers the nonsensical things we had to do to build boxes with shadows or rounded corners before CSS3?!? 9-… really like the basic favicon i improvised for my site. I had no idea of what to do initially, tried this as a ba… a few words of introduction to this old post of mine. @nicolaschevobbe Looks like an "expectations vs reality" meme ^^
@DasIsOnline @RobinCSteel @IwriteOK Another example where "tout le monde" is used to mean "everyone", even when the… @DasIsOnline @RobinCSteel @IwriteOK There’s hardly a way to use "tous" (adverb or pronoun) instead of "tout le mond… @DasIsOnline @RobinCSteel @IwriteOK Nah, Robin is right here. The stress on "monde" in the chant is dictated by the…
For Kirby CMS users, I wrote a short article on where you can put your PHP code to keep it clean and reusable (espe… one.
Retweeted by Florens VerscheldeCongrats @FirefoxDevTools team and contributors 💙 don’t the police simply debate the protestors in the marketplace of ideas?
Retweeted by Florens VerscheldeGouvernement Français: Refus de la loi visant à empêcher la diffusion des images de violences policières - Signez l…
Retweeted by Florens VerscheldeAll those cop kneeling/hugging photos remind me of all the paintings in our history books about the nice meal Colum…
Retweeted by Florens VerscheldeThank you for your interest in wiping out half of humanity. We are experiencing a high volume of apocalypse right n…
Retweeted by Florens Verschelde15% of people shot by “rubber bullets” suffered permanent disabilities, 3% died
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It’s like soneone is trying to escape their abusive, murderous husband and we are talking about broken dishes
Retweeted by Florens VerscheldeBlack people are deadass saying “stop killing us” and there are people saying “but”
Retweeted by Florens VerscheldeDesign hasn’t changed (except I added a favicon), and there are now: - a working Atom feed managed to port my site from @getkirby 2 to 3. Rewritten all the PHP because I was doing a bunch of custom…’m sensing a trend here
Retweeted by Florens VerscheldeMostly focused on abrahamic religions but can be interested by other stuff.Super-specific request, but do you know podcasts or audio/video series that talk about the history of religions, th… @_bjma @BrendanEich @IndieScripter @awbjs @typescript @rage_monk TS does solve some problems for me 🤷
Added a feature request/idea for Kirby CMS: "Ability to create a default page model" @TatianaTMac sleep, in this economy?All right, let’s do this. Police are America’s largest organized criminal enterprise megathread.
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2019 thread on police violence prevention null is an object. @WalterStephanie Previous tenant was a fullstack dev.Hand-rolling a custom Atom feed for a @getkirby website and it's fun but I can't shake the feeling that Kirby shoul… @theSdev Research can be hard because if you listen to right-wingers there no islamophobia in France (or anywhere)… see a lot of people struggling with this. Here's the shortest version I can manage. When discussing what the pro…
Retweeted by Florens Verschelde @Saint_loup Depuis le temps qu'on dit que Gégé est de droite…Collectif "La Vérité pour Adama" They have a funding page does good work on islamophobia Not sure what to do from here. If anyone knows movements against racism and police violence in… have HTML exemples embedded as iframes (with a script adjusting the iframe's height), and want to convert them to… DUDES WHITESPLAINING MARTIN LUTHER KING TO HIS SON. ENJOY.
Retweeted by Florens VerscheldeThe funny thing about "transgenderism" is the majority of cis people will read that and think nothing of it, wherea…
Retweeted by Florens Verschelde @jonikorpi Looks like Chrome supports `image-rendering: pixelated` but not `crisp-edges`, and Firefox supports the opposite.There's been some discussion about Chrome's `Lite mode` recently. I dug into 2Bn page views to find out who uses it…
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@gggeek I disagree roughly on all counts ^^ @rauschma I have a half-broken Atom feed now, working on a not-broken Atom feed and I plan to add a JSON one too. @borisschapira Urgh I should have tested that more, pretty sure it's been broken for months/years.Doing a first round of tests in NetNewsWire 5 on Mac, and probably more tests in Feedly and Inoreader.Which RSS reader are you using, if any? I’m rewriting my feed and am looking for clients to test with. @Saint_loup (Note: I don't use Notion so I don't have a feel for how things are going there.) @Saint_loup Is it feature creep if 1% of power users actually use it and the other can ignore it, and that 1% is im… you don't know SQL and need to create 100 queries and the service offers SQL as an alternative method? Then lear… you already know SQL but only need to create a couple queries, using the visual query builder will be faster tha… I've learned code (HTML and CSS initially) because clicking through many UI screens for the same result (in MS… @ariel_n As a developer I would rather use that than write a code query. Especially if I only need half a dozen que… A guided interface where the composed query _works_ and doesn't fail because you have not trained your brain… extension is now published. 🎉
Retweeted by Florens Verschelde📣 Better image descriptions Firefox extension to check for missing and insufficient image descriptions
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Maybe I'm just showing my age but it never felt dated to me on GitHub, and was speedy enough that I thought this wa… still don't have a website programming language that is easy to understand and powerful, runs out of the box on… course the alternatives to both issues would be different tradeoffs, possibly worse ones: - PHP Programmer focus… 3 is a joy to work with. A couple downsides on the code side: - it uses conventions to load PHP files and inj… are a bit smoother now. I’m getting the hang of @getkirby v3, PhpStorm started working well after a couple r… @hankchizljaw @argyleink Strong agree on unitless, it's what MDN recommends too by the way. It's inherited as a rat… @hankchizljaw @argyleink And even with line-height:1, ascenders/descenders are only cut off if the element has over…, if you do a JS loop with: console.clear(); console.log("%c[Some ASCII art]", "font-family:monospace;white-spac… you really need to ask for a permission (usually async and not modal!): 1. Users should click a button first. 2… UI Blindness. I’ve seen users keep interacting with a site for whole minutes (or even hours) while complet… for named capture groups has also landed in @FirefoxNightly! 🎉
Retweeted by Florens VerscheldeRight. So... this is new I don't know what I am doing yet. First stream is on Friday at…
Retweeted by Florens Verschelde*thrashes around in litter box for 2 min, consistently failing to cover anything* Cat: this smells like poop *scrat… brothers ex had been stealing our Netflix for the past two months now by disguising her account as “settings” an…
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@apaleslimghost What's the lesser evil: - a screen reader user on that demo page gets a bit confused (could be miti… @jaroslawjarosik @mozhacks Do you know of a technical proposal that explains how that could be done in the Firefox software architecture? @jaroslawjarosik @mozhacks What would "fixed" mean? @getkirby There are a few doc pages with double-escaped "->" in code examples ("->"), e.g.… has a cool new feature where you can add test strings that your regex should match (complet… XL is cool and not enough people know about it. Unlike HEIF and AVIF, which are derived from video codecs, it…
Retweeted by Florens Verschelde @latrare @stevensacks @JahredHope You don't ensure anything though, you're just telling a dev&build time type syste… @JoshWComeau It's in Chrome behind the Experimental Web Platform Features flag (has been for a year or so), hopeful… @aredridel Wait wat? Is that for a package that uses CJS and module.exports = { thingy: … } ? I'm getting decent r… Engine Diversity and Ecosystem Health
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@argyleink Just waiting for `inset` support to be unflagged now. :D (Double-checked in 83: still behind the Experim… @argyleink Correction: works in Chrome 83 (stable). I was on Chrome 81 while a background update was going on. ^^ Not sure about Chrome 82.Great news! You can now get support for @deno_land projects in WebStorm 2020.1 and other JetBrains IDEs. For this,…
Retweeted by Florens Verschelde @argyleink Doesn't work in Chrome, though. (Specifically the -(block|inline) shorthands. The longhands do work. An… @_Minteck @FirefoxNightly @FirefoxDevTools is the best account to tweet at for that. Can you explain which OS and F… @benschwarz I also like sneaky rephrasing to put the account handle inside the sentence, e.g. "Terraform Cloud by @… is *so brilliant*."I've definitely had similar issues myself or when explaining things to junior developers. Doesn't help that half of… @justmarkup In the EU there's a directive that applies to bank and insurance websites, but I haven’t seen it applie… @justmarkup Many countries have them. Main difficulty is getting them enforced. In the US you can sue private compa…
@simevidas .skip-link:not(:focus) { @include visually-hidden; }“I am not interested in shooting new things. I am interested to see things new” Ernst Haas Venice
Retweeted by Florens Verschelde @WebReflection IMO the main slow down is when writing new code. Then you have to figure out if you should write som… @WebReflection - You get used to reading the types (or filtering them out if need be). - Defining shared types in o… Dalton.
@simevidas @scottjehl Yep, can confirm that the stylesheet loads (you can see it in Inspector and in Style Editor).… a small PHP site is a pain for me because I'm too far from the PHP world these days: - Figuring out a loca…
In theory it'll be faster than a 2008 website, especially if you manage to guess a user's behavior to preload stuff. In practice, eh.