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G2 League and Valorant/CSGO Fan #G2WIN Probably saw me in the replies

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had a conditional for 3 As with 3 subjects got accepted honestly too free @DonHaci @Nors3 YT music clear until Spotify wrapped where Spotify is 50000000x clear
G2 destroying fnatic what is new @CarlosR you forgot to add @Yelleruwu
@venticaelum Wow I got spoiled (happily MHA is not that good (at least anime) so I don't care)
@forestwithout I miss the old profile pic
@Blandarius @chaseshaco I said a take on comparing league ranks your comparison involved nutrition and a earth th… @chaseshaco I am gold and I think if you are not above d3 you are low elo (idc what the percentages are)
@OfficialBoaster @SamyakDoshi14 @YinsuCollins @forestwithout Gambling translation:Man took the over on a player getting 3 kills when he was on the bench💀 @G2esports @Doki_R6 @CTZNr6 @PranoR6 @Virtue_R6 @Alem4oR6 Damn that was entertainment 👍👍👍
@King_Sukunaaa People saying one piece like the other are not mid and one peice is the only high tier onePLEASE DO A G2xOnepeice Collab i would buy whole stock @CarlosR @G2esports @NBAMemes If Giannas just keeps being a all-star for a few more years he surpasses KD
@Veigar_v2 @Shakarez i think we can add one to the list @Poloolpp a lot of csgo fans are too elitest and are mad when anything is said bad about the game (csgo is my most played game alltime) @Poloolpp I don't think majors are not essential but you show the most biased stats and you are really just a cry b… @danawhite dana hook a brother up #UFC #UFCBEST #DANARAWDIG #DANACANSPENDOWNMONEY (DMS OPEN) @elosanta Vouch imagine your merch 🙀 @ralphO913 @JUSMITHOUGHTS1 could have been worse could have got Westbrook🎂 #水無世燐央生誕祭2022 #燐央絵
Retweeted by G2's Toothbrush 🪥 @Poloolpp @Poloolpp Clearly never followed shroud when he played @IWDominate Make it so if you finish 10-8th 4/3 splits in a row then you play the winner of EUM to keep or lose spot
@fuckonlyfans @MMAFighting Mad at someone for believing in themselves lmao
Fun Fact- EMEA have won 4/6 Valorant international events and 2/4 of the EMEA teams had ex-G2 players being Ardiis… @forestwithout @IWDominate Not quite top 5 unfortunately
@YinsuCollins Still not as bad as Korean fans (still shouldn't be accepted)FPX players mad at people who predicted FNC against them like they hadn't just beat them twice recently🤐😂
@BradenBoudreau @FionnOnFire not good enough to attendNvm I love league BACKDOOR WOOOO @Shakarez The entertainment value compared to league is massive no waiting 5 mins for a drake 1 insane round after anotherLmao I not been missing shit I ain't watching this G2 game level of play is so low compared to the V5 Vs LNG game I… PX Vs Optic is 5x more entertaining than G2 AST @jasonsusantoo best player all time @G2CR0W let them win vs fpx and optic and then lose vs paper ex that is what i want @StarLig04814278 @jasonsusantoo never call someone your son again with a genshin profile pic @FionnOnFire ?-Lose Lower final ?-fly homef0rsaken is so crisy man CRISPY @SportsCenter PG-Luka SG-Cade/Tyrese/Poole SF-Tatum PF-JJ Jr C-Evan Mobley @LEC last time i did a prediction G2 were winning time to make G2 win again #SKWIN #XLWIN #MADWIN NO BO NO WIN #G2WIN #FNCWIN @G2CR0W i need that spray luck
@FionnOnFire play both and the one you did better at is the better one @byadamfitch Let's go @TenZOfficial secure the bag @sonicmma_ My stream is very HD and reliable I will have you know
@xvcjkl @LeonidTLoL @forestwithout damn really i sold my house already might aswell sell my clothes @Nilco_TE thanks for reminder to water plants you a real one @forestwithout i tried this but i cant seem to get the correct number anyone got any tips and ticks or maybe an Indian tutorial?
@rhk211 @OfficialBoaster @LeviatanGG ? @OfficialBoaster @LeviatanGG "damn this ot tough boaster what is the strat" i go showers alone as glass cannon "it… @Vanityxz "boaster what is the strat" i glasscannon alone showers and get 4k am celebrating a Fnatic win like G2 won LEC ffswow Valorant and CSGO esports have never been betterNO WAY THIS GAME I CANTOpsterlmao what a game of valorant @forestwithout Keep spiders in the summer for flies and slaughter them in the winter @MikesMMAPicks or you could title it: Paul Craig makes man submit to him in the octagon in the first round in a flash @biji_tiwadak @pawl_spitting @JohnnySpittin i mean it is impossible to fuck up kingdom with its source material as… @FostyLoL Happy birthday 🥶🎊 @pawl_spitting @JohnnySpittin kingdom anime is embarrassing compared to the manga
@NolanCollins02 @G2esports winning LEC is not impressive for G2 i mean something international not regional and i w… want Fnatic players to win VCT so bad but I don't want the organization of Fnatic to win @G2esports create a roster that can win a championshipwhy is all genshin impact art so good I don't like associating with the game but damn the character design and fanart are so amazing @R1chqr_d @GeorgeCGed no flags
@Immortals @clgaming LCS kinda hope paper rex wins VCT @AleksibCSGO @G2Mayne Good luck alexsib 👍 @cleanyoungin @MaToseDDD @ayyuzzz @will1us Honestly I saw this shit and didn't believe it since like 3 years ago wh…
@ayyuzzz @MaToseDDD @will1us I ain't got that shit anymore. also got like a B all it was comparing specs to other l… @MaToseDDD @will1us i legit did a English essay on this when i was 16 lmaoI stop watching G2 games and we always lose @PointsBetUSA he never going to be traded because too much hassle to transport the lego @_Fanex_ @DotEsports Imagine having voicelines on @FionnOnFire Disappointed no Kingdom a good decision but not the best one
man Derke is go good @DotEsports although i think he deserved a top 30 team @DotEsports nice happy for the flex god @portilho Cool list but this the official won Via God (blueberry moved down to A) @GeorgeCGed Pretty good imo
@Veigar_v2 EU tops also kinda bad and now I think of it so are junglers,adc,mid,support compared to the east @elosanta @AlanTheTeemo Also good in a fight because head movement 🤓 @FionnOnFire Kingdom must read dont listen to any other takes @D1AndOnlyGage @sohan_challa @Phriccc @divyangshu_ @Jaytee_x_999 @ShahZaMk I have 99 issues but holding a site ain't one 🎤⬇️ @D1AndOnlyGage @sohan_challa @Phriccc @divyangshu_ @Jaytee_x_999 @ShahZaMk I was immortal 3 last season what where… @D1AndOnlyGage @sohan_challa @Phriccc @divyangshu_ @Jaytee_x_999 @ShahZaMk Sounds like you are not good for 1🤐 also… @D1AndOnlyGage @sohan_challa @Phriccc @divyangshu_ @Jaytee_x_999 @ShahZaMk A site on Ascent is one of the better si… @Phriccc @D1AndOnlyGage @divyangshu_ @Jaytee_x_999 @ShahZaMk You can tell people's rank by their opinion on ascent as a map @divyangshu_ @Jaytee_x_999 @ShahZaMk Fracture is top 3/4 map @NVIDIAGeForce I want this so bad #RTXON @NVIDIAGeForce @BlueHorse_STU I blew a 12-1 lead in competitive then went into another game and blew a 11-4 game (m…
NA valorant got comfotable because the last teams we sent to international were all shitEx G2 players when at international Valorant tournaments Guild and Fnatic in Valorant @LupinQtr I mean just look at how much our ancient has improved in this event. if we improve out map pool on paper… @GeorgeCGed idk what is happening but i gaurntee this game going to 3 maps @LupinQtr I mean I ain't a csgo scouting god so maybe there are some great people available you could buy. but afte… @LupinQtr I think G2 csgo is stuck in the mud don't see them winning anything major but not many players on the mar… @GeorgeCGed KRU>LOUD AND KRU FANS>LOUD FANS