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@CouRageJD I’ll bring over a couple bottles @Clayster Don’t apologize. Past L’s are always my biggest motivators. Nothing wrong with having good memory of people doubting. @npcSara Yeah, I’m in way too deep on RP 🤣 @Lintendo_64 Yes! Browns Twitter (the good one, not the toxic one) pregame bar crawl would be an absolute blast bef… @Lintendo_64 If it’s for a Browns game then yes @Clayster Those Twitter fingers had this tweet URL saved in a txt file huh pal?
@DylanEnvoy explain @H3CZ @Nadeshot @CouRageJD @hutchinson @Di3seL_ I just wish you would have told me you were coming to LA LA land.
@Hantao @PlayVALORANT I hate that this statement is true and you're going to make me grind now for D1. @Hiko @PlayVALORANT Hiko Valorant approval hits differently @JhbTeam @PlayVALORANT Absolutely. It's work related. Charge it to the game. @pucknorris @PlayVALORANT We need to get a "Gamer Dads" group together for some sessions!Been off my @PlayVALORANT game the last couple of weeks, but I finished the season Plat 2. I think this is the best… @IamJovonW Yes, and increase state taxes for higher income individuals/companies to offset. Small businesses need r… @axios Great news. Let's get it even higher! :-) @RdotChadha @zchmz The Christian Bale one is the best one and we all know it @LosPollosTV All three of those tracks are money @Drake SHEEEEESH THAT LIL BABY TRACK 🤧 @geeem0_ Hey, thanks for flagging this. I'll loop in the team on this one to look into it! Sorry that happened! @CrankGameplays @AustinJ I'm just borrowing themSuper proud of @Lazarbeam on his new @FortniteGame skin. That man is as hard of a worker as they come and I love th…
@chhlss -0.03% @ close for me today. It was a rollercoaster out there. @Clayster @JKap415 I’ve never even heard of this until today @AndyLunique I'm doing this. I'll follow up. @maybebullish WSB ETF pls @GregAbbott_TX First step - open Texas against health experts guidance Second step - anticipate an obvious surge f… @MattDannevik @AndyLunique The only thing I’m wrestling with is that brioche bread is undefeated for French toast.… @AndyLunique I believe in this @JakeSucky I'll admit... there's definitely something to it. @JakeSucky Disregard: All great YouTube creators. My man Jason has 15M subs. @JakeSucky A bunch of great YouTube creators and Jason Derulo. Love it.
@TheShyway @Bound2K @bubudubu This was poetic! @Daiyns @YouTubeGaming It's good feedback, and I appreciate you flagging that with me. I'll make sure to get this f… @SirYacht @Browns @gabbgoudy @YachtClubPod Looking forward to it! @shibbyrw @Nadeshot Ready to slice a beautiful drive 210 yards out of bounds off the first tee @shibbyrw @Nadeshot Strawberry Farms, Richard. @baemax @JacobWolf You're a godsend, and thanks for everything you're doing being an RN on the front lines handling… ready for @CODLeague's first Major debut of the season. Link your account, and earn rewards. LIVE NOW:… @NameeIsMatt @YouTubeGaming Hey, Matt, we're slowly rolling it out. No word yet, but I know everyone's eager to get… very own @lizyybear sat down with @AyChristene as part of our Creator Stories. AyChristene started her journey… @NameeIsMatt @YouTubeGaming More to come, too! @ButterGamingTV @YouTubeGaming Hey, Butter. Please read here on YouTube partnership program eligibility. @ImperialSultan_ @YouTubeGaming Studio features continue to keep making great additions to the product! Check it out @YouTubeGaming creator… @WolfeyGlick Hey, thanks for flagging. Tagging in @TeamYouTube. @ballmatthew Really thought I was on an island with this take. Thank you. @markdono @Lazarbeam @Lazarbeam Congrats my brotherInternet went down on the biggest day of my fortnite career 🙃 Still felt a lot of love today for my skin debut…
Retweeted by Ryan Wyatt @blairherter 💯This week's #GamingCreatorOnTheRise is @MackenzieAsmara. Dive deeper into the latest games with her detailed commen…
Retweeted by Ryan WyattTo kick off Women's History Month, check out this interview with #YouTubeBlackVoices creator @AyChristene on growin…
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@mistermegative @ZombaeKillz Hey, Raymond and Zombae, I continue to flag every single message/tweet I receive regar… @markdono @ali_moiz I had a dream last week about building them natively into YouTube, actually. @markdono @ali_moiz I remember you preaching NFT’s to me many years ago at a dinner we both attended!! @A_Spec @YouTubeGaming It already exists @SirYacht As they should be. It’s the first time the FO has ever had the luxury to be incentive based. @SirYacht I’m very doubtful he got higher guarantee $ in Cleveland! @H3CZ “what I miss?” @maxhoma23 @Nadeshot Ready to shoot a 96 this weekend @YouGotSnowd @CODLeague Stephanie, if it makes you feel any better I brokered the deal that brought the league to Y…
@Attach I miss shitposting COD esports. We're back, baby!!! @Nadeshot @breezyCLE Ready for Super Bowl szn @Velvetshadow @YouTubeGaming I thought the DVR feature and stream quality implied it enough. @jterleski @YouTubeGaming LOL!The Call of Duty League is really spicy today. Can't wait to watch the next broadcast in 4K 2160p 60FPS, using DVR… @hastr0 @JKap415 Be sure to tune into the worlds leading Gaming video platform, @YouTubeGaming, for the next Dallas vs. LA match up! @PaigeSpiranac @JJWatt PAIGE!?! @SirYacht He got $31M / $23M guaranteed -- Cleveland can't be spending that kind of money for that. Good for him! @SirYacht @JJWatt I definitely expected him to sign with a team that did better than 8-8 last season and 3rd in the… @SirYacht @JJWatt Your sources lied @JJWatt @ZombaeKillz @YouTube This is awful, and I'm sorry you're going through this. I have flagged with @TeamYouTube. Obv… @Slasher Platinum 2 baby!! @TZhongg @blakeir @jacksondahl I feel left out @Slasher This isn’t very Rod like. Have you been hacked?
@Nadeshot Paging @maxhoma23 real quick
@MilesTheRoss No one would be coming out of the first match alive, so I think not @Draskia Too fast 🥺😭Twinnin’
@GavinNewsom It would be great to provide a timeline on forecasts. I did some back of the envelope math (remove <18… @Vikkstar123 Wild!!! Congrats, my man! @Valkyrae Rae I think you’re gonna hit 10M subscribers by end of year @Froste @Nadeshot Welp, looks like Matt's getting another tattoo tomorrow. Should be a good video, at least.✂️ Clips are now enabled on CDL YouTube streams! Cut out and share your own favorite highlights during the…
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Retweeted by Ryan Wyatt @akaBORT @YouTubeGaming I like “Feature Fwiz” better! @jarjun_ @YouTubeGaming I am on my non brand account 🤣💀Proud of the team!! Seeing "Rewards" and "Clips" at the same time makes me happy for the Creators, Community, & Pub… @DexertoMike e-sports consultant here.
@hutchinson Come to the darkside, my friend. There's a whole world over here. I'm ready for your initiation. @gabbgoudy +1 to you both. Best QB we've had since our return in 1999, and captures the heart & attitude of the cit…
Great piece from @harrymccracken about what's coming up next for YouTube, from Shorts to @YouTubeTV. Check out…
Retweeted by Ryan Wyatt @KyleMcCarthy @Chen This is totally outside of my realm of knowledge: outside of subscribing to Tidal, what headpho… @DerekBlasberg this is a big step in our friendship. @MrAdamAp Mannnnn, ain’t this the truth. I have no idea how my mom did it alone, but she did. Happy Bday to your mama! @girlhack Best purchase ever @hastr0 @Chen @Slasher @PlayVALORANT Thank you, Mike!!