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@liIuzihurtin @xdidontknowname @PakiNigga_ ? @ramaxsteeI no it can’t be his replies say twitter for iphone @ramaxsteeI yes that’s literally what i just said @c6dini CODI NO @omar29972518 LMAO @OnlyLeafss no LMAO @bluesmurfballz fr @fallafol_ idk 😭 @fuccbubbles he’s so coo @MasterxIllusion LMAO @MarcoAjx he’s a legendi really admire the guy who comments ok under everyone’s replies @CertifiedYSL yes do u @NoahC_5 stop @skeptatings Wym @CarI0s__ stop i’ll cry @sohaibahmaddd03 LMAO @g7byy @g6byy @VsBurner
Retweeted by gaby ^_−☆ @TlReporter @g6byy @VsBurner LMFAOOO DUDE @sporcc @LilNasX dude stop i would cry 😭😭 @g6byy @VsBurner - suicid@l @OnlyLeafss this why ily @waitdremo yes ! @Kwidify :( @BRlTTANYY YES HAHAH @VloneTUFF yes dude @Riveyn i will d*3 @thungyoug i will cry stop @OnlyLeafss he will @draydior omg 😭 @xJayFazo STOP @MilkSunday OMG NO @omar29972518 STOP @xJayFazo NOOO @ayyastxrrr wow @octuvrt no bro @KengouY ik @xJayFazo wow @TlReporter wym @ramaxsteeI no @inluvwithathot stop @2Lsprite stop @draculaurahoe i’m preaching bestie @ramaxsteeI ? @julioxoolio noboyfriEND friEND girlfriEND edating they alll have "end" in them but not edating.... edating is forever @notmagic6 wym @c6dini CODI @holashaq LMAOmfs be like “wyd for thanksgiving. turkey?” meanwhile their girl texting his bff WYD then later THANKing him for GIVING her that good TURKEY
Retweeted by gaby ^_−☆ @lxttleladi HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAVE A GOOD DAY U DESERVE IT 🥺💞🥺🥺💞 @TlReporter @vlonelisa @Sammy4pf caught a stray @lilbandwagon @g6byy - follows me @nicocapio @g6byy - follows me @ramaxsteeI i just b submitting stuff but sheesh idk anything @fallafol_ well yeah i got assignments to submit @MilkSunday in person i would've @AristotleWYNS no @holashaq frdang i'm really not learning anything in these online classes @curry2k_ @CertifiedYSL in ? @TlReporter @vlonelisa i didn’t see it or else i would’ve replied @sitro i’m sayin @idontknow123onb banger @vlonelisa @TlReporter what’d he say @bl5keys @boafae OH MY GODOD I WAS GOIN THRU IT I LEFT EVWYRONE ON READ @lxttleladi yes @sporcc hey @TlReporter wym @saratanaka88 hey @TlReporter @Un1onInPain fuck him ong @lil_takko so cute @M3gaa7 BANGER @MarcoAjx NO MARCO @kashihimself LMAO @fallafol_ NOOOO PLS @imjahki why @boafae ?!?!i got another carti banger tomorrow. i’m hyping it up this early cuz this is the one fr 🙏‼️ @CertifiedYSL check replies dude @Un1onInPain hey @thungyoug stop @CertifiedYSL not orange nvm @CertifiedYSL brown coral black evil red orange turquoise @Jund3d fr @TlReporter @OnlyLeafss nice 🥺💞😍 @Nitritebih ok man @OnlyLeafss love @g7byy
Retweeted by gaby ^_−☆ @OnlyLeafss @aitor_999_ i love @g7byy @MarcoAjx orange black turquoise coral @CertifiedYSL trust me we know. . @itsnotAce_ fr fr @Amarewtff ‼️‼️ @Johannandri26 no @imjahki jahki @OnlyLeafss u are 16 years old @ohheymemphis most of them do it as a side hustle also they can make more than most jobs if they have a platform. n…