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Ryan Wyatt @Fwiz Los Angeles

Head of Gaming @YouTube // working on Commerce, VR, and other initiatives too. Board of Directors for @GamersOutreach.

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@PhillyD @hutchinson BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MAJORITY OF LAND? WHO DID THE LAND VOTE FOR? @blackgirlgamers @YouTubeGaming Thanks for sharing this with me. I’ll make sure the Policy and Enforcement teams looks into this.I agree w/ @XboxP3, and this applies to games, video platforms, and far beyond consoles. Competition is good; it be… @s3rioussam It was such a good read and podcast. Phil’s the 🐐. Plain and simple. @redbull Vodka + Red Bull @AveryHam @TheApexHound Cc: @TeamYouTube to assistOk. Now I’m leveling up. Can’t see anymore @JamesCrowder diamond camo tweets on my TL. @reckless that @XboxP3 interview was fantastic. Great job to you both! @hutchinson @H3CZ Same time tomorrow? @hutchinson @H3CZ @iPurrple @JKap415 Read the replies to that video too. Ha. @iPurrple @JKap415 What happened to him @hutchinson @H3CZ This is from yesterday, not when you went 2-10 tonight. @ZackScott @MLGPuckett @ZuckersBagels Especially being in NYC all this time - so many good places for it!
@A_Seagull @johnmemes You're a mad man. That actually worked. Thanks! @franmirabella @bishopchristian Yeah, it's the i7 CPU not being able to handle it. Not a GPU issue. NVENC (new) rec… @Chen @johnmemes @hutchinson Is this not my 2080Ti? @A_Seagull @johnmemes Bless you. Gonna try this now! @johnmemes I honestly think the second part of this tweet is the real issue. @Axeltoss @johnmemes I'm not, and that's a good tip. I think my next build I'm going to have an SSD just dedicated… @johnmemes The game performs swimmingly when doing nothing else. The issue I'm experiencing is with CPU maxed out,… @akaBORT @JustinWong I accidentally just unfollowed you in a fit of CPU rage @akaBORT @JustinWong The game performs swimmingly when doing nothing else. The issue I'm experiencing is with CPU m… @heyitsredwan @hutchinson Setting up for a good day of OMoO banter if you ask me. @johnmemes @hutchinson My son just said “Call John” @asalisbury @BridgeTheMan @PowerGPU Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy more CPU power @hutchinson @asalisbury I’m not sure. I’m debating reinstalling too. It’s weird. Slobs spikes it too. @hutchinson Wow — Hutch, not all of us are made of streamer money like you, man. I have a family to feed. @dreamcrazzy LOL YO WHAT?! I’m so confused. @TheRealScrappi @PowerGPU @Moshcrates $15,000 computer it is @johnmemes @hutchinson Ok I just put a bunch of dirty t shirts inside the case to slow air down and heat it upOk, we are getting a new computer @PowerGPU. @johnmemes @hutchinson (Sound on) @PowerGPU @Moshcrates Yeah mock me up a $10,000 computer please and DM me. @akaBORT @JustinWong Scared money don't make ... for high CPU performance. @Tobiias Turning SLOBS off (which is also CPU intensive) does help w/ max CPU output on CW. @Moshcrates @PowerGPU it's time man. I can't be this low on this list. @Prime_Nate No, I probably need to do that. @Keenetic_ Yes @MrFuryRevenge do I need to get an i9 or something?Tell me why I have an i7-9700K CPU w/ a 2080Ti and Cold War is taking 67-75% CPU?!... @CrispyFish8 Not today, I don't think. @Maven I think it’s worth your time given how of a fan you are of BotW. They did so much to pull you back to that w… @WillLand Always.I've been grinding through Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. I'm a big BotW fan, so I'm really enjoying it. Gamepla… @geoffkeighley @FallGuysGame @CatamyKX @riotgames @wildrift @LeagueOfLegends @RiotCareers Congratulations and good luck! @MaieAiyed Howling
Browns are 7-3. I love it. @MylesLGarrett LMAO stop this. I am crying laughing. @BurdsIVue Tough argument, really it’s where we see ourselves as an organization competing for a title in years 202… @breezyCLE I’m in! @Darkness429 If this is what a 30BMI looks like, sign me up. Great work!! @esportsawards @Lexus @CarlosR @G2esports @hudsonwisler Thank you! I care a lot about presentation and am working on improving it!He doesn’t realize it’s not for him.
@Froste Proud of you my guy @NICKMERCS happy birthday, my man! Keep killin’ it! @Testyment @Testyment Show me the attachments! @rsw4219 @Wario64 Just bought it! @rsw4219 @Wario64 Amazing @ballmatthew What a great game @KCmlg @Blizzard_Ent @Activision I love you, brother. Godspeed.
@JackEtienne OH MY BROTHER, I'VE BEEN WATCHING YOU!! @RewindXBL Yes. Exactly.Morning walk right now. He looks like a baby Toad. morning, my fellow Gamers. Go be great. @Big_E Yup! @Dysmo The terrible things you did in pubs for that... @markdono @Di3seL_ @collectsideshow OrderedI have so much love and respect for Kevin and everything he built at Twitch. He has done so much for our industry b… @JamesCrowder The grind don’t stop @JamesCrowder I unlocked the M16 today @Nehalia @andrearene @johntdrake 5:30!
@LifeofRio Having my son did it for me. Haha. @johntdrake My wife has to debrief me the next morning on every show we watch together because I fall asleepI go to bed every night at 9:00PM. I can't even stay up late enough to break the home order curfew here in California. @ShannonZKiller Wow! That’s looks incredible! @SnakesJR Valorant next week?I haven't played CoD with a controller in a really long time (all KB+M)... and maybe I'm crazy since I only play Sn… @npcSara Please add that my peer review of you both is strongly exceeding expectations Cc: @jacquicollins_ @JessicaBlevins That damn Apple TV remote
@blakeir @JamesCrowder Don’t start with me. You haven’t even ranked in Valorant. @JamesCrowder I just got to Lvl 4 and can create a class @H3CZ ‘preciate yaI am honored to be a part of @THR's annual Next Gen issue! It has been my greatest honor to rep the Gaming communit…
Retweeted by Ryan Wyatt @pshanley88 Thanks my man! @thegameawards Rae ... Capcom? @tobi I'm here if you need to chat! @kateburning @thecultureofme So so so goodI sat down with @CathieDWood to talk about the size of the Gaming industry. Did you know, that in 2018 YouTube Gam… am honored to be a part of @THR's annual Next Gen issue! It has been my greatest honor to rep the Gaming communit… @angie_rasmussen Can you please provide thoughts on if it requires boosters every 6 months, if T-Cells are a factor… @Aadii_Sawant @YouTubeIndia @YouTubeGaming @YouTube @YouTubeCreators Keep up the great work! We are all so proud of you!! @Valkyrae Liam tuned in yesterday