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@butterflylocss is it a game ?? What’s the name ???????? @Itsdaily_ 😍 @someone_someion ok @YRG_Jinx ok @22lexi_ omg heyyy @moncleryear Gucci??🙁 @pixyIuvr is this not a normal thing to do?I thought y’all liked me ... @pixyIuvr NAT??? @Sadcrib @wtfademon ??? @ratiothen ?????
@chiefteefsosa ok @JeffHardyStan u have the best opinions 😍 @kalibribois yes he is @pixyIuvr he so finejack harlow really the finest white man alive @h0useofbaII00ns bruhPS5 + original box and controller. Letting go for $550. Accepting Apple Pay. Dm to buy
Retweeted by gaby. @dylanrazh hehehe @javrawr congrats hottie @dylanrazh @javrawr Vouch @ilydremo this too funny @javrawr thank u 😌💅people born between 1995-2005 are the last of the elite
Retweeted by gaby. @DatBoyyCam Bruhhh😭😭😭 @javrawr yeha u muted @javrawr this one too @mrcapsaveahoe1 thanks
@SeemTV u look good seem @javrawr NOOOO @gracetaIks LMFAOOO look at the reply to my reply 😭😭
my nft now + ratio hope the students that put quizlets online for other people are doing well @javrawr that’s the same tray and cup combo they give you too @javrawr i know prison food when I see it @antlovesmilfs if i paid 2k for a laptop best believe imma call it a MACBOOK @BRITNEYBLKOUT NOOOO @javrawr you can’t be a real person @pixyIuvr i Fr relate to him and that’s not a good thing @yeaitstrill here before 100k @austxnaf ?!?! @austxnaf no thanks @VisionNotOkay no @chiefteefsosa *HE didnt deserve her @OGRealCarl I love it @pixyIuvr omg🥺🥺🥺🥺 @_qotcr nowhere in the show it indicated he was physically abusive ur reaching @oFabz yes they werejust cuz they were a lil toxic don’t mean they weren’t meant for eachother 🙄🙄🙄 @ratiothen @nathan_677 get himthey were soulmates idc
@fullautojayy @MotherPeach1 😹😹 @cottaegefairy i want one @chiefteefsosa ive been in college for 2 years and I still haven’t met my soulmate this is a scam @antlovesmilfs we ? @Zeo_Here omg😭😭 @austxnaf ?????alot of women need to listen to this song and realize their worth @javrawr IM SCREAMINGGGG @gracetaIks @igotanutallergy nooooOo🙄 @gracetaIks @igotanutallergy 🙈 @gracetaIks Follow my priv grace @onIyabstract @DLegacy12 no I’m not @onIyabstract bro😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @pixyIuvr @HeavenlyControl so true @onIyabstract or peanuts @DazzlingBurn bro @Noxun_ 😭 @profnevamiss 🤔🤔 @pradaliko being lactose intolerant is a childish trait @4everxero I like it @pwxfy when i pass away I’m coming back @jaxxb3005 come on man
if i was lactose intolerant i would just simply tolerate it @CrashGildart fr gil @chiefteefsosa he was fr @onIyabstract U don’t like ? @702nik 😋😋 @tlop444 His greatest creation 😋 @jxshvs u spittin @bluefaceniloc u mr. B u get plenty @wheresisaiah that’s so real @jaxxb3005 Realboobs @jadenzerohoes 🚶‍♀️ @tlop444 @BruhLegacy omg? @mjhasnohoes real @_frostv2_ ok @onIyabstract omg? @SpookyTKO 🥲🥲 @shotya1x says who @brndxq SOMEONES MAMA SWALLOWED MY SOUMATE😭😭😭😭😭starting to think my soulmate died @moncleryear seek help
@pixyIuvr I’d keep u in a glass cage too so no one can have u