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@Cloud9 i am not @Cloud9 @R6Events @TeamBDS see you at SI @Khpri @G2Pengu don't miss @TeamBDS @ShaunPatience1 @R6Events sorry not sorry @R6Events @TeamBDS @MiloshTheMedic New year, new us Milosh @G2Kantoraketti nice profile pic kantoOnly the best for the best in Europe Get your banger new jersey @TeamBDS Really proud of the boy's performance today, showing great fortitude!
Retweeted by G2 Esports @Virtue_R6 don't mind me just sending toe pics @TeamBDS @ShaunPatience1 @R6Events @R6Events @TeamBDS great success @Cloud9 @C9Perkz @Immortals ez @CarlosR Back on top 😎 celebrate this massive dub with us on reddit πŸ† @redbullgaming thank mr redbullGG we won EU finals. Damn bds is strong as hell and this was a fight of 2 best teams of EU. These games are so gooo…
Retweeted by G2 EsportsGG EU Champions 2020, everyone WOOOOOOO with me WOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by G2 Esportsgg's @TeamBDS We finally beat you guys, we win 3-2 Those were some stressful games holyy
Retweeted by G2 EsportsThis is UNREAL. holy fucking shit, GGWP BDS. the trophy is coming home!
Retweeted by G2 EsportsBest games i've ever played in R6, period.
Retweeted by G2 Esports @G2Danny @redbullgaming @CTZNr6 @G2UUNO time to pay up dannyGG WP @TeamBDS, what a banger of a series.BACK WHERE WE BELONG WE ARE YOUR @R6esportsEU CHAMPIONS πŸ† @R6Events don't worry there is still time for us to chokeONE MORE ROUND ONE MORE ROUND ONE MORE ROUND ONE MORE ROUND ONE MORE ROUND ONE MORE ROUND ONE MORE ROUND ONE MORE R… @ultcatcher @G2Pengu sounds rightWhat does @G2Pengu mean? Wrong answers only. on the toe cam @XlntCasts very badC4 gang circle hope this works πŸ•― πŸ•― πŸ•― πŸ•―β€¦
Retweeted by G2 Esports @XIBowsa yellow red bull* @redbullgaming @CTZNr6 that yellow red bull do hit different thoanother one @Cu5ackJ54 aight betCTZN rn puts us in his backpack and we're on to game 5! @G2Danny @CTZNr6 it's saved13 kills WHAT. A. MADLAD. IS POPPING OFF @G2NiKo ❀️ @needfoxgirlgf black magic was our hidden strat all alonghey look it worked @G2_Sua toe hacks best hacksgn @redbullgaming thank mr u @InQiZe @LEC cursed content does not count.@redbullgaming diff 😀 @RealPkerz we're sorry for your loss @G2Crimson @R6esportsEU rule checkSummoning circle hope this works πŸ•― πŸ•― πŸ•― πŸ•―β€¦ @oheightyy lmao you're right 🀑Don't worry just giving them false hope @LEC delete this now @R6Events @G2Pengu THERE IS STILL TIME OKAYpogmat strikes again in a 1v4 @G2LeTsHe @Krepo Welcome back Krepo ❀2 Kovačs in the top 20 πŸ’ͺ's just built different. @G2NiKo takes the 4th spot in HLTV's top 20 of 2020! fragging output and remarkable impact, especially in the most stacked tournaments and against the toughes…
Retweeted by G2 Esports @G2Mayne @CTZNr6 we are not having hyvΓ€ @DaemonFloors sure - G2good thing @CTZNr6 can shoot heads because he sure can't spell geezhyva fun @TeamBDS @MnMGamingUK WE TAKE YOUR ENERGY @MCwhitening @R6esportsEU all part of the plan @G2Poo it do be like that @R6esportsEU we tried πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅Comeback cut short. We go next.'s comeback time 😎 @Kay_G2Army @Virtue_R6 LMAOYou can't hide from @CTZNr6 @darkallygamin @CTZNr6 go give it a hug insteadprotecc ur toes thank mr virtue
Retweeted by G2 Esports @redbullgaming @Virtue_R6 @Rainbow6Game @R6esportsEU thank mr virtue @ProtaX_R6 @AOC_Gaming @Virtue_R6 AOC diff😱😱😱 Patience is @Virtue_R6!!! @G2esports take map 1! #R6EUL
Retweeted by G2 Esports @TeamBDS nice shoes bro @D4dduX @CTZNr6 @Rainbow6Game pleasePOGMAT DID WE WIN THAT HAHAHAHA EASY DUBBBBBBB @CTZNr6 for the setup what a beastPOGMAT PLAYS LET'S GOOOOOOOOO @G2Pengu ON FIRE THANKS @redbullgaming @MiloshTheMedic Wonder who started it πŸ€” @TeamBDS @redbullgaming @G2Pengu @G2UUNO @G2Kantoraketti @CTZNr6 @Virtue_R6 Yeah after that first round we'd pretend that wasn't us too @TeamBDS @redbullgaming @G2Pengu @G2UUNO @G2Kantoraketti @CTZNr6 @Virtue_R6 We were hoping this would prevent a reverse sweepANYONE HYPED FOR A REVERSE SWEEP LET'S GOOOOOO #R6EUL πŸ”΄ @BLASTPremier @G2NiKo Yes @bleddyn_welch @adidas Some things never changeDefinitely not the best start 😬 Episode 5 of Making the Squad airs at 21:30 on @WatchInsightTV πŸ“Ίβ€¦ @Minot13_M13 @AshleyKang Just giving the fans the content they want πŸ˜‡ @KDAevelynn_ Happy Birthday! ❀