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Louis ✞ @fxckilla Brighton, England

he/him // 20 // cw: hunter x hunter // cr: happiness // alt: @arainydevil @powersfangs // read goodnight punpun 🤧

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@LeBanMn idk @shehryxr like the time the guitar hits and everything too 😭 @shehryxr idk bruh it’s just goofy. the way it’s edited too @shehryxr this part always cracks me tf up 😭 @treehugger935 7.5 >> 5 @bestofurendo valid tbh @daibakusasshin did u finish it or.. ? @notameIia faith 🔥 @LeBanMn i’m on episode 20 or something. ever since they left the tower it’s been good @LeBanMn want to rip his oesophagus out @daibakusasshin i’ve definitely watched too much american tv and spoken to too many americans on the internet for i… @daibakusasshin oh well then yes actually. but also no. i switch between both but mostly say ‘nah’. although i got… @daibakusasshin wtf are u even saying ?? 💀 ‘nah’ ?? @sayonyaara hopefully england crushes them 🙏🏼 i’m sorry @daibakusasshin finally.. death :) @daibakusasshin tf is that even supposed to mean ?? 😭 @daibakusasshin @daibakusasshin appreciate it <3 everyone expects everyone from here to sound like they’re straight out of the 18th… @daibakusasshin it’s 3:30 am here and i just got back from work 😪 @daibakusasshin i’ve exposed myself for being bri’ish. unfortunately it wasn’t a joke @daibakusasshin lmfao ‘in the raw’ 😭 @eliterenge @YRGRikka @TomTerminator11 oh no. not the pedos 😱fun things are fun @TomTerminator11 these mfs brain dead. arguing is pointless lmao @ZorosLostEye that’s so fucking cool 🔥 @Tybo404 W 😭 @ToukaG0at @IHateFallGuys @HarryAA exactly. it’s very fucking embarrassingAnime fans when you tell her you can like a female without wanting to fuck her
Retweeted by Louis ✞ @NarutoProp @ahmedba67915205 @BrownOniiChan @Blank100k tell him 💀 @Unkept_pLeX @ahmedba67915205 @BrownOniiChan @Blank100k these mfs so stupid don’t even try bro 😭 @GeraldJA3 all mediocre copies of darling in the franxx fr @GeraldJA3 nice boxers 🤤 @notameIia better than nothing 👍 try keep it up @GeraldJA3 can’t believe i missed it 😪 @Antarctica1101 same same. i’ve seen clannad but the other three look so good @_LuminousShadow LMFAO @FalseDreams01 looking good 👍 @GeraldJA3 psycho makima cosplay when ? @notameIia pls eat :( @Tybo404 idc lol. i’ve been on there 3x all for obvious jokes 😭 @Tybo404 i got em muted lol @_LuminousShadow - a mf that has never seen clannad @__UchihaSama__
@ltzNotJayy @PlayMeARecord @shermwtf @byloLZ D!3 @notameIia deep 💀 @kosumiku aye 🤝 @C4Gintoki mono >> @dev_kage i got more :)) @LampyAnime i have no idea what ur talking ab bro 😭 @qinhuangdo congrats g 🤝 @C4Gintoki she’d be okay as a side character but other than that… :/ @ItsuSimpsHibiki i rarely do, but this scene gets me every time dawg @MaestrosCorner make up your mind 😭 @MaestrosCorner wait till it hits one minute 🔥 @MaestrosCorner @MaestrosCorner acting like domestic girlfriend doesn’t exist @MaestrosCorner chill.. @17TBNR congrats 👏🏼 but why u doxxing yourself like that 😭 @LampyAnime damnnn. i watched one episode of the k-on dub with my little brother and wanted to rip my ears off. som… @yuri2kw 😕 @yuri2kw i mean i’ll probably see it from now on but.. nahh @yuri2kw nah bro. u could ? @zerosquad9 @Tybo404 oh, i don’t lol. well, i haven’t played any since i was like 10 so i don’t really know tbh.. t… @LampyAnime @ayanamisthighs it’s a nice number 😅azusa and nino are voiced by the same person.. wtf @Tybo404 @KaizukaZekrom @ninohive me in the toilet bowl: @ayanamisthighs 2 years younger / 12 years older.. @ritzyktv @shehryxr as u should 🔥 @Bucciallato 26 is the other one apparently. yea i skipped it tho @DesshiW is this death grips ? @shehryxr ayo 🤝 i might reread it next week too actually @shehryxr you’ve been saying you’ll read punpun for months 😪 @LampyAnime “mom. can we have the uk” “no, we’ve got the uk at home” the uk at home: @LampyAnime @IsaaacAF exactly @DesshiW @pinbxll777 but we move 😎 @LampyAnime it’s hard being this superior 🤧 @ihavecumbottles @ararawgi REWATCH @DotaroDogestar it’s a pretty obvious joke, yea. when will these mfs learn 🙄 @ihavecumbottles STOP SHOUTING @FrostyAway @IsaaacAF hxh episode 13 @ihavecumbottles why tf would u think that 💀 i’ve lived next to london my whole life 😭why tf did we need a recap when barely anything has happened 😭 @ihavecumbottles tis my voicehappy ?? @LeBanMn lemn
Retweeted by Louis ✞ @FrostyAway chapter 34. i prefer the second half as a whole tbh but it’s really ties the whole thing together so we’ll @FrostyAway new character that’s introduced in the second half called Aya. she’s my favorite so.. keep reading dawg 🙏🏼 @Namigoat spitting 😭 @EmiliaShiori aired g @Murkthemayor i beg u do 🙏🏼 @GeraldJA3 yes yes. talk. and honestly hiroshi kamiya would work for denji too @fxckilla Ok now hear me out...Chiwa Saito voicing for Makima
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