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Girl Ray! @G1RLRAY London, England

'Girl' out now on Moshi Moshi . If you need us give us an@ or contact this man

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Replay available @G1RLRAY : Girl Ray : Girl at #TimsTwitterListeningParty
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@DuglasTStewart 🤗new link to limited edition signed vinyl xx @briscoe_stu back on, sorry about thathold up! sorry if you tried to buy a record - it says they're all sold out on the website and we need to change thi… @Tim_Burgess @AnnaHMeredith we'll put you on the list! +1? @propanegary now's the time...! @propanegary of coursewe are now gonna run to the march desk - ORDER A COPY OF “GIRL” IN THE NEXT 24 HRS AND WE’… your drumming. not taking credIris our drumming is rlly nice - well done. PHReally nice strings and flute on here - Raven Bush and Biscuit came in one afternoon and absolutely smashed it. PHmy dad came to pick us up after recording the album, we played him this song and he just cried. it was the first ti… song had been around for a while. We toured it in the Earl Grey era but weren't sure it was gonna fit on this… like this is a good time to say we are looking for a full time touring bongo player if anyone is interested - SMInspired by 'Diplomat's Son' by Vampire Weekend. Fave lyrics on the album I think, paint a picture quite nicely!? PHGod these vocals are exposed. PH @Tim_Burgess @AnnaHMeredith we'll put you on the list! +1?LIKE THE STARS #TimsTwitterListeningPartyOriginally this had an absolute mad jazz jam at the end but we had to take it out coz we realised we actually weren… this song felt like the equivalent of this croc we passed on the way back from the studio. think it worke… always end up reggae somehow ... why is that -IMMike O Mal nailed this organ line. Inspired by Ethiopian musicians like Hailu Mergia. Another one for your holiday. PHBEAUTIFUL #TimsTwitterListeningPartyshout out to the alessi brothers -IMshoutout to biscuit on this track. bloody ell - SM @itsamisterlee yess!!This song is to be played exclusively on the beach on hols. PHThat is the most legendary flute player in the world you're hearing - his name was Biscuit. Incred. PHGO TO THE TOP #TimsTwitterListeningPartyoh god it's so true - SM song gives me nightmares thinking about arranging it for live shows. Absolute fucking nightmare. PHjust a spoon ffsWe based this song on Destiny's Child's 'Girl' but somehow we sound like a prep school choir PHNever fuck with the trio PHOmg best bit of the whole album - Iris' JOIIN THE QUEUUEEEEEE PHfind it so funny hearing me sing like this when right now I look like this -SM @LegendsOfCntry RIP Cressy :'(KEEP IT TIGHT #TimsTwitterListeningPartyAnother one written in the break between recording while in Aus. Two of my faves came from that break! Glad we had it. PHBEST BIT... YEAH YEAH YEAH NE NE NE NEVER PHi want to play this live again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -IMThank god for our producer Ash Workman - sounds hawwwt.. PHpoppy what exactly did you mean with that popcorn line? -IMCan someone please book us in Japan. Still praying. Just a fact. PHDAMMMMMMMN DAMMMMMNNN DAMNNNNN. PHFLIP IT LADS!amiright? - SM ridiculous lyric of the album 'if there's popcorn at the seat next door you really think I'll persevere with a… LIKE THAT #TimsTwitterListeningPartyi love how english poppy sounds in the "give me a ring on the telephone" bit. its maybe my favourite bit on the whole album -IMOOOOOFttt when sophie and iris come in with live bass and drums.... dayuuuuummm. PHOh I like dis bit. Someone said I sound like Lily Allen here and I can't unhear haha PHfelt right that we had this enormous desk for this kind of song. SM dear pal Mike O Mal came up for a few days and helped out on production for this one. Was vvvvvvv fun to record. What else to say.... PHSynth sound made from sampling 808 cowbells. Written on a break between recording while I was in Australia visiting… owe every moment of this song to @pswuave_ -IMTAKES TIME #TimsTwitterListeningPartynot that they're unfit or anything. They're really fit. PHBless Sophie and Reese they always get so out of breath doing the harms on this one live. PHbig ol shout out to Ash Workman for the bonkerz drum programming and panning and freaky production work on this -IMdeep. like our friend Mud. he was with us recording the whole time. spent most of the time wondering what he really… worked on this song together which was super fun. Soph and reesey came over and moss played this very Solange ba… song so nearly didn't make it on the album!!! count my lucky stars every day that it did. IMLET IT GO #TimsTwitterListeningPartyalso makes me think iris is a really wonderful drummer - SM drums are my fave bit. PHplayed really a lot of Mario kart at this time. unhealthy amount. to me this song is very Bowser's Castle - SM -IMAnd the beat goeeeeeeeeeeeesssss PHThe first song that I demo-ed for this album. We'd just been on tour with @porches_hiii and wanted a spooky electro sound. PH @DohertyLawTeach 🤠🤠🤠🤠BECAUSE #TimsTwitterListeningPartyMichael @NZCALINES on the baritone here. Can't unhear 'take me to the lettuce' instead of 'take me to the letters'… forgot about this bit. Quite a banging outro imo. PHIn the demo this verse was filled by a sample of Kelis' Milkshake - wanted to get that rhythm. PHthe first one we recorded when we got into the studio. the result was terrifying and so exciting at the same time. IMsome really heavy bongo action. real and programmed. took many people. many takes. here's Mike giving it a real goo… GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD GOLD BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD BIRD - PHfun fact I did'nt even realise there were bongos on the end til it was mastered! favourite bit! IMJUST DOWN THE HALL #TimsTwitterListeningPartyPOPPY "RODGERS" HANKIN AMIRIIIITE! -IMSophie moss fucking SLAPSSSSS. PHIf you ever want a verse to sound sexy add a ridiculously low octave on top and mix lowwwwwww. PHthis one was a breeeeeze. turns out funk is pretty simple! IMnext important instrument?????? the mug - SM love the never-ending mug taps on this one. PHSHOW ME MORE #TimsTwitterListeningPartyProbs my fave track on the album. I wanted it to have the same summer-y driving around vibe as Sleigh Bells Rill Rill. PHreally deeply wanted this to be a beach banger. somehow this patch of a palm tree really worked for inspiration a perfect song for today Girl by @G1RLRAY #TimsTwitterListeningParty
Retweeted by Girl Ray!ever wonder what the most important instrument on this whole record is? it's this. -SM of Shakespeare thrown in there 'course of true love never did run smooth' followed by Calvin Harris/Dizzee ref… into somehow ended up a bit like talking heads “I Zibra” a little .. fine with that. IMRelentless synth solo. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would make the final version haha. PHHere we go!! First track - GIRL #TimsTwitterListeningPartyGOING LIVE IN FIVE #TimsTwitterListeningParty